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  1. Rated M: Overall creepy atmosphere, creepy imagery, swearing, and adult themes

    The mountain had been our home for a long time. They never told us anything further than that. There was always the sound of the wind escaping through the cracks of the windows. Despite their insulation, the snow, and cold chill would manage to find a way through.

    We were scared for a long time. But we were told, that we were very brave. And we believed them. We believed the people who told us this. No matter the suffering. No matter the misery. We endured because we were very brave.

    We don't remember what the argument was about. But the last things I remember. Were the burning getting into our lungs. Choking. The smell of flesh cooking. Burning. Perhaps. But we were burning from the inside, and then out. We were so hot. The wind was more like a taunting realization. And after awhile you give up fighting.

    You embrace death. You tell yourself, you are ready to die. Even if you truly were not.

    • Maybe the world simply forgot, what the snowcapped mountains hid. Maybe the world simply forgot about them. About us. About what they left behind. A helicopter flies over the mountain range known as the Dead Ice Wandering, only to uncover what the world had forgotten.
      The top of the mountain, dotted in the thick forest were buildings. Overrun and overtaken by the forest in question. No one has been up here in years. No one dares wander the Dead Ice Wandering, when there are rumors of spirits and angry demons.
      Laughable. Just legends and stories. But honestly what happened up here? Why had no one known about these buildings until now?
    • A large area on top of the Dead Ice Wandering mountain has been discovered to be dotted in several unknown buildings. No one knew what they were working on up here. Or that anyone lived here. Some interested has been taken after two aerial search teams have gone missing. Several transcripts state the pilots saw figures down below.
      With no signs of a crash, the pilots of the aerial search teams have, but vanished. So a team of individuals has been devised. To discover the secrets of the Dead Ice Wandering buildings. To find the aerial search teams pilots. And to find these so called survivors that the transcripts spoke of.
    • I require a minimum amount of communication in my RPs, if you know you're going to be out of town, or going somewhere, DO inform me. I understand emergency situations. Do not worry.
      All though I don't have a specific posting rule, make sure you can at least dedicate some amount of time to write clear cohesive post
      No God Modding
      Just note, if I set my mind to something I set my mind to something. I am dedicated to keeping a RP alive and the story alive, if you're as well
      And most importantly of all HAVE FUN

    • Your ID Card serves as the character sheet for this RP and will be used in the RP, at least the bare basics will be the additional information is for your and my use.
      Name: [the name of the character]
      Gender: [this is an ID card]
      Age: [29+, remember your characters been doing this for a long time, so I am asking for the cast of characters to have a general experience above 20]
      Appearance: [keep in mind of this RP. you may use realistic photos, but realize this is a survival horror RP, with a group of individuals, who are in an icy mountainous environment. who also are not models of any kind.]
      Role: [look above, what role are you]
      Skills: [look above]
      Additional Information;
      Personality Traits: [in this case, instead of having an in depth personality written. Choose up to 3 or 4 personality traits. And write a paragraph about how these traits affect the character]
      Brief History: [in this RP, this will more come up all the lines of the story, so just give me something to work off. You may work your brief history through the reason already provided]
      Theme Song: [totally optional, but recommended]
    • How this works. The Skill numbers represent, how good at something you are. A 5 is the highest level of something. And is considered above average in that skill. Your skills and how good you are at them have been ground worked already. This RP, has a very basic role playing system.
      As I will be carrying out the elements of this RP, I will be rolling a D5 with screenshots, based on the skill level of a task.
      For example, let's say the group found a Journal, Journals are considered under the Skills Read and Lore. I roll a D5, and the journals roll as a 4. You need a skill level of 4 to read the journal. You don't have to roll anything, but I will be rolling against your based skills.
      Let's say though I rolled a 5 on the journal. Well the highest Read level is 4, thus, someone with lore could put their individual score to get a score of 6. So the journal is readable.

      • Reason:
        If they thought the FBI Agent was the fish in the water, than they had another fish, probably even more brightly colored than the FBI Agent. Why was a scientist called into this? The conspiracy theorist are going nuts and wild for this. Yet, you're simply the best in the field to deduce what made the pilots disappear. Even if they think you're just here for a cover up.
        Intelligence ++++, 4
        Deduction ++++, 4
        Field [Environmental Biology] ++++, 4
        Read ++++, 4

      • Motivations:
        Underneath the base of the Dead Ice Wandering, is a small town, called The Ice Forge. You, like many of those who lived in the town. Have not wander too far up the mountain. Rumors of spirits, strange lights. And perhaps your own strange encounter have made you cautious to go up the mountain. Except, that two men from your town are missing.
        Strength +++++, 5
        Deduction +++, 3
        Firearms +++, 3
        Accuracy ++++, 4
        Lore +++, 3

      • Reasons:
        No one would have thought a big FBI Agent like yourself would be rolling into a small town like this. It only fuels the attention of conspiracy theorist who believe it's all a government cover up. If it was, it be news to you. Perhaps, this is your big case, or perhaps, you're an experienced agent. Whatever the reason is, the government does seem unusually interested in this place.
        Strength +++, 3
        Intelligence +++, 3
        Deduction ++++, 4
        Firearms +++, 3
        Accuracy +++, 3

      • Reasons:
        Two of your men are missing. And that's a scary thought. You're ass is grass if you don't find those men, alive. Also you're probably the only one that can chart the large area on the map that is the Dead Ice Wanderings location of every acre of buildings recorded for your use. You might lose your job over this, it's why it's important you find those men.
        Navigation +++++, 5
        Deduction +++, 3
        Awareness [Perception] ++++, 4
        Lore ++++, 4

      • Reasons:
        You never grew up in the Ice Forge, but you always wanted to climb the Dead Ice Wanderings. Well this is your lucky chance. World famous for climbing tough terrain, perhaps, even your own stories of perilous heroism climbing up some of the toughest terrain. You're here to make sure our less than mountaineer friends stay alive. Providing them useful survival information.
        Survival +++++, 5
        Strength ++++, 4
        Camping ++++, 4
        Awareness +++, 3
        Lore ++, 2

      • Reasons:
        All your life you grew up in the Ice Forge. Tending and treating to the wounds of others, probably since you were small. Your family, one of them a big time doctor. But you were never the success in the family. That's all according to them, where being a nurse is treated like being a parasites. So when the town Sheriff called you up and asked if you'd climb the Dead Ice Wandering with these other individuals. Of course you said yes. Providing the team with much needed medical support.
        Medicine +++++, 5
        Intelligence ++++, 4
        Knowledge 1 [Illness] ++++, 4
        Knowledge 2 [Injury] +++, 3
        Lore ++, 2
  2. Hello, I am really interested in this if it is still open, I think it sounds really cool, freaky, but cool.
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