"I thought I'd lost Secchan forever, but the truth is always stranger than fiction... I know you aren't Secchan or have his memories, but I do care for you, Josuke. Well before all this came out. This used to be about revenge, but now I just want to be happy. In spite of it all. I just want happiness, like everyone else."

Name: Saburo Katagiri (片桐三朗)

Age: 19

Party Role: Mage


Original Character

Personality: (WARNING: Heavy themes underneath including suicide attempts and depression. Please skip ahead if you feel uncomfortable with those topics or DM me if you want a personality description of Saburo with the references to your triggering topics redacted. Also contains mild spoilers for Jojolion, but Saburo's introduction to it mildly alters canon so the spoiler level is debatable.)

A little cool and detached to those he doesn't know and perhaps overly cautious, Saburo is an introspective individual who speaks up only when he feels he has something to contribute to the discussion. Depressive at the start of the series due to the disappearance of his boyfriend and his ongoing conflict with his biological father, the two share a mutual dislike for each other which resulted in him taking his mother's surname legally when Joubin showed no interest in being any sort of parent and tries to pretend Saburo does not exist.

Cunning and ruthless concerning the people he dubs his enemy like his father, he financially explotis Joubin and threatens to reveal himself to the rest of the Higashikata family, outing his affair with his birth mother to his wife, Mitsuba and eleven year old son Tsurugi. Despite saying he doesn't need a father, he does suffer some unhappiness with his domestic life as a result. On the other hand, Saburo idealizes his mother and always cherished the moments she would spend time with him due to her being a successful IT consultant in the nearby S-City, to the point an illusion of his mother wanting to cut off ties with him caused by a Rock Organism broke his heart and pushed him to try to commit suicide.

It was during his attempted suicide in the bathroom of a ramen stall using a razor blade to slit his wrists where he met Josefumi Kujo, who used his Stand, Soft & Wet to remove the sharpness from the blade with a soap bubble and incidentally popped it near the Rock Organism feeding Saburo these illusions of his mother, killing it. Thankful to Josefumi for saving his life, he quickly became friends with him and Yoshikage Kira, endeavouring to help them on their plan, but Kira wanting Saburo to stay out of it.

After the tsunami where his newfound friends disappeared two years after he met them, Saburo was once again reclusive and a little depressive until encountering Josuke and Yasuho Hirose. Joining the duo since he was already classmates with Yasuho in a singular class, he believed Josuke to be his former boyfriend, Josefumi Kujo suffering from retrograde amnesia, a belief that only strengthened after seeing his Stand, Soft & Wet. Naturally getting close to Josuke, he was a little saddened to learn he didn't remember him but offered his friendship to Josuke, wanting him to find out his identity a new, and that even if he isn't fully Josefumi, he hopes enough of Josefumi survived that they might fall in love again.

Fiercely protective of Josuke and naturally allying with him against his father Joubin and his machinations, he learnt some of what Kira and Josefumi were planning and their ultimate fate, deeming Tamaki Damo to be responsible for the "death" of Josefumi Kujo and intending to murder him in revenge for his suffering. Demonstrating himself to be a capable combatant with multiple strategies, his versatile ability and inventiveness with it's power allowed him to best more experienced opponents in a fight or support others in their plans. Despite taking heavy damage during their final conflict with the organization, Saburo's survival showcases tenacity in the face of extreme adversity.

Some call it a curse

Some call it sweet salvation
No one can deny the stimulation
Ask Alice
"What it is," she says, "it's my occupation"
Come and see Alice work
Alice through the looking glass
Come in slow, go out fast
No man has ever lasted (No)
Alice through thе looking glass

Stand Name: Alice Through The Looking Glass (アリス・スルー・ザー・ルキング・グラース, Arisu Surū Zā Rukingu Gurāsu)
Stand User: Saburo Katagiri
Stand Namesake: Alice Through The Looking Glass by Prince (Originally recorded in 1991, officially released on Diamonds & Pearls Super Deluxe Edition, 2023)
Stand Type: Artificial Humanoid. Sentient, Range-Irrelevant (Ability-wise, similar to The World/King Crimson)
Stand Cry: Dorarararara/NEW POWER GENERATION! (First is used in a standard barrage, New Power Generation refers to Prince and the New Power Generation, the band he recorded Diamonds and Pearls with where the stand song name comes from, similar to Spice Girl's stand cry being Wannabe, a song they're known for.)
Stand Stats

Stand Appearance


Stand Ability

"Misdirection~ When I'm showing you something, it's because I'm doing something else that I don't want you to see..."
- Alice Through The Looking Glass


The main part of Alice's ability is named Magia, due to it's magical effects on the environment and Alice's predisposition to stage magic. Acting as a state of energy the Stand generates, it can be used to reshape the world using raw Stand energy and it's odd properties, rewriting matter and causing the changes Saburo wants, such as abjuration, conjuration or transmutation via what Alice calls "spells", forms of her Magia energy with specific intended consequences. Such a direct use of the power is taxing on both of them. It can be used to directly power other things, such as giving Stands more power at the cost of Alice's own, such as when Yasuho's Guidance was enhanced by Magia from Alice Through The Looking Glass, temporarily being able to search for information from people's "souls". It can also impart mundane objects with new powers, such as a Magia Spell causing a car to be able to accelerate to 300 miles per hour due to Stand energy empowering the engine supernaturally or causing bullets fired at the user to move through time instead of space, sending them into the future but in the same location they were spatially to avoid them hitting. Saburo can force Alice's Magia levels to regenerate faster by either sleeping, entering deep meditation or eating a lot of food, needing to regain his energy levels to empower his Stand.

Artefact Generation

The second ability of Alice is Artefact Generation, being able to create mythical artefacts using raw matter she infuses with her Magia, using the object like a battery for her power. The "artefacts" she creates come from mythology, such as Mjolnir or Pandora's Box and are treated as Sub-Stands with the Bound Stand property, being a Stand Ability bound to a physical object. It's ability tends towards being whatever powers it is commonly believed to have, such as Mjolnir controlling lightning or Pandora's Box containing all the evils of the world and hope at the bottom. Alice's Magia is merely the spark that gives it power, human belief and the collective consciousness concerning the Artefact is what gives it power, being a more power-efficient use of the Stand Ability.

Illusion Manipulation

More a property of the Stand being made of segmented mirrors, Alice is able to manipulate very convincing illusions by carefully reflecting and refracting light, infusing the photons with miniscule amounts of Magia to alter or change theri wavelength, often misdirecting her real position to sneak attack opponents.

Gold earrings (1st Year Anniversary present from Josefumi)


Studies archaeology at university, secretly wants to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.
Note: Josuke was adopted by the Higashikata's and Saburo disowned his father for abandoning him.
Listen to audiobooks when at work.
Has a few scars on his body from his final fight with the main antagonist of Jojolion.
Favourite food is mocha cream cake.
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"In the shadows they label me a devil, in the light they see a weapon. But i'm just a son, seeking to save the life of the man that gave me life."

7 years (Biological Age, around early 40s in human age)

Party Role:
Ranged DPS / Crowd Control

Original Character

Burt is only loyal to his father/creator but with his father lost and having experienced betrayals and prejudice from society, he has become a lonesome figure, fighting for its own survival. He mostly defies any attempt of camaraderie except when he has come to know the person and proved that they could actually be good companions.

He is determined and strong willed, having gone through countless of trials in his lifetime.

Being a part animal. His behavior, oftentimes reveal animalistic instincts in moments of stress or danger, juxtaposed with moments of deep contemplation and human-like emotions.

Athletic Limbs.
Enhanced Speed and Agility: Burt's powerful legs grant him the ability to move at speeds beyond the capability of an average individual. His agility allows him to navigate through challenging terrains and execute acrobatic maneuvers with ease.

Ermine's Musk.
Disorienting Aura: When pressed in a tight situation, Burt can unleash the potent scent of the ermine, disorienting and confusing those in close proximity. This unique ability serves as both a defensive mechanism and a strategic advantage, creating chaos among adversaries.

Agile Gunslinger.
Lightning-Fast Draw: Burt's expertise in handling pistols is unparalleled. His lightning-fast draw allows him to respond to threats with remarkable speed, giving him a crucial edge in combat situations. He can accurately target and hit adversaries, even while on the move.

Enhanced Ermine's Fur.
Extreme Temperature Resistance: Burt's genetically altered fur provides him with protection against extreme temperatures. Whether facing scorching heat or freezing cold, his fur acts as a natural insulation, allowing him to endure and thrive in environments that would be otherwise, hazardous to others.


This enchanted pistol forged by Burt's alchemist creator, is not just a weapon; it's a manifestation of both magic and technological prowess. Crafted with care and imbued with mystical properties, Coyote is a versatile firearm that adapts to Burt's diverse needs. Here are some details about the magical pistol:

Adaptive Ammunition: Coyote possesses a unique ability to create its own specialized bullets on demand. This feature allows Burt to tailor his arsenal to the challenges he faces, from combat situations to more delicate tasks.

Electric Charge Round: One of Coyote's capabilities is the creation of bullets charged with electricity. These rounds can deliver a shocking impact to foes, disrupting machinery, and incapacitating enemies with a surge of magical energy.

Penetrating Precision Bullet: For situations requiring precision and power, Coyote can craft exceptionally sharp bullets. These rounds have the ability to punch through strong metals effortlessly, making them ideal for piercing armor or other formidable barriers.

Explosive Shrapnel Shell: When faced with a need for widespread damage, Coyote can conjure explosive shrapnel shells. These bullets burst upon impact, unleashing a spray of shrapnel that can decimate groups of adversaries in a single shot.

