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  1. The bell jingled as the door swung open; an older man walking into the shop. His gray hair showing through the brown dye and his glasses settled neatly on his nose. Ana glanced up from behind one of the counters as the man walked in. She had been wiping the glass counters down while the owner, Mr. Mortalis, had been out. Though, she wasn't sure if he was in the back or still out. Either way, she liked her job and wanted to keep it. He had been kind enough to offer her a job, though she made a deal with him to never complain with the given tasks. Seemed like a reasonable requirement.

    "Hi, welcome. May I help you?" Her red hair flowing over her shoulders as she bounced to standing position. The guy seemed slightly taken aback by her sudden appearance.

    "Yes. I want to see Mr. Mortalis. I have business with him."

    "Oh, let me see if he is in the back." Her boss seemed to have quite a few people who sought him out. It was rumored he could make things happen, but then you would owe him a favor. Sounded a little odd to her, really. Shoving aside the curtain to the back, she peered around the room.

    "Mr. Mortalis?"

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  2. Aria sat in her chair staring at the sword on the wall behind her, she always felt enchanted by it though she could never remember where she had gotten it. After getting bored with her endless sitting she had decided to get up out of her chair behind her desk and take a walk. She wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly, it was just the way she liked it. She motioned to a man to signal she was going out and then flung the door open. A breeze flying in, moving her hair and a few papers on some desks. She stepped out, it was a nice day, warm and sunny. The perfect weather to make a patrol. She waved to a few people as they passed, even a few hellos she would say to some. There was always someone that she quite often checked on, Robin. She just couldn't seem to get that woman to follow the law very much. She did decided that she would keep trying on her. It was the one person she checked during every patrol, the other places that she went were usually just to see how everyone was.
  3. "Dearie, I've told you, just call me Requiem. You're making me feel old. Anyway, what is it?" He asked, turning away from his papers to face her. He'd been back for a short while, but figured he'd just leave her to her cleaning. Looking past her he saw the person in the other room. "Ah, I see. Thank you." He told her, walking passed her. "Hello there, here for some more legal advice?" He asked, putting on a friendly smile. This new life still felt strange to him, but there wasn't much he could do about it. If he mentioned it to any of the townspeople, if he told anybody about it, then he'd be in breach of contract, and he certainly wasn't going to do that. Requiem turned to Ana "You're free to go home dearie" He told her with a slight nod. "If you'd just follow me this way sir, we can discuss things." He told the man. The man had asked for help getting his Daughter free from the town's asylum, which served as a children's home as well. Requiem had agreed. The man claimed that his drinking had stopped and he could handle things again. Not that Requiem cared. In a month's time, everything would reset itself to the nearest available memory. However, he always remembered. The exchange in this case wasn't for a favour, but for his keepsake he'd brought over from the other side, and of course some money. A thumbtack was his keepsake, and Requiem intended to keep it with the others. The man had been incredibly confused about it, but eventually gave it up. Tonight was the night before the man was to speak in front of the judge. Aside from legal counseling, Requiem had called in a favour with the judge. It was a guaranteed thing.
  4. Robin whistled as she kicked a can along the side of the road. She'd just finished doing some yard work for an elderly couple and the proof was still very vividly in place. Green stained the woman's jeans from the knees down. Her hair was a mess with a couple piece of grass and weeds twined through the long locks. She took another kick at the can, putting a bit more force behind the swing this time before dashing to try and kick it before it touched the ground again. Robin went into a slide, barely managing to get under the can before it connected with her stomach. Moments later when the pain settled in, the brunette cringed before pulling herself to her feet.

    "That was so not my smartest idea." She grumbled to herself under her breath. Sliding on cement, really, what had made her think it was a good idea? She shook her head, she hadn't been thinking. Quickly the girl patted herself down, feeling more for rips than anything else. Several newly discovered bruises and a few scrapes later, she was certain she'd managed to not destroy her clothes.
  5. Ana headed out of the shop, leaving her boss to speak with the other man. It was nice to get the occasional day off. Her favorite spot on her days off were the beach. It wasn't much. Just a small area of sand with a nice flow to the ocean, but it did the job. She would head there now and probably spend the rest of the daylight there. The water was calming, though she was terrified to get in. It was an irrational fear considering nothing had ever happened to her regarding water. Nonetheless, it terrified her.

    As she was walking through town toward the beach, she spotted Robin and decided to call out to her. They hadn't really spoken, but Ana knew of her. Then again, she knew of most of the town considering how small it was.

    "Hey, Robin!"
  6. Robin jumped a bit when she heard her name. Turning on her heal, blue eyes scanned the area until she found where the voice originated from. It was the pretty redhead who worked with Mr. Scary Pants. The brunette let an easy smile cross over her lips as she jogged up to the girl at an easy pace.

