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    Since the beginning of time magic has existed in many shapes and forms. That was until the Salem Witch Trials, which was to be believed, as the eradication of the final essence of magic on earth. During that time, magic became a world known activity. It was a wonderous surprise for something so unusual to exist, but it also became a fear. Salem being the central and supposedly only place of magic's existence, quickly became the center point of the world's attention. At that time magic seemed to be an only female factor. This was believed to be due to the wondrous things women could do. Women's image quickly rose to that of goddesses, of course, many viewed magic as a wonderful gift to the world. Many hoped it to be the arrival of peace and the end of a struggle. These views were brought to women who used magic for happiness and joy, helping others in need.

    Unfortunately, many women did not have the pleasure of happiness. Many suffered, due to abuse, discrimination, and religious damnation. This caused these women to use magic for revenge and the pleasure of seeing others suffer. This in turn caused many views to change from content to fear and disgust. Once this form of magic came into existence many reacted to it as a threat. It only takes one to ruin it for everyone. The fall of magic quickly ensued. Anyone under suspicion of being able to use magic was brutally killed. Either by fire or by hanging. After a few years of witch hunts went on, a day came where the sun seemed to have a more radiant glow. This was a symbol of the eradication of magic.

    Only one thing was left behind.......their children. Only one thing was left behind.......their children. Throughout generations, although they were unaware, these children and their descendants have had the ability to use magic. Now in 2015, there is a small group unaware of each other's existence, that have been actually able to practice.

    How will life treat them? Will their abilities be a hindrance or will it enable them to do wondrous things? I'll let you decide.

    Book of Shadows Entry Application

    Picture (*Use a real person picture or close to it (Deviantart) No Anime. Needs to be human not a creature.):

    Sex: Male[] Female[]

    Randomly Generated Clique:
    Generated Magic:
    Generated Talent:


    Everyday Appearance(Can be changed throughout Rp):
    Hair Color(Can be changed):
    Eye Color:

    Height: __
    Weight: ___
    Body Type:_____

    Character's Past (Get creative with this. Somewhere in your bio, please put the age ( between 13 and 18) when you found your family grimore and when magic affected your life. )

    This will help us with activity. We will Rp Mon-Sat Keep Rping light on Sundays.


    Pm me when you're ready to fill out your CS so I can generate a clique for you. Upon completion, I will generate your talent and magic. Before you fill out the Cs, I ask that you read everything. Also, add what you need to add to the Cs.

    • [Tab=Laws of the land]


    The characters are descendants of the Salem witches. After discovering their family grimoire, they have been able to use their family talents. Eventually, they will come to realize each other's existence and then be able to use magic. They go through life dealing with not only the differences between themselves but also a new threat that has arisen. You may be wondering who this new threat is, but that's the mystery for you to solve. This is a somewhat slice of life so think about life.

Salem Descended is a long term role-play.

This means the roleplay is slated to last for a long period of time. Several arcs are expected. If you do not believe this is a commitment you can upkeep, then please reconsider joining the Rp.

Posting Expectation: Members of this role-play are asked to consistently post throughout the entirety of the role-play’s lifetime.
  • We would like for people to post at least once a day. Really it is recommended to post several times a day, however we do understand how life happens and all we ask is a simple notice of your absence or a fall post to let us know you are ok and will be back soon.

Fights: It's life. So fights will be just like real life fights just with magic. If someone pisses your character off and you want to punch them. Then punch them.

  • Salem Descended does not require high-level writing skills to participate in the role-play; however, that being said, this is not a beginners role-play, and there are a couple of things we ask of anyone joining the role-play.

    • Please no One liners, we would like at least 10 well-written sentences in first or third person upon Gms discretion. IE no "I walked in" unless the character is speaking unless told otherwise. Character speech should be written in quotation marks and thought/telepathy in italics.

    • Reading Comprehension is a must. If something does not make sense to you, simply ask the writer of that post for clarification, do not assume. Miscommunication only leads to further issues, as proceeding posts, based off misleading information, creates extra work in the form of later corrections. With that being said, please write clearly. Make it as understanding as possible.

    • Be capable of developing your character in a believable aspect. Your character is not a doll without an existence for itself. As time passes in this role-play, the world of this rp will change, and so should your character with it. Emotions will come into play, happiness will come, and tears will be shed.

