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      Hello there, friend.

      I've been on iwaku for a couple of years now and I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two about a thing or two. I've been GMing one long term RP for 2 years on this site, though its been up and down for 3. It took about a year for it to catch on the way it did here.

      In my short, humble time as a GM I've learned a few things. Okay, I've learned A LOT of things. But the most significant of all is this:

      No matter what you do, how much you plan, or what rules you follow, nothing tests your world like having it put into action. Nothing will test the quality of the fabric of your world like having a bunch of players prodding at it with burning torches and pitchforks.

      This simple exercise will be aimed at getting you one step ahead of the game when it comes to world building. It is here *jabs flag into ground* that I will offer you allllll the annoying questions that you may very well get in your roleplay when your first wave of players come barreling in to see what's what.

      You might think this is dumb. You might not.
      But I'll tell you this: when I had players asking me things like "what do the buildings of this town look like, and why?" I realized I hadn't developed the town. When I had players asking me "how long would it take to reach this place by foot or on horse back?" I realized I hadn't developed a scale of my continent. When I had a player ask me "can I use blood in place of water for my water magic?" I realized my players were crazy and I crawled into a hole for a bit. While I was in that hole, I realized I hadn't explored the extent of my mana system and its capabilities.

      Let me be that crazy player.

      Here's how it works!
      • You post your description of your setting or world or world mechanic.
      • I ask questions you aren't going to like.
      • You answer them.
      • You gain development points for your world! Yay you!

      I will be posting another of these into the cultures and race section of the world development forums so look there if you have questions about race and culture, etc.

      You'd be surprised what you don't know about your world until people start asking questions.
      Note: I encourage you all to ask each other questions about what's posted as well. After all, the more opinions offered, the better this whole thing becomes!

    • NEW (and old) RULES:
      1. 1000 word maximium. I'll give you 150 words of leeway, because I understand word counts suck.
      2. First come first serve
      3. I will only offer up to a secondary response. (i.e. You post original, I ask questions, you answer, then I will respond once more.)
      4. Keep this to world building please! Try not to post too much regarding specific character development or anything else.
      5. Second submissions are fine, but you'll be put on a list like everyone else.
      6. I will only deal with one person at a time. This will prevent me from getting overwhelmed. This is also part of why I'm limiting it to a maximum of a secondary response.
      7. I love you all. Thank you for your worlds.

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  1. @Soulserenity20

    Oooh, maybe this will help with the novel I'm writing!

    Okay, so I have this little universe I like to call the Charge universe, namely because of the characters created in that setting. This is a world inside the computer that people from our world, known as Reality, come to do things. I'm generally focused more on the art, writing, and roleplay aspects that occur in this universe.

    City sites, what websites are called, are where Charges and Wisps live, the world inside our Internet. Charges are basically roleplay, story, or art characters that people create while Wisps are generally ideas that haven't really come to fruit in the person's mind. Usually in places with a high amount of Wisps, there's an organization known as the Wisp Catchers that help register Wisps to become actual citizens of the government if they hadn't done so. They also keep the peace, generally acting like a police or detective force, and are also in charge of curbing the population of Wisps if there's too many ones that are harming the governmental system.

    ...I just realized I have no idea what their government is like. Yikes. Uh...Well for one thing it's not the two party American system, that's for sure. They have their checks and balances, though, and usually it's a Charge that is the I guess you can say president or prime minister? The real head, though, is usually the moderators of the city site/website, making sure things run smoothly and that the site keeps running well. It's also usually Charges that get elected into office for Senate/House of Representatives/Parliament/idk I need to think on this more hmm, with voting and election generally the same as modern day Reality's.

    Technology wise, it's a bit futuristic, though it depends on the place. Let's say that IwakuRoleplay is a city site (lol, I already wrote a bunch of stories using the characters I made here. But I digress.) and there's several different genres, like horror, sci fi, fantasy, modern, those kinds of things. The technology in each genre or zone basically fits the technology of that time period, with fantasy being medieval, modern being modern, horror being a slum, sci fi being futuristic, that kind of thing. As for the bit futuristic thing, each roleplayer, artist, and writer on these city sites gets a house in the first area that they ever start rping when in the site. Using me as an example, I started with a horror kind of rp, so everyone lives in the slums. Okay, now in this house there's an interface that lets you see how one's Charges are doing while in the house, which is also the same interface where you get your alerts and stuff. There's also a portal/teleporter that leads to characters' worlds if they ever want to go there. Somewhere on the second floor in the back of the house is the creation room and the storage room. Here, depending on the place, you can insert a picture and write something that goes with it and that Charge will appear as how the picture appeared. Or, you can make your own art and use the coloring system there, it's a bit like photoshop but with tubes spraying color onto waiting Charges. The storage room is where one usually keeps their Charges if they currently don't have a use for them. That room is optional, though, and some Charges remain out and about, doing their own thing outside of the roleplays while others remain in cold storage until needed.

    Ah, I forgot about the characters' worlds. Whenever a new art group, story, roleplay, whatever is created, a world based on what is created is made. Charges generally are affected by the story/art submission/roleplay that happens, though they aren't directly controlled to be in it. Those worlds generally are there if the Charge ever wants to live their instead of the city site. There's a 4th wall (Yes, I went there.) that separates the created worlds and the city site. 4th wall can be broken, though, but it's usually fixed by magic or advanced technology without much of a fuss.

