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  1. As the morning star peeked over the horizon, its first rays of light hit the top of the mountain peak.
    Down below the mountain a large sized town was already bustling with life. Not so much by the townsfolk themselves, but by vehicles passing through, heading towards the mountain. Quite a curious sight indeed, considering that the road didn't lead anywhere. Or did it?
    Up there high upon that mountainside, a massive structure was hidden in plain sight.
    Cars pulled up to a large metal gate set in black granite stone. Two large, impressive men stood there, checking each incoming vehicle before letting them pass. Then, after another long stretch through the woodlands, the passengers could finally get out.
    A hug and a kiss later, and the youngsters that had come stood alone while their parents returned home.
    Before them deemed a grand white building the size of a royal palace. And if that wasn't enough to impress them, then their first challenge surely would. The wide white marble staircase led up to a double wooden door. It was decorated heavily with intricate woodcarvings and fine gold, accenting the dark mahogany wood. Gilded handrails lead up on both ends of the stairs, curling inwards at the end and decorated with leaves.

    From behind one of the windows atop the entrance, two women were looking down. The hair of the elder of the two was brown with a streak of gray. “No uniforms were sent out this year?
    No ma'am, the council decided that the costs were too high, so we cut it,” Yala responded. The other was a young, tall, icy pale woman with long smooth black hair that shone like newly spun silk.
    Yala looked at one of the students that arrived. An interesting looking girl with a cloth wrapped around her head. But instead of covering her face and leaving her eyes open, it only covered her eyes. Quickly she flipped through her black binder to find out who it was. Mayula Assanet Chelu, 17, telepath and air manipulator. Important notice: Blind, deaf and mute since birth. That had to be her. “Quite some interesting looking students this year.
    Yes, 18 in total. Not as many as last year, but each of them as powerful as the next.
    One of them could be the new president.
    Highly unlikely.” the older woman said firmly. “The second or third years are the ones that get chosen.
    Not every year,” she responded with a satisfied smile. Even the older woman smiled to that.
    “Fair enough, exceptions do happen.[/COLOR]”
    A short silence fell between them while they gazed upon the steady stream of students.

    I better be on my way now. If you’ll excuse me, Headmistress.” She had more pressing things to do than stand here examining the arrivals. The Headmistress nodded.
    Before Yala could even leave the room the woman spoke up again. “Yala.
    Yala stood still at the urge in the woman’s voice. “Yes?
    This is your final year. Don’t forget what that means.
    Yala’s face grew serious. “I know.” She turned around, and left.

    The interior of that building probably was more impressive than its grand front. Marble mosaic floors, granite pillars, marble windowsills, just to name the first things that would be noticed, aside from the high ceilings and two massive paintings decorating the sides of the grand hallway. On one side the founders of the school, on the other a painting of the current headmistress. Down the left wing one would be able to find various classrooms, while on the right one would be able to find the cafeteria on the first floor, and the Dining Hall on the second floor. The rest of the right wing was occupied by the in school mall that catered to almost any need of the students and faculty alike.
    In the center of the grand hallway a staircase rose up, with at the first plateau two large doors that swung open to the grand outdoor plaza. The two sides of the remainder of the staircase led up to the second floor, which was just as beautiful and grandesque as the first. The third floor could be reached via a smaller staircase opposite the grand staircase. That floor was set up far more simple, as it wasn't really used by the school often.

    Behind this massive white building and below a three step plateau there was a large plaza of grass and a great oak tree stood in the middle. This old, almost magical tree shed its leaves like an evergreen. Never wilting, never withering. All around this grassy plane was a black stone pavement.

    The black walkway lead to multiple different ways, two of which lead to two gray stone buildings on each side of the central plaza. They were exactly identical in every sense, save for one crucial difference. Above the door of the left building there was a large crescent moon, while above the door of the other building there was a star of similar proportions. They were named the Moon dorm, and the Star dorm respectively.
    At the rear end, the two buildings were connected through a glass tunnel on the second floor while a pathway underneath it lead to the other buildings further up. Training facilities, sports halls, swinging pools both indoors and out, and not to forget, it lead out to a massive plot of land in which you could even loose sight of a giant.
    But no matter how far a person would try to go, they would always come across the granite and iron gates surrounding the school.

    The students that came through the main building split up in two parties. All the guys headed left, while the girls were going to the Star dorm.
    Inside each of the dorms the first floor consisted of the showers, the breakfast hall, and the rooms of the first years.
    All the other students resided on the second floor with each room capable of housing two students, meaning two beds, closets, desks and chairs.
    As Yala stepped out of the building she opened up a black lace parasol. The top was entirely made out of lace, blocking the direct sunlight, but still let a little bit of light through its openings. She headed straight for the Star dorm, walking briskly, her parasol creating a shadow on her face.

    A sigh escaped as Olissa sat on the edge of her bed. Even though she looked like she was just a child of 10, she really was 15. But her underdeveloped body and baby doll like face were the least of her worries.
    Without any warning Olissa's suitcase burst open and sent all her clothes flying through the room. Which of course wouldn't have been very bad, had the contents of her shampoo bottle not spilled over Olissa, and much to her dismay, messed up her outfit.
    Laughs could be heard on the other side of the door, followed by the sound of footsteps fading down the hallway.
    "Mila! Milo! No running in the hallway!" The president of the student council called. Olissa had never really met the president of the student council, but she was certainly a stern and harsh woman.

    A smile appeared on Olissa's face as she heard Milo and Mila uttering apologies. But as fast as it had appeared, it disappeared in guilt. She beat her fist against her head. How could she be so self conceited, that she would smile at the scolding of her own siblings?
    A knock on the door snapped her out of her thoughts.
    "May I come in?" The knock had already caused the door to open up, never the less Olissa answered.
    "Yes, miss."
    As the council president stepped into the room Olissa tried to wipe away some of the shampoo.
    Carefully Olissa looked at the council president but quickly averted her gaze. She truly was as frightening as she was beautiful.