    "Hey there, Ana, right?" She asked, pushing a few strands of hair behind her ears. She hated it when her hair got in her face. "What's up?" She asked as she came to a stop a couple feet from the other woman.
  7. "Yes, it's Ana." The redhead replied, mimicking the other girl by tucking her hair behind her ears. It wasn't intentional. She just tended to copy others' body languages on occasion. "Would you be interested in having lunch? I'll pay." Flashing a grin, she waited for the answer. Having the day off felt pretty good. She wanted to share in the joy, and Robin happened to be right there. Why not? The wind blew a little more heavily, causing her hair to fall from behind her ear. It was slightly chilly, so she shivered. Wind sort of freaked her out. Then again, a lot of things freaked her out. She just tried her best to stifle the fears and enjoy what she could.
  8. Robbie's smile got alot more sunny when Ana offered to buy her lunch. Robbie did love free things, and food was one of the best kind of free things she could ask for.
    "I will most certainly take you up on that offer." The brunette replied, big smile still plastered across her face. "Where were you thinking of going?" She asked the shorter girl. As the wind gusted by, Robin noticed the redhead's shiver. Her smile faded a bit. Without a conscious thought she pulled the green hoodie off and handed it over to the shorter girl. "It's a bit grassy, but it's better than nothing." She offered without a second thought. "But if I lend it to you, you have to promise to give it back, it's my favorite." The brunette somehow made her face go from smiles to stern, however the expression didn't hold as another, much smaller smile bloomed back over her lips.
  9. Aria continued to walk down the street. It had gotten cooler but it didn't seem to bother her. In the distance she could hear a few voices talking. Wondering who they were and what they were talking about Aria decided to follow the sounds. She made her way around the corner to see Ana and Robin in conversation. Just the person I was looking for, Aria though to herself, referring to Robin. To Aria's delight, Robin didn't seem to be doing anything wrong. In fact she seem like she was being very friendly to Ana. It was the moment that Robin offered her jacket that Aria thought about that. She began to make her way towards the two girls. "How are you two today?" She asked them as she approached them. She hoped that they would say they were having a nice day and that nothing was wrong. She liked it better when everything was running smoothly and people were enjoying themselves.
  10. "Fine, thank you," Ana replied to the chief with a welcoming smile as she gratefully accepted Robin's hoodie. It was surprisingly warm all ready. Despite the day starting out nice, it was definitely cooling off. Fast. It had been gradually cooling all month, though it was slow. At least the sun had stayed out today.

    "We were just about to head to get a bite to eat." Glancing back to Robin, she decided to go ahead and invite the chief. Though she didn't offer to pay this time. After-all, a girl only made so much money.
  11. Robin tossed a weary glance over at the sheriff. She wasn't sure if she liked or disliked the woman the majority of the time.

    "I havn't done anything..." yet . She told the blonde, finishing the sentence in her head. The brunette shoved her hands into her pockets. Turning she gave a somewhat strained smile to the redhead as Ana invited Aria along. great, just peachy. Lunch was about to be a little more uncomfortable than she had been expecting. But she'd already said she'd go and she'd stick to her word.

    "So, Ana, where to?" she asked, turning to start walking down the street. After a couple steps, she froze than started to comb her fingers through her hair to get out all of the debris from her earlier actions.
  12. "I would love to come." Aria said with a smile. The glanced over to Robin. "I never said you were doing anything." She commented with a smile to her. "I apologize if that is what you thought I was hear for. I was merely passing by when I saw you." She realized a bit, trying to be more friendly to Robin. It was possible that she accused Robin too much but she only wanted everything to run smoothly. She also didn't want anyone to be unhappy with her.

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  13. Glad that the chief had tried to lighten things up, Ana began to head for the center of town. "How does Lucky Dragon sound?" It had been one of her favorite places since she could remember. Authentic Chinese cuisine and walls decorated in wall after wall of ethnic decor. The best part was that they also served wonderful American cuisine, if desired. The owner was always kind, and often prepared food in front of guests with wonderfully graceful throws and cutlery skills.

    As she began to walk she noticed the streets were pretty bare other than the occasional person. Most of the shops remained empty, though still open. This place sure was quiet. Something Ana didn't mind. She enjoyed it most of the time. At least the sun made the place feel warm and welcoming.

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  14. After Requiem had sorted out that bit of business, he decided to close up shop. It was getting to be near that time again. People were going home for the most part. It was like a force of habit that they couldn't break. A few stragglers here and there. A few people still running their shops. Overall though, the town was settling down. It was nearly time. He couldn't remember how many cycles had passed, years and years went by, and only he and the one he'd made the Contract with were aware of it's passing. Requiem often wondered if they ever tired of the same cycles as he did.

