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Lizzy or Liz as she often were called had just walked out of the biograph, it had become very dark outside but she didn't care, she had walked home in the dark so many times and nothing had ever happened. The rain was pouring down, she didn't have an umbrella but she weren't bothered by the rain. Rain was a part of nature and she were a person that loved everything moder earth gave her, even if it was cold and it rained she should still embrace it because water means life, without water they wouldn't be on earth, they wouldn't be living. The rain would maybe make her catch a cold but if that was what fate had in store for her then she would embrace that fate. Maybe it would be kind and not let her get sick.

But her mother would probably go mad when she got home all wet again. Actually it wasn't her real mother, Liz were adopted and the people that took care of her didn't even like her. Sometimes she wondered why they even bothered with her if they hated her so much. On her 'father' it didn't notice that much that he disliked her, he mostly ignored her but her 'mother' often showed her dislike by finding as many faults as she could in Liz's behaviour or grades or anything else. She couldn't stand that woman, but she didn't have a choice she were seventeen and it would take at least one more year before she would be able to get out from that place.

A sight escaped her lips as the thoughts just became more and more unpleasant.
"What are you sighting like that for? It doesn't suit you at all." A familiar voice said, as she turned around she saw a really familiar guy but at first she didn't know where she had seen him. But as he walked closer she remembered. Just a few days earlier she had met that guy at the street, he had bumped in to her without apologising and she had said a rude comment about him pretty loud to her friend whom she had been with at that moment. He had almost looked like he were going to attack her but some of his friends had told him to let it go, "she is a girl after all." they said. She hadn't thought that she would meet him again.

He grinned ugly as he got closer "What's wrong? Don't you have something to say about me today?" He asked, but she barely noticed what he said. He had some kind of metal bar in his hand, that and his grin make her feel really uncomfortable and she knew she had to get away from there. She tried to walk away hoping he just tried to frighten her but he stopped her immediately and forced her in to an alley.

She couldn't remember what happened once she had been forced in to the alley but she remembered waking up on the ground, her body hurted and the rain were still pouring down on her. She had no idea where she were because her head were spinning, she tried to rise but it only ended with her falling down on the ground. Would she die like that? In the middle of the night while the rain were pouring down. She didn't mind though, she would at least die close to the nature, it wasn't like she had much to live for anyways.

As she slowly started to loose conciousness she heard footsteps, Liz wasn't certain if it was in her imagination or if they were real. But no one would find her in the alley in the dark, no one would think about looking in to it. Her body would probably not be found before the morning and then it would probably be to late. She were going to bleed to death in a alley. At least her stepparents would be happy about it. She grinned a litle at the thought of them before going uncounciouss on the ground.

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Lea sighed and looked at the sky. Another uninteresting night. She walked down the street, looking for her gang van that was usually parked in an alley but before she left, she gave the idiot of the group the keys. She growled at her idiotic actions before stopping at the door of an alley. Lea had blond, shaggy and layered hair. She wore black pants and a black vest top that came to the top of her belly button and a red jacket and cut-off gloves. All over her and hidden in her clothes, she hid weapons. Skillfully, of course. Since her step father was the leader of her gang before he was killed, it was only natural for her to adapt such skills.

Slowly she walked down the alley and seen the girl, Frowning softly. She gave the body a slight nudge with her foot. Was she dead? What happened? Why did she even care? She sighed and looked at the girl closer.
Liz woke up a litle as she felt something or someone touching her, but her vision was blurry and she had no chance of moving her body. Maybe that guy had come back to see if she were still alive, maybe he wanted to finnish what he started. It would soon be over, he would kick her, hit her sometimes and then she would pass out again and not even feel anything as she died. But nothing happened. The person just stood there without doing anything to her.

