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  1. (One x one between Jealous and Redblood)

    A young man named Adam Lindh walked down the streets of New York. Another day was over and he was happy over the work he had accomplished. Luck and fortune had been on his side ever since he was a child. While he wasn't the richest of people, he couldn't complain over what he had. He didn't need more. He loved his job, his home and his friends. His relationships had been a bit chaotic at times, but even though he recently left his fiance, he still didn't feel much sorrow for it. She just hadn't been the right girl and just as he had realized she wasn't fit for him, she too had noticed that he wasn't the one for her. It had been a painless break up for both of them.

    The sun had already gone down, and the dark had spread among the many buildings in the city. But the young brown haired man did not mind. With the luck he possessed, what could happen? Never had he been attacked on the street by a stranger before, so never had he thought of worrying about it.

    There was no denying what emotion covered Adam's face when a gang of hooded people stepped out from the alleyway he had been about to pass. At first it seemed as if they were just going to pass the young man, but only a few of them walked past him, while two men stood in front of him. Suddenly he was surrounded from every side.

    "Hey, guys. I don't want any trouble. You can have my money, I won't tell the cops." Adam said, trying to avoid a fight. While he in no sense of the word was weak, he was still unsure if he could take on six guys on his own. While reaching for his wallet, the men launch towards him. Adam tried to defend himself to the best of his ability, but after having knocked one of the men down to the ground with a fist right beneath his chest, forcing the man to loose his breath, Adam was suddenly knocked out from behind by a hit to the head.

    He fell to the ground beneath him while still being conscious. His ears rang and he could hear muffled talk from the men surrounding him, though it was impossible for him to know what they said. Some seconds past and his vision faded to black while arms started to grab him. Then he fell completely unconscious and lost track of what the men did to him.
  2. Blood splattered across the ground as one last cry filled the air. A woman with silver hair turned to look at the opening of the alleyway. While the sun had long set, she had learned that the city was never really quiet. There was always someone around, someone to perhaps witness what they shouldn't. But for now, the alleyway seemed quiet enough. Lifting her hand, she wiped at the blood on her face, wincing as she felt the wound along the side of her jaw. A frown marred her expression as she pulled the silver blade from the chest of her victim.

    "So much for peaceful negotiations," she mumbled as she surveyed the area.

    At her feet lay six dead elves and one unconscious human. Stepping over the corpses, she approached the human. He didn't look like much - about as average and simple as all the other humans. But really, what had she been expecting? Digging into her pocket, she pulled out a crystal and held it over the human - the red glow of the crystal strengthening.

    Lady Dena of Nieva quickly pocketed the crystal as she heaved the human onto her back. She had finally found him - the human who would save her people and her world. But for now, the man needed some rest. Unlike the elves, she would give him the choice. And hopefully, she could get him to travel to Aurion.

    Back at her apartment, she placed the man upon the couch. Once she was sure that he would be fine, she moved into one of the other rooms to tend to her wounds.
  3. As Adam started to wake up he first couldn't remember what had happened to him. He had still not opened his eyes when he noticed that the couch he was lying on wasn't his own. It had a different scent than the one in his own house. Might he have fallen asleep at a friends house? Not wanting to get up yet because of the pounding pain in the back of his head, he did not bother to look around to figure it out. At least not before the memories started to come back to him.

    Quite suddenly, the memories of the attack started to appear in his mind. With the thought that he might be kidnapped, he rushed into a sitting position, eyes wide open, and head turning every which way. The apartment was unknown to him. Non of his friends had such a home as far as he knew.

    Why was he alone in an apartment right after having been attacked and knocked down? If he had been kidnapped, shouldn't they have tied him up, or at least guarded him? The pounding in the back of his head didn't make rational thinking easier. Standing up, Adam headed to the window so that he might be able to figure out exactly where he was.

