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Subject X
X had been on the run for nearly a week, and she was still alive. Well...barely. She was limping from a gunshot wound to the left kneecap, and although her skin had healed and hidden her unnaturally blue blood from the prying eyes of the people surrounding her, she would need a repair or a replacement to her knee if she would ever walk properly again.

The question was, where does a renegade, experimental cyborg teenager get quality cybernetics?


But she was doing alright otherwise- when she had escaped, she'd had long red hair and brown eyes, and by the time she exited the ship she had medium-length black-indigo hair and olive eyes. The ability to change her appearance (and the knife she'd stolen from the facility) had helped with her 'escaped' status for sure, but there were some things she couldn't, and never would be able to, change about herself.

For one, he would never be fully human. At least, not anymore. X figured she had been, once. Maybe she'd had a name.

No matter how hard she tried to remember anything before waking up, though, she couldn't.

And hurt. Not in a physical way, of course, but it triggered emotions and feelings she didn't like feeling. It reminded her that something was missing- she would never again be able to show emotions the way others did.

But those thoughts had to be banished for now, no matter how much she wanted to think about them constantly. It was more important to focus on surviving.

And so she did. She'd styled her hair carefully so it hid the LED embedded in her right temple, and had thrown her jumpsuit in the trash the moment she'd gotten- well, stolen- some normal clothes. She was four planets away from Earth at this point, hiding out in a hugely populated planet on the outskirts of the capital city.

X, after sleeping on the street for two nights, had finally found an abandoned warehouse that would work nicely as her base of operations. Regardless of how well things were going for the runaway experiment, though, she could feel the walls closing in.

Her last scan of the Web had revealed to her a chilling factor that she hadn't exactly considered in her adrenaline-fueled escape from the facility- a bounty. Of course they'd want her back. She was the pinnacle of human health and fitness, after all- a human brain in a metal shell designed to make the consciousness last for eternity. And they had spared no expense. Three million credits were offered for her capture and return, and though she was good at hiding and fighting, she knew she would be no match for some of the hunters that were confirmed to be chasing her down.

She'd torn out her tracker halfway through her journey off of Earth, but panic leads to mistakes, and she had left clues that would aid the hunters in their quest to bring her back to her cage.

Going back, though, was not an option. It never would be.

So X hid in the warehouse for three days straight on the rainy planet of Sleranus, hoping that staying still and making no noise would throw the hunters off her trail.

Little did she know how wrong she was.