    Can't think of anything else at the moment, feel free to rip me a new one!
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  2. @chaosheart13
    Okay, so first off, I LOVE the idea. It's one of the few incredibly unique ideas I've come across in a long time so wicked job on that.

    My first question pertains to reality: What is real? And to what extent? The people who come from reality, is it like a sword art online thing where they are actually IN the internet world, walking around the City Sites? Or is it more of a universe within a universe, like the Inkheart trilogy where the writer wrote the book and everything he wrote came to life within that book? I'm struggling to sort out what's real, and how the two worlds connect. I'm not seeing a clear description of what a roleplayer would be playing as: would it be the writer? If so, what is the writer's place in this world? How does he/she get to the world (As asked above in regard to it being like a virtual reality thing or what)? What impact does the writer have on the world? Do the charges know that the writer isn't of the world?

    Are the charges like avatars? Are they like robots? The wisps seem to me to be the essence that gives life to ideas once they are placed into the Charge World, is this true? If so, is a wisp required to make a charge? You say the charges can be kept on cold storage or released out into the world to live. Are they independent, sentient beings who remember their pasts and have emotions and such? If so, what happens when a charge is then used by these writers or artists? Are they aware of the fact that they had lives and memories but were then called to be used for whatever whim the writer/artist has?

    Now, in regard to the worlds that are all existing, you said that there is technology suited to each world's setting. But you also said there are portals. Are the portals machines? Magick? Does that really suit each world's theme and setting? If not, how do you explain that for the world's it doesn't suit? Furthermore, can the charges use the portals? If so, how are they limited in that use. Surely a mickey mouse couldn't enter into a lord of the rings style world without consequences.

    I'll leave it at this so far.

    Again, this is a wicked idea. Lol I'm genuinely interested in this system you've created and my questions are definitely sincere. I applaud you on the world you've made!
  3. Also this is a bit confusing for me. So the worlds are not the same as the city sites. Could you elaborate on the differences between worlds and city sites, as well as describe their relationship?
  4. @Soulserenity20

    Hooo, this is a longtime brainchild... Like, developed since I was a kid brainchild >.< so, there may be issues with the Universe I have been careless enough to gloss over like a dolt. Anyways, onto the actual Universe; I am, well, planning on making a game under the name "Stardust" (had a much more pretentious title in not too long ago >.>).


    Basically, this Universe possesses a multitude of races, as one would expect, the ones of focus at the moment are the humans, the Gemini, and the Starchildren, though there is another race of sorts, which I will delve into later in this big text wall. In the current timezone we are introduced to the Universe, the Starchildren have, as far as all known, sentient races in the Universe know, have suddenly vanished, leaving behind husks of their once thriving colonies, scattered throughout the Universe, or, specifically, throughout an yet to be named galaxy which both the Humans and Gemini both populate, but more on that later.

    What is known about the Starchildren, based upon uncovered records, and ancient artifacts found throughout their now more or less... Deserted colonies, is that they were once a thriving race, blessed with powerfull technology, and incredible powers, even beyond one's comprehention. Though, these powers, and their very technology, appeared to be powered by "Stars", ancient, crystaline artifacts, which emanate a bright, white light (much like a star, hence the name). With these Stars, granting them almost god-like powers, they dominated this galaxy, and for a very long time, maintained a relatively peacefull reign throughout the galaxy. It can only be speculated what the Starchildren were capable during their time in the galaxy... Before it all came to an end. In an unknown catastrophic event, the Starchildren suddenly seemed to disappear from the galaxy, leaving other races, who have stumbled across their ruins, to speculate over what could have happened to them.

    Some theorize that the Starchildren had attempted to ascend to a new "tier" of existence, using the stars as some sort of catalyst, to help facilitate this task... However, despite the countless theories that have been formed about what had happened to the Starchildren, none of them seemed to be able to come to a definite conclusion what became of the Starchildren, when they suddenly disappeared from the galaxy, leaving behind only remnants of their civilizations, and their technology. When the first "star" artifacts were discovered, it was in pieces, still glowing as bright as ever, but... In shards, shattered to the point where one couldn't even begin to try and put it back together again. However, later explorers, both Human, and Gemini alike, discovered fully intact "stars", though the technology they once powered was barely even functional, thanks to countless eons of neglect, the stars themselves seemed almost timeless.

    As time went on, both the Humans, and the Gemini began to study the artifacts they had found during their travels, and despite their mutual dislike for one another, joined together, in an united effort to uncover the secrets of these mysterious artifacts. While the humans were unable to successfully reverse engineer, let alone integrate the stars, nor their strange powers into their own technology in one way or another... Those who have spent copious amounts of time around even star fragments, began to notice changes in their bodies... Enhanced reflexes, speed, strength, durability... And an odd glow radiating from their skin, and more notably... Their eyes, whenever they tapped into their almost unnatural abilities, which varied from human to human. As those affected by the strange energy the stars seemed to emanate began to experiment more and more with their powers, they have found varying ways to utilize them to their advantage.

    Some are capable of creating constructs out of thin air, manipulating the particles around them to create objects, and even working mechanisms out of what looked like pure light, correspondent with the colors the emanated when tapping into these powers... However, these constructs will only last as long as the creator is able to sustain them with their powers... So these constructs tend to be temporary, often assisting the bearer of these powers in either utilital, or, sometimes even combat heavy situations. Some have become incredibly profficient with combining their constructs, and their enhanced physical abilities in battle, making them incredibly deadly opponents, who can be a very even match to those with more combat oriented abilities.