EMP Wave Emitter: Coyote's versatility extends to its ability to create bullets that release an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) wave. This specialized round is particularly effective against electronic devices, temporarily disabling them within a wide radius.

Magical Forge Connection: The bond between Burt and Coyote is not just symbolic; it runs deep. Burt's alchemist creator forged this magical firearm, and as a result, there's a mystical connection between them. This connection ensures Coyote's reliability and responsiveness to Burt's will and makes it sure that Burt is the only one that can fire the weapon itself.

Burt "Whitedevil" Vaughn, a sentient ermine standing at an unusual three feet tall, carries the weight of an accidental creation on his shoulders. Born out of an alchemist's experiment gone awry, Burt's existence became a double-edged sword. His creator, who had intended to revive a beloved pet, unwittingly combined his own blood with a revival solution, bringing the ermine to life with unexpected consequences.

While Burt's physical growth remained stunted, his mental development soared at an astounding pace. Within a mere two months, he learned to speak the human language and began to reason like an adult. The alchemist, who had no other family, embraced Burt as his own son. However, the world outside viewed Burt differently.

As news of the extraordinary creature spread, the military saw potential in Burt as a powerful tool and weapon. Simultaneously, there were those who regarded him as a creation of the devil and sought his destruction. Faced with mounting threats, the alchemist made the heartbreaking decision to sneak Burt out of town to protect him.

The escape, unfortunately, led to the alchemist's capture by the military. Burt, now on his own, vowed to grow stronger and sought to rescue his beloved father and creator from captivity. In a world that viewed him as both a valuable asset and a demonic aberration, Burt navigates through the challenges, driven by a deep sense of loyalty and love for the man who inadvertently brought him into existence. His journey is one of self-discovery, as he grapples with his own identity and battles against those who wish to exploit or annihilate him.
rescue his beloved father and creator.​


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Quote: "I'm fine with doing whatever, as long as I get to see funny things happen to people."

Name: Jax

Age: 22

Party Role:


Jax is the lovable jerk, a guy who lives to pull pranks and engage in shenanigans. He will piss people off in lighthearted annoying ways, and not the same kind of ways that blitz would, more like in the kind of ways terezi would, but with less stakes. He can be a little rude and he loves to be sarcastic and mess with his friend's heads. He is also prone to keep important information hidden when he knows something bad going down.

Toon force - Jax is able to bend, stretch, twist and disappear leaving behind an afterimage when he runs away. He can also pull random items out of nowhere when the situation calls for it.

Jax can interact with fourth wall breaking phenomenon such as floating words that appear in the air.

Jax can summon up impossible strength and speed whenever it progresses the plot, but can suddenly have noodle arms when a plot device or obstacle cancels out his toon force.

A cartoonishly large mallet and a carrot

Jax has a key to everyone's rooms. What does he do with them..?


Quote: "Without homeless people I wouldn't have half the joy and laughter I do in this life."

"You know folks, with this company I really wanted to prove that we're capable of doing the same things anyone else can, like killing people. So from us here at the Immediate Murder Professionals group, we promise to settle your unfinished business or your money... is gone and you're never getting it back, and you can write us a bad review, but we'll play dumb to it because it's Hell and no-one f-cking cares."

Name: Blitzø

Age: 34

Party Role:
DPS (guns)


He's gritty. He's real. And he loves to kill. Blitz keeps the o silent and will keep anyone's mouth shut if they disagree. He also has a soft spot for his favorite demons. Everyone else is garbage to him! Especially humans. He has exactly no regard for humans. Why? Because they populate hell!

Human disguise--pretty much forgot all demons could do this for a while.

Mary Poppins--able to pull a variety of guns out of his pocket anytime. (left to dice roll - conducted with D20)

1. Water gun
2. Staple gun
3. Glock
4. Sniper rifle
5. Glock
6. Glock
7. Magnum
8. Glock
9. Dildo
10. Shotgun
11. Rubber ducky
12. Harpoon gun
13. Nailgun
14. Glock
15. Shotgun
16. Tommy gun
17. AR15
18. Minigun
19. Laser gun
20. Rocket launcher

Hunting knife
Stolas's grimoire - a portal to the human world and to other dimensions unknown to blitz. He doesn't give a damn what else it does, it's his ticket to assassinating humans! Stolas uses it to study the galaxy.

Blitz has NO REGARD for personal boundaries.


Quotes: "We make our own luck and you're about to prove that."
-From Terezi to John close to endgame

"You understand reality while everyone else is running around confused and angry and upset because they think reality is something happening to them rather than something they are making every moment with every thought."
-From the narrator about Terezi

Terezi Pyrope

7.38 sweeps, equivalent to 16 earth years

Party Role:
DPS (cane sword)(strategist)


Terezi is a very sarcastic, very gremliny girl with a taste for mischief. She loves to play judge, jury and executioner with her stuffed animals.

Terezi is what is known as a seer of mind. Her ability involves seeing possible outcomes of future decisions which makes her a master strategist. Her ability is linked to a dimension of mind in which possibilities are interconnected between past and future, making up a sort of ethereal web of neurons. She can perceive this web of neurons as a web of decisions she can make based on the possible decisions of her allies and enemies. When used in a team, this ability can raise other abilities to their fullest potentials.

Besides her main ability, Terezi can also smell colors, which compensates for her blindness.

Cane sword--A walking cane with a dragon head on the top, which has a sheath concealing a long blade.

Two face coin--A regular coin Terezi flips sometimes to give the illusion of chance. In reality, she leaves nothing up to chance. Her decision is usually already made before she even flips the coin. Flipping it just causes suspense and distracts her enemies.

Terezi went blind when she got mind controlled into walking outside during the day and looking at the sun. Later her blindness was healed and she regretted agreeing to the healing because she feels more comfortable being blind. For the purpose of this rp I'm adding a part in her history where she stabbed her own eyes out to return to blindness a la Jack English style.
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"You are now a Metroid, Samus Aran. Your very existence poses a threat to the galaxy. However, there is no need to fear. You can still contribute to galactic peace. You need only use your new powers correctly."
- Raven Beak, masquerading as ADAM

Samus Aran.
Metroid Prime.

Approximately thirty standard human years

Party Role
Ranged ADC/DPS


Samus is a woman of determination. She has overcome impossible odds over the course of her remarkably short life, each time emerging stronger than she had been thought before. Ever since that fateful day on K-2L, Samus' legacy has been that of a survivor. It has never been a survival borne of weakness or fear, but overwhelming willpower to see herself through the worst. While this brutal experience has made her far from the most sociable person, Samus is no stranger to manipulation, either. She has seen through the web of a psychotic alien intelligence, blown through galactic bureaucracy, and even outwitted her ancestral patrons. She is, and has always been, her own person. Now, more than ever, she is reliant only on herself. The connections she has made with others have only proven to weigh on her conscience, or worse, be used against her. It will prove difficult for her to learn to work alongside others again.

Metroid DNA
  • Energy Vampire
  • Killer Instinct
  • Subsistence in Inhospitable Environments
  • (Former) Ice Weakness

Bounty Hunter
  • Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy
  • Hybrid Chozo DNA
    • Thoha Genes
    • Mawkin Genes
  • Wall Jump
  • Melee Counter
  • (Honorable) Contract Killer
  • Baby Protector

  • Power Suit
    • Varia Armor
    • Gravity Agility
    • Metroid Prime
  • Power Beam
    • Charge Beam
    • Grapple Beam
    • Wide Beam
    • Diffusion Beam
  • Super Missiles
    • Storm Missiles
      [*]Ice Missiles
  • Morph Ball
    • Cross Bombs
    • Super Bombs
  • Spider Magnet
  • Screw Attack
    • Spin Boost
  • Speed Boost
  • Aeion Engine
    • Phantom Cloak
    • Flash Shift
    • Pulse Radar
  • Samus' Gunship (Missing)
    • ADAM (Status Unknown)

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  • 9c91e5f06d5c4cb0873122897046a044.gif

    "It's hero time!"

    Bejamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson


    Party Role:


    Ben Tennyson loves to play around and have fun, but he knows when the tough gets going and when to be serious and focused. It's said that his occasional jokes hide a serious demeanor.

    Photographic Memory

    Innate Leadership Abilities

    Quick Learner - Able to learn how to use a hoverboard, as if a natural, when most would need months of training.

    Infinite Tennyson Strength - If the plot demands it, can withstand blows that could kill a human, and deliver powerful blows himself. Was once able to cause Vilgax pain by pulling at his tentacles. There is a limit to this, though.

    A hoverboard from good ol Tetrax!

    Ben Tennyson wields the Omnitrix, a device which catalogs alien DNA and allows the user to turn into the species within its catalogs. Due to errors, Ben now has only ten samples unlocked.

    • latest

      XLR8 is a Kineceleran from Kinet.

      XLR8's main ability is high speeds. Despite being stated to move at up to 500mph, he has moved at speeds beyond such.

    • latest

      Spidermonkey is an Arachnichimp from Aranhascimmia

      Spidermonkey has spider powers and monkey powers.

    • latest

      Jury Rigg is a Planchaküle from the planet Aul-Turrhen.

      Jury Rigg can deconstruct and reconstruct technology at impossible speeds. One blink and that pile of scrap is a big functional set of things. Another blink and it is a pile of junk again.

    • latest

      Eatle is an Oryctini from the planet Coleop Terra.

      Eatle's main ability is to eat through materials as durable and hard as rocks and metal as the energy gathered from his diet is stored, ready to be released as a blast from his horn.