    The streets seemed unfamiliar to him, but it was definitely New York. He had probably been taken to a part of the city he rarely, or never, visited. He patted his pocket, checking for his wallet, and wouldn't you know it, it was gone. He doubted the attackers had taken it. They had seemed more interested in blood than money. He must have dropped it while he tried to pick it up just before they attacked. Which meant he didn't have anything to pay a taxi chauffeur with. All his money were on the card, and he had no change lying around in his house. Patting his other pocket, he noticed that his phone was still there. Good, then he could call Kevin to pick him up. But then the common problem appeared again.

    "Where is this?" He asked out loud with a sigh. He couldn't be picked up without knowing the street name. "Or rather, who took me here. And why." He then continued. Hopefully it was someone that had found him after he had been beaten up. Though there weren't much wrong with him except for his head and a few bruises. Did they just leave him after he had fainted? Weird.
  4. All the words that she practiced were too contrived. If she was asking him to leave his home - his world - her request needed to sound a bit more than some script. Whatever she said would have to be heart felt. It had to be believable. But that was impossible. That was for sure. The only way to get him to believe, would be to show him. But the use of magic in this world might drain her. The crystal she carried had begun to show that its power was draining. The red object was now a dull pink, even with the human so close.

    But what would the others say if she were to return to Aurion without the human. Above all, could she just leave the human behind if he denied her request. Would she leave him until another group found him and kidnapped him? The options were endless and many of them were not ideal.

    Hearing movement from the other room, Dena waited and listened. He didn't make a lot of noise and it seemed that he had not made a mad rush to the door. That gave her some hope. Entering the room, she rested against the door frame.

    "I brought you here," Dena answered. "And I couldn't just leave you out on the street not with..." It probably wouldn't be a good idea to mention that his kidnappers were dead. "And if you want to know where you are, you're still on New York - that's what this city is called right? And this is my apartment as it was the closest place. What's your name?"
  5. Adam almost jumped out of his skin when a voice from behind surprised him. It was quite astonishing to see a woman being his rescuer. After all, he did weight quite a bit because of his length. It would take a bit of effort to get his unconscious body anywhere. Might she have gotten help from someone? But no one else was in sight. Though they might just have gone to the police to file a report, or maybe they simply had an appointment to get to.

    The location she gave him didn't give him much to go on. New York was a big city, not knowing which street one was one was the same as being lost. Why was she even unsure of the city's name? Everyone knew about New York. Even people not living in New York would know they were in it if they ever came there. What a strange girl. Maybe she came from another country? But even then it seemed odd.

    "It's Adam. Adam Lindh." He answered her question. It was mainly a reflex. If he had thought about it for a second, he might not have given her his full name. Even though she had saved him, he still didn't know her, and people could find out crazy stuff just by knowing ones name. Everyone weren't as innocent as they seemed.

    "Did you perhaps see where the men that attacked me ran off to?" Adam asked while picking up his phone. He doubted she had passed by before long after they had left. Now when he thought about it, maybe they just had been out after his wallet, but then got scared when he reached into his pocket, believing he might be reaching for a gun or some other weapon. He should probably call the bank as fast as possible and block his bank card before they took all the money he had.

    As he picked up his phone he noticed the time. Luckily he hadn't been passed out for a whole day or anything like that, but if he wanted to report it to the police that day and call the bank before they closed he would have to get going soon. Preferably he would like to get himself checked up at the hospital too, who knew what that hit to the head could have damaged. His last sentence hadn't even gotten the time to be answered before he continued to speak. "Thank you for picking me up from the street. Though next time you might just want to call an ambulance when you find someone past out on the ground. I should probably get going now, there's a lot of things I need to take care of." He gave her a friendly smile before looking towards what seemed to be the exit door. "That's the exit right? I'll just show myself out. Thank you once again for the help. I appreciate it." His feet was finally moving towards the exit. He would definitely come back and thank her properly, but right now he wanted to get all the legal matters fixed. Being a law teacher, who had graduated just a year earlier, he had certain priorities.
  6. She grit her teeth together as he asked about his kidnappers. Debating, she considered just telling them that they wouldn't bother him. That it wasn't something he should worry about. It was was something he needed to worry about. The sooner she told the truth, the better. She had killed them, and she'd have to kill more if he chose to leave. She'd have to kill less if he stayed. Or that was her hope.