    In this school the student council held as much power as the teachers. And the president stood directly below the headmistress. The president dealt the punishments, enforced the rules, was smart, beautiful, awe inspiring, and the perfect student. Olissa had found it to be strange that students held that much authority, but with one look at them she instantly understood.
    Yala Nikuso looked around the apparent battlefield. "What happened here?" Yala asked with a bone chilling voice.
    "It's not their fault, really. It's just bad luck."
    "Who says I was blaming anyone."
    Olissa swallowed and just looked down to the ground. "I'm sorry."
    "Whatever the cause was, clean it up before your roommate arrives." With that Yala left.
    A deep breath escaped Olissa's lips as she flopped down onto the bed. Cleaning up this mess before her roommate would arrive? Impossible. She could already hear her footsteps.
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  2. Three.
    Three reasons.
    Three reasons why anybody concious had their eyes bolted to Jacqueline Rigg as she sauntered by, or at least three she liked to consider.​

    Reason one - her butler had just ripped down a chandelier.

    She'd seen it shatter and made a note to fix it later if the administration threatened to confiscate her baby - but they couldn't blame Waldo. He weighed as much as 75 vending machines and needed to bend to avoid bursting through the ceiling. Up ahead, a couple terrified students scrambled underneathe the shadows of his metallic footfalls. Even after four years, Jack hadn't found a better way to clear a hallway than a robot who left craters in his wake.

    Giggling like a villain, Jack threw a look over her shoulder. Not too far behind puffed Reason two - nine suitcases running to catch up. Each sported a pair of wiry copper legs, clambering after their maker like a posse of particularly passionate paparazzi. For the most part they managed a constant pace, though as always one straggler creaked behind. Jack smiled at them fondly, wickedly, blue eyes searching for signs of popping cords or leaking oil. The jogging bags had been last minute - partially because she'd used their former wheels to build her TV and mostly because she'd needed to keep her hands busy. Despite how sturdy they appeared though, she feared they'd fall apart any moment now. Hence the need to clear a nice little path with Waldo.
    Well, the path was the entire hallway.
    But still.

    Sheer intimidation, danger - she liked to consider herself dangerous - that was Reason Three. The young mechanokinetic inwardly dared a stranger to cross her path as she marched on, lips spread into a devilish smile. Jack's toys sounded like an army of mechanical rhinos - smelt like a car parade. As the crackling group burst into the vast outdoors, puffs of diesel clouded the air, and Waldo, finally able to stand to his full height, blocked out the sun. The ground shook with their approach, children screamed, metal glinted in the light - Jack squealed with excitement, clapped her hands together, and flashed an expression of utter glee. Looming ahead stood the Star building. She'd better snatch a dorm before something annoying popped up, like a roommate. Waldo stretched a gargantuan finger towards the structure, joints whirring. Despite a body like Optimus Prime and eyes smoldering with energy, he sounded awfully like a GPS - a proper, femenine GPS.

    "Your destination is on the right".

    Jack only laughed in response, blue eyes shimmering with anticipation.

    Her fourth year of schooling sprawled out before her like one of those fat black roaches living in her old garage. She'd smash it, dance on it, and smear it across the floor.

    For that moment in time, Jack fancied that the building itself would bend to her wildest dreams.​
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  3. Eris clambered down the hall of the Star Dormitory, she had had half a mind to waltz into the Moon dormitory, but lacked the incentive, energy, and overall need to fuck with the boys of Ogden, figuratively speaking. Eris was the type of girl who's head was always held high, in a very condescending manor, even though she never actually found herself above others. Her appearance deterred the opinion of most, seeing as she wore a lot of black, always had a sadistic smile plastered across her face, and was more often then not, carrying a cigarette. She held the appearance of a 'bad girl', and she definitely caused trouble like one, but she had her moments of good.

    "Hmm...5th year here we come.."
    Eris clacked her heels against the marble flooring of the dormitory, striding down the hallway and to her room. She had had the same dorm ever since her second year at Ogden, and she had definitely made her marks on the school; most out of accident, some out of bordum. She did have a tendency to get quite reckless when she was bored. Eris sighed, bringing her lit cigarette up to her lips before inhaling a deep drag, and walking to face her occupied room. New roommate...nice.

    Eris looked the young girl up and down, her piercing blue eyes scanning each feature of the girl before her. She noticed outright, the girl looked much to young to be in this school, almost 10 years old if possible. She leaned her slender figure up against the door, smirking her signature sadistic smile before clacking her tongue and extinguishing her cigarette in the palm of her hand before hissing to herself, squeezing her eyes shut, and then reopening them to meet the soft chocolate browns of the girl before her.

    "Eris Croft..nice to meet ya'...roomie."

    Jill had been in the same spot for the past 4 hours. Arriving at school early during the beginning of a new year was something she enjoyed doing. Jill was a sucker for punctuality, but she really couldn't care less about attendance, which are two very odd and contradicting things.

    This being her third year, she returned to find herself assigned to a new room, excited, she had rushed right over to the Star dormitory, giggling with a young girls glee when she saw her room. It had a beautifully large window, filling up the back wall, plenty of room with two king sized beds and tons of space for her gaming equipment. Earlier that year, Jill had found herself away from Ogden academy. She had received a letter at the end of last years school year, to visit an "Aunt Clementine" in Northern Alaska, all expenses paid.

    At first, she was weirded out, seeing as she had never heard of an Aunt Clementine, or knew that people lived in Northern was definitely a strange moment. She had checked in with the headmistress, to be sure the letter was actually authentic and she wasn't being tricked into coming back to her father...that thought sending shivers down her spine. What she had learned while on this trip, was that her aunt was gifted much like herself, she had been overjoyed to know it wasn't just her with these weird powers; almost the same feeling she got when she had arrived at Ogden. Now 17 years old, she returned to the school, feeling alive, well, and happy that she had a family member in her life who loved and cared for her.