    While others have found themselves unable to form constructs nearly as advanced as others, they have been capable of forming basic shapes, often barriers, out of pure light, also corresponding with the colors their skin seem to glow when tapping into these powers... But, their most astounding feats are often offensive in nature, as they are capable of forming light blasts, and even shockwaves given enough concentration... And even explosive energy orbs, which often devastate most opposition on the battlefield, however... Not all humans with this sort of affinity with their power are only capable of using them in a defensive, or offensive manner... The rare few, are able to channel their energies into others they come into contact with, and even themselves, to a lesser degree, healing wounds, and speeding up an bodies regrenerative process to unprecedented levels... However, this will only work if their target is still alive, and if they have sufficient energy left in their bodies to do so, which brings us to the drawback of these powers.

    The bearer of such powers, regardless of how they are able to use them, will drain their bodies energy reserves each time they use them... Scaling with the intensity of their uses, the bearer of these powers begins to feel more and more physically drained as their reserves slowly empty... And should their power be completely drained, they'll collapse, unable to move, far less get up, nor use their powers any longer. With time and rest, their "energy" reserves begin to come back, slowly, as their body's metabolism seems to bolster the restoration process. However, the most reliable, and efficient way to date to restore a human's energy, is to bring them close to a star artifact... It's strange emanations appear to restore a completely drained human's energy reserves in merely a day at the most, if they had already been exposed to a star long enough to gain powers from this exposure in the first place.

    In the meantime, while the Gemini have found themselves lacking of any such power, despite some even spending weeks, or even months bathing in a star's strange energy, their efforts to gain any sort of powers from this have been in vain. However... Unlike the humans, the Gemini have made major leaps in technological advancements ever since they have attempted to integrate Stars into their technology... Though, unfortunately they have yet to figure out a reliable way to reverse engineer the stars in an effort to reproduce them in some way. The most common use the Gemini have had for the stars, were as batteries of sorts... With the fully intact stars often functioning as seemingly unrivaled power generators, often powering entire colonies, and various spacecraft, provided they were able to harness the power from within the stars efficiently enough to do so. The shattered stars however, were often used as smaller batteries, bigger chunks being used to power smaller vehicles, machinery, and were sometimes used as energy relays to draw power from the intact stars more efficiently. The smaller fragments were more commonly used to power smaller, hand-held, and often portable devices, though fragments too small to be of any use as energy sources, were often used in either decoration, or as illumination.

    Though the most interesting use the Gemini have found with these stars lay in their equipment, space vessels, and even weaponry, often distributed amongst their highest ranking military forces. With the cleaner, and much stronger source of energy the stars provided, the Gemini have been able to produce a variety of power armor, often built to challenge the enhanced abilities humans affected by the stars have produced... Though the likelihood of an suit of power armor surviving an all out battle with an "altered" human is very slim, if at all. Bigger star chunks, often star fragments that were almost whole, save for large segments which seemed to have been separated from the initial artifact, have been used to power interstellar drives in Gemini manufactured space vessels, allowing them to travel distances that had been previously unfathomable. However, the most notable use the stars have had as of late in Gemini technology were the military applications... Harnessing the energy from the stars, the Gemini have been capable of producing a large arsenal of energy weapons... Artillery, and it is rumored that entire star artifacts may be used in potential super weapons the Gemini are rumored to be developing... Capable of destruction on an terrifying, but, yet, undefined scale.

    As for the Humans and the Gemini? The Humans are what you'd expect them to be... Much like us, but, far more advanced in technology... And, well, less chaotic thanks to eons of evolution, which had eventually reduced the likelihood of inner squabbles in light of their interstellar ventures, and of course, possessing innate abilities after exposure to the stars. The Gemini in the meantime, seem like humans at first glance... But, are often of a more scrawnier, or sometimes bulkier build than most humans, though... Their faces are far less likely to be seen, as they often walk around in specialized suits, rumored to help lengthen their normally short lifespans... While their technology may have been on par with the Humans before the discovery of the stars at the time, it is common knowledge that they made use of strange, crystaline objects of sorts as fuel, not unlike the stars... Except they become dull, and not very different from a rock once they are drained of power... A drawback that the Stars have not yet displayed. Both races appear to have different sets of ideals, often straining the already gritty relations between them... The Humans often mock the Gemini for their massive reliance on their technology, often joking amongst themselves in some cases that they are practically twigs without those suits they always seem to walk around in. The Gemini, on the contrary, seem disgusted by the Human race's apparant fragility, as most Humans are not very keen on being cooped up in what they often describe as a "metal shell", despite the potential benefits the Gemini claim the suits have.

    Though these two races are the two that are most often focused on... (Ever since the disappearance of the Starchildren that is) They of course, are not the only intelligent life out in the Universe... As there is almost a certainty that other space faring races may exist, that have yet to be encountered by either the humans, nor the Gemini. And, as far as the Starchildren are concerned in all of this... Their long desolate colonies, and their ancient artifacts, as well as technology are far from the only thing they have left behind... Though it is so far, unclear of what else they may have left in their absense, many often feel that there are far, darker things that may be lurking somewhere, in the now vacant Starchild colonies spread throughout the galaxy.