    "Wait!" Dena shouted as she reached out her hand. She moved to stop him, but halted halfway as she drew her hand back. She had to be different than the others. She couldn't force him to stay. It was his choice. If she didn't think it was, she should have just dragged him to Aurion and let him wake up on her couch back home. "It's not safe for you to leave. "Please, stay here. I need your help. My people need your help."

    She swallowed as she waited for his reaction. He did not owe her anything. He was worried about his own life. But this was beyond him. This was beyond her. The prophecy dictated the future, tying the two worlds together. She brushed her fingers through her silver hair as she continued, not giving him a moment to respond. "And if you choose to go, there will be more. Those men were only the first. More will come and try to take you away. They won't care about your safety - some might even want you dead rather than alive. So please, stay for just a while longer. I'll explain everything. And then when I've said enough, you can decide to stay or go. After all, it wasn't chance that we have met tonight."
  7. Adam stopped in the middle of a step and turned to the girl with a questioning expression. He did not think that it was weird for her to ask him to stay because it might not be completely safe for him outside yet. And asking for his help when he had received help from her wasn't too weird. Though he did find it odd that she had said her people instead of just her, or her and her family. What people did she speak of?

    The man wasn't sure if he should laugh or not. Who would want to kidnap him? No, the question was, who the heck wanted him dead? He was a nice guy. He didn't have any enemies. Even his ex girlfriends continued to be friends with him after they broke up with no hard feelings. He wasn't rich enough for people to want his money, and he had never said anything outrageous that could make people angry at him.

    "It wasn't?" He asked with a half laughter, but fast retracted it as it didn't feel appropriate somehow. That girl seemed far too serious to make it up, but it was way too out there to be true. And that was the feeling he got form just hearing a small portion of it.

    "What was it then? Fate? Or have you just been stalking me?" Adam continued, not sure what to believe about her statement. "Why would anyone want to take me away? I have money sure, but not enough for anyone to think about kidnapping me for ransom." He crossed his arms over his chest and looked skeptical at the girl. Now he had to have an explanation, otherwise it would keep him awake every night forward. Except if those thugs she spoke off suddenly jumped out of the shadows and tried to take him again. If her story was true that is.
  8. Perhaps this wasn't going as badly as it could. He had paused and was considering her words. Perhaps skeptical, but at least he had not yet left. Dena motioned to the couch, hoping that he'd move away from the door. Reaching into her pocket, her slim fingers wrapped around the crystal that was there. She moved towards the small coffee table that was before the couch. Lifting the crystal from her pocket, she placed the item on the table. It's soft glow pulsed as it began to twist on the table, until the point of the crystal was pointing towards the human. While the movement was slow, the item was still doing its job.

    "I guess you could say that fate brought us together," Dena repeated. It was fated to be - as the prophecy had already established. But it could not have been fate alone. "Fate helped along by magic."

    She pulled her fingers through her hair as she watched his reactions. Her blue gaze captivated by him. Would he believe, or would he see her honesty?

    "My name is Dena, and I come from the city of Nieva. It's not a city you'd be familiar with, as I come from another planet, one we call Aurion. It's kind of similar to this planet. But magic is very real. it's in everything - from the elements to the inhabitants. You either live with the magic, or it slowly kills and destroys you," talking of home caused her to smile a melancholy smile. It was a place she was beginning to miss. "We've lived in peace since before I was born. But that's beginning to change. The magic is changing as are the leaders. They lust for power - and cities are being destroyed."