    She began to set up all her equipment in her room, TV, computer, laptop, xbox, ps3 and 4, as well as her DS and VITA...she was a little obsessed, but what else would she do for fun? Currently, Jill was well known in the gaming community. She went by the screen name Wynter, with a 'y', her last name minus the 's'. People were always confused, and when they realized she was a girl, laughed at her, but Jill had proved those sexist pigs wrong so many times, it was almost a bore to laugh at them know.

    She was a very well known gamer, and people looked up to her in her own little world. Now done with her game equipment, she threw her laptop onto the large king sized mattress, popped it open and began to surf the net for any new and upcoming game announcements and competitions she'd want to be apart of, completely ignoring the fact she was just sitting on the mattress itself, minus any bedsheets or pillows. Soon enough, her new roomie would appear, and she had only hoped to death it wasn't a trouble maker...
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  4. Kfffffft.

    That was the only thing that can be heard from the Moon dormitory hallway, as a waist-tall box had been pushed and dragged on the floor to the next room. Behind the box was an albino-like young man, ruefully pushing away. Actually, he could have just carried the box instead of pushing it around. After all, he IS a dragon. He'd have the strength to do it.

    - But not today, or so he tries to believe. Truth be told, he just didn't want to. Oh, how strange it is for one to try so much to avoid something tedious when the act of avoidance in itself costs more time and energy than the former. How ironic.

    Huff, Puff..
    Huff, Puff..

    Almost there. He should have bought a traveling bag - one with wheels too.
    Huff, Puff..
    Huff, Puff..

    That way, it would have been easier moving from one room to another. It's been five years now. Should he at least have the privilege of staying in one room for more than a year? He hated moving this much. Talk about bad luck every year, having someone like him required to work so much. Hold up, is fate mocking him?

    Giving one last push - and while uttering encouraging lyrics in his head, Rai managed to push the box to the very end of his room, right next to the bed with a mattress yet to be dressed. He wearily groaned and slumped on the said bed, falling like a plank face first. "Chiki.. Chiki.. wasshoi! Oh god, thank you!" He finished weakly between groans and pants, his voice muffled by the cushion under him. He had accomplished his very first task of the day: moving.It makes him even wonder sometimes. With his attitude of his, how will he survive the outside world now that he has reduced himself into a cold, couch potato?

    "Yay.." He weakly cheered to himself, pumping his fists above his head against the mattress. Flipping over so that he would be lying down properly, he kicked off his sneakers and placed his hands behind his head as if to finally relax. He noticed that the other side of the room is empty. So he's having a new roommate? Not that he really cared. He never interacted with the last one anyway, save for the times when it was necessary like asking to buy a few things from the store or asking to tone down the television. Rai never really cared for close friends. Sure, he'd speak to his classmates and teachers when required but other than that, he'd just rather be out on his own. He disliked getting involved in deep yet friendly commitments anyway; It's tedious and too high maintenance for him. He's not a snob or anything, just seemingly always tired and lazy.
    Sitting up, he still couldn't help wondering who his next roommate would be. Looking at the open door that led to the hallway, he stared blankly at it, as if waiting for someone to walk by.
  5. Hugging his body with trembling arms, Felix shuffled down the Moon Dormitory corridor. Today signaled the start of school, then.
    He could hardly wait until it was over...
    It would take time getting used to the floods of people again, after months spent alone with Jack. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the company - in fact, he found that all people came in multiple shades of beauty - but after a year, his own emotions wore him out. And so did those of others, constantly drifting through his mind, constantly inspiring his heart to beat. After all, a boy's heart could only beat so much, right?
    Felix rounded the corner with a dreamy look in his eyes. What he wouldn't give to build himself a bubble. A people bubble, maybe. In it would be him and one other person - and he could love each one individually, untill they'd had quite enough and could love themselves. And then they both would be so very happy, and they could go their seperate ways, all without the exhaustion and heartache and...


    Felix suddenly cried out. A low, strained moan strangled itself in his throat. His fingers clutched the scarf - which always hid the lower part of his face - as if for support. His other gripped tight the nearest doorframe.
    Hngn.....breathe, Felix...........

    For the seventh time since he entered the school, Felix - his body visibly quivering even under his duffle coat - waited, agonized, his six foot tall body slumped completely against the wall. Heat surged through his mind like the crack of a whip. It throbbed, it pulsed - it hurt - until the wave of people had passed. Then the heat angrily receded into a dark corner. Like a particularly devilish toddler.
    Felix groaned inwardly, pressed a gentle finger against his hurt.
    But it always hurt the first time.
    He knew that, he'd be fine.
    He'd be okay, it was always...
    Felix shuddered and wiped a welling tear from his eye, trying desperatly to hide his face from any interested passerbys. The last thing he needed on top of all this was to get tagged as the Crybaby again. A tad paranoid, he lifted those misty eyes to the hallway - more people coming up ahead. Maybe this room would be a good place to stop. Even if the crowd hadn't been approaching, his legs felt like jelly, and he wasn't sure how much further he'd be able to continue. Or keep his eyes open, for that matter. A small, hardly audible click sounded from his general area. Felix closed his eyes, and his shoulders tensed briefly.
    There was somebody inside....but they seemed tired - exhausted even - and he doubted they'd give him any trouble. If he bothered them, he could always just leave....
    Taking a final breath, the tall boy with the dark hair and deep eyes - the freckles smattered across his cheeks and the scarf snuggled around his mouth - wobbled weakly into the dorm.

    He collapsed on the nearest bed. A rather lumpy bed but...his head hurt so much...he could hardly complain...just needed a few minutes...
    It didn't seem to occur to him on any level at all, that a person - Rai, to be exact - was already occupying the mattress. Or that perhaps he should move off of him.
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  6. Killian Strauss was already at the school earlier than most students cared to be. He knew there would be some new arrivals coming in today and wanted to get a early view on possible candidates for victims. He had already picked a verbal fight with a sophomore this morning when she arrived and left her crying in the front entrance. That chaos was so delicious.