    ... Hoo boy, that was alot longer than I intended >.< but, that's uh, all I have so far xD though, there's a bit more I kinda wanna keep under wraps, for the sake of not spoiling the plot of the game I'm hoping to make at some point xD uh... Hope it isn't too much trouble to read through @.@ I'm pretty sure I messed up in more than one place... Somehow.

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  5. @Soulserenity20

    Okay, time to reply to all your questions.

    Reality is basically our world with a little bit of fancier technology on our part. As for how people get online and do things, hm, honestly I imagine that technology is pretty low key and are just simple virtual reality headsets like the ones found and being sold in Best Buy. It's not really a universe- well, no. How to explain it? Basically, what happens in the universe of the inner computer world and Reality only have the inner computer world affected, either by whatever event happens on the inside or whatever happens with Reality. Like, say someone is drawing art for a new character they're creating. With the headset, they can see the person of their focus and use various tubes in the creation room to fill in a Wireframe's color.

    ...I forgot to tell of the two different kinds of Wisps there are. Shoot. Okay, short explanation time. Wireframes are basically those where their body is only a black outline and without any color, making them hard to see as they blend in with their surroundings. They tend to be the more sickly of the Wisps. Palettes, on the other hand, have color and look like any other character or person. Depending on the type, when a Wireframe dies, they turn into black string, while when a Palette dies, they turn into splashes of color. It's usually through the means that a person from are world can die from. Um...I guess I'll answer your question on Charges in general while I'm at it? Charges are not avatars, nor are they really controlled. They are their own sentient beings that just happen to come to life with the help of people from Reality's imaginations. Wisps are just characters without being under the care of someone from Reality, while Charges are- I forgot about the Caretaker system omg that's the most important thing and what started all this. OTL

    Okay, Caretaker system. People from Reality that create characters to roleplay/put into a story/make art of are called Caretakers. They basically look after Charges and can interact with them, kinda like a parental figure. They're the ones that create worlds, though everyone from Reality has the ability to create worlds within the computer universe and the city sites, they just don't because they're not part of the art group, roleplay, or aren't the ones writing the story. Caretakers manage the funds they get for their Charges by writing on the story and posting it on the Internet, or roleplay, or do art for a group. It depends on the area how much they get paid so that their Charges can have the basic necessities of food and water and, well, other things people buy that are mundane like games or weapons. Sometimes, though, they don't really earn enough from their ideas and so the Charges have to take other jobs to support themselves. They also are the only ones that can Erase a Charge, but said Charge has to be under their care to do so as a rule. Wisp Catchers bypass that rule because they're trying to keep the city site safe. Erasure is the process of deleting a Charge or Wisp, the process is painful and they usually glitch out and have bits of data floating away into oblivion before disappearing, completely gone from existence. Wisp Catchers tend to Erase to curb the population. As for their feelings, well, Charges and Wisps do not want to die from that method. For Caretakers and Wisp Catchers, it's merely a fact of life.

    I rambled a bit there without answering your questions whoops. Anyway, back to them. Writers/roleplayers/artists tend to be the ones to breathe life into a city state. Wisps generally gravitate towards artistic/writing/roleplaying sites, first starting off as a shred of an idea before coming out fully formed if someone imagined them but they are unable to make the idea come to life. They also tend to appear at random in the specific city site when they are born. I'm getting off topic, back to the questions. The people of Reality are able to come into the world by logging in onto an art/writing/roleplaying site while donning their VR headset. They can choose not to do so, and if they don't then it's basically like how the forums are being used or chatboxes for communication, posting an art piece or a story on the Internet as one would normally do in this day and age.

    How the two worlds connect? Well, people from Reality can access the Internet world (I need a name for the Internet city sites I swear.) and interact with their Charges, Wisps, and others from Reality. Charges and Wisps are usually unable to interact with Reality itself and the people that are going about their daily lives not focusing on the Internet, unless they happen to find a portal of sorts that can bring them to Reality. They can interact then, but they have to go back into the Internet otherwise they turn into permanent Wireframes and then disappear from existence, the process of this being several months, I'll give it four. As for who can see their shenanigans if they're out there, only those with Creative Muses can. A Creative Muse is what makes artists artistic, what makes writers write. It's their imagination and their want to create something that makes them have a Creative Muse. They cannot be seen, but they are, in an essence, there without anyone realizing it. Charges and Wisps can also have this Creative Muse, but they are unable to take Charges of their own; those are strictly for people from Reality only.

    Onto your next paragraph of questions. Ah, I think I answered most of them up above, whoops. As for what happens when a writer/artist/roleplayer uses them in a story/art piece/roleplay, they can choose whether or not to experience it themselves. If they don't, it's at the back of their mind that it happened to them, no matter the circumstances. They change accordingly to what happens in the scenario Caretakers put them through. Let's use one of my characters, Katy, as an example. I originally made her into a ten year old girl, but in an rp I had done that was an alternate universe, she's 20. She can basically shift ages between ten and twenty in that regard. Also, they have the knowledge of whatever job they have that the Caretaker instills in them, like knowing how to perform surgery or speaking another language. They most certainly are aware that they were instilled with that personality and memories, though it usually isn't talked about unless they're used in something and they don't like it. Also, it's pretty common knowledge that the people from Reality are generally the ones that are on top, but they aren't exactly slaves. They have the freedom of choice and can leave a Caretaker to become a Wisp and work for themselves, or maybe even try sabotaging someone from Reality's job as a Wisp Catcher, preventing them from catching more Wisps. Ah, forgot to mention, Wisps can become Charges if a Caretaker takes them under their wing. And Charges can become Wisps by leaving the Caretaker's care, as I said above.