    • Get creative. Salem Descended is an open-ended role-play that allows for leeway in terms of character interactions. Anything that stays within the bounds of the role play’s atmosphere and can be portrayed in a believable aspect, given your character’s position, is acceptable.

    • Think for yourself. Interaction and plot will not be constantly thrown at your characters at all times. However, you will be required to interact with your each other. Interactions with others are just as important as interacting with your own.

    No character is immune from death its life things happen.

    While it is not entirely common, death can and will happen throughout the course of the

    role-play. Not everybody in Nobility is a friendly person. Antagonists with the desire to kill, exist, and it is up to your own observation and reactions to survive through the days.

    • If your character is killed, you are to pm the gm and to make a new character to rejoin the role-play.

    Please Note: If your character is killed, he/she was killed for a reason and under a fair manner. Please do not create drama in an attempt to revive your character. Accept your fate and move on
  • Map of Los Angeles

    Map of UCLA

    *Please check back periodically for updates.*
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  • would love to join, but your inbox is full so I can't pm you. Do you just want to pm it to me and I'll post it up here when I'm building?
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  • Lol I have a few things to clear. Just a sec.
  • Alright your good to go. Pm me
  • I would like to take part in this.
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  • Welp! Whenever your ready shoot me a pm so I could generate your clique.
  • [​IMG]
    Name: Lillith Redd
    Nickname: Redd / RedHead
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male[] Female[X]

    Randomly Generated Clique: Music Kid
    Generated Magic:
    Generated Talent:
    Aura Projection

    Everyday Appearance: She has a tattoo on her backside though Lillith did not have herself inked. She isn't quite sure when it started to appear, but colors started leaking when she was 15. It reminded her of a giant tear in the universe but that's just her imagination running wild.

    Hair Color: Burgundy and black. She tries not to dye her hair too frequently though. It's bad for you, you know!
    Eye Color: Green.
    Accessories: None unless stated otherwise.

    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 130lbs
    Complexion: Slightly tanned but unless she's in sunlight daily, she's rather pale. There are freckles sprinkled across her body.
    Body Type: Chubbier than she'd like.


    Lillith Redd is the only child of William and Fiona Redd. That's what her birth certificate claims, anyway. She's never met her parents. Lillith was born and abandoned inside a hospital. Instead an old woman by the name of Rosamaria adopted baby Lillith and brought her home to a farm in Oregon, where the rain poured incessantly and the sky never showed. It was beautifully depressing. But most of all it was a storm of emotions that grew inside Lillith over the years and she did not know how to expel it.
    Farm work was hard but it wasn't distracting enough. Again and again her mind would turn itself over, trying to remember her parents and whether she could ever forgive them. They never even gave her a chance. Her mind was incessant and it was at these points she would climb into the attic of the barn, above the animals and their simple pleasures. When she was alone like this, she liked to sing to them: the cows, the sheep, even the newborn chicks.
    When Lillith was fifteen, her adoptive grandmother decided it was time to give her a talk. They both sat down on the swinging bench Rosamaria was so fond of. They had cups of chai tea, Lillith's favorite, and sat with a blanket shared across their laps.
    "Lillith, there are things I must share with you. When I picked you up from the hospital, you were so small and innocent and lovely. As you know, I never had children. My husband passed away too young for a healthy man his age and I never had the heart to remarry. I needed you child, just as much as you needed me. I never saw your parents or spoke to them, but the nurses claimed that when they searched their room, they found a book. A book with red ink with a note on top. The scrawl was beautiful but my eyes could not understand the script. I still can't."
    "What do you mean 'you still can't?'"
    At this moment Rosamaria pulled out a sizable black text with red flowers on the spine. She grunted as she pulled it from under the blanket and set it on Lillith's lap. A piece of paper stuck out of the book and Lillith pulled it out with shaking hands.
    I am sorry. My love, my life, my Lillith. This is all I can give.

    It read so easily, so beautifully to her, her own secret note from her own secret parents.

    Lillith looked up at her grandmother and her expression of wonder and hurt and confusion could not withold her own tears. Rosamaria began crying silently and reached for this beautiful red headed child, her wrinkled hands embracing youthful ones.