    Still, he hadn't spotted Eris or any possible candidates and it was already started to become hectic. Students were flooding the halls and walkways of the school and chatting happily as they made their way to their dorms. He couldn't keep track of them all and finally sighed, standing from the bench he had currently been occupying. Suppose I better get to my dorm and set up...see who I got for a roommate this time. He grabbed his bag and threw it round his shoulders, his hair falling around the backpack in fixed rows an he smirked as he began the trek towards the dorms, some of the students purposefully avoiding him.

    As he opened the door to his room, he noticed that it was still empty. "Well, either my roommate hasn't arrived yet or they won't give me one. Might be the latter after the last one." He tossed his bag on one of the beds and sat down to wait. His reptilian style eyes wandered around the room as he sighed in slight boredom, checking his class schedule for the first class he'd be attending.
  7. His vision was beginning to blur and his eyelids were drooping. In the background, he could hear a small crowd pass by from a distance, their footsteps nicely echoeing on the floor. It was such a nice sound, combining that with the rustling of leaves outside and the light chatter from the students. Perhaps he could relax for just a small while before unpacking. It's not like he needed something from his box of items anyway. That could wait.

    Closing his eyes now, Rai smiled to himself a little as he squirmed to make his position more comfortable. He just accomplished something today and that should come with a reward, right? Though he makes an effort to keep himself in his human form, that kind of effort he exudes can be compared to having light asthma: tiring, but still somewhat manageable. Because of that, and though today is the beginning of the week, he is already wishing for the weekend. Yup, that's Rai.

    By the time the door made a faint click as it welcomed another student, Rai was already on his way to nodland. He was still somewhat half-awake, and what remained awake of his senses did not mind the presence making his way through the room. His new roomate seemed quiet - something Rai was thankful for, and he did not even hear a word from the guy. Finally! Someone who respects peace and qui-

    "Oof!" The bakunaua gasped for air when a force interrupted his breathing. His eyes quickly opened, and as he did, he could not believe his eyes.

    "What the..? HEY!!!" Reflexes kicking in, his hands automatically pushed the young man to his side, rolled away from the bed and fell to the floor in the process, his skin heating up as if on high fever. His brain couldn't make up what just happened. Was that an attempted sexual assault or extreme disregard for personal space? Or both? What gives?
    "Are you blind?! Did you not see that this bed is occupied?!!" Still trying to catch his breath, Rai grabbed the nearest pillow he could find and threw it on Felix's head to catch his attention (and for annoying him). He was panting a little, still trying to calm himself down.
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  8. [​IMG]


    The air suddenly pulsed with anger, felt like hornets, sounded like yelling. Felix's eyes shot open, trying desperatey to assess - and then the room went dark as something fluffy and floppy pomfed into his head.

    "Are you blind?! Did you not see that this bed is occupied?!!


    Felix cringed, a pang of embarrassment shooting through his belly. After a moment of intense blushing his fingers snatched the pillow from his head and he sat up. The coils of the mattress emitted a soft groan. It took all of Felix's willpower not to do the same, eyes dulled with pain, the anger resounding in his head like marbles, his face hot - a small tint of red dashed across his cheeks.


    So this was his roomamate. The scarfed young man's foggy blues studied him as if he were a rubix cube - a delicate one - taking note of the short shaggy hair, the heaving chest, the hot skin, simmering eyes - it didn't take an empath to know that he was pissed. Oh, and he had every right to be.

    I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so clumsy, I'm-

    Eyes impossibly remorseful, Felix rolled onto his stomach - a few strands of wavy dark curls falling across his nose - and extended a to the poor dishevled fellow on the ground.
    If he had a cookie for each time he made an awful first impression....
  9. And so there was silence. Scratch that, make that an awkward silence. Is this guy going to say sorry or what? Not only that, but his calculating stare was making the dragon feel really awkwardly uneasy. All the heat from his body soon drained out, and before the dragon knew it, he felt as cold as dead. A shiver that lasted for half a second coursed through his spine when Felix extended a hand. What now? A handshake?

    Nope. Not today, he wouldn't.

    Rai honestly didn't feel like touching the guy. Recovering from panting now, he gave him an awkward fist bump instead. Seeing how sorry Felix gazed at him, he rubbed his forehead nervously, trying to shake off the feeling of being violated. He did not like the silence. Sure, he was wishing for it a moment ago, but now he was beginning to regret it. It was just too much! And his eyes... His calculating gaze pierced right through him like a hot knife through butter and for some strange reason, Rai felt that this guy was playing with his head. He couldn't believe that this guy will be his roomate for the rest of the year.

    "You know what? I-It's all good. You take this side of the room for all I care..." Nope, he did not bother introducing himself. Nope, he did not bother asking for the other guy's name. Nope, he did not bother to tell the other guy that everything will be okay. All he wanted to do is to stand up, grab his shoes, carelessly toss them towards the other bed, pull the huge-arse box towards the other side of the room, sit down on the bed, and do nothing. As he did so - was that a tint of red on the other guy's cheeks by the way? - Rai faced the other side of the room, making it his turn to study the empath.

    Well, this guy sure sports the bod of a chick.. Rai recalled shoving the guy to the side of the bed. Call that a perverted comment, but Rai meant no malice at the thought. After all, that was just an honest observation with the unnamed young man before him being a bit too curvy - even with the coat on.. But then again...
    The dragon's eyes shifted to the top right part of the wall near the ceiling, apparently in deep thought.

    It was then the thought of the possibility of him being roomies with a mind-reader sent that light feverish feeling to his face and chest. Rai lowered his head the moment he felt his cheeks and ears burning and pressed a thumb against the bridge of his nose. He'd better learn to keep his thoughts wholesomely organized until he finds out what this guy could do..

    Oh, right. What was the guy's name?

    The dragon summoned the courage to break the awkward silence. "I'm Rai." He weakly muttered.
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  10. [​IMG]


    And then there was awkward silence. Everything was going so very wrong....Felix pushed his scarf further up his face in an attempt to hide a furious blush, to no avail. It danced across his freckles, his cheeks, the bridge of his nose, turned an extraordinary shade of red and then kissed the tips of his ears. He could feel the heat spreading over his visage and gave up, in the end.
    Blush: 1. Felix: 0.