    Ah, whoops. About the portals. They're basically portal machines, the ones that lead to Reality are different and act more like a rip in the space time continuum in that regard. As for magic, it suits the fantasy genre/zones, but others might see it as powers that they can inherit. Maybe I should clarify on the origin of each Charge when it comes to that. A Charge is born in the creation room, but depending on the place, the genre may be vastly different from each other and with it, their morals and understanding of some things. Take a medieval elf for example, he wouldn't know how to operate regular machinery like computers, so it's usually up to Charges from more advanced time periods/eras/genres to teach him how to use it. Charges can use the portals to get to the world that their Caretaker either roleplayed in or wrote a story about, but they can only go to the world they were created specifically for, rather than go off to other places just to see how things are. But then comes AUs, alternate universes. If a Charge is subjected to different universes, they still have the knowledge retained from them and can basically go to the AU worlds if they wanted to.

    Onto your last question. Reality, city sites, and the worlds are generally separate from each other. The worlds created are just products of people's imaginations that bring that world to life while city sites have existed in the Internet they minute the site is created. City sites are basically the hub in the multiverse, to use that terminology. The worlds themselves cannot interact with other worlds due to the limitation that are placed on Charges. As for what happens when a Charge goes into their world, they live out their story again and again. Time is basically them leaving the city site for only a few minutes to be in the world and then they come right back out whenever they desire, as if time barely moved. Same goes with the worlds, it's a few minutes of them being gone if they're back in their city site but then come back.

    Okay, I think I answered all of them? Whew, this got me thinking alright, thanks for the questions!
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  6. @york you did an amazing job with what you have so far! I love the idea. Star children make me gooey because they remind me tolkein's older lore about the Valar and Valier. A beautiful race creation if I do say so and if you make it into an RP I reallllly hope you add their return to the plot :P

    So I've skimmed over it all, and I'll be posting a bunch of questions tonight. Now keep in mind, I'm going to be asking from the perspective of a player, if I were making a character to use in the world. I'll also add in some questions id be asking if I were your co-GM to stimulate a different kind of development because I think it'd be useful :)

    So I can't right now but in.... 8 hours or so? I will! Looking forward to this. You've made an incredible world already and I can't wait to see more of it as you go through and teach me ore about it :)
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  7. @chaosheart13 good answers! I have more questions I'll post this evening!

    Remember everyone: you don't have to answer my questions :P you can answer one, none, all, or some! I will provide as many questions as I can over a number of days and when I feel I have nothing left to ask, I can find someone else who will have more questions >:D
  8. Thanks! >.< And uh, okay o.o I'll keep myself posted, and, well... I was considering making a variation of the Universe into an RP or something, to give it a test run, iron out kinks in the lore and all that xD but yeah, looking forwards to see what questions I may have to answer it'll definitely help expand the universe and shtuff.
  9. @york my first question to help me ask more questions would be: what character would the player be making? This is the same question for you @chaosheart13

    Okay, I'm just sitting down to have supper. I'll be posting more questions after but here are some of my first ones.

    @york :

    • Are the only two playable races the Gemini and the humans?
    • In the beginning you note a "multitude of races" but never go into any detail about them nor do you discuss their relationships or encounters with the two main races. What other races might there be?
    • The star children seem like gods/demi-gods to me, in the sense that they appear to be higher beings; are the star children seen as gods, then, to the humans and/or gemini? If yes, how so? And if no, why not?
    • How do the humans and gemini view the star children?
    • Do the gemini and humans lives with each other? If yes, what is life like for each of them? You said they have a distaste for each other, why is this so?
    • How do their lives differ? Do they share technology? Do they work together beyond searching for relics?
    • Besides a difference in views, are the humans and gemini the same, physically, save for the minor likelihood of stockiness, etc?
    • Where did these two races come from?
    • They seem similar, did they descend from the same race?
    • What is the process, for a human, of attaining the strange effects of the stars? What does it feel like? How long does it take? Can it go wrong? Do they get a connection with the star pieces? What about with the Star children? Do they keep their abilities forever?
    I'll have more later. Sorry if some of them were already answered in your paragraph! I tried my best to reference and go over it but my toddler is screaming for dinner haha. I'll be on in a while to go over it again and ask more questions. Again, very interesting idea <3
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  10. @Soulserenity20

    Ah, I wasn't thinking in terms of roleplaying for my world building. Alright, I guess I can say the playable characters are the characters one creates and the roleplayer as themselves. Wisps would generally be NPCs, possibly Wisp Catchers too.
  11. Ah! Well that's alright. I just won't be able to question it the way a player would then :P I can still do a more co-gmy brain storm with you. I can continue to ask questions that simply stand out to me about your world.



    Very cool. I love this idea.
    What role do each of the two types of wisps play? One is more sickly, what does that entail? The other ones look and act normal, but are they normal? What differentiates a palette wisp from a charge? To me, the charges are wisps that have been given identity from the artist or writer, but do the palette wisps have their own "npc" identities? Or are those also made by the writers?
    Ah, interesting. And what form do these caretakers take? The same form as the real version of the writer or artist, etc?

    Where do they get these funds from? Are the RL funds, bitcoins, a virtual currency, etc?

