The Organization of Men in Suits (O.M.I.S)

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    These men, and women (despite the name) are the best in the business of assassinations and protection. If you need someone dead, they'll do it, no questions asked. If you think someone is out to get you, they'll watch your back.
    However, if someone needs you dead, they'll have to decline. Or... That's what you think. In reality, they'll double as assassin-body guards. That's like killing two birds with one stone. You're not supposed to know that though. The point is, if you're on their list of "To be killed" you won't get away. Don't worry though, if someone asks them to kill you while you're being protected, you'll be safe. It's a first come, first serve business.
    But of course, every organization has its enemies.
    In this case, it's governments from around the world. Why?
    Well, remember the "no questions asked" part? Yeah, sometimes they end up killing an important politic or another government official.
    But hey, don't worry. They didn't get where they are today by being easy-to-find people. One HQ gets raided and they already have over a dozen more set up. To make things easier, they have some undercovers in all sorts of law-enforcement places. FBI, CIA, Local Police Department, you name it. That way, they know when there'll be a raid and they can get out easily.
    Although, some do get caught sometimes.
    They will be the hardest people to break though. You won't get a word out of them, even if you use ancient torture rituals, they will never break down.
    If they do, they know what happens.

    Character Roles

    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 750, align: center"]
    Organization Members. They have many skills. Handling snipers, hand-to-hand combat, among others.

    Law Enforcement. These can be local Police Officers, Private Investigators, FBI, CIA (and any others you can think of) Remember, they won't just magically know where the organization HQs are, so be sure you work a little to find out ;)

    Clients. You either need protection, or you need someone to be killed. (You may want to make two characters, you never know when you'll end up on the hitlist.)


    Character Sheet

    Anything Else?:
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    Name: Alice Winchester

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Role/Occupation: One of the younger assassins of O.M.I.S

    History: Her mother died giving birth and her father had long since been gone, sending her and her brother to an orphanage. They were adopted together, luckily, by the Winchester family. The Winchesters named Alice, because she didn't have an official name (because of circumstances). Growing up, Alice was always more rebellious than her brother. She was often getting into fights and getting suspended. She was sent to a boarding school at age 16, where she exhibited an interest in archery and boxing. Later, Alice was "recruited" by a scout for O.M.I.S. How people are recruited remains unknown.


    Name: Kyo Winchester

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Role/Occupation: FBI agent

    History: Orphaned along with his little sister, Kyo always took more responsibility. Even though he was only five years old, he always made sure to protect his baby sister and to always stay with her. When adopted by the Winchester family, he helped choose Alice's name (having read Alice in Wonderland). Despite his young-delinquent sort of appearance, Kyo is a law-abiding citizen. He's currently working the O.M.I.S case, whithout knowing that his own sister is with them.


    Name: Jason Myronse

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: tumblr_lbyzp6ZbV51qev01no1_500.jpg

    Role/Occupation: Undercover O.M.I.S agent, currently in the FBI as Kyo's partner'

    History: Jason was one of those rich, jock-type of guys in highschool. At least, that's how he acted. In reality, Jason lived in a small, lower-class family home. The clothes he wore were clothes he had stolen from small shops near his home, some were gifts, and others were given to him as payment for a small job.

    So, even as a teenager, Jason was an actor. When he was recruited into the O.M.I.S, he was immediately trained to be an undercover agent. He was given fake paperwork, a fake look, a fake personality. Truth be told, no one knows who the real Jason Myronse is. You could say, the real Jason Myronse is a master of disguise.

    When he was sent to an FBI office to apply, he didn't know that his partner would be Alice's brother. He later found out when Kyo invited him for drinks and Alice showed up as well.

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  5. Name: Jack Blackburn

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: His outfit changes as often as his contract does, varying from business attire to ghillie suits to casual wear, its determined by his job. His physical appearance is normal, good to get him through casual scenarios. Standing 5'11, with deep blue eyes, and dark brown hair cut to a short buzz. A wide set jaw and broad shoulders beneath his eyes, a trim body over large muscle hinting at his past experience as a linebacker in high school. Several star shaped scars embroider his back and left arm, and one straight straight just beside his right eye. Weighing at 215 pounds, he realizes he is not the most agile of snipers, but makes up for it with harsh training, a keen intellect, and often brute force.

    Organization: OMIS, employed for several years and currently serving as an over watch and sniper, much to his liking.

    History: A great deal of his history is shrouded in secret, but the larger parts come through with clarity. Entered the military and qualified in several shooting exhibitions to obtain some notoriety as a deadeye, earning him several missions into hostile territory without official recognition from the government. After two tours, one of them marked out by black ink in his profile, he left the service after contacted by the organization some time later. Tyler Steel is his only known closefriend from life prior to OMIS, having served during the first tour together.


    Name: Tyler Steel

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: army_silverstar_101908.JPG

    Organization: Client and Independent Contractor

    History: After serving one tour with Jack, Tyler left the military to pursue a more direct love of military hardware by becoming an unofficial warlord, supplying and stocking many common firearms and specializing in high end modifications and special orders. His business is discreet, as he and Jack both know the necessity of keeping work separate from each other. As such, they do often break this rule enough to conduct business together, Tyler sometimes requiring an objective, and Jack sometimes requesting a specialized firearm. The arrangement has worked out well for the both of them.


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