    First he'd come in and messed up, then he'd gotten up and messed again. His attempt to help Rai back to his feet had started in a weird knuckle - touch - thing and ended, somehow, with the guy scrambling to the other side of the room. Like he was getting away from a plague. Felix lowered his eyes and anxiously rubbed his palms against his knees. He could feel Rai's fear and apprehension - his confusion - as easily as your average joe could feel water against their skin or the sun against their face. He hadn't meant to scare...
    The worried young man's eyebrows crimped together as if trying to console each other.

    What's so scary about me anyhow...?

    He had lash laden eyes, sloping hips, slight shoulders. His freckles were disarming - or so he'd heard. Expressive eyes - piercing yes, and perhaps overtly expressive, but he tried his best not to appear threatening.
    Maybe it was his presence. A feeling of complete transparency - a feeling unnerving to anyone who had a secret hide.
    And everyone had secrets.
    Then...they all had reason to fear him.
    Then...he couldn't blame this new fellow. He wouldn't. The next best thing he could do was try to understand.
    So try, he would.

    New guy, now across the room, seemed to finally summon the courage to break the silence.
    "I'm Rai." He muttered weakly.

    Felix - no - the air around felix - seemed to perk, as if it approved very much and wished to share its pleasure with anyone willing to feel. He nodded shortly in acknowledgment and pushed a few curls behind one of his ears.
    Rai. What a nice name! He wished he had a name like that. It sounded like Ryu, which meant dragon, and...well, quite frankly, he loved dragons. The room seemed to quiver with thrill for a moment before Felix managed to reign himself back in.


    He squirmed.


    A look of complete and utter "help me" shot from his eyes to Rai.
    At long last he turned his back a bit and slipped his coat from one of his shoulders, exposing the milky skin to the air. It seemed curiously delicate, and the freckles didn't help - however, of much more interest, was the tattoo. Felix hoped Rai could see it...though this always made him feel a little akward.

    "INKIE" was printed across his skin in splashing, undulating Dirty and Classic font. A name, maybe? Or a nickname?
  11. Now becoming curious as to why the other guy hasn't spoken yet, Rai finally recovered from his blush and lifted his head up to see what was wrong - or so he thought. For some strange reason, and for a moment there, he did not feel the tension from Felix anymore which was a good thing. He smiled a bit to that. At least that uncomfortable feeling had somehow disappeared. But wait, he still hasn't told him his name yet..

    Waiting and watching, the dragon observed how the empath shifted positions - as if hesitating about something, and saw that gesture that rang a bell in his head. As Felix tucked a few strands of hair behind his ear, Rai could not help but move his head to the side a bit but still having his eyes on him, brows furrowed and all.

    Dainty guy. He thought.

    And then came the alarming move: The empath shook his coat to show some skin, cheeks blushing and all, demurely like an innocent lady undressing for the first time.

    Wait, what? Why is he undressing?!

    Rai gasped - eyes opened wide and cheeks flaring red. It was but without a doubt! He was able to read his thoughts! Those... images of the idea of crossdressing! How embarrassing! But NO! He was not implying anything about that! He wasn't asking for such things! This was escalating too quickly!

    Practically jumping from his seat, the dragon rushed to the young lad and grabbed the collar of his coat. He tried to pull it up again, now blushing madly like a child with stagefright and rambling like a contestant who knew the million-dollar answer. "Please, no, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to think of you that way.. I didn't know you were a mindreader and trust me, I don't want this so please put your clothes back o-"

    The dragon stopped. What's this? A tattoo?
    "In..kie?" He read aloud.

    And with that, he finally was able to put it all together. Rai stepped back. "Oh.." That was all he could say. And with that, he finally relaxed. Alright, so he wasn't a mindreader. That's good. But this guy.. It's just that he couldn't speak. Well, that explained the silence. "Sorry, I didn't know." He said softly now, feeling guilty for panicking like that.
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  12. @ChaosMage
    Sebastians tall slender frame was held up against the front wall of the Star Dormitory. He was scouting out possible targets for his next catch, or in more simple terms, his next girlfriend. The previous one had recently dumped him for "not being there enough". Sebastian was surprised to say the least, seeing as the reason most his girls leave him are for cheating or flirting with other girls.
    Perhaps he should just stick to friends with benefits? That would sure be easier on his moral, ego, and the girls. He chuckled to himself, layered midnight black hair falling in front of his face and slightly covering his emerald green eyes, before he inevitably blew it out of his face with one fell swoop of breath. Sebastians eye caught onto a petite beauty, she seemed to be no more then 5'4' with dark chocolate brown hair and a slender, curved frame. He clacked his tongue, whistling something of a cat call her way, only to be looked at in shock, which quickly turned to annoyance, and then complete and total ignorance. Well..she's off the list. Sebastian made a mental note that even the newbies could sense he was a player, that sure wouldn't help out his future endeavors.
    With defeat in mind, Sebastian pushed his back from the wall, grabbing the duffel bag lying on the grass to his left. It had been sitting there ever since he decided to scout out the Star Dormitory for fresh meat. His eyes shifted to another girl, taller in height, however she had ash white hair that fell far down her back, her petite face was slightly chubby, but it worked well with her body and amount of hair. He decided to play the "walk-by" tactic that seemed to work for him recently. Hoisting his grey duffel bag over his shoulder, Sebastian trotted forward, attempting to add a certain air of swagger to his step before inexplicably tripping over his own foot, eyes connected with the snow haired beauty.
    He caught himself before touching the floor, a long red line appearing across his cheeks. Flirt or not, Sebastian was sometimes so aloof and clumsy. He broke contact from the snow haired girl, biting his bottom lip and taking off for the Moon Dormitory. Since it was his second year, the second floor of the dormitory was now open to him and that meant a new and bigger room! He was excited to say the least. Sebastian walked across the campus and to the large doors of the Moon Dormitory, taking a moment to conceal himself and his demonic appearance before pushing through the doors and heading straight for the large set of stairs that were bound to lead him to his new room. Once on the second floor, Sebastian smiled a toothy grin, it was quite different, and vastly larger; he had hopped the rooms would be in the same styling; large.
    Shuffling the heavy bag over his shoulder, Sebastian searched his memory for the room number he saw on the boarding sheet. He decided to start walking down the hallway, sure enough to see the number 405 etched onto an open wooden door. He turned the corner, eyeing the man in the room. He was of average height, however his appearance wasn't average, actually, far from it. His skin was tinted red, and his eyes were violent looking yellow slits. Something about his appearance unnerved Sebastian, but it wasn't something he was planning to dwell on.
    He noticed the man was sitting on the bed to the right of the room, his hair in long-ish fashioned style. Sebastian scoffed to himself, instantly getting an arrogant feel from this guy. He walked to the other side of the room, chucking his bag on the open king sized bed, noticing the vast amount of space in these second floor dorms, he could honestly say he was happy. Sebastian brought his hand to his right ear, playing with the piercings lining the elf looking extremity, itself. He glanced the way of the man on the other side of the room, smirking with malice and grinning his signature toothy grin. "Sebastian Pravus..pleasure.." He mused while toying with his earrings.
  13. Killian was silently grumbling at looking at his schedule. Seemed his first class was one he would have to choose and after that it was performing arts. As he watched this person enter his room, he could tell right off the bat that he was a demon. Being devil himself, he knew the scent of demons from being around them for so long. Even if he hadn't, each creature had their own matter what they were. It was like wearing a identifiable bracelet.
    He wasn't always correct with this methods though. Sometimes he was way off and he dug himself a hole when he assumed a creatures race. Once he thought he smelled a gorgon that was actually a dryad and he told her as such. She cursed him with a random self punching curse for 7 weeks. He did homework in his dorm and never went to class during that time.