    "I'm sorry I did not show you sooner. I was afraid of what might be inside, of what you might do. This book it... I don't trust it. I used to keep it bedside in hopes of finding some clue of your parents, something to offer to you when grew older but my eyes were uncooperative. The words would never stay still before my eyes. I could not read a single word. And the dreams that came during those nights...they were not things I would have wished upon you. I locked it away. I was afraid of what it might do to such a young girl."
    Rosamaria looked into Lillith's eyes and waited for a moment before exhaling. "But most of all, I was afraid you would leave this old woman behind on her silly farm."

    Both women burst into tears and held each other for a long while.

    Lillith never left Rosamaria, Rosa ended up leaving her. She passed away peacefully on her beautiful farm. After the funeral, Lillith learned that Rosamaria left the farm and all her inheritance to Lillith Redd. Lillith, unsure of how to proceed now that she was alone, decided to sell the farm and move to Los Angeles, the sacred haven of all that is fun in the sun. Being accepted into UCLA helped out too.

    I am available to post at least once a day, usually during the evening/night.

    @Kairia by signing this, you have ensured us you have read the rules in its entirety and at any time we reserve the right to pull your Cs/ Character for breaking the rules, inactivity, etc.
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  • Could you specify the location, @OwlOne? Is it just UCLA or LA in general?

    Also, I love that the occult black-magic witch's coven RP doesn't meet on Sundays.
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  • I was also confused of the location so I made mine rather vague.
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  • Elena Salis

    Color Ref: e8104a
    "Elena? Yeah that's me."
    .: Elena Alvina Salis :.

    "I got a lot of those. Pick one or make your own."
    .: Elle - Ellen - Lena :.

    "I actually like my name. Suits me."
    .: Elena :.

    "Nothing interesting about this, right?"
    .: Salis :.

    "... I don't look that old, do I?"
    .: 21 :.

    Sex: Male[] Female[x]
    "Is it not obvious enough? Maybe the jacket ought to go..."

    Randomly Generated Clique
    "All kinds of people around, yeah? Not sure which to slap first."

    .: Perfect Models :.

    Generated Magic

    Generated Talent
    "Here's your warning: Don't stare at me for too long."
    .: Glamorization :.


    Everyday Appearance
    "Everyone has their own style. Mine? Changes every month."

    .: Signature Black Jacket on the Streets - Dresses For Events :.

    Hair Color
    "Hm? It's natural, but I'm more than willing to play around with some colors"
    .: Blonde :.

    Eye Color
    "Nope! Not blue eyed!"
    .: Gray :.

    "You know, I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now..."
    .: Both Ears are Pierced :.


    "...Taller than most, yeah?"
    .: 5'10" :.

    "Yes. Of course it takes work to get to where I am now!"
    .: 121 lbs :.

    "Really sunny out here all the time ... I'm surprised I'm still this pale, to be honest"
    .: Pale. Whatever shows is usually covered in make up :.

    Body Type
    "Perfect. For me anyway."
    .: Model-Like Slim with Lean/Little Muscle :.

    Character's Past

    "Too long didn't read? Well, long story short, I grew up too fast for my own good. Picked up the tricks to survive in this dreadful high class lifestyle, and the grimoire gave me the out I yearned for ... the feeling was similar to that of a person who took their first gasp of air after spending their life submerged under the water - living a half life."

    Elena was born into a family that was successful, wealthy, and oddly modest. Growing up, Elena was a very innocent, happy child. Her parents were there most of the time, usually right beside her, guiding her until the day they all - even herself - let go and walked another path. Facing one crisis after another, her parents were forced to leave her side, and Elena who was facing her own problems with other children and even adults, was forced to turn and look for something else who would listen to her.

    Of course, no such person actually existed. Though her parents were wonderful people, their wealth and status severely limited the group of friends Elena was forced to deal with. Through her years of silent agony and mind numbing days, the blonde eventually got used to faking everyday imitations, knowing what to say to whom, how to subtly watch people from afar ... it was quite a fun game. Usually.

    And so, Elena shaped herself strategically. She learned, as a child, that no one would be there forever. Her parents, who have long since ridden through the numerous crises, had left a void in her psyche that served to remind her everyday that she needed to be that independent, self reliant woman. The world was a harsh place, and with what terrible company she consistently puts herself with, she knew - every single day - just how important it was to learn and lie, to grab every possible advantage she could.