      Any secondary abilities are related to his beetle-like physiology, from his strength, his durability from his exoskeleton and even his ability to fly.

    • latest

      Bloxx is a Segmentasapien from the planet Polyominus.

      His main abilities are generating his blocky material from his body and shaping it into constructs, altering his body and regeneration. As a result of that last one, he's among Ben's more brittle transformations and is easy to take down. Keeping him down, however, is not an easy feat in the slightest.

    • latest

      Wildmutt is a Vulpimancer from the planet Vulpin.

      Despite lacking sight, Wildmutt's other senses more than make up for it. He can effectively 'see' through a combination of enhanced smell, hearing and echolocation. He can evidently hear noises most lifeforms are unable to.

    • latest

      Buzzshock is a Megawhatt/Nosedeenian from the Nosideen Quasar.

      Buzzshock's powerset is electrical - electrokinesis, turning into electricity, draining it, the whole shebang.

      While Buzzshock has not done so himself, others of his kind have displayed powers such as self-replication under pressure or overloading, regeneration, as well as a loud, glass-shattering irritating screech.

    • latest

      B'engine is a Cybertronian from Cybertron. His kind is not native to Ben's universe.

      Cybertronians have the ability to transform from their humanoid 'robot mode' to an altmode that is usually that of a vehicle to move at greater speeds, or otherwise has some other utility a robot mode would not have. Cybertronians have inbuilt weaponry in them - usually in the form of blasters or blades made of Energon and metal.

    • SPOILER_Angelite.png

      Data on this species is not available. Her kind is likely not native to Ben's universe.

      It seems that Angelite's species does not have males, as Ben by default turns into a female member of this race.

      Angelite has various abilities, such as the manipulation of light (be it unleashing powerful concentrated photons or altering them to create illusions), control of 'cosmic energy' in a similar vein, mallaeble hair. She can also freely levitate.

      Angelite also has a voice that can hypnotize foes into perceiving things - mostly their greatest desires. This applies to the scent she can release from the cosmic flowers that bloom on her head.

      Angelite can turn into a fiendish, serpent-like form dubbed Devilark. It is a larger, serpentine form with a great maw. The raw power of her abilities are boosted.

    • ben_10__deoxys_by_nainteins_d2l1kui-375w-2x.jpg

      Trouble Helix is a genetic copy of Deoxys from an unknown world. His kind is not native to Ben's universe.

      Trouble Helix's ability is Pressure. Under normal circumstances, if a move that targets one with this ability in any way (or the entire battlefield for that matter, like setting the weather or terrain), one more "PP" than usual is deducted from a move. If multiple targets have Pressure, each one results in additional PP being deducted. Translating this into general usage - this would apply to things such as say, MP required to cast a spell, stamina required to strike a heavy blow, so on. One opponent with Pressure will double it, two opponents targeted with Pressure will triple it, so on.

      Trouble Helix is capable to altering his shape to switch between forms oriented towards offense, defense, speed and a balance of each. Through similar means, Trouble Helix can regenerate any lost parts provided its core is intact.

      Trouble Helix, as a form of mutated DNA, can perform RNA replication, creating 'soulless' copies of himself. These copies are easy to destroy and do not regenerate.

      He can also do a bunch of other crap.

      Creds to this artist until I can replace this with my own art.


  • nobeta_specter_armor_over.png

    "... the first thing you're supposed to say upon your return is 'I'm back!'!"

    Little Witch Great Wizard Nobeta


    Party Role:


    Contrary to the innocence and bashful nature portrayed in most of her titular game (mostly attributed to the fact that someone else was in her body the whole time), Nobeta is wizened beyond years. She boasts, she has her pride, and she will not hesitate to take action (most of the time).

    Nobeta's main combat abilities are divided into four different types of magic

    Arcane lacks element, but makes up for it with raw power - raw power that can push back foes.
    Lightning is lightning.
    Ice freezes opponents, either for short periods or for a long time. Among the elements, it requires the least cooldown and thus can be launched rapidfire with little rest. The strongest of ice attacks will home in on the enemy.
    Fire disperses, but when honed and concentrated, will release great explosions to burn away at foes.

    Nobeta likely has a lot more up her sleeve, (or lack thereof) being a Great Wizard and all. This is not presented in gameplay and is present in cutscenes and side material. Some feats seen include familiar spirit binding, soul transmigration and communication from prison dimensions. It can be assumed that whatever she has not shown is mainly non-combat.

    Nobeta wields a staff.

    The character is taken from the end of the game in which she is the titular character.

    Nobeta brings with her her servant, the Black Cat. Official material states that Nonota, who has been in Nobeta's body for most of the game, now resides in the body of the Black Cat. This is subtly shown in the game's ending.
The Hand of Death
"All good things deserve a name."

Age: ??? (Though definitely legal, if that must be said)

Party Role:
DPS / Support

Original Character

The hand of death is a wandering mercenary who can take on just about any job you give him. He sees everything as purely for business and for himself and will do anything necessary to complete the job he is given.
He doesn't have any companions or friends though working with others is no problem for him so long as they don't get in the way.

He's very practical and efficient often approaching jobs in a more logical point of view without really regarding the feelings of others unless they are necessary to complete the job.

Despite all of this, he hates what he does and wishes for a way to break out of it however it is all he knows and it is all he can do.
He is looking for a way to break out of his routine, and he hates killing even though he has long since buried the guilt that follows after each kill.

He also hates vices and things that don't seem to have purpose or a point. He evaluates most things based on how he sees their value, even people. He thinks names are important, though he deems most people unworthy of the names they have been given.

Powers / Abilities:
1.) Sharpshootin
He's quite the marksman when it comes to using his revolver. He's able to draw his gun and fire faster than anyone else in the universe and his shots are deadly accurate and precise, always hitting their mark.

2.) Extraordinary Eyesight
His eyesight is remarkable and can only be described as "one gifted by the gods." His eyes allow him to see the vital points in a living creature's as well as see how healthy or close to death something is.

1.) Prosthetic Right arm
This prosthetic, outside of being sturdier and stronger than any human arm, has the ability to eject from the palm of his hand a special umbrella capable of stopping projectiles and other attacks, effectively acting as a shield. He can also use it to slow down his descent in case he needs to.

2.) Prosthetic Right Leg
Rocket boost ! ! !

3.) Cain
His trusty revolver. Cain is a special revolver in that it is capable of having 10 bullets in its chamber at all times, with each shot fired from it getting progressively stronger and stronger until the final one. He doesn't really like to use any other weapon outside of this one.

If he won't listen to you . . . just give him some coffee.

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We moved toward the city, secure in our holy cause, and beheld such a fortress. And on every hand, I saw a great plain of woe and cruel torment. Bitter tombs were scattered with flame made to glow all over, hotter than iron need be for any craft. And such dire laments issued forth come only from those who are truly wretched, suffering and forever lost!

Name: Dante A

Age: ???

Party Role
All- Arounder


Death's Scythe

  • Dante wields Death's Scythe with exceptional skill, a powerful weapon that allows him to execute devastating attacks. The scythe is not only a deadly instrument in combat but also a symbol of Dante's connection to the afterlife. It grants him the ability to manipulate and channel dark energies, unleashing formidable strikes upon his enemies.
  • Beatrice's Cross:
    • Beatrice's Cross, a divine artifact, serves as both a defensive and offensive tool for Dante. Endowed with holy powers, the cross can be used to ward off demonic entities and repel dark forces. Additionally, it allows Dante to tap into the purifying energy associated with Beatrice, providing him with a source of strength and protection in the treacherous realms he navigates.
  • Infernal Insight:
    • As a seasoned Helldiver, Dante possesses a heightened awareness of the infernal landscapes he traverses. His keen perception allows him to detect hidden passages, identify demonic traps, and anticipate the movements of otherworldly adversaries. This infernal insight is crucial for his survival in the hostile environments he encounters.
  • Soul Binding:
    • Dante has the ability to bind and manipulate souls, a skill acquired through his experiences in the infernal realms. This power enables him to interact with spirits, gain knowledge from the departed, and even forge alliances with certain souls. It serves as a valuable tool in uncovering the mysteries and secrets that lie within the depths of Hell.
  • Poetic Prowess:
    • Beyond his combat skills, Dante is a skilled poet, capable of expressing profound emotions and insights through his words. His poetic prowess serves as a means of communication with both allies and adversaries. In certain situations, his words may carry magical or persuasive qualities, influencing the emotions or decisions of those he encounters.

Agility and Reflexes:

Dante possesses exceptional agility and reflexes, allowing him to swiftly navigate through the chaotic and hazardous terrains of Hell. His quick movements make him a challenging target in combat, enabling him to evade attacks with finesse.

Through the harsh trials of Hell, Dante has developed a remarkable level of endurance. He can withstand physical and magical assaults, enduring the rigors of prolonged battles without succumbing easily to fatigue.

Vulnerability to Holy Attacks:

Despite his prowess in dealing with demonic forces, Dante is vulnerable to attacks imbued with holy energy. Weapons or abilities associated with divine power can pose a significant threat to him, as they counterbalance the dark forces he frequently encounters.
Limited Healing Abilities:

While Dante can endure significant physical punishment, his ability to heal injuries is limited. He relies on external sources such as health-restoring items or occasional moments of respite to recover from wounds sustained in battle.
Environmental Hazards:

The infernal landscapes are fraught with environmental hazards, and Dante is not immune to their effects. He must navigate treacherous terrains carefully to avoid pitfalls, traps, and other dangers that could compromise his well-being.
Reliance on Weapons:

Dante heavily relies on his weapons, Death's Scythe and Beatrice's Cross, in combat. If disarmed or unable to access these weapons, he may find himself at a disadvantage. Strategic adversaries may exploit this vulnerability by attempting to separate him from his primary means of offense and defense.


