The real holiday! Or it should be....

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  1. [​IMG]

    Who wants to come with me to dress up like Jason and scare the shit out of everyone going to see Fifty Shades tomorrow? We'll probably end up getting shot, but at least we can say we lived a little!
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  2. . . . *applauds* I support this idea.
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  3. I do! :D
    It sounds like fun.
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  4. Woo-hoo! 2/2! I'm on fire so far!
  5. March and November this year also have a Friday on the 13th.

    So this wouldn't be a yearly thing.
  6. I'm totally up for this! :D
  7. Count me in as well. Love to scare some people.
  8. This is beautiful! All holidays should be like this. Everyone working together to scare the shit out of mindless sheep. I think I'm going to cry!
    True, but considering that it's so close to a holiday this year, I'm considering today the actual holiday. :P

  9. Me!
  10. Sure glad you've obviously never been a fan of something that was popular or controversial that you've been judged for enjoying. Isn't it wonderful that our interests aren't the comprehensive definition of ourselves and our value as people in society's eyes?

    In case you missed the sarcasm, calling people mindless sheep for liking something is pretty goddamn petty.
  11. *leaves to get a good Jason costume. *
  12. Since it's obvious that you don't understand my humor, allow me to clarify this for you. IT'S A JOKE!

    It's not often that I get to poke fun at two things that I dislike at once, and in case you haven't figured it out, that would be Valentine's and Fifty Shades. Do I think that people going to see it are mindless sheep? No. Boring and with horrible tastes in literature, yes, but again you don't quite seem to grasp the symbolism of the joke. Sheep for the slaughter? Deranged serial killer? Oh wait, that's right. You were too busy being judgmental and assuming you knew everything! My bad.

    P.S: I know I sound like a bitch, but damn I'm so sick and tired of people wanting to complain about me being judgmental when they're doing the same thing! Don't be a hypocrite.
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  13. *throws bloody Valentine cookies everywhere* Be happy.
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  14. They burn! X_x It's like throwing silver on a vampire. o.o
  15. *throws more*
  16. Blood is red
    Veins are blue
    I'll use this machette
    To look inside of you
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  17. Cookies!!! *munch munch munch*
  18. Ah.

    The remark rubbed me the wrong way because, sadly, I've seen a lot of people get shat on for their interests and almost everyone likes or does something embarrassing. It also comes on the coat tails of the radio yesterday morning where the wrestling obsessed DJ spent like ten minutes making fun of video gamers with the stereotypical nerd voice after a discussion about how huge Twitch was.

    I mean, I'll be at the frontline of mocking 50 Shades and how it's derogatory slop, but like I said, it's pretty bull to insult everyone who likes it (Doctor Who fans and Twilight fans can relate. Now I know you were making a slasher film joke with that comment, I do apologize for my own snarky comment. I admit to not quite grasping the context you were going for.

    That said, the image of a bunch of Jasons sitting unmoving in a theater surrounded by a bunch of bewildered and creeped out chicks is fantastic.
  19. So beautiful
  20. My mother -Shudders at the thought- and sister are probably going to be the first two in line getting tickets for it. They may have horrible taste, but neither of them are mindless sheep. In need of some decent literature, yes, but not sheep.
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