    Following that thought, Elena often found herself holed up in rooms with books. Soaking up whatever information she could - that and she did enjoy a romance novel every now and then, a girl always had time to dream about their happy ever afters. On her seventeenth birthday, her parents presented her with a mysterious looking book. Or tomb, rather. It was nothing fancy, nothing modern. It was abnormal, an oddity, and that tempted Elena even more. It held no scent, no markings of age, dust, rust, moss ... it looked as if it were trapped in a stasis.

    Her parents thought that they had bought a very classy and sophisticated journal - the pages were blank to their eyes. Elena knew better. Years of being left alone had honed her instincts, her gut feelings, and though she didn't have all the pieces to the puzzle yet, when the book fell into her hands it seemed as if the door to the world had finally opened to her for the first time.

    This would be another game. It would be harder than pretending to care, polite conversations, and careless flirting. It was a life changing game, and Elena always knew that ever since she laid eyes on that majestic looking silver book.

    "Surprised, anyone?"
    .: Lady Lover :.

    "It's a short list. Sucks for anyone getting me a birthday present."
    .: Animal Stuff-Toys - Music Boxes - Ice Skating :.

    "Not. A. Word."
    .: Bugs/Insects - Heights - Seafood - Pineapples :.

    .: "Evil isn't born. It's made." :.
    .: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, evil for evil." :.


    Mon - Evenings
    Tue - Evenings
    Wed - Late Night
    Thurs - Evenings
    Friday - Late Afternoon
    Sat - All Day

    *I usually try to post once a day. In the case where I don't, it's usually because the RP isn't rolling, and someone else is missing and has left a gap that needs to be filled. Otherwise, I will inform everyone (the GM) of my absence well ahead of time*

    @White -- Chocolate By signing this, I have ensured you that I have read the rules in its entirety and at any time you reserve the right to pull my Cs/ Character for breaking the rules, inactivity, etc.
    *Had to reword it. Hope you don't mind.*

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  • Yes, it's LA in general. UCLA is just where the characters attend.
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  • For the record. In the slot where it's says generated talent and magic I generate those so leave those blank. As well as the clique, I provide that to you before you post your CS.
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  • Name:
    Nickname:Alex or Lex
    First: Alexander
    Last: Bartholomew
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male

    Randomly Generated Clique: Child Prodigy
    Generated Magic:
    Generated Talent: Intangibility


    Everyday Appearance(Can be changed throughout Rp):
    ((Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good black and white suit sketch?! you stick 'suit' in to deviantart and its loads of eye candy of ZSS.))
    Hair Color(Can be changed):
    Black, though he has dark brown highlights that are natural.
    Eye Color:
    Blue, almost black.

    A high quality wrist watch, along with a ever changing selection of cufflinks.

    Weight: 65kg
    Complexion:He isn't what you'd call tanned, but he's not pale, he's just on the edge of it.
    Body Type: Leith is probably the best way to describe it, He's strong but not well muscled.

    Character's Past (Get creative with this. Somewhere in your bio, please put the age ( between 13 and 18) when you found your family grimoire and when magic affected your life. )

    Alexander was born a single parent child though not to his mother, who died in childbirth. He wasn't a only child, however his older brother was rarely ever home due to being in a university outside of the state. His adeptness at the sciences and engineering were apparent from a young age, he grew up surrounded by Lego, Mechanics and other such toys, shunning the normal toys of remote control cars, cuddly toys and comics. the only thing he desired other than more things to build with was music, his insatiable desire to be surrounded by things and have every sense loaded to the point where he couldn't handle it meant that his room would often have loud music of any kind coming from it while he was working on whatever he felt like at the time.
    At the age of 15 his father was caught in a car crash, at the reading of his father will it was rather strange, His elder brother got almost everything, with the exception of a few things. Alexander got the house to live in, and a allowance to live on. and a keyring with 3 keys on it and the will stated "Anything that these keys open of mine, belongs to Alexander." They eventually found a large oak box with a lock that looked older than the house they lived in. The key unlocked it. Alexander kept the box though did not open it until he was sure he was alone. For he had a terrible feeling about whatever the box held.
    ((WIP, will be finished upon power generation))
    This will help us with activity. We will Rp Mon-Sat Keep Rping light on Sundays.

    All times are GMT on a 24 hour clock.
    9 till midnight
    0000 till 3 then 14 till 22
    10 till 4 then 22 till Midnight
    9 till Midnight
    Unknown. Due to prior commitments possibly occurring.