    What dictates who's care a charge is under? Can it be forced?
    Having to control the population indicates there is a limited amount of space in the virtual world. How much space is there? What dictates it? How are the Cities sized, limited, and can they grow? What dictates the more physical aspects of this internet world?
    What is your explanation for this technology? In the reality world, this would be quite a mind blowing bit of technology to make imaginary beings manifest in the real world.

    Are these characters in the story as well? Are they entities with the ability to act? Or mere essences of the writers, a bit like souls? If the former, how do they interact with the world? What do they look like? If the latter, can only the artist/writer with a muse within them see the visiting charges? Can writers ever see the charges?

    Ah, I see. So how do they manifest and how do they do anything? Tell me about how the muse works, exists, and interacts with things (ex. observing the charges visiting the real world)
    Tell me more about the relationship between the charges and the wisps. Are they a bit like different stages of life? Do charges often want to be wisps? What about vice versa? Can a wisp ever become a charge without a writer/artist?

    Ah I see. But the question of their relationship remains, as well as the question of whether a wisp can become a charge of its own accord or not. Ex. can a wisp come across an idea that isn't fully manifest and latch onto it? Becoming that idea, even without a caretaker creating it in that way?

    Why would he want or need to learn to use computers if he is in a fantasy world? This leads me to ask the question: can they go to whatever worlds they want? And if so, how does it affect their stories? If a writer makes a fantasy world where dwarves know nothing of computers, can they exist when they know there's a portal just down the hall that can take them to a plethora of worlds? Doesn't this affect the created world? Is there any form of segregation for the charges? Ex. Can a writer make a Tolkein world and keep his Ainur in Aman without them ever knowing there's a harry potter world and a city site with hundreds of other characters and computers, etc?

    Ah, this sort of clarifies it.
    This also adds to what my questions were about the worlds. So if the worlds can't interact with each other, woudln't that mean that no charges from any one world could ever go and interact with a charge from another? Because this would mean a clashing of worlds and world mechanics. If this is the case, who resides in the city sites? Characters without stories?
  12. Wicked Ideas, both of you. I think you both have incredibly unique and special worlds happening and truthfully, I'm in love with them both. Great job and I really hope to see you both continue developing these. I'm certainly enjoying learning about them <3
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  13. Oh! That's okay >.< I'll try and answer as many as I can so uh, here I go;

    - The current two playable races that I have thought up are indeed the Gemini and the humans xD though I guess, technically speaking, the Star-children maaay be playable as well, in a sense >.< don't wanna spoil too too much yet xD

    - Hmm... Well, that's still up for debate actually >.< this particular "version" of "Stardust" I suppose has been a more recent conception of a weird concept I've been delving into while I was younger, so uh... Basically I have not quite had any other ideas for other races, except a certain, uh... Race? I suppose, more like scourge of the galaxy, but, uh, yeah >.< I'll keep details subtle because spoilers and such.

    - Hmm, as for the Starchildren, to some, I guess they could be seen as god-like beings... Though, because of a varying amount of beliefs that exist within both the Gemini and Humanity itself, alot of them have speculated that the Starchildren were simply ordinary beings, who have been exposed to extra-ordinary powers thanks to the "stars"

    - As for how the Starchildren are viewed amongst the Humans, and the Gemini? Well, that also varies >.< some, of course, see them as gods, beings to be worshipped, respected... Others see them as mysterious beings that have disappeared from this Galaxy... And, alot of the time, have taken an distinct interest in seeking out the artifacts they have left behind in order to discover the nature of their disappearance. However, there are still some out there who fear the Starchildren, viewing them as beings beyond their comprehension... These particular individuals usually prefer to have as little to do with the artifcats the Starchildren have left behind as possible, for fear that they too, may one day disappear, like the Starchildren.

    - Hmm, as for the relationship between the Humans and the Gemini? Well, as I did mention before, the two are kinda at odds with each other... While both races aren't widely known to outright start conflicts with one another, they do tend to have conflicting values/beliefs in certain cases. I guess a significant difference is that well, the latter have a bigger tendency to by physically frail, and are often taller, but, thinner than humans... And quite pale, often rumored to be the cause of spending most of their lives living in suits, wearing them on a day to day basis... While these suits do provide nutrients, and assist heavily in maintaining the Gemini's physical bodies, effectively extending their life spans, it often causes the wearer's muscles and physical form to become more delicate, causing the bearer to depend on these suits to sustain their own lives as they get into their later stages of their lives. This is something that the humans often are not very fond of, and, well, is often a subject of conflict... As most humans often frown upon such extreme dependence on these suits, while the Gemini themselves, alot of the time find the humans quite... Displeasing to hang around, viewing such exposure of one's physical form as a sort of nakedness, I guess. Though these conflicting traits tend to apply to a majority of the Humans and Gemini, respectively, there have been cases of humans making use of Gemini technology, and vice versa, with some Gemini even choosing to go without suits... However, such practices are often frowned upon by their race, much like humans who have become dependant on Gemini manufactured suits to sustain their lives. Despite their differences, and various squabbles however, while it is rare, that have indeed been cases of interspecies courtship between Humans and Gemini alike, as they are, biologically compatable... Despite their physical differences, presumably as a result of their different ways of life. I guess this answers three questions >.< whoops, oh well, sorry about the massive paragraph.