    Shaking his head, he made his way down the street, looking for something to drink. On a Sunday, he knew the bars would be closed, but he expected he could get some good tea at the Lucky Dragon. It was ironic how those he'd met in the old world seemed to take up stations in the new world similar to the way they were. The Mermaid Collected Antiques, The Thief was a trouble maker, The Queen a Peace Keeper. Everyone had fallen into their old positions in the modern world. It didn't matter now though. All that mattered was that it was almost time and he wanted some tea.
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  15. Robin glanced back at the redhead​
    "That sounds really good." Given, the taller girl wouldn't complain. After all, free food was free food. The brunette combed what she hoped, was the last piece of trash from her hair before she shook it out and finger combed through it really quick. She didn't know why she didn't cut it. It was pretty annoying having it this long, it always got in her way. It snagged on things, stuff got caught in it, and it blocked her vision from time to time. she really did need to pay a visit to the barber. But every time she thought about it, a cloud kind of formed behind her eyes and she found that she was too busy to go to the barbers. ​
  16. As they walked along the barren road, Ana had the odd sensation of deja vu. She shook her head, as if to shake away the feeling, which continued. How peculiar, she thought. They passed a few people on the way to Lucky Dragon, saying the casual hello and moving on. That pang. The one she always felt. The pang hit Ana again. Loneliness. Longing. She was missing something, but she never could figure out what it was. Again, she shook her head side-to-side as inconspicuously as possible, trying to rid this feel, too.

    Finally, they reached the restaurant and headed in where they received a welcoming call from the owner. Ana ordered from a waitress with long black hair, dark as night. She was in a traditional Chinese outfit. "I'll be right back with your drinks and you can watch Sòng," she pointed to the man behind the counter, throwing onions into the air as he sliced them, "while he makes your food." With that, she was off.

    "How is work?" Ana looked to the chief.
  17. "Very well. Thank you for asking." Aria began to say. "We haven't had any problems lately." Aria glanced around the restaurant, observing the people around them. "I do always like to stay alert though, you never know when something might happen." She turned back to Ana and gave her a smile. "And how is the shop?" She then asked, "And what have you been up to?" She turned to robin. "Have you done any interesting jobs lately." She did not ask this at all because of her job, but because she was curious. Robin always had interesting jobs that she did. It was quite entertaining at times to Aria. Sometimes sitting at the jail house could get boring when no one else was there. She was always the last one to leave as well. Usually staying there after her fellow police men and women had left to go home for the night. It was usually at that time that Aria had the urge to stare, even hold the sword that she had placed on the wall behind her.
  18. Robin let the other girl's voices slide over her head as she leaned back in her chair, a small leer on her face as she checked the waitress out as subtly as she could. The brunette tilted her head a bit as she tried to rate the woman on a scale of one to ten. Blue eyes blinked and the leer flitted over to her customary smirk. yea, I'd say a seven.... she has a nice a- Aria's voice cut off the brunettes train of though as she all but jumped out of her chair as she was spoken to.

    "Wh-what?" She stuttered, a big blush crossing over her cheeks. Did they notice? Paranoia shot through her for a moment before the question sank in. She felt herself relax as she cleared her throat. "I did yard work for the Levin's down on 8th street." She answered. Moments later a big silly grin crossed Robin's face as she remembered what she had lined up for tomorrow. "Tomorrow I'm going to go hunting with Mr. McClain ," she paused, " His wife is worried about him falling and breaking a hip."
  19. Aria gave Robin a smile. "Are you hunting for anything in particular?" She then asked trying to keep the conversation going. "Do watch Mr. McClain as best as possible. We don't want him getting hurt." She then mentioned. They were waiting for their food, the place wasn't that crowed but it still seemed like they were watching awhile. Aria would occasionally look around the area just to monitor what was going on. She liked know her surroundings; and what others were doing at the time. It seemed to be an instinct in her, always observing every movement that happened. She then turned to attention to Ana. "And what about you? How have things been going for you?" She questioned.
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  20. Alex flipped the sign around on her door, taking her apron off and putting it in her backpack, the music playing in her ears. She smiled, opening the door and locking it behind her. She pulled her jet black hair back, her amber eyes scanning everything over. It was pretty empty this time of the day, one of the reasons she had closed earlier. She started towards the antique/pawn shop up the street, where a few of her friends seem to hang often. She decided today she might purchase the antique necklace made from wooden figures...maybe. She sighed, her head bobbing to the beat of the music, her hands in her pocket as she walked off, up the street.

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