This Dante is a dynamic blend of resilience, determination, and poetic depth. Fueled by a sense of purpose, he approaches challenges with unwavering determination, embodying a relentless spirit in the face of the infernal adversities that confront him. Beneath his stoic exterior lies a poetic soul, and his introspective nature allows him to find beauty even amidst the horrors of Hell. Dante's interactions are marked by a mix of solemnity and conviction, reflecting his commitment to his mission and the weight of the choices he must make. Despite the darkness surrounding him, his character is not devoid of compassion, and he may extend mercy or empathy to souls caught in the throes of damnation.

See above: Death's Scythe and Betrice's Cross

Trivia: N/A​
[Out of Costume]
[Red Lantern Kyle Reyner]

"That's your answer? The vengeful Dark Knight puts his two cents in and all it amounts to is Better Luck Next Time? Look at you. You're so far gone and you don't even know it. You don't even remember what it's like to be a person. Much less a hero. You make me sick."

Name: Kyle Rayner

Age: 30 at the start of the rp.

Party Role: Long-Range Support

Origin: DC Comics Universe. Specifically Green Lantern comics.


He was once the most compassionate, caring, sweet, sensitive, hopeful, free-spirited, principled, artistic, and friendliest ray of sunshine to ever be recruited into the Green Lantern Corps. He almost had a nearly indomitable will.
Unfortunately everything changed for the worse for Kyle Rayner when he was first taken in by the power, skills, charm, and persuasion of his Master who found and took Kyle in when he was at his absolute emotional lowest and feeling completely alone in the universe. Once he had been kidnapped and completely trapped within in his Master's rather luxurious apartment, the crime king of the underworld set about turning the youngest and one of the most powerful members of the Green Lantern Corps into his ideal servant and submissive.
Slowly over months that turned years Kyle was drained of all his thanks to his Master's total control over his daily life activities and perfect balance isolation, manipulation, love-bombing, and pleasuring. At the same time Kyle's Master also began to fill Kyle hate and rage to replace his former will power by exposing Kyle to all the crimes, atrocities, and injustices of the world, humanity, and society. As well as the most effective method of fixing all of these problems. All of Kyle's brainwashing was finally complete when he fully surrendered to his rage and was from one of the most powerful ever wielders of a Green Lantern ring into an equally powerful Red Lantern.
Mercifully and strategically Kyle's Master saved his now beautiful submissive and powerful weapon from becoming only capable of mindless violence, hatred, and destruction by making him pledge his loyalty and allegiance exclusively to him and not Atrocitus.
This wise yet manipulative and controlling decision not only allowed Kyle to keep most his mind in tact, but also guaranteed his external loyalty, gratitude, and devotion to his Master for the rest of Kyle's life. Due to his Master saving him from becoming only a mindless rage beast capable of violence, murder, and destruction.
Now Kyle Rayner at the start of the rp is a much older and wiser, yet radically different and emotionally, mentally, and psychologically damaged man than the fresh faced, friendly, optimistic, and hopeful new adult who was first recruited into the Green Lantern Corps. Now Kyle Rayner is a man with two personalities brought on by the years of torture, abuse, isolation, manipulation, training, conditioning, and reprogramming from his master.
One the cold-blooded, cruel, vicious, and heartless Red Lantern whose only desire and purpose in life is to let out all the rage and hatred flowing through his mind, body, and ring out by violently killing and/or destroying who or whatever his Master tells him to kill or destroy.
The other personality is pretty much the same loving, caring, sweet, sensitive, affectionate, fun-loving, playful, principled, artistic, and friendly young man he once was. It's just now Kyle only lets these qualities come out and be seen by and around his Master and his Master's most Special Little Guy.
Further even though he no longer has any will power, since he lives entirely under the control and ownership of someone else, Kyle Rayner still tries to live his life by principles. Those principles being my Master is the ultimate source of right, goodness, and pleasure. All that could or who would seek to, threaten, stop, slow down, sabotage, risk, resist, prevent, kill, interfere with, impede, harm, endanger, end, or challenge my Master, his child, plans, position, reign, power, will, or desires must be eliminated immediately without question or dissecting thought.

  • Complete Control Over and Mastery of the Red Lantern Ring
  • Peak Human Artistic Skills
  • Creativity and the Ability to Think on his Feet
  • Advanced Proficiency in and Knowledge of Lethal Hand-to-Hand Combat and Deadly Fighting Forms
  • Proficient Swordsmanship

[Red Lantern Ring]
[Sword: Rapier]


  • Since Kyle was able to keep most of his mind, especially his artistic skills, even after being corrupted into a Red Lantern he remains. He is one of the few Red Lanterns to ever exist who can still create light constructs with his mind while also being able to fire rage lasers made of lava from his Red Lantern Ring.
  • Kyle's Red Rapier was a gift from his Master when he was finally deemed ready to enforce his Master's will. This has caused the sword to become Kyle's favorite murder weapon even more than his ring or bare hands.
  • Kyle's Master trained him to advance proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and fighting forms intentionally. To ensure Kyle would be his permanently loyal lethal weapon for him to use as he pleases with or without his Red Lantern Ring
  • Kyle style maintains a debilitating fear of sharks from watching Jaws at a young age and being completely traumatized. This was a fear his Master happily exploited to fully break and take total control over his submissive and weapon's mind.
  • Kyle when not in Red Lantern mode sill loves to engage and heighten his artistic skills and capabilities. His favorite way of doing this is by creating art pieces for his Master and his precious little boy. Kyle's creativity means his Red Lantern costume is always changing in design as Kyle artistically experiments with it. This is the only method Kyle's Master still allows him to have to express any of his individuality outside of being a Red Lantern, a trained assassin, his perfect submissive.
  • Due to Kyle's love of and formerly close relationship with his own mother, in addition to Kyle's hatred of his father for walking out on his mother before Kyle himself was born because the man was a CIA agent. Kyle loves, nurtures, dotes on, raises, and mothers his Master's child as if he was his own. Both because his Master orders him to serve as the mother of his child to humiliate Kyle. As well as Kyle's own deep and personal bond with his sweet little angel that Kyle uses to help fulfill his own deep-rooted, emotional, and psychological longing, desire, and need to have a family in his life and be the best mother/parent he can be to him and his Masters child. A psychological and emotional need and desire Kyle's Master only encourages to increase Kyle devotion to, and dependence and reliance upon him even more for love and a sense of family as well as increased emotional and psychological support.


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  • Love
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Screenshot 2024-01-16 8.45.56 PM.png

"Poyo. Me Name is Kirby. Poyo."



Baby ( Unknown)

Party Role:
All Around

Kirby , Smash Bros ( Depends on who you ask)


Kirby is a positive uplifting type of person who is personally trying to cheer people up and is hungry. If you wrong him... welll... you don't know what a Kirby scorned is like.


Inhale- Kirby can inhale others and eating another person grants him one of his many copy abilities ( Linked below)

If Kirby inhales someone he knew from the smash franchise, he will get their adorable Smash sprite and a copy of the one move he knows..

Smash Powerset- To not make Kirby totally defenseless if he has no copy ability, he will be having his smash powerset, ( The hammer, the inability to fly a little higher than normal and the ability to turn into his enemies and crush them)

Friend heart- A pink heart Kirby can use to "befriend" an enemy.

In dire circumstances, Kirby is able to summon the Ultra Sword to combat tough foes. ( Read as in major boss fights)

Kirby can also pull out a cooking pot to make food if he needs too.


The Warp Star- Kirby can summon his warp star in dire circumstances as well

Kirby's Hammer- The hammer used to smash foes if need be.


Kirby is able to speak as he currently holds half of the soul of one Jonas, The Glitch, though he is unaware of it.
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"Maybe it's time to fight like a kid again."

Benjamin Kirby "(The Cooler) Ben" Tennyson


Party Role:
Support/Crowd Control
>Ben himself usually takes a back seat in combat, acting as the Active Alien's own Man in The Chair, while being totally present in the battlefield. Kinda like a Beast Tamer or a Pokemon Trainer.


ORIGINAL CHARACTER - Chaquetrix Dimension

Much like his prime counterpart, Ben Tennyson is a fun loving playful young man who had shouldered the fate of the universe and all its inhabitants for most of his life with the use of his Alien Wives and the Chaquetrix. Similarly, he knows when to joke and when to focus on the threat at hand. Unlike his prime counterpart, however, Ben is a lot more flirtatious and downright pompous with the way he acts and presents himself. With how he handled using the Chaquetrix, Ben is trained in the art of persuasion and wordplay more so than his Prime Counterpart. He tries to act refined, but falls back on his more lax demeanor for the most part.

While he is altruistic to a fault, Ben is a lot cunning in how he handles the trust of others. For the most part, he trusts everyone in his Chaquetrix as much as his loved ones, treating them not just as soldiers, but as part of his extended family that would protect him when he needs them. In turn, he feels just as much responsibility to protect them and prevent them from being lost from the Codon Stream even if it seems unlikely.

Ben himself does not have any superpowers. However, he does have his keen intellect and resourcefulness to help him support his girls.

Combat Genius/Keen Strategist
-We don't know how or when Ben began to develop this trait, but Ben is able to analyze a situation and pave a way forward for his girls to bust through. He usually does so by brute force thanks to his Aliens trusting him, but thanks to the people around him, Ben became pretty much a Pokemon Master with the ability to kick ass when he needs to. When faced with a new Alien, Ben could pretty much learn all he could by letting it take the reins in the situation and observing her actions.