    - As for the sharing technology thing, yes, Humans and gemini regularly exchange technology and knowledge... And some have even banded together (somewhat begrudgingly at times) in order to hunt for Starchild artifacts, and ruins, that have been scattered throughout the galaxy... They are often identifiable by unique ships, that often combine both Human and Gemini technology to achieve a "top of the line" space vessel, capable of traveling across the galaxy at remarkable speeds, and often armed with very powerfull weaponry, to stave off potential threats they may encounter.

    - The origin of these two races are a mystery... But, it is rumored that the Gemini home planet may have once been a Starchild colony, and perhaps their technological advances have had a jump start from various small artifacts that they may have found. Humanity itself, well, does not differ all that much from humanity on it's present day, except they often refer to their home planet as "Terra" rather than Earth, as most see it now as a more... Bland name, I guess...

    - And yeah, their similarities do often cause the two races to speculate about whether or not they've had similar origins xD but unfortunately I can't say too much more, because again, spoilers @.@ sorry xD but, um, there is indeed the potential that they originate from similar, or perhaps the same ancestors/events that resulted in their creation.

    - A human often just needs to hang around a fully intact star for long enough... Though the time it takes for one to gain powers from this varies... Some have reported feeling a strange empowerment after merely a day... While for others, it often took a week, or sometimes even a month... There have been rare instances where it takes years for someone to finally gain powers from this... However, these humans tend to gain much stronger innate powers than most others. I guess the best way to describe what it feels like having these powers is, well... A welling feeling of either immense strength, hope, or, in some cases... Rage, there have been other emotions reported that humans often channel to better utilize their powers. There have been reported cases of humans with these powers losing their grip on reality... Or their minds themselves, often ones who use more "negative" emotions, such as anger, to channel their powers, however, such cases are barely heard of, as most empowered humans are discouraged from using such emotions to channel their powers. As for a connection with star pieces? Well, to a certain degree, they rely on the star pieces to recover their power once they are drained... And alot of empowered humans will strive to train, either through combat, or simply practicing using their powers, in order to increase their physical capacity to store the energy they seem to recieve from stars, allowing them to go longer without needing to recover their power. As for the Star children... Well, there is only speculation going around at the moment, but, it is rumored that the Star Children seem to be born with "innate" powers, not too dissimilar to the ones the humans possess, however, it is unknown how much they themselves relied on the stars... Though some have theorized that the Star Children's powers begin to falter once they are sufficiently far enough away from all 'stars', but, it is not known for certain, yet, as the Star children have yet to re-appear in the galaxy. And, well, as far as it is known... Humans do indeed keep their abilities forever, but, it is also possible that they have yet to reach their full potential with these abilities, seeing as alot of empowered Humans have trouble sustaining regular usage of their powers for more than maybe an hour... Though, progress is being made to overcome their rather quick "burnout" time.

    So, uh, yeah >.< I hope I didn't miss anything here xD and sorry for the wall of text again @.@
  14. Soulserenity20

    Excuse me for a moment while I screech in rage because I backspaced and all I wrote poofed. *rages against the heavens.*

    Okay, back to trying to rewrite everything. Wisps are just general everyday people, I don’t really imagine them with any role, though you could say they provide conflict to Wisp catchers. I guess you can say they’re like NPCs? Wireframes tend to be more susceptible to disease and heal wounds at a slower rate than the average human, they could have an open wound for months if not treated properly. Palettes and Charges look exactly the same, making a case of mistaken identity a thing. However, I would imagine each registered Wisp or Charge has to have a government issued id that they use to go to public places or buy things or eat at a restaurant, those kinds of things. It’s basically like having a citizenship. Wisps who aren't registered have to go to places where no id is needed, like soup kitchens as one example. As for their own identities, you could say they come from an artist or a writer. The idea can be generic and they come out fully formed from that, or they come from something specific and remember it upon seeing the person who created them, if they ever see them. The idea has to be from a person’s imagination in order to take fruit, so anyone with an imagination can unknowingly eventually lead to a Wisp’s creation.

    Caretakers take the form of humans and only humans when they log into a site. I, personally, imagine them wearing the same clothes they wore during the day and after they log right in. I guess you could say they can customize their appearance somewhat by buying clothes and dyes for hair color, but again, they have to be strictly human, as it’s not an MMO, but a fact of life to people.

    Their funds are virtual currency to them, real money for Charges and Wisps. The type of currency depends on what site one goes to. For example, an art site would have a different kind of currency than a writing site, and both of them would have a different kind of currency from a pure ropeplaying site. Caretakers earn this currency by submitting any artwork, any piece of writing, or just roleplaying, it depends on the site. For pure roleplaying sites, they earn money by roleplaying their characters. For art sites, they can either submit their writings or art pieces, and for writing sites they submit their written works.

    What dictates whose care a Charge is under? I believe it would be who created them that leads to them being under a Caretaker’s care. Although, if they have had a forgotten idea that turned into a Wisp, they wouldn’t be under their care because they didn’t actively create them. Caretakers can also take in Wisps as their Charges by having them be registered under their name, while all created Charges are registered after their creation is done. It’s possible for being under a Caretaker’s care to be forced, especially if that person clings to that character for a long time. It’s a general unspoken rule that they don’t leave unless they know a Caretaker has left the site after many years.

    How much space? City sites grow like a normal city would, but the sheer amount of Wisps outdoes any kind of growing a city can make for their populace. What dictates the amount of space available is how popular a site is. No, sites do not compete against each other to be the most popular, but the popularity does affect the growth of a city. If it’s low key, they don’t have much space so Wisps generally don’t appear as much there. They gravitate to sites that are popular, hence why more popular sites have Wisp Catchers. A smaller city site can have Wisp Catchers too, though.