    "I came to Earth in search of a human who would be able to help. There hasn't been a human in Aurion for a long time. But they say that there is one human who can help. I believe that human is you. And I'm not the only ones - that group of thugs were beings from my world. And there will be more. That crystal helped led me to you. While it's magic is beginning to vanish, there will be more who come with such devices. And as I said, many may come with ill intentions. Which is why I ask that you come back to my world - to Aurion. It is also there, that I can protect you best. I'm not as powerful as I was back home. So, please, help me."
  9. Adam kept a close eye on her, and was rather glad she stepped further away from him towards the couch and the coffee table. If she was crazy and suddenly decided to attack him, he would have some time to either run or defend himself. She did act way too sane though to be a lunatic whom could snap at any moment. At least before she started speaking about magic.

    The man stepped just slightly closer as she put a crystal on the table. It spun slowly until it stopped at him. Luck, he guessed. Though it was rather curious that it could have spun like that at all. With such a shape and such a slow motion, it shouldn't have been able to spin at all. Rather it should have rolled. "Magic?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to continue. He didn't care much if people wanted to believe in fate, even though he preferred coincidence as the correct word. Magic on the other hand was way too far fetched for him.

    He tried to wrap his head around everything she had told him. But it was very hard to do when he never had believed in anything of the things she was mentioning. Magic, aliens. It was fairy tales. Maybe she had escaped a mental hospital. She might not be dangerous, but it did seem as if she was stuck in some heavy delusions.

    "Okay Dena. Let's see if I have gotten this right. You're an alien from another planet whom can use magic except for when you're on earth. There's a war in your world, and you need a humans... My help to fix it. And as long as I stay on my own planet, I will be in danger because you might not be able to protect me. Correct?" Adam put two fingers between his eyebrows, trying to think about what he should do. The most logical would be to just go. But what if some of her delusions were based of reality? What if there were people who suddenly had decided they wanted to hurt him? But if that was true, then he wouldn't need the help of a girl, he would need the help of the police.

    "Let's make a deal." He told her. If she came from another planet with the help of magic, the request he had would not be hard. If she wasn't, he would be able to get her to willingly follow him to a psychiatrist so she could get help. He would win easily. There was no way she could do what he asked of her. "If you take me to this other planet, I will try to help you if I can." He told her. "But if you can't take me there, or if you think you've taken me there, but I see that we're still on earth.. This earth. Then you'll come with me and have a talk with a professional psychiatrist. Don't worry if you can't afford it, I can help you with that since I am indebted to you for helping me before." He tried to say it as nicely as he could. But it was a bit hard to come across as completely nice while thinking someone was mentally unstable.

    "Is that a deal?" He asked. If she truly believed her delusions she shouldn't have any problems with it, though she might get angry because he didn't believe her. She would try to take him to her planet, and fail. Then they would make a trip to someone that could help her with her problems, and maybe one day she would be able to leave her fantasy world behind.
  10. She grit her teeth as he ran the story past her. It was obvious he didn't believe her. And that he'd deny his help. Anger surged up quickly, but calmed as he offered a deal. She raised an eyebrow as he spoke. A bit amazed that he was agreeing.

    A smirk took the place of her amazement. A light laugh filled the air. "It's a deal," Dena answered as she swipped the crystal from the table. "If I somehow can't take you to Aurion, then I'll get the help you believe I may need. But you better stick to your side of the deal. And when it's all over, I'll help you return home."

    Blue eyes changed for just a moment, shifting to a more repitlian look before reverting back. She stood and moved towards the door. "We don't have time to waste. Come with me."
  11. Luckily the girl was sane enough to realize what a great deal it was. Her delusions did not seem to make her violent at the very least, which was good. That would definitely help in the healing process.

    There was a small moment when Adam was sure he saw something strange happening to Dena's eyes. But he fast shrugged it off. It must have been the light that created an illusion, or something similar. "Of course. I always keep my word." Adam told her. Though he doubted he would need to care about that promise this time. Clearly they would not go anywhere outside of earths atmosphere. Hopefully not even outside of New York.