She heard how someone sighted over her, it sounded like a girl, or maybe a really young guy with a light voice. She tried to pull her body up to see who was there but the only movement she were able to do were with her hand, it only moved some inches before becoming limp again. At least her head moved a litle more as she wanted, she was laying on her stomach with her head towards her right side. She were able to move her head a bit more to the right so she were able to see the person standing over her. Liz couldn't see the woman clearly but she was certain it was a woman with blond hair, she couldn't make out more than that in the dark and with her head spinning like that.

Even though she already had prepared herself for death she suddenly became afraid of dying, she wanted to survive now when she maybe had a chance. A person were standing there and could help her. Tears started to fall down her cheek but maybe it wasn't noticable because of the rain. She tried to speak but she couldn't get out even a single word, instead her lips formed the word help before she passed out again.
Lea frowned slightly. So she was alive. Lea could tell the girl barely was though. She looked around. Who did this to her? She frowned deeper and leaned closer, on a knee. The girl was beautiful, even though she was beat up. She wiped the tears the girl cried and slowly picked her up, carrying her in her arms and stood. Walking to find the van once again.

It didn't take long for her to find the van again. Though none of her other members were around. Probably trashing a store. She opened the back of the van to a wide open space. She sat her in a seat before making a bed like object and layed her back down. She went to get a wet cloth to wash the girls face and then sat beside her once she finished.
Liz woke up after a while, her vision still a bit blurry. She noticed that it didn't rain anymore but the rain could still be heard clearly, wherever she where it was warmer than before and the ground didn't feel hard anymore. It took some time for her to realise that she wasn't outside at all, her vision slowly came back and she saw the inside of a car. She were just going to move but noticed that her body was aching in pain when she tried to use it. But even though it ached like hell she still forced herself to get up in sitting position while trying to not pass out again. It wasn't before she sat up that she noticed the other person in the car.

Her memories felt blurry and she weren't certain what had happened, why she had bruises all over her body or why she sat in a car with a stranger. "What happened?" She asked with a husky voice, barely even speaking to the woman that were in the car with her, it was mostly just to ask herself what was going on. But if that person could answer then that would be good to. She felt pain in her chest when she spoke and moved, even just breathing hurted, maybe some ribs were broken.
"I could ask that same question." She hummed and looked at her. A cigarette was in her mouth and she looked back outside, "I found you in an alleyway. No need for you to be there. So i brought you here to my van." she looked back at her and stood, going to a coffee machine and made a cup, handing it to the other. "Drink up. You sound bad." She looked around. "I don't know much about broken bones.. but i could give you some bandages."
An annoying beeping sound were stuck in her head, it was a bit hard to hear what the woman said threw the sound in her head but somehow she made out what the woman wanted to say. Liz took the cup and started to drink the moment she had it in her hands, she were already so hurtened so she didn't even feel that she burned her toung on the coffee, for the most she didn't even like coffee but right now she would drink anything. The warm liquid went down threw her throat and she didn't even care about that it was a bit to hot, the throat already hurt anyways.

"Sorry for the trouble. You must have better things to do than taking care of someone dying on the street." Liz said and chukled a litle, her mind started to work again and her memories came back a litle. Her voice got a bit better after drinking but was still a litle bit husky. She had never thought that she actually would survive there, how big were the chance that someone would see her? Even if they would see her it was a pretty small chance that she would be helped because they would be to afraid of her being dead.
She hummed softly. "I suppose. Though im interested to know who did this to you. Someone like you shouldn't be in these parts of town. Though sometimes you cant help it.." She grabbed a cup of coffee for herself and sat back next to her after getting bandages. "Do you have a home?"
"I have a place where I live yes, but I wouldn't call it a home. And if I went there in this state then they would probably kill me for being so useless and careless." Liz said a bit hurtened by her own words, she knew that it was true, they really hated her. But saying it out loud felt worse than just thinking about it.

"I don't really know who he were that beat me down, he walked in to me on the street some days ago and I got pissed off and said that he were an idiot to my friend. He wanted to beat me up already at that point but his friend stopped him. I guess he wanted to prove that I was right and he actually were a dick head." Maybe it was bad of her to say such things to strangers so they could hear her but as long as they couldn't hear what she said then they wouldn't be able to kill her for it. She took another sip on her coffee and now noticing the burn she had gotten on her tounge. It stung a bit but the rest of her body were much worse than that so she couldn't care less about the burn at the moment.
She frowned and looked back outside. "You can stay here then. You're save here.." She closed her eyes and flicked the bud into the wet alley way. She then stood, looking down at her. "I don't have money for a hospitle, but i do have supplies. I'll try to help you." She said, though in her mind, she was questioning herself. Why does she care? She has killed, seen others die before her eyes. Then she never cared. Why now. Why her?
She glansed a litle at the woman, why did she let a total stranger stay with her? Maybe because she were hurtened, she probably felt sorry for her. "Thanks." Liz said and looked down in to the coffee cup lost inside her own thoughts. Then she realised that they hadn't even told eachother who they were. "I guess we missed to introduce ourselves, it's a bit weird to not be able to have a name when you're talking to someone. I'm Liz." She said and smiled, but the smile fast disappeard as the pain spread in her face. A big bruise were just at the corner of her mouth which made smiling a litle dificult.
She frowned, seeing the bruse. "I'm Lea." She went to get a bag of ice. {In.. pain.. can't.. type -flails-]
Liz took the bag of ice when it was reached to her, putting it at her bruise it hurt even more for a moment before the pain graduately disappeard of the cold ice. "Why did you help me? Not many would have bothered with checking on a half dead person."She asked curiously, in those kind of places it was to normal for people to just pass by if someone was hurtened. They knew about the gang fights and they probably just assumed that everyone lying on the ground half dead was in a gang and ofcourse they wanted them to die, even though they never would confess it. If there was even one gang member less then it would be a litle safer on the streets.
She frowned softly. "I am not shure to be honest.. I was just looking for the van is all." She walked to a small box and pulled put a bag with snacks in it. "chips? Chocolate?"She offered to the ignered girl
Liz looked at Lea as she went to a sall box, then asking about if she wanted some. She needed to think for a while if she would be able to eat anything, her body hurt so much so she would probably just throw up if she tried to eat anything. "No thanks, I'm not hungry." She said and finnished her cup with coffee. It was really nice of Lea to take her in like that even though she didn't know her at all. But she couldn't stay with her for to long, it would only be bothersome for Lea so she should try to call some friends and see if she could stay with them instead.

"I think I can leave already tomorrow, I just need to call some friends and see if I can sleep at someones place." She said a bit abscent minded. She didn't want to leave, it felt a bit safe to be with Lea, maybe it just were because she had saved her.
She frowned softly and then nodded, "It may help if i put bandages on your body." she said and took the empty cup. Lea looked at liz as the girl spoke, feeling a bit saddened by her wanting to leave. She mentally shook her head. no, its only natural for someone wanting to be with their friends in this condition. she nodded softly. "Alright i understand. Want more coffee?"
Liz lifted her head from having looked in to the floor to now looking at Lea, she smiled a bit with the side of her mouth that didn't have a big bruise on it. "I think bandaging my ribs would be a good idea." She said feeling the pain of her possibly broken bones. "No thanks" She said and shoke her head as she answered Lea's question about the coffee.
She nodded and set the cup back on the counter. she then grabbed the bandaged and kneeled beside her. "Ill have to take off your shirt." She said and then started to undress the top half of the girl.
It hurt when she took up her arms to let Lea take off her shirt, more bruises that had been covered by the shirt were now visible. They were all over her back and down her arms. When her shirt were off her skin got colder and she shivered a litle. It shouldn't be embarrasing to sit in just a bra when she were in front of a girl, but still it did feel embarrasing. A small blush spread over her cheeks and she put her arms around her chest automatically, but soon she took up her arms so that Lea could put on the bandage properly without her arms being in the way.
She frowned slightly. "'I will need to get some lotion first before i can bangage. Your too brused." She stood and walked to a cabanet and got a bottle of cream then came back, sqweezing some on her hands.