-In order to keep up with his Aliens, Ben had to proactively train alongside his aliens in order to command them better. Whenever he's not making them go Hero, Ben summons one of them to hone their skills with Ben trying to keep up with their intense speed, strength, or intellect. Thanks to tips and tricks he picked up from them, Ben had developed quite the expansive athletic repertoire, more so than any other Ben.

Sweet Talking
-In his early days with the Chaquetrix's Prototype, Ben has to convince his Aliens to do stuff for him in exchange for affection(minor gestures like hugs or hand holding(how lewd)). Over his years of using the Chaquetrix, Ben has mastered his persuasion checks to the point that he could pretty much talk his way out of situations he usually digs himself into.

-Instead of Soccer, Ben got into Tennis where he learned to swing a stick good. He incorporated his Tennis technique in his use of Avalon, his cane.

Alien Summoning
-Using the Chaquetrix, Ben is able to summon one of 10 or more aliens formed from various DNA samples hybridized with a human's. Each with their own Powers, Physiologies, Skills, and somehow, Personalities. Below are the playlist of aliens that Ben managed to keep in his watch:

  • c5cd04638ddee7ad06631c4a90124aea.jpg

    Codename: Heatblast
    Given Name: Pyra
    Party Role: Crowd Control Ranged
    Species: Pyronite
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "Pyronites born of the star-like planet Pyros. They live in intense heat conditions and have adapted a volcanic-like appearance in their environment. They have evolved to utilize the fire and heat of their homeworld as their own power."
    Pyrokinesis - Fireballs, Flame Streams, Breaths, Minor Constructs(Blades, Disks, Spears. Nothing big like a truck), Flame/Heat Absorption and Redirection. Pyronites are hot enough for their intense heat to burn even underwater.
    Geokinesis(Limited) - She can manipulate the land she's standing on and make it float as if it's a hoverboard. Heatblast uses it to fly around and shoot at a distance around targets
    Notes: Representing the element of Fire, Pyra is a cheerful and energetic lass that's raring to kick ass and take names. She's also more likely to show off to Ben more than any alien, leading to her getting bodied a lot. But she's reliable when it counts.
    As she was the first alien that Ben summoned, Pyra's attraction to him is pure and emotional. Like a childhood friend from a romcom that realized her desire for the protagonist after 10 long years. Her Given Name was provided by Ben before her codename, Heatblast.

  • sample_75243fcf3d992fbb053fbae837f5ba09.png

    Codename: Four Arms
    Given Name: Hera
    Party Role: Tank
    Species: Tetramand
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "A Tetramand from the planet Khoros. Its society is a gladiatorial one that's ruled by raw power and strength. Even Court Trials are decided through Trial By Combat. It is a custom of theirs that whoever bested them in combat becomes their husband. The Chaquetrix registers Ben as the one who defeated the sample, therefore, becoming her husband without their consent. A Tetramand is required to acquire 4 Items before they can be traditionally wed; Something Conquered(Planet?), Something Bruised(Them? Fruit? Meat?), Something Severed(This is definitely any alien meat product), and Something Blue(Criteria unclear). Tetramands are known to defend their family to death."
    Four Hands - Twice the Arms, Twice The Power. Hence the name Four Arms.
    Physical Prowess - A tetramand's strength is almost second to none. Even stronger than Humungosaur. Her physical durability and lifting strength makes her a tough opponent to best in a test of raw power. However, her strength does have limits. And her size does pose a problem in accompanying Ben in human sized areas. Her size literally makes her a bigger target to most enemies.
    Notes: Utterly possessive, Quadra would push away any weakling that would come close to Ben, even if it's another Tetramand. Quadra treats Ben like a younger sibling for the most part and is the one that would protect him the most. True to her culture's warrior nature, she would kill if Ben demanded of her. Fortunately, he is a kind King.

    -Despite the AU Creator's demand for the detomboyification of Four Arms, I will make her a Tomboy.

    It just works.

  • 39c0fbaf20de2516b793379ebd157c15.png

    Codename: Upgrade
    Given Name: Ultra-T
    Party Role: Support
    Species: Galvanic Mechamorph
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "A race of Biomechanical beings that blossomed from Galvan Prime's moon, Galvan B. Galvanic Mechamorphs possess circuit like patterns on their body, which are amorphous and slime-like, allowing them to meld onto any technology they come across and improve it, repair it, or dismantle it. They can transform their bodies into any shape they require when not possessing anything. Their circuits would glow and be able to release plasma blasts from their eye."
    Technological Manipulation - By possessing or touching any technology, Upgrade can essentially control it anyway she likes. Enhance it to no end, repair it, or simply destroy it from the inside out leaving it inoperable. Upgrade can also peer into said tech's databases by possessing it, obtaining information and manipulating the system from the inside as if he has admin commands by thought. However, she can be ripped out of any tech if the assailant is strong enough.
    Body Alteration - Due to the Galvanic Mechamorph's malleable nature, Upgrade can essentially shapeshift. Transforming her body into anything she pleases. Although this doesn't allow her to utilize any real tech other than what her body can provide.
    Plasma Generation - Her body's biomechanical blood can be concentrated on its eye to shoot out a plasma beam or send her own electronic shocks on whatever she's touching.
    Notes: Ultra-T actually named herself. The first one to do so, actually. A trendsetter who made a deal with Ben to give everyone given names and hand him a list of them. Shame the list didn't include the ones in the Recalibrated Chaquetrix.

  • d58f04c898e04750a5e30c3c1413eb39.png

    Codename: Chromastone
    Given Name: Quartz
    Party Role: Tank/Crowd Control
    Species: Crystalsapiens
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "Silicon-based lifeforms that are said to be the Guardian of the Petropia, capable of reviving the species from extinction. They are capable of absorbing most types of energy, including mana based ones, and release them into rainbow colored beams. There are currently 3 recorded Crystalsapiens in existence. Sugilite, Guardian of Petropia, Rose, the first sample that Vilgax destroyed in his duel with Ben Tennyson, and Quartz; the name of the Crystalsapien's second sentient sample generated in the Chaquetrix."
    Dynakinesis - The manipulation of energy itself. Chromastone itself can store all kinds of energy and redirect them back to sender in a stronger blast. However, there's a limit to Chromastone's absorption capabilities, as she nearly crumbled after absorbing a large quantity of mana. Chromastone can't absorb the energy of extra dimensional fields. This also means that types of energies unique to other universes(like Ecto energy or Aura based energby) can't be fully absorbed or outright rejected by Chromastone's body.
    Flight - for reasons unknown, Chromastone can fly.
    Crystalline Durability - I want you to guess why.
    Crystalsapien Physiology - She doesn't need to b re a t he for she is c r y s t a l l e
    Note: Her personality takes a lot after Sugilite as he is the only living Crystalsapien left. Selfless and protective, though is more reserved and particularly silent than most of the Aliens Ben has.

  • image.png

    Codename: Big Chill
    Given Name: Cryona
    Party Role: Crowd Control
    Species: Necrofriggian
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "The cloaked moth-like species from Kylmyys and Mikd'lty. They are strongly maternal by nature, protecting their young and risking everything during their asexual reproductive cycle, which occurs every 80 years. It involves gathering enough metal and creating a nest from which their eggs will hatch from. When Big Chill had her reproductive cycle, the Chaquetrix kept summoning her in order to complete the cycle outside of the stream, allowing the other samples to roam free."
    Cryokinesis - Big Chill is capable of breathing cold air and generating ice by touch. It allows them to essentially spit out ice daggers or create constructs from the air.
    Chilling Ghost - By unfurling her cloak-like wings, Big Chill is able to turn intangible and phase through objects. It also allows her to freeze those she passes through. Even without unfurling, this ability essentially allows Big Chill to fly.

    Note: Unlike the other aliens, Cryona appears more independent. Acting on her own in spite of Ben's commands when she sees a better solution. She treats Ben as both her lover and a young one to protect. She mostly gets away with her shenanigans thanks to the Chaquetrix timing out. Ben's worried that she'll rebel like Ghostfreak, but it seems Cryona's mischievous nature is mostly brought about when her reproduction cycle is near. Ever since then, she's a lot more respectful of Ben's position.

  • qgo49j9qj8f71.png

    Codename: Quickball
    Given Name: Quincy
    Party Role: DPS/Crowd Control
    Species: Mobian Hedgehog
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "Humanoid animals native to planet Mobius. They have many subspecies and variants. A Hedgehog is used for the sample. It is capable of accelerating at great speeds and curls into a ball that can break through stone. It lives in the wild along with other Mobians, while other Mobians created civilization with Mobian Homosapiens. Caution: Alien Species does not originate from native universe. Exercise caution."
    Acceleration to Great Speeds-A Mobian's habitat's filled with lush green fields and long winding plains. There's also loop de loop rock formations. Mobians adapt to this by evolving to run as fast as the wind. Quickball can go fast enough to form miniature cyclones and maintain tornados.
    Spindash/Dropdash/Roll- Stop, drop and roll had never been deadlier. Like an actual hedgehog, Mobian Hedgehogs roll into spiky wrecking balls capable of crushing and crashing through metal walls.

    Notes: Sonic as a whole is Mainstream and Oversexualized by its fandom. Perfect for this AU. Thanks, furries.
    Quickball isn't as fast as Sonic. In fact, she's slower. While Sonic can zip through a continent and launch back at one in a second(Archie Comics), Quickball can only go as fast as 5kmph at most. It's important to note that among Mobians, Sonic is the apex speedster. She shares the same cocky attitude, however.