    "So, how do we get to this magical alien planet of yours? I doubt any bus will do." He then asked as he followed the girl towards the door. Whatever she saw in that poor messed up mind of hers, he would completely miss. Maybe a bus would look like a dimensional traveling dragon, or maybe a door would become a wormhole to the other world. It was quite amazing that such a girl had helped her after the attack, out of all people that could have. Maybe it was fate. Someone helped him, and in return he could get her the help she needed. Who really knew.
  12. Dena glanced at him as he questioned the way to the Aurion. "I picked a new home that wasn't too far away from the tear. So it's in walking distance." Her footsteps quickened as the anticipation hit her. What would the others say when she arrived? And would the human be able to withstand the atmosphere and wild magic?

    "It's not like Aurion is far in the sky. Aurion and Earth exist in -what was it - different dimensions? Same beginning of life for the planet, same set up of the universe, but we ended up with magic. Without magic, the history of this world became very different. Or that's what I was told."

    Retracing steps she had not walked for some time, she winded her way down the streets. Pausing, she looked around. It was supposed to be around here but where? Glancing up to one of the street lights, she watched as it flickered. That was what she was looking for - something that was reacting adversely to the magic that was possibly leaking through. "It's this way."

    Crossing the street, she walked into the space between two tall buildings. She moved around the trash cans and garbage until she paused and turned towards the wall to her left. She traced her hand along the wall, cursing as she paused. She was sure that this was where it was supposed to be. "Come on, it was right here. I'm sure of it."

    But her worry came too quick, as soon her fingers felt what she was looking for. She pushed into the bricks, feeling them give way like a hard sponge. Turning her hand into a fist, the feeling of warmth surged as she pulled the magic together. Just as quick, she slammed her fist into the wall. Ripples spread out, and the bricks wavered as if they were water. Spinning around, she grabbed Adam's wrist as she pulled him forward. "Stay close," Dena instructed as she pushed him into the tear before following.
  13. The tear? That was a strange name for a portal thing or planet traveling thing. Well, whatever it was called didn't matter, they wouldn't find anything either way. As they walked out, Adam looked around trying to figure out the street. That wasn't very hard, they passed a sign almost immediately. He did recognize the name, but he'd probably need some directions if he wished to find his way to a street he knew completely.

    It was quite interesting to listen to her though. Her fantasy world was pretty well made. It was almost a pity that it didn't exist. But he was sure he would get to hear much more about it all the way to the psychiatrist. He doubted she would stop talking about it just because she couldn't prove the existence of her world.

    The flickering street lamp caught non of Adam's attention. It was so normal around there, it would be more strange to think anything of it. He crossed the street right behind Dena, not completely comfortable with the alleyway they walked into. He stopped just a few steps into it, not wanting to walk around among garbage. But as Dena spoke he left his pedant ways and walked in with a relieved sigh. "Can't find it now?" He asked far too happily. But his cry of joy came far too early. Barely had he even finished his sentence before a hand smashed into the bricks and the stone wall suddenly started to wave. For a moment he thought his eyes were deceiving him, but barely had he been able to think about it before Dena pulled him with her.

    Adam closed his eyes hard as he felt himself falling. At first he thought he would fall for only a moment. They would fall and hit the ground. But the ground didn't come. The falling, tumbling sensation stayed for seconds before suddenly he felt his feet standing on the ground again. Hadn't they been falling just a second earlier? How could he be standing?