    Still, whoever this man Sebastian thought he was, Killian had never met him before today. Was he a first year? A second perhaps? He didn't have the aura of a third or fourth year. Didn't seem to radiate a huge knowledge base or powerful magic arts. If that was the case, maybe he could have some fun.
    "Killian Strauss. So you must be the new roommate? If that's the case, then perhaps you'll go through my little self-welcoming initiation." Opening his bag, he took out one of his magnum pistols. It shone with a shiny silver hue. "This is mine and it is quite the special gun. I want you to show me how brave you are and take one bullet. Face or decide. I can promise you that you won't die...but you'll not be totally unaffected either."

    His body trembled with anticipation as he stood and faced Sebastian. "If you refuse, then when you sleep tonight, no matter where it is...I'll find you and shoot you much more then if you take it now. Trust me, you're better off just going along with it right now." It was earlier than he was used to getting his chaos fix, but he had an opportunity to get a small dose from this guy and he wasn't one to waste opportunity. He pointed the gun at Sebastian. "So? What do you decide?"
  14. Sebastians fingers fell from his ear, occupation faltering due to lack of incentive. Sebastian stood in the room, eyeing the creature before him. No doubt he was a creature alike Sebastian, but different in more ways then one; he'd yet to figure out what it was. "Alright, I don't see wh_" Sebastian's words were cut off when his emerald green eyes caught sight of the silver hued pistol now equipped in this man's hands. His grin only grew larger, sharp canines piercing through the flesh of his bottom lip from biting down in anticipation. Sebastian stood there, eyeing the person and weapon in front of him with a malicious glint to his glistening hues of green. "Alright Killian Strauss.." Sebastian brought his fingers slowly up to the mans gun, laying three on the top side of the barrel, slowly pulling his fingers back, watching the glistening silver metal bellow corrode beneath his fingers. He pulled away before the corrosion took actual effect, leaving the gun in it's shiny silver state. "Go for my chest, I need to keep this pretty for the ladies." Sebastian motioned to his face, taunting the male in front of him, grinning sheepishly. Hands now in the pockets of his black jeans and posture slouched far beyond comfortable position. In all honesty, Sebastian was curious as to what this gun could do to him anyway, but there was no time like the present to figure out.
  15. This man was cocky..arrogant..perhaps he could feed off of him as much as he did Eris when he got a chance to do that. Speaking of that girl, he'd have to find her and lock down her location on campus so he could find her that much easier than if he had to manually hunt her down. He smirked at hearing the man taking the challenge and blinked as he watched the man place his fingers on the top of the barrel.

    He could have sworn that something had happened when he touched it, but it looked and felt normal. Whatever..let's see what happens to you Sebastian. I for one am very interested. He pressed the barrel against the mans chest and without any hesitation pulled the trigger, firing a random curse into the mans body. What would it be? A itching curse? Temporary blindness or disorientation? Perhaps the plague or Cholera..that would be bad considering he'd be sharing the room with this man and he didn't feel like trying to fight off an ancient plague or explain how Sebastian got it in the first place.