    The Chaquetrix is located on the right shoulder

  • Inkling.png

    Codename: Inkassault
    Given Name: Inka
    Party Role: Ranged DPS/Support
    Species: Inkling
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "Humanoid Squid Creatures native to Planet Earth. Said to have evolved from Cephalopods after mankind and most mammals had gone extinct. They have endured a long war against its own subspecies, the Octolings. They generate ink that they use in their wars and the creation of ranged weaponry. After the war ended, the act of war became a sport due to the invention of Respawn Points, which allowed the dead to be revived. The Inkling Society has a love for music and would go to war for it. Caution: Alien Species does not originate from native universe. Exercise caution."

    Oobleck Based Ink - The Ink an inkling generates has a rather mild acidity to them. However, they irritate the target the more ink they have. The irritation is like rapid cuts on the affected areas, which could overwhelm the pain receptors and incapacitate the opponent. The Ink is hard to remove by hand as it dries and hardens like oobleck under physical stress. However, it's removable with water.

    Squid Ink Based Biology - An Inkling is capable of swimming on the ink they have spewed. Their bodies produce large quantities of ink and are capable of storing it on their bodies with Swim Form before being able to be used in their humanoid form through the use of Inkling based weaponry such as the Splattershot(Super Soaker Water Guns) or Paint Rollers, which they could liquify and take under the ink with their swim form. With a Special Weapon, Inkassault is able to enlarge her Swim Form into a Kraken, which boosts swimming speed tremendously.

    However, as such weaponry aren't part of an Inkling's genetic code, Inkassault directly sprays ink in a completely unorthodox manner by using her hair tentacles or engaging with melee as her body could secrete the fluid similar to sweat. With a full ink tank, Inkassault could manipulate her ink to propel herself with a Super Jump, which launches her swim form body up into the air to land with a splatter of ink.

    Special Weapons - After producing and absorbing a certain amount of ink, Inkassault's tentacles will glow and her body will spark as it concentrates that generated ink into a powerful burst of ink with a large spray radius and enough force to push people away when near enough. In the same vein, Inkassault can use that burst of ink to create a full body layer of ink to act as protection.

    Splat-state Recovery - An Inkling's body is frail and overall weak, thus, requiring the need of a weapon to spread their ink about. They are also weak to water, for some reason, despite evolving from sea creatures. Although the human DNA introduced by the Chaquetrix alleviates this species-wide weakness. Thus, when they receive enough damage(or get drenched in a tsunami), they get 'Splatted' and essentially die. However, the Chaquetrix acts as the Inkling's respawn anchor, allowing them to return to Ben and revive–though each subsequent revival cuts down on their time, and on the 3rd Respawn, they're timed out instead.

    Notes: @NyxieRina suggested Burst Bombs, and here we are. Aside from Upgrade and Jury Rigg, having an Alien that needs actual specialized equipment to efficiently function. Though there's the argument that with Brainstorm's Brace and GOOP's Anti Grav generator that Inkassault should have access to an inkling weapon. Thus, she will be given an Ink Tank on her back to store and draw ink from. Her generated gloves and boots will be outfitted with brush bristles unlike that of toothbrushes that allow them to use their ink tank's ink.

    This effectively makes them a Brush User except martial arts based.

    While it is possible for an Inklings to possess and utilize an arsenal of Specials, a biologically induced 'limiter' prevents them from doing so. The Chaquetrix plays around the 'limiter' and modifies it a little to allow Inkassault to possess and utilize Specials that only use ink with no physical components, such as the (Triple) Splashdown, Ink Armor, Kraken Royale, and a tiny smidge of Booya Bomb(small ink balls) that act as Inkassault's burst bombs. When she enters Special Weapon state, she can only truly use Splashdown or Ink Armor. In exchange, she gets no weapons to play around with unless she is given an actual Inkling weapon.

    When summoned, the ground in front of Ben will be covered in Inkassault's ink. Her personality is amiable and bubbly, cheerful and cocky in combat–almost like Marie from Splatoon. She's also the only Alien that's concerned about fashion due to her culture regarding the freshness of one's outfit, and would compliment those that match her sense of style. This requires the Omnitrix to randomly generate a new outfit every couple of summonings. What outfits they are would be random.

    The Chaquetrix is located underneath the bangs, smack dab on the forehead.

  • Codename: Bottlebund
    Given Name: Belto
    Party Role: Support/Crowd Control
    Species: Blood Tribe
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "A Sapient Species that once existed on the now destroyed Planet Blood. The Blood Tribe is said to possess great power and an artifact that is used to devour worlds. It is said that the leader of the Blood Tribe devoured their own homeworld by its leader, his younger brother stealing the artifact during the destruction. Most Blood Tribe members are extinct, with the last remaining member roaming the cosmos in hopes of regaining the strength of his lost empire. Caution: Alien Species does not originate from native universe. Exercise caution. WARNING. SPECIES PERCEIVED TO BE A UNIVERSAL THREAT IN ITS NATIVE UNIVERSE. CHAQUETRIX WILL APPLY SECURITY PROTOCOL 10 AND WILL LIMIT ALIEN'S POWER OUTPUT TO PREVENT DESTRUCTION TO USER AND ENVIRONMENT. "
    -She could produce crimson flames from her palms and fling them.
    Venom Generation
    -By piercing something with her nails, she can inject someone with naturally generated venom that she has the ability to retract at will.
    Matter Reshaping
    -By utilizing her body's natural Nebula Gas, Bottlebond can change the shape of something with the use of her genetic material. It could even be used to change one's identity. It will revert once she times out as a safety precaution. She could also use this to duplicate an item via her genetic material.
    Fullbottle Creation
    -The natural abilities of the Blood Tribe involve the creation of Fullbottles. Vessels created from purified Nebula Gas that her species naturally generate. Bottlebund's use of the Fullbottles is different. Instead of normally using them to augment herself by shaking them, Bottlebond uses them as bombs by intentionally making them unstable and chucking them at the nearest enemy.

    Evol Driver
    -The Belt replicated from its genetic sample, Evolt. The Chaquetrix copied its schematics and placed it onto the sample as an unactivated buckle with irremovable Evol Bottles that are unique to the Driver. It can be activated by turning the crank multiple times, which would generate a fullbody armor that enhances the user's speed, strength and durability. It's locked to the Rabbit-Rider System combination.

    Notes: The Blood Tribe is a tad confusing on a genetic standpoint. On one hand, its only surviving pureblooded member, Evolt, is genetically linked to the Evol Driver and is able to duplicate it with his own DNA as he pleases and adjust them to his liking(as seen with Utsumi's Evol Driver). On the other hand, the movies "Kamen Rider Build: Be The One" and "Kamen Rider Build: New World Cross-Z'' reveals that not every Blood Tribe Member has an Evol Driver and resorted to using the Build Driver instead(Ingo and Killbus) due to its similarities with the Evol Driver. It's possible that the Driver is just a common armor tool in the Blood Tribe's Home Planet's arsenal, but we don't have any concrete information(that I know of). Some even decided to just turn into Smashes using the Fullbottles they create. Thus, with Evolt being its only Genetic Sample,due to the species being nearly completely extinct during the multiversal collapse that brought Ben to the Tower, Bottlebund will have access to the Evol Driver. However, using any of the Finishers will speed up the Time Out Sequence or automatically time out the Chaquetrix due to its intense power output.

    While Evol Black Hole is considered Evolt's true form and the Apex of a Blood Tribe, the Chaquetrix deems this form too dangerous to replicate and thus, is classified as an Ultimate.

    Banjo Ryuga is living proof that hybridizing a human with a Blood Tribe member would result with the latter's powers and abilities being sealed. However, they can awaken their latent powers of creating Full Bottles and minor Pyrokinesis.

    The Chaquetrix is located on the chestplate

  • sample_d4e7849f306c93690ad5001eb724fafe.png

    Codename: Merpurpour
    Given Name: Mera
    Party Role: Support(Debuff)
    Species: Pokemon Vaporeon
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "One of the many Pokemon Species that inhabit the Planet Earth. According to local sources, Vapereon is known as the Bubble Jet Pokemon, and evolved from an 'Eevee'. It can melt into water, adapting from the Water Stone that's used to evolve it. While its current state resembles more animal than sapient, it is intelligent enough to communicate and experience emotions. According to local legend, Pokemon are apparently the same as humans. They have even procreated with them as equals, hence their unique link to one another. Caution: Alien Species does not originate from native universe. Exercise caution."
    Hydrokinesis - similar to aliens like Water Hazard or Overflow, Merpurpour is capable of conjuring water and spewing them. It can even BECOME water.
    Weaponized Cuteness - just look at it. The damn creature is capable of lowering anyone's guard just by staring at its cute face.
    Acid Armor - it liquifies itself in order to bolster its defense.
    Cold Temperature - While not cold enough to freeze, Merpurpour is capable of utilizing it via the Move 'Aurora Beam'.
    Battle Bond - A trait unique to Pokemon in general. Its battle efficiency increases when commanded by a Trainer she's affectionate for in combat. Naturally, the Chaquetrix gave Merpurpour the maximum possible Friendship Stat with Ben. It's also taught the move Return.

    Did you know? In terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3"03' tall and 63.9 pounds, this means they're large enough to be able handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there's no doubt in my mind that an aroused Vaporeon would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have s+x with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll Eyes, Captivate, Charm, and Tail Whip, along with not having fur to hide nipples, so it'd be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. No other Pokémon comes close to this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, you can make your Vaporeon turn white. Vaporeon is literally built for human dick. Ungodly defense stat+high HP pool+Acid Armor means it can take c+++ all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more. It is for this very reason that this species in particular is selected instead of Gardevoir or Lopunny.