    The young man opened his eyes slowly. What greeted him was not the stone wall he had expected. "W..w..where are we?" He stuttered as his eyes took in the strange landscape. They were certainly not in New York any longer.
  14. A light breeze danced over the land, pulling at silver strands. Closing her eyes, Dena took in a deep breath. The air was cleaner and it smelled fresher. A smile crossed her lips as she felt the magic that danced in the wind. It was in everything, resonating with who she was. Opening her eyes, she smiled at the world that was before her. Yellow and orange grasses waved before her, covering the small rolling hills that reached outward away from the forest that was at her back. It was a very large contrast to the tall buildings of the city she had just been in. "We are on the outskirts of a village called Rae," she answered as she moved forward. Squinting her eyes, she could see the city that was not too far off. It was small. "Nieva is not far from there. So we'll rest there, gather supplies, and then make our way to Nieva."

    She looked to the perplexed human. Contemplating whether or not this was the best course of action. What time did she have to spare? Not much. However, the quickest way to get to Nieva would be to fly - and Adam did not look ready to handle that experience. So for now they'd have to travel on foot - at least until they reached someplace that was a bit saver than the plains. But at least she was home.

    "Welcome to Aurion," Dena announced as she began to trek forward.
  15. "B.b.b.b.b.b.but." Adam stuttered. "We.. We were standing in an.. An alleyway. And now we're here. And... And.. This.. This isn't possible." The man wasn't sure what to believe at that point. Had they suddenly teleported to the country side? Time traveled? It looked like earth. Though the city he saw in the distance did not seem like it belonged to the modern day. It looked more like something taken out of the history books. But if it simply was a smaller town, then it could explain the lack of high buildings. There were still parts of the world that kept certain towns and cities traditional. But that did not explain how he got there.

    He hurried after Dena, not wanting to fall behind in an unknown world. Even if he was somewhere on earth, and they somehow just had teleported there, he would still be as lost as if he had been taken to another dimension all together. Though there existed a simple way of finding out his location. Adam picked up his phone and opened up internet.

    "What do you mean no signal?" He shouted out without thinking when internet refused to work and there was no signal to call with. With a town that close by, he should at the very least be able to make a call. Adam had never been without a signal in his whole life. He could always depend on his phone if something went wrong. But now all of a sudden, he couldn't. Why? Well, if they truly were in another dimension that relied more on magic than technology, then how could he possibly get a signal?

    Adam sighed. "Do you think they have a pay phone in town?" He asked the girl. His mind could still not accept that he truly was in another dimension. It was quite an extraordinary claim after all, and there was so many other possibilities that could be true. What if he never had been in New York to begin with? What if after he fainted, he truly had been kidnapped and taken to some place in Europe. Then they gave him some drugs, and performed some tricks to make him believe he had been teleported to a different dimension. That seemed almost more unbelievable than what Dena claimed though.
  16. Dena wondered what she could do with him as he stuttered and rambled on. She had hoped that he would accept her explanation without much complaint. However, it seemed that he was beyond sure that her claims had been impossible. Which meant that she had made the right decision of walking to their destination. "I told you earlier. This world chose magic, rather than things like that device you carry with you," she answered. "So no, there will not be a pay phone in town."

    Her fingers passed through her hair as she glanced at the sky. There was a probability that the man wasn't really listening to her. Or was doing the same thing he had been back on Earth - which was assuming that she was spinning fables. The man was now so far away from home without a clue as to what she had actually dragged him into.

    "I am sorry for taking you away from the world that you know," she apologized. Though she knew that the words were a bit hollow. If she was actually sorry, if she truly regretted pulling him from his home - she would led him back. But her people, they needed him. Whether he knew it or not. And now that she was here, she couldn't turn back. So in that aspect, she wasn't sorry. "But we made a deal, and I am one to honor my word. I'll be sure you return home after we settle the chaos that is here."
  17. Even if she repeated herself, it was still quite hard to stomach. Just to make sure he wasn't dreaming, Adam pinched his own cheek. "Ouch." He muttered as he felt the pain. People couldn't feel pain in dreams. But while dreaming, one could think they were in pain even if they weren't. It felt real though. He tried to count his fingers, as people suggested one should do to figure out if they were in a dream or not. One, two, three, four and five. They were all there. Everything seemed normal, except for the whole teleportation thing.