    Oh well. Whatever he gets, it will be interesting to see how he deals with it. Sitting back down on his bed, his fixated his eyes on Sebastian Pravus and waited for the curse to take effect. It wouldn't be too long now before the effects would show themselves.
  16. Sebastian stood there with a blank empty look in his deep green pools. That was it? That was a gunshot? Sebastian had felt no different then before when he backed up from the pistol after hearing a large "bang"; a tell-tale sign that something was fired. But Sebastian felt no pain, nor did he see any physical wound on his body. His eyes trailed up from the gun to the guns owner, watching him walk over to his side of the room and eye Sebastian with a cold, callous look. One which told Sebastian, this man before him knew more then he was letting on about the previous gun shot wound -if you'd like to call it that- inflicted upon Sebastians body. The tall slender demon pressed a smooth, unmarred hand up against his own chest, pressing the shirt down into his well sculpted torso.
    "That's it?" Sebastian questioned in bewilderment. "I was at least expecting some type of pain, maybe even possible death from a direct shot point blank, but.." Sebastian was confused.
    The gun that Killian Strauss held possession of was more then a regular gun. On the outside it looks like a normal pistol, but unknown to Sebastian, it housed the Devil's Curses. Strange creatures, Devil's. They thrived off the pain and suffering of any race. Not to say demons didn't; actually, if you look at it in a different like, demons might even like pain and suffering more. However, this Devil seemed to have a distinct personality of his own that attracted Sebastian's curiosity.
    "You're a devil, aren't you?" Sebastian smiled, rolling his shoulder in it's joint and sighing heavily once hearing a satisfying 'pop'.
    "So what exactly is the ammunition your pistol holds, Killian?" Sebastian questioned the Devil before him. Watching his own yellow slitted eyes with his vivid emerald green. His transformed tongue wiggled around in his mouth, copying the motions of his more, demonic looking extremity. He bit down, scowling to himself and internally degrading himself for not being able to control the transformation on his tongue as easily as the rest of his body.
    Sebastian turned to walk into the bathroom his side of the room occupied, dragging the large grey duffel behind him. He began unpacking numerous things, placing his toothbrush in a drawer, mouthwash on the counter, soaps, body washes and razors in the large triple person shower. His eyes fell to the already perfectly quilted towels, wrapped in crisp folds over the towel rank and on the storage shelf. He had to commend Ogden, you really don't know what you're missing until you're allowed on the second floor.
    Sebastian smiled to himself, feeling as if he was in a hotel and his main mission was to jack the mini shampoo and conditioner bottles. As a child, whenever he had found refuge at hotels with the little money he made, he would always take it upon himself to clear the rooms; dry. Leaving nothing behind in his wake, and taking off early the next morning. He had quite fun times when he was a young child, but he had always assumed it wasn't just him. Who in their right mind would rent out a hotel room to a 9 year old kid? No sane person on this planet. However, Sebastian had no memory of his guardian before the old man. Come to think of it, Sebastian had no memories period; before the old man.
    She sighed, eyeing himself in the mirror and blowing an annoying piece of hair out from in front of his eye. Alright, that gun shot...what had it done to the man?
    Did it disorient him? Sebastian walked back and fourth along the transparent tile grout in the flooring, watching his feet it the line every time and his balance holding strong. wasn't disorientation.
    Sebastian clacked his tongue inside his mouth, scowling at himself in the mirror. It wasn't before long that the young demon noticed his preplexion getting the best of him as his fingers began to sink into the newly corroded area of the granite counter tops. Perfect.
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  17. Killian careened his head to the side as he watched Sebastian walk into the bathroom with his bag. Was the curse taking longer to develop or was he just not seeing whatever effects were going on yet? Whatever the reason, he was even more curious as to what was going on. Even if he was a demon, no-one was immune to curses. People could harden themselves to lessen the outcome but curses were almost absolute.

    It was one reason why he went with curses in the first place. He had no skill in offensive magic or strategy or leadership or anything that could be used to his advantage, so he relied on curses to help him. If he faced someone stronger or faster or more clever, then he pumped them full of curses and either left them to suffer or beat them to a pulp with his fists since they were less likely to be able to resist. It wasn't the most gracious or honorable tactic, but he was a devil. Honor wasn't a big thing with him anyhow.

    His eyes continued to watch eagerly. He could see the counter starting to melt away slightly. A melting touch? Corrosive or acidic perhaps? Very interesting...that might explain the slight difference on my gun that i saw. Still, he grew slightly impatient as his first class would be starting in about a half hour or so. If nothing came of his curse shot by then, he would pump a couple more into Sebastian before he departed just for kicks.
  18. [​IMG]


    Though the scarf around Inkie's mouth hid his lips, his cheekbones lifted in a sort of smirk. The bridge of his nose crinkled with amusement. Inkie touched Rai's upper arm with a soft and careful hand; attempting, most likely, to reassure his jumpy roommate. Those misty blue eyes fixed him with a quizzical sort of air. Was Rai always this easily flustered? And...
    Inkie suddenly flushed, folded his hands in his lap and looked away.

    If Rai thought he'd been undressing based on a thought he'd read in his roommate's mind, then...

    What exactly had Rai been...?

    Inkie carefully draped his coat back over his shoulder and stood, deciding he might be better off wondering than reaching a conclusion.


    Again, an awkward silence swelled up in the room. Inkie gently tapped Rai's shoulder once and then pointed towards the obscenely large box nearly on the other side of the room. Wordlessly - as always - he sauntered over and pushed against it.
    Within a couple of moments he had nudged it over to Rai's area of the dorm and turned back, eyes searching Rai for permission.
    He didn't mind helping the guy unpack. After all, the box wasn't that heavy, he wasn't busy, and he had no things of his own.


    Jacqueline sauntered into the dorm she'd had last year with a wicked smile on her fa-

    There was somebody in her dorm.
    Why was there somebody in her dorm?

    A girl lay all careless on the bed next to the one Jack usually slept in, headphones clapped against her ears and laptop whirring mindlessly into the otherwise silent room.
    The computer itself seemed beautiful.
    The girl?
    She wasn't exactly what Jack would call gorgeous, but the way her hair fell against her neck - the focus in her eyes as they lit upon the screen - did come across as kind of cute, after a little bit of studying. A playfully mischevious grin lit Jack's face abuzz.

    "Lost, sweetheart?"

    Jack leaned against the doorframe, her pulsing blues still laughing over the girl on the mattress.
    An Iphone-white hedgehog scampered in and curled up on her foot with a disgruntled squeak, followed by a herd of crackling two-legged suitcases, their copper plates and drooping wires all sizzling dangerously with electricity.
    The girl, too - the one with the snarky white and pink hair, the arched brows and the lip ring - seemed to sizzle.

  19. Felix stood up.
    Rai froze on the spot.

    For a quiet guy, he sure was able to easily catch up on what he was so flustered about. Feeling bad about this now, he placed a palm on his arm on where Felix' hand used to be. He stared blankly at the empty bed, looking like he was lost in his thoughts, but with nothing in particular in his mind. He was not even sure on what he should think of as of now. He knew he had messed this up somehow, and was actually worried that things would go awkward with his roommate for the rest of the year. He had no problems with the previous one; he didn't care so much about Rai anyway and wasn't always present in the room save for bedtime. It was then a hand rested on his shoulder did he manage to snap out of his daze. Glancing to his side, he saw the empath making his way towards him with his belongings, giving the dragon the conclusion that Felix wanted to give Rai's side of the dorm room back. This wasn't really a problem to the dragon. After all, he did want to sleep near the windows..