    Uh, the portals that can lead to Reality? Truthfully, those aren’t supposed to exist and are immediately destroyed when found. Any Wisp caught going through one of these, even once, leads to their Erasure. If a Charge under a Caretaker’s care goes through it and gets caught, the Caretaker has to either forcefully Erase that Charge or no longer be a Caretaker and have all their Charges Erased. …Wow that’s way more crapsacky than I thought it would be now that I worded it like that. I guess you can chalk up this kind of mentality due to fear. Who wouldn’t be afraid if the imaginary can come into the real world and cause havoc? Very, very few people know of these portals and the Internet government keeps a tight lid on it. As for how the ones from the city sites can interact with the world of Reality, they can’t really harm the everyday person, no matter how much power they use. When interacting with objects, they pull out an imaginary version of it while the thing is still there, in the end. They can touch other people, but only with they concentrate. Forgot to add, but when out in Reality others from the Internet city sites can see them too and, unlike with people from Reality, can use their power on them. Rambled too much off topic stuff, um… Honestly I don’t know how to answer that, it could be a byproduct of the advancing technology within the Internet, the one where characters can go to the world created especially for them and can come right back. So yeah, next set of questions.

    Creative Muses aren’t characters in a story. They’re more like…an invisible organ. Part of the body and with a specific purpose on giving someone creativity and whatnot. For people who don’t regularly use their creative side, theirs is much, much weaker than someone who uses it on a daily basis. So, uh, I guess the Creative Muse has to be a certain…insert measurement here- in order for people to see Wisps and Charges from the Internet, but then again that almost never happens sooo… And yes, even writers can, roleplayers too if they roleplay on a regular basis because (Don’t shoot me for this.) roleplaying is like creating a story together with other people.

    Charges and Wisps aren’t stages of life. They’re just like people and existing, living as a person in modern day times plus fancy technology. The relationship would be how people normally interact with strangers, though being a Wireframe, some people tend to look down on. Palettes, because they look so similar, don’t get the short end of the stick as often but it is possible to be discriminated against. Most laws made just protect Charges with the occasional Wisp law giving them minimal protection. Do Charges want to become Wisps? If their Caretaker is particularly cruel, they would wish it but can’t do anything unless their Caretaker no longer can be a Caretaker or just leave after many years and don’t come back. A Wisp can become someone’s Charge of their own accord, but they have to be persistent if they want to be the Charge of a particularly reluctant Caretaker. As for becoming a Charge without a Caretaker, that’s not really possible, nor can they become Caretakers themselves, it’s only people from Reality that can do it. They’ll just be classified as Wisps without a writer/artist/Caretaker taking care of them.

    Can a Wisp come across a not fully manifested idea and latch onto it? No, the ideas manifest in some dark place no one knows, I just call it an abyss. The ideas Wisps originally were can be changed by Caretakers when it comes to backstories and personalities. They can revert to the personality they want while picking the backstory they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that they can revert to something else that’s not really them and is seen as terrifying.

    Lumping the last two sets of questions together. It’s a bit of a mess, considering that with all the other worlds out there, it seems like a multiverse where others can interact and there’s general confusion. Usually, upon creation for Charges, they are told how the city sites work and technology and how to use them. They tend to feign ignorance about the city sites and whatever thing is out of place in their world when they go to their world and live their lives in it. The people in those worlds are generally NPCs while the Charges are the main characters. There can be discrimination against others, like a super futuristic alien looking down on a medieval knight as dumb while the knight would view the alien as something that needs to be slain. There generally is segregation if there’s multiple zones/genres to live in, to make the people that generally rely on the genre they come from comfortable. As for who resides in city sites? I imagine them to be the ones that get roleplayed, with a few coming from stories. Characters from stories tend to stay within their own worlds.
    Guess I should explain Homes then. Homes are basically large rp groups that one can go to and let their Charge live with other Charges, like a boarding house. It’s here that they can meet other people’s Charges and try to get along, maybe. These aren’t the only places where Charges from other people can interact, but it’s generally helpful in introducing one’s Charge to other Charges.

    One more thing as I wrap up. For Charges, their healing factor is whatever the Caretaker designates them, though it doesn’t stop the possible violence against them in city states. Charges usually meet their end through Erasure, though them dying due to natural causes isn’t unheard of. Another thing, Charges don’t age while Wisps do, they don’t even age when going to their world as they tend to repeat the same scenario of their story over and over again. The technology for medicine tends to be advanced in all but the psychiatric and therapeutic areas. Because seriously, very abused characters with tragic pasts that get thrown into circumstances that will break them and go beyond that would need them. Badly. And they’d be swamped with work and wouldn’t be able to treat them well if their Caretaker puts them into bad situations. Okay, I’m just about done answering these questions!
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  15. OwO I wish I'd known about this thread sooner! I love when players ask me questions, especially questions that I can't immediately answer!

    Here's the interest check for my newest RP, if you'd like to take a look at it. The info here isn't as detailed as what'll be on the OOC, but I think it'll be a good place to start for the sake of this exercise. ^^
  16. Thanks for the post @Kaga-kun

    I'm having some computer problems today so it'll take a bit for me to get in to tending to this thread but I hope to have things working by tomorrow!
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  17. But it's okay because you love us anyway, right? :P
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  18. I don't know how to love the sane anymore ^_^