    Also I just want a sea compatible creature .

    Auxiliary Forms such as Dynamaxing, and Terrastalizing are considered Ultimates, thus, requiring an Ultimatrix. However, Z-Moves are to be debated with the Chaquetrix acting as the Z-Band to resonate with the Crystal. Although because they are not part of the species' genetic makeup, they are not generated as a result.

    Here's a comprehensible list of Moves Merpurpour is capable of performing.

    Yes, she WILL be smug.

    The Chaquetrix is located on the collar.

  • sample_877c86ae31cd1b3a2f50bc870d4bcc5d.png

    Codename: Thinkerbella
    Given Name: Lifelight Twinkle
    Party Role: Navigator
    Species: Equestrian Unicorn
    Omnitrix Entry:
    "Equestrian Unicorns, sapient mares that are native to Equestria. Unicorns in particular are sensitive to mana and capable of performing magic. Equestria's individual purpose in society is dictated by what a special mark on their bodies appears to be. These 'Cutie Marks' dictate a Unicorn's magic. In the sample's case, it is where the Omnitrix Emblem is. Caution: Alien Species does not originate from native universe. Exercise caution."
    -Using its horn, Thinkerbella can lift small objects and wield them using her m i n d.

    Mana Manipulation(Holographic Projections, Barrier Constructs, could be used as platforms, too)
    -As a species that's sensitive to Mana, Thinkerbella can tap into the cool pink magic stuff that Gwen does. She uses it in the same vein as an Anodite, with the spark from Ben's blood passing to her.

    -As an Equestrian, Thinkerbella has a 'Cutie Mark' on her bum, which dictates what spells she can naturally manifest. In her case, it's where the Chaquetrix is. This allows her spells to manifest as ones to learn and catalogue other lifeforms. Which means, she can sense and locate life energy. Analyze them and locate their weaknesses. More importantly, communicate with them via telepathy.

    Note: After consulting @Crow and other MLP medium, I can safely say that Thinkerbella can be assigned the group's navi. While a prime sample of an Equestrian Unicorn would be Twilight Sparkle and her specialization on Magic, it's clear that an Alicorn would be a natural evolution of any prime Equestrian. It would, however, be considered an Ultimate, requiring an Ultimatrix to be accessed.

    The Chaquetrix is located on the right thigh.

-Ben's Signature Watch. A white and magenta colored watch that houses 10 or more Alien DNA samples within it to summon and use by Ben. Its original function is for sexual reproduction, however, the likes of Vilgax sought to turn it into a Weapon of Great Power. Ben, however, did do it–in a somewhat positive way. It's equipped with the typical Omnitrix functions. Universal Translator, DNA Scanner, the f***cking Randomizer Function. However, it's main difference is its ability to communicate to his Aliens within the Codon Stream, acting as a sort of PA system to prepare for whatever Ben's about to summon them for; it's a revision from Asmuth after seeing the good his desperate creation had done that he recently added to its completed version. It is also capable to summoning multiple aliens with its Harem Mode Function, however, it's considered the Master Control of the Chaquetrix. When Ben used this when he was 10, he barely managed to reel in all of his active Aliens and stop them from causing chaos 'for Ben's enjoyment'.

The Chaquetrix's Aliens are different from any other Omnitrix as they are completely sentient within the Chaquetrix, just waiting to be called by their user. As a failsafe, each Alien has the programming to make the Chaquetrix's user their beloved that they're obsessed with, as to not hurt them. However, there was an incident that because of this failsafe, the Ectonurite DNA Sample bypassed the Timeout and wreaked havoc for a good while before getting purged from the Chaquetrix. Because of this, the Ectonurite sample, Zs'Skayr, broke the Chaquetrix's programming and grew to despise Ben for over half a decade. An Ectonurite sample has yet to be generated to replace her.

-A walking stick that Ben carries around as self defense. On its gem lined tip rests the legendary sword Ascalon, sealed in a ball shaped container. The Sword itself was originally gifted to him by Asmuth for his 17th Birthday. As Asmuth didn't want anyone stealing the great weapon. Ben requested it to be more like a cane to fit his image of being a 'Great Hero Manager' as he is getting more and more famous by the day. He compromised by creating Avalon–the cane capable of channeling some of Ascalon's power to make it durable. Ben uses it as a baton or a sword to defend himself when enemies get too close to him or if a stray beam gets close. He could release Ascalon's power at any point and project it as beams or weapon constructs attached to the gem of the Avalon; usually something of a spear or an axe. The Ascalon's power can also be released as strong bursts of wind.

This is my own interpretation of the AU to be used for my own purposes and not at all canon to the main Chaquetrix AU–essentially an AU of an AU. The actual creator of this thing is @TrixTheAlien of Twitter.

He's still reeling from the loss of Feedback, his childhood favorite. While Ben did manage to recover Chromastone after its supposed loss at the hands of Vilgax(which led to the return of Diamondhead, a Childhood Classic) thanks to Tetrax dragging him to Petropia and back to revive his homeworld, the Conductoid DNA Sample was still lost to time.

Ben has names for his Aliens aside from the Codenames he uses in combat in order for them to know his intentions. If he refers to them by a Given Name like Hera or Pyra, Ben's intentions are more leisurely or he's having fun in battle. If he refers to them by their codename, he's dead serious.

This Ben is directly taken after his Alien X restores his Universe in the Annihalarrgh episode, and he doesn't usually wear the white jacket and the locket. Speaking of which, the Locket is manipulated to have Alien X's picture on it.

Yes. The Omnitrix Emblem is still referred to as the Omnitrix Emblem. The Chaquetrix's core is still referred to as an Omnitrix Core. In fact, it's originally going to be called the Omnitrix until Azmuth changed his mind from simply transforming into aliens to reproducing with them to keep them from going extinct. To this day, the Galvan AND Vilgax are wondering why he made that decision.

There may be some fanservice moments, but there will not be enough material to push us into Redstar.

Obviously, all art used is not mine except for the Appearance.
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Screenshot 2024-01-17 8.56.21 PM.png

"It's Hero time"


Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson (The Older live Action One)


Party Role:
All Around Type

Ben 10 Live-Action Movies with a bit of my own personal flair to him

Ben is very much an adult in the sense that he has saved the world so many times that he is constantly anxious and on edge, paranoid that if he even looks the wrong way that a world ending event might happen. He also still can be quite happy and funny, but it works more as a mask than his actual personality to hide his underlying depression that he definitely has. That being said, he is still brave and loyal to a fault and will do whatever it takes to save the world ( minus killing)


Photographic memory
Innate Leadership skills
Paracor skills
Acting skills

While Ben has no powers of his own- he is able to turn into 10 different aliens. ( Listed below)

Wildmutt- A Vulpimancer who allows him to track as well as close up claw attacks and climbing.
Eon- Ben does not turn into this alien, but this is the Chronian that can manipulate time, energy as well as make minor illusions. He still has nightmares about becoming Eon... and REFUSES to acknowledge that this alien is even in the watch.
Glide-[Name Update 1:Glazer] A Kryptonian that Ben is able to turn into. He is able to fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes and use freeze breath. He has not realized this form is bullet proof yet or weak to magic in this form.
Dreamer- A Naltorian that Ben can transform into. He is able to see the future through his dreams as well as have superhuman durability and strength as well as walk into others dreams. He is also able to astral project as well as us energy blasts in this form. Ben doesn't know why, but this is the only female alien he can turn into.

Durableman- Ben can't see the difference between his normal human form and this alien. He is sure the watch is fucking with him. This is his Gallifreyian form and Ben doesn't realize it can fly and has advanced senses yet.....but he does know he fell off the building and survived when he turned into this form.

XLR8 The Hedgehog- A mobian that has advanced speed that seem to match and sometimes surpress the original..

Puffball ( Kirby?) - A Dream Land resident that directly mimics Kirby's power set. The only difference Ben can see is that he is Green.
Phone Move- An Asogian who is able to learn fast as well as be a alien macgyver at making things. It seems to know how to say Phone Home and have a glowing finger as well as able to move things with his mind.
Twiggy- Humans in appearance, this species has as a unique gift to them. Ben does not know this and doesn't know what this species is. Similiar to the Gallifreyian, Ben just noticed that this form is unnaturally thin and choose the name. This will be a Terran and.... I'll decide what the gift is later. ( Probably Energy manipulation)


Shifto- Another "human-looking " alien, it seems the omnitrix does recogonize that this alien is an andalite and can turn into a blue alien with no mouth and a tail which Ben can shift into to attack enemies. This alien also seems to be able to change into animals. Ben also can use thought speak in this form Ben doesn't realize either of these things at the moment.


Glitch- An alien species that seems to have the ability to teleport around the room as well as manipulate the objects around them. They are also prone to bad luck. It is unclear what the name of this species is.

Ben Ultimate- Ben is able to turn into this form and still look like himself but able to use the power of the aliens. This will only be used for boss fights.

Omnitrix- A device that allows him to turn him to aliens
Notebook- Ben carries around a journal to keep track of what he names his aliens now.
Ben is being played as bisexual.
Ben hosts the other half of Jonas's soul in the Omnitrix, but doesn't know it.
Ben's omnitrix is on a 20 minute timer before he has to turn back, but the longer he stays in the alien form, the hard it is to remember he is Ben.
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"I'll be the one to keep the peace!" - King Dedede, Star Allies Guest Star quote.