    Please be aware; My work causes me to travel and while I endeavour to post a minimum of once every 24 hours there may be times when I do not post for a few days. These will be without warning, anything over a week will be given warning. If anyone wants to know what I do; I am a bio-researcher/field scientist.
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  • Amethyst Rose Wynters


    Amy, Misty, Rose


    Male [] Female [X]

    ♣Randomly Generated Clique:♣

    ♣Generated Magic:♣

    ♣Generated Talent:♣

    ♣Everyday Appearance:♣
    Standing at the small height of five feet, four inches, she is shorter than most of her peers. Although not lacking in growth, per say - as evidenced by her figure, as she is in possession of comparatively long, limber limbs, a narrow waist with widening hips, and a reasonably proportioned bust line - she certainly does seem quite young, even more so than she appears. Her soft, pale skin indicate affinities for both a great deal of personal hygiene and remaining indoors, the former of which is equally demonstrated in her somewhat curly locks of black hair, which are silky in their smoothness, and tirelessly maintained despite their long length.

    Her face is round, with somewhat prominent cheeks that give her a rather childish appearance. With rosy skin framed on either side by black locks, a petite nose an unobtrusive, dull chin, and small ears hidden beneath a cascade of aureate hair, she looks like she walked straight out of some sort of grandiose portrait, wearing dresses made out from the finest silk or clothes that makes her look like a fragile porcelain doll. Her original eye color, shimmering amber, only served to reinforce this image.

    ♣Hair Color:♣
    her natural hair color is black but currently its lavender. She dyes her hair often.

    ♣Eye Color:♣
    naturally brown but wears contacts to change her eye color.

    None otherwise stated


    135 lbs.

    pale porcelain skin

    ♣Body Type:♣

    Amethyst Rose Wynters was the product of the childbirth of Cordelia Belle Gallo, who was sought by Marquis Albert Wynters due to their passionate love towards each other. In order to prepare her for the future, she was raised cut off from the world in a room of the Wynters Mansion, where her intelligence is honed through constant exposure to reading material and creating inventions. Technology fascinates her, and she is always happy to learn and create new things.

    As she lived her childhood life locked away in the manor with no one to play with, she mostly spends her time at their family library which has its own building. Full of books collected from generation after generation and with shelves reaching up to the ceiling, she was usually found by the maids on the botanical gardens on the second floor of the building reading every single book she can put her hands on.

    At the age of 16 she was transferred into her own house, giving her the freedom she wanted. She started living on her own, her father sending her endless amount of money to spend on anything she wants and books to read. Her father forbid her to take anything from the manor's library and keep it with her but what her father didn't know is at the age 13, there was this book hidden in the library. An odd looking book with carved vines around its spine that sparked her curiosity and changed her life. It look centuries old, much older than the other books and was written in strange language. There was also a map to a secret room around the manor and a map leading to the center of the botanical maze that she kept to herself ever since.

    I am available to post at least once a day unless I am really busy with school but I'll inform you about it.

    @DANAsaur By signing this, you have ensured us you have read the rules in its entirety and at any time we reserve the right to pull your Cs/ Character for breaking the rules, inactivity, etc.
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  • I can see Rose and Alex getting alone. One a tech master, the other a guy with no end in sight for his desire for knowledge and information.
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  • @DANAsaur You described your character's hair color being originally black but dyed lavender, yet in the appearance description you wrote her having rosy cheeks being framed with brown locks.

    @OwlOne Also I fixed my character sheet so that my Generated Talent is blank. I misunderstood you in PM about them. Whoops!
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  • Sorry about that. My original character has brown hair but decided to make it black xD Anyway, I edited my CS so it's all good :)
    1. [​IMG]
    2. Name:
      Nickname: Dusk
      First: Dustin
      Last: Days
      Age: 20
      Sex: Male[X] Female[]

      Randomly Generated Clique: Athletic
      Generated Magic:
      Generated Talent: Telepathy


      Everyday Appearance(Can be changed throughout Rp):
      Hair Color(Can be changed): Dark Brown with natural strawberry blonde highlights
      Eye Color: Bluish Gray
      Accessories: Diamond Stud Earrings, Ivory Shark Tooth Necklace, and usually a bag of some kind.