    "Okay... I guess I.. Made a promise. I would help.. To the best of my abilities." He said, mainly to confirm it for himself. Though one part of him was still holding on to the thought that it was all just a dream. Eventually he would wake up. It was just to play along until then.

    Looking around as they walked, it was hard to see exactly why she needed his help. It seemed like the most peaceful place in the world. But nature always seemed calm. Humans were the ones to abrupt peace and quiet. "Soo... Where exactly is the... Chaos? You spoke of cities being destroyed. I kind of imagined it as a war zone, but that place looks rather peaceful." He pointed towards the city. They were quite a bit away from it, but at the very least it was clear that a war wasn't going on down there. Though it might be hard for him to know. In his world there would be tanks, bomb planes, and soldiers everywhere if they entered a war zone. They probably didn't have two of those things, which were the most visible ones.
  18. "Yes, still peace lingers with the city. Untouched by the growing war. I can only hope we will be able to say the same for Nieva," Dena answered, the colored grass crunching beneath her feet. She had once played in this field so many years ago. She had watched as the countryside remained free of growing villages. People had settled north of Nieva, rather than east. So Rae remained as small as ever, and nature was maintained. And how was Nieva fairing? There had been so many rumors flying around and the political strife had been close to a breaking point. The villages to the north had fallen and an army had been erected to fight back. But how had that faired? Was Nieva still the safe stronghold she hoped it would be? Hopefully she'd be able to receive some answers at Rae. And maybe, if she was even more lucky, she may find some allies which could lend their aid.

    "And your head isn't hurting you, is it? You were knocked out cold by those elves and I didn't allow you to rest for too long." She felt as if she was terrible at making conversation. Her interactions with the human were far from smooth. But she did worry about his well being. And asking about his head was the best way to gauge how he was feeling. It was better than asking if he felt the magic slowly tearing away at his insides. Which probably wasn't happening if he was the prophesied one. Still... couldn't be too cautious.
  19. She sounded quite melodramatic to Adam as she spoke of the not so peaceful Nieva, whatever that was. Was it the name of a country or a city? A map would definitely have helped him understand what exactly she was speaking of. She had named dropped so many places by that point he couldn't remember left from right. It didn't help that his head still had an invisible hammer hitting on it, nor that she reminded him of it.

    "Just a little bit." He admitted to Dena's question. It was somewhere in between lie and truth. It certainly hurt more than a little bit, but he could manage. No need to make her worried, if she even was capable to such feelings for a complete stranger. Though he refused to lie completely and say it didn't hurt. Most people seemed to see through his lies anyways, so it always backfired at him.

    "Wait, what?" Adam stopped in his thoughts and stared at her. "Did you just say elves?" He asked disbelieving. Considering all the other crazy things that was going on around him, that probably shouldn't be the biggest shock. "This is so... absurd.... I was attacked by elves?... Is there something else you haven't told me? Maybe there's a troll wanting to chew my head off too. Or a dragon king whom is in charge for the whole operation. And if I get close to the water, there will probably be a mermaid there, trying to drown me." He did hope his ludicrous theories was worse than reality, then maybe he could stomach it better.
  20. Her healing abilities were close to none. So she frowned as she aplogized. It was a relief to know that it didn't seem to be bothering him too much though. For now sympathy was all she could offer.

    She winced a bit at his rant. But what was she supposed to do? Continue to walk around the subject that he was the only human present on Aurion? Elves, dragons, werefolk, it all had to come up eventually. But his guesses were very close to the truth.

    "It was the elves that got to you first. Not a kind race at all, not normally at least. And as long as you stick with me no troll will try to bite off your head. The merfolk also tend to keep to themselves so they won't be dragging you down to the depths of the oceans." Dena answered. "You're the only human in Aurion as far as I'm aware. So you'll be seeing many stranges things here."
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