King Dedede

Adult (ish), Legal

Party Role:


King Dedede is the Self Made King of Dreamland. Most who meet him might be put aback by his egocentric, glutonous, and ridiculous personality, but hes grown past being just an overbearing child. When interacting with him more, you would find that he is a kind, caring, and dependable friend and ruler. He is cabable of growing from his mistakes to be a better person, even if he will gruble and complain about it happening.

Immense Strength - You think swinging a hammer around is easy? King Dedede worked hard for that power and you better respect it. Even without his hammer, the king can still deliver devastating blows and carry things way bigger and heavier than he is! He had a boxing ring in his castle for a reason.
Super Dedede Jump - One of his signature moves. King Dedede can rocket through the air with a single jump, clearing tall heights and squashing anything unfortunate enough to be where he lands. It even pops out little star projectiles!
Inhale - Originally copied from Kirby, King Dedede can open his maw and inhale incoming enemies and targets. His inhale is stronger than Kirby's (without the Miracle Fruit) and he can spit them back out. He can't copy abilities like Kirby, but thats just cause he's perfect the way he is.
Puff Jump -Who said penguins can't fly? Like Kirby, King Dedede can puff himself up like a balloon and fly through the air or float slowly from a fall. Its not the fastest way to travel, but its good for all the tricky platforming bits.
Hammer Lord - King Dedede knows how to wield a hammer and he is terrifying with it. Big, small, something that can do blunt bludgeon damage, he can wield it. Though its not a hammer, he also seems to know how to use an axe...
Hammer Space - Whats a hammer lord without a hammer space? In all seriousness he does seem to be capable of stashing some things seemingly nowhere until he needs them. Its where all his Gordos hide.
Elemental Augmentation - King Dedede has been known to use the powers of Zap, Blizzard, and Sizzle (lightning, ice, and fire) before in his (possessed) boss battles, and he can additionally weild Bluster and Splash (air and water) with an ally giving him a power effect. These give Dedede's hammer that elements characteristic.
Engineering - Surprisingly, King Dedede knows how to make stuff mechanically though they arent as advanced as what his friends could make. Among his creations are the Queen Kabula, his Jet Hammer and Mask, the Dedede Brooches, and the Dededestroyer Z

Jet Hammer - This beefy hammer is a mix of his typical wooden hammer and his mechanical metal hammer. It's made of wood, but contains a massive Jet Engine that he can charge up for a devastating blow. Pray that he doesnt need to use the jet on you.
Gordos - King Dedede has three Gordos (semi-sentient spiked steel balls) hiding somewhere on his person. He can use them as a deadly tennis ball and trap.
Spare Hammer - A spare wooden hammer similar to the one he gave Kirby. Its there just in case his Jet Hammer breaks or Kirby needs a copy ability in a pinch.

- This King Dedede is primarily based off the games, with a few bits of headcanon and quirks from his anime, manga, and smash bros appearances.
- His appearance will be based on the Smash Bros depiction of him purely because that is my favorite design of the king.
- He sees Kirby as his arch-frenemy. They're friendly with one another and will help each other out in times of need, but all bets are off when it comes to any competitions. Food especially!
- This Dedede's voice has a deeper voice with a subtler accent compared to his Anime Counterpart.
- The proper way to address him is 'Your Greatness' instead of 'Your Highness'. He just prefers it that way.
- Only friends get away with just calling him Dedede! He's a Self Made King and you will respect that!
- Hes quite ashamed of his early 'villainous' days. He would also prefer not to talk about his multiple possessions.
- Because of said possessions, Dedede has a fear of the dark (Dark Matter) and of bees (Queen Sectonia)
[Live Action Counterpart]

"If people want to hate me, I can't stop them. But it's not going to stop me from doing my job. You wanna know why? Because I'm awesome. " works pretty well."

Name: Rex Salazar

Age: 30

Party Role:
Range Fighter/Tank

Origin: Generator Rex [cartoon]

As a teen Rex was rebellious, stubborn, headstrong, overconfident, charming, clever, charismatic, athletic, and funny. Now that he is 30-years-old, saved his world and cured all EVOs. As he matured most of the worst aspects of Rex's rebelliousness, stubbornness, and overconfidence disappeared as he to learn to plan, get along with, and work and fight alongside with all different sorts and types of people in order to both save the world and cure others. Still Rex maintains a distrust of all authority due to his past experiences. As well as maintaining a headstrong nature and extreme self-confidence that he can fix any problem and/or help anyone no matter the or their circumstances. He has saved the entire world after all. Rex's clever and biting whit, good humor, charm, and charisma all still remain as well making him a very friendly and approachable guy usually most of the time. However all of this friendly, easygoing, and approachable personality is just a front to coverup the profound sadness, gapping whole in his soul, and intense-longing for a family of his own, which has festered inside of Rex ever since he was betrayed by his older brother Caesar.

Technopathy- Rex is able to manipulate the Nanites in his body as well as tech around him.
Machine Manifestation- Rex's nanites allow him to manipulate his body into machinery to provide attacks.
Enhanced Durablity- Rex is sturdier than most humans.
Healing Factor- Rex can heal himself.
Adaptability- Rex can adapt his body, nanites, and machines to most situations.
Underestimated & Above Average Intelligence- Rex is smarter than most people expect him to be.
Skilled at Acrobatics- Rex has some acrobat training.
Mastery of Hand-to-Hand Combat- Rex was both trained in this combat method in his youth and adolescence and grew to master all forms of it over his years of curing people and battling EVOs.
Fast Swimming-Rex is an excellent swimmer.
Sculpting Skills-Rex has some talent when it comes sculpting.

Equipment: N/A

  • In this role-play I am portraying Rex as bisexual
  • Much like an old friend of his Rex is also terrified of clowns
  • Rex is tri-lingual in English, Spanish and Mandarin
  • Rex has a secret love of Mexican telenovelas that he only shares with closest friends
  • Rex loves playing volleyball, ping pong, basketball, and soccer even though he sucks at the latter two sports and his friends always beat him at them
  • Rex is an excellent swimmer due to his desire to be an undersea explorer as a little kid
  • Rex enjoys and considers himself an anime connoisseur
  • Rex has a scar on the back of his left knee that he got from playing on some lab equipment when he was seven
  • Like
Reactions: Gotham Knight Todd

  • Shin-Kamen-Rider-2023-Tasuku-Emoto-Cotton-Trench-Coat.png

    "I don't trust people who won't share their names."

  • latest.png

    "Thanks to the Missy, my Prana feels nice and fresh. From now on, I'll do as I please."

Hayato Ichimonji


Party Role:


Before becoming a Kamen Rider, Ichimonji was a journalist. He is an easy-going man who is obsessed with incidents all over the world and jumps into dangerous places without a care in the world. Having traveled all over the world, Ichimonji knows many foreign languages and can make friends with anyone. As he continued to cover dangerous situations, he learned how to fight for his own safety. He also loves nature and animal photography, and has traveled through South America and Africa by motorcycle.

He possesses the mental strength to maintain his own will even under Shocker's brainwashing, in which memories of despair are overwritten with euphoria.

Augmented Physiology - As part of SHOCKER's Synthetic Insect Augmentation Project, Ichimonji's body is forced to undergo cyber-genetic remodeling. While he maintains the parts of him that made him human such as lungs and blood, his body's overall strength and durability were altered to the point that he can no longer consider himself human. With Typhoon's activation and collecting Prana from the air, Ichimonji's overall strength increases with his appearance growing drastically monstrous, too. Growing slits and turning his eyes bloodshot red. This strength is used to allow him to essentially move faster and hit harder, giving him enough force to shatter a metal helmet clean in half. Being synthesized with Grasshopper DNA, Ichimonji is capable of maintaining intense airtime in a simple leap. In the same vein, it makes his kicks twice as deadly.

Typhoon - The belt that Hayato has embedded on his waist. Much like the suit that had become his body, the Typhoon is a device meant to power it by converting wind power into energy by absorbing its Prana, the life energy found in the wind from his universe. Though unlike Hongou's Typhoon, Hayato's does not need constant airflow to gather prana. He could simply gather them like a vacuum with the codeword 'Henshin'. By constantly jumping and getting into caught with draft and airtime, Ichimonji is able to collect Prana and maintain his suit's strength.

Batta Aug BAA-02 Mask - The Mask installed onto Ichimonji's person when he became the second Batta-Aug. The Mask itself is removable and worn like a normal helmet, though it closes and forms the bottom half of the mask when Prana is absorbed via the Typhoon. The mask itself is essentially a miniature CPU, and could store any info he might come across in its vast storage space. Like its predecessor, it had a system that boosts survival instincts and made him desensitized in taking another life. In turn, it makes Ichimonji have a more aggressive and violent personality.

He used to have a bike, in fact, he was riding one before the Multiverse got erased. You might come across it in a chest somewhere.
This Ichimonji was taken right after he got freed from SHOCKER's brainwashing and declining to join Hongo's party as he doesn't like to keep up with the herd, so don't expect him to stick around to be an active party member for the group he's in. That's going to take some convincing.
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Note: Still deciding whether or not to replace Zeidan outright with my AU version of Malenia. If he suddenly disappears from the list/guestbook, well, you'll know what my decision was lol.

~ Malenia ~

|| Female ||
|| Immortal ||
|| Demigod/Empyrean ||

"I dreamt for so long. My flesh was dull gold... and my blood, rotted. Corpse after corpse, left in my wake. As I awaited... his return. Heed my words. I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella. And I have never known defeat."

  • The Blade of Miquella
  • The Severed
  • One-Armed Valkyrie
  • The Undefeated Swordswoman
  • The Scarlet Empyrean

Party Role
Crowd controller/Dex-based Fighter.

