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The Ravages of Time: A Romance of the Three Kingdoms rp

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by seanhiruki, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. I am thinking of doing a Romance of the Three Kingdoms RP. It will start with Dong Zhuo's grab for power and all Real Life characters will be playable (Including their Dynasty Warriors version.) as well as your own original characters. If you do not know about the history and whatnot, it is fine myself and others can tell you what you need to know or just go to Wikipedia and look up Three Kingdoms.
    And for those in the know, I am calling Zhang Fei.

    Anyone interested? Any questions?

    Note: If someone wants to play Lu Bu, message me here or on Skype (Skype name is same as name on here) so we can discuss.

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  2. I'm in. While I am familiar with the setting and characters, I have to ask: will "original" characters be allowed (as minor generals/lieutenants, perhaps)?
  3. yes, Originals are allowed. If you want you can play multiple characters.
  4. This looks like it might be fun. How closely are we going to follow history?
  5. Battle-wise, very close. The deeper details will be added upon or changed. Example: Women can fight in battle and be warriors, Zhang Fei is a famous artist, Ect.