    "You don't really have to..." His voice trailed off after locking his gaze to the empath's eyes for a few seconds as if being able to finally read what Felix has to say in his eyes. There really wasn't much inside that box anyway. There were just a pile of clothes messily thrown inside, his daggers, stingray whip, katar, and foldable double-edge scythe wrapped and covered in a black cloth, some notebooks - used and new, a rather large birdcage, and books.. Lots of books.. Books about Controlling Involuntary Shapeshifting, Bakunaua: the moon-eating dragon, Meditation exercises for shapeshifters, Legends of the oriental waterdragons and their subspecies, Self-help articles of being a dragon in a human-populated world, science books... More science books.. It looked as if Rai was the studious type, which was the opposite of what he was known for. Truth be told, he sort of felt uneasy having Felix rummage through his belongings..

    But then again, he can't really speak, so why not?

    For a moment there, Rai felt relieved, knowing that he could somehow bring his walls down around this guy. He never really wanted anyone to know his business. It's not that he has a lot to hide, it's just that he didn't like having anyone in his space all the time.

    But surely this "Inkie" guy proved no threat to him.. He didn't look like it at least..

    Nodding to the taller one's permission now, he opened the box and dug through his clothes to pull out a silver, dome bird cage. He will be needing that today as he hasn't seen his friend the whole of dawn.
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  20. With the mess all around her, the 15 year old stared wide eyed at the other woman. A much older, way more developed, and far more dangerous looking woman. This felt like a disaster made in hell, waiting to happen, waiting to go horribly wrong at the worst possible time. Not that there were times that were far worse than having shampoo in your hair while nowhere near a shower or a sink.
    "O-Olissa... Barran." The youngster replied, "I'm really sorry about the mess, I'll clean it up right away."
    She got off her bed, and took a towel that originated from her suitcase, and now was on the floor, and started to wipe away most of the gunk, flinging her random pieces of clothes onto her bed, the one on the farthest side of the room.
    "I'm really sorry." She continued, though at half the voice she already was talking in. "The Student Council President told me to clean it up before you came, I'm sorry." How many more times she was going to repeat that she was sorry, she didn't know, it just came natural by now. The apologetic, fearful nature came completely natural.
    And for good reasons, she was most certain within a day her new room mate would be disliking her just as much as her classmates, and previous roommate did the previous year. Same for anyone else she had encountered. Though, by rarely ever taking the extra curricular activities, she rarely came across the higher leveled students, so there were still a fair deal of people who had no idea who or what she was. Not that it mattered, it's not like they were friendlier if they didn't know.

    The door to her room was quickly found. It was way at the end of the hall, right by the glass tunnel. Every year she had been the student council's president, she had been in here. Even the year prior to becoming the official president, when she was still in training together with the other two candidates, she had stood before this door frequently.
    Even now, the tall black haired ice queen stood like she had done the first time she was summoned to the president's room. Coincidentally the last president had been a woman as well, bt she had only been president for two years, whereas this was Yala's fourth, the longest anyone could be one. Nearing the end of one's 'reign' really put her back into those feelings of the first time she heard she was being considered as a candidate. The jittering feeling that someone of this school would have again. Someone of the first, second, or third year. The rest would stand around them, judging their every move, learning if they were worthy of being called the next president. A tradition that felt eerily close to being meet inspected for consummation.

    A deep breath was drawn before she actually opened the door and went in, locking the door behind her. It's not that she was afraid someone might enter, steal her stuff, it was more that she rather have full control over who was or wasn't in her room. Especially considering her room was considered frozen cold.
    With Yala being partially an ice elemental, she had very little need for warmth, and cold definitely didn't bother her, so why crank up the heat for a person that has no need for it?
    Like a silent whisper, the lonely figure placed her parasol in the black metal holder right by the door, and walked across the floor to her closet. She had been here all summer, along with the students that had no place to go, so there was no unpacking for her. She opened the door, revealing not just her clothes, but a full body length mirror. Yala wasn't an one to stand before a mirror and check if she looked okay often, but with the opening ceremony, which mainly was just a speech of multiple figures, she better make sure she at least look presentable.

    If there was one thing that could be said about the headmistress, it was that she came across as stern, well willed, and kind. Cross her paths, and she could be relentless, and would not let a single person off the hook just because they batted their eyelashes at her.
    So when news came to the elder woman of the wreckage that Jacqueline had made in her wake, a slight fury was kindled behind those warm eyes. A white and black raven cawed and swooped down onto her shoulder. "Take this to miss Rigg." She ordered the bird, a note rolled up and given to be held in the bird's paw, sealed with the school's insignia in red wax.
    Different colors of wax meant different things, and red, though common in the outside world, bore no good news. Though it was black wax that one would have to fear. Or ice blue, as that meant it came directly from Yala.
    The letter would read: "Miss Rigg, you are hereby informed to come to the office of the Headmistress directly after the opening ceremony. This regards the wreckage you have caused within the school. You will be required to clean up your mess, the sooner you do so, the lighter the punishment. Come to the office, or meet with Miss Nikuso. Signed; The Headmistress" The last bit was kind of redundant to place there, but interestingly enough, that made the majority come to the office all the more faster. And off the bird flew, out the window, and through the shortest route to Miss Rigg's current dorm room.

    Though no speakers were ever to be found, over what presumably was a magical form of an intercom the voice of a man sounded.
    "Dear students, welcome to the school. In ten minutes the opening ceremony of the year will start. Due to the great weather all students and faculty members are required to come to the grand plaza at the center of the school. For those who are incapable of being in direct sunlight, a special spot will be reserved in the shadows. That will be all."
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