      Height: 5' 8"
      Weight: 165
      Complextion: Light Skinned
      Body Type: Toned

      Dustin Days had what you would call a very privileged life. His family has always been surrounded by luck and good things.His mother was an on call surgeon/obgyn and his father was a top designer/technician for Apple. Naturally neither of them were ever home. Instead Dustin was raised by his grandmother in his parents mansion in La Palma. His room alone consisted of a gym, a game room, a bathroom, 2 gigantic walk in closets, and the bedroom of course. He was raised here from the age of three until he began college. Dustin has always been an athlete. At the age of 13 his entire family took a vacation to their family home in Salem Massachusetts. Dustin didn't really call this a vacation, due to the fact there wasn't much to do. To kept from boredom he explored the rather large house. When he came to one room, rather large and filled with books, he began having a rather strange feeling. After taking a few steps, the floor caved in beneath him, revealing a tunnel. This tunnel lead to another room filled with books. One book in particular was placed on a podium. Dustin went over to the book and ran his finger across the cover. The book began to glow and shrink in size shifting into a phone. That is when strange things started happening to and around him. Now Dusk as he likes ti be called is a rather well off athlete, on his second semester on a full paid scholarship for Soccer, Tennis, and Swimming/Diving. He had grown to use his talents somewhat but his success with spells and magic not so much.

      This will help us with activity. We wistarton-Sat Keep Rping light on Sundays.

      I am also mostly unavailable in the mornings but some mornings I will be available.
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  • [​IMG]
    Sex: Male[x] Female[]

    Randomly Generated Clique: Athletic
    Generated Magic:
    Generated Talent: Telekinesis


    Everyday Appearance(Can be changed throughout Rp): His style differs from time to time. One minute it's a v-neck with basketball shorts to a sophisticated look. Just depends on the situation.
    Hair Color(Can be changed):Black
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Accessories: A brownish red watch, that has a zodiac sign in the background. Rayban Shades, hats depending on outfit.

    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 149
    Complextion: Cocoa
    Body Type:Toned

    Character's Past (Get creative with this. Somewhere in your bio, please put the age ( between 13 and 18) when you found your family grimoire and when magic affected your life. )
    History/Bio: Jeremy Vincent grew up living a life that kept him on the move. Originally being from Houston, Tx, He grew up in a home of 2 brothers and 3 sisters, he being the youngest. They were a close bunch because they were always together. When his father took on a job as being a General in the Air Force, his life seemed to change for the better. Growing up he didn't have to want for anything really. Because his father was the status he was there family had some sort of entitlement. His mother sat on the board of directors for a hospital system that went worldwide. They were pretty well off. Jeremy always felt he was different. Even though he had friends and a few girlfriends, he could never seem to pin-point what he was missing. Time went on and the boy grew up.

    One day whilst he was going through his father's study, he found an old picture. He had never seen this picture before and he wondered why his father hid it. His father since caught him looking at it and demanded he leave his office. This struck Jeremy as weird because why would his father hide something like that. Jeremy decided to ask his mother, but his mother only deepened his curiosity. She told him to "Leave well enough alone." Well curiosity got the best of him and he decided to look more into it. Around the age of 15, his searches would finally hit and he would stumble upon a book hidden underneath the floor. He could really make out what it was because he could only see through the cracks. The opportunity finally presented itself when his parents decided they were going to sell the house. They were moving over seas and Jeremy, well, he was being sent to his brothers spot in LA. When everything was moved out he went back and dug up the book. It looked old, dusty, and hanging by a thread. He decided he was going to look more into it when he got the chance, but never really thought about it. So he and his parents parted ways, he was going to LA to stay with his brother and attend school. On the plane ride over, he thought it best to type the book up and then read it. So he did. He got about a few pages in before he landed, his mind fresh with the material from the grimoire. His brother stood there waiting for him and noticed Jeremy had a strange look on his face. Jeremy shrugged it off and decided to play down any suspicions. Any free time he had he would continue typing the grimoire. Until one day itself combusted. Jeremy almost lost it but regained his composure. He could remember some things but not all. So he waited until he spoke with his father again to ask about the past of the book. What his father told him shocked him like no other.

    This will help us with activity. We will Rp Mon-Sat Keep Rping light on Sundays.

    I mostly on in the evening because I work during the day. Weekends I'm on my phone so its all game. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves.
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