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  1. WARNING: This is a very serious theme, if you don't like it then walk away.

    "Bullying drives some into a corner, it drives them to believe that the worst choice they could ever make is the better, for they do not deserve to live. They are too ugly, too stupid, too weird or just unique. They are driven by the ones who wish them bad. But what would happen if you, a bullying victim, took your life to later wake up at the exact same spot to notice that you are now a ghost, bound to watch your family and friends cry out in agony for their loss..."


    Every child goes through a hard time growing up, they make friends, they fight and they make enemies. But what seems to follow them until the day they die is jealousy and envy. No one is perfect and that's why hatred exists, to never let us be completely pure.
    Year 2017 was the year that most people took their life between the ages of 16 to 24, bullying drove them all into a corner, made them feel all alone and one day it all was just too much. And at the time dying seemed like the only opinion to get away from it all, leaving their families to cry in agony for weeks or maybe months.
    But dying didn't give them peace. Instead they all realized when they opened their eyes after dying that they now would live through the same thing again, for they were now haunted by their pasts as ghosts that wonders the earth, unseen by those who are still alive. They would see their own burial and they would see the pain in their beloved peoples eyes. They would regret their decision, but what they had done would not come undone. For now they would see how their families would tackle the loss of one who fell victim to bullying. Now they would see the eyes of the people who made them take their lives, they would see how it affected them, how it would turn them wicked and how they would fight to recover. But in the end they can never forget the last day they saw those pair of broken eyes that had lost the will to live.

    I had this roleplay idea some days ago, I think it's a very interesting theme to tackle, yes it isn't the happiest one in the bunch but it isn't really about people seeing their deaths as such, this role-play is mostly about how they meet others who have gone through the same and how they came to the conclusion of taking their own lives. This role-play is about how they regain their lost confidence and how they disappear to be reborn, for they had been given a second chance at life.
    As the prefix says, it's a interest check, I won't make this roleplay without knowing that others are interested in it, so if you're interested leave a comment and if five roleplayers like this theme/roleplay idea I will make it.

    The kind of people I am looking for to be a part of this roleplay shall be able to write a little more than just three rows (so intermediate it is) and be able to make emotions fly out of their posts, because that way the roleplay will seem a bit more realistic.
    Well that's it for me, if you interested leave a comment as stated before^^

    If you feel like joining, press the link below
    The Outsiders Signups
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  2. *approves * o3ob i will approve and i will join ><b
  3. Thanks for showing interest Kakao^^
  4. No problem *^* i look forward to roleplaying with everyone who joins
    please join this rp and i will give u a cookie...^^
  5. I would like a cookie. :angel:
  6. *gives cookie * :D
  7. How wonderful to see another person that's interested in this roleplay :'D
  8. this theme is extremely deep, and i love it. it'll be depressing and extremely emotional, but in the end, the characters will get a second chance by finding their courage and will together.

    i adore that shit.

    count me as interested.
  9. Tossing my hat into this ring.

    (@Yuomi It's always fun to meet another Tokyo Ghoul fan! :) Love your sig)
  10. *gives cookie*
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  11. I love this theme it is so versatile and not only about bullying it could hit some hard facts on other realistic issues that are currently going on in the world I love it. You get a cookie and a pat on the back I am so joining.
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  12. Oh thank you so much, I love that as well (my weak spot actually) >w<

    Thank you so much, I made the sig myself some months ago~

    Thank you for wanting to join this^^

    There's five people interested now :O
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  13. *^* yay alex we met your goal right? ( maybe posting it on my helpt ;D maybe ikd o.o;)
  14. There is actually 6 due to my friend that brought this interest check to my attention.
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  15. Oh then please thank your friend for me since he/she brought me another interesting person to this roleplay idea of mine^^
  16. No problem lol im sure he will post something soon especially when you get the sign up up lol and thanks for calling me interesting even though it can be taken multiple ways lol am I interestin looking or have an interesting accent ..... this can be explored..... lol jk thanks for the compliment though
  17. You're very welcome, I see most people as interesting since there's always something unique to them, there's not quite often I meet two people that are the same I can tell you^^
    I am currently fixing a signup thread in the Horror genre's (Psychological), I made a banner for the ads a while ago so I'm going to send that in as well when I've finished the signup thread and that stuff.
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  18. Can't wait lol
  19. Same here since I am soon done with the signup thread :DD
  20. Hey I'm here I'm the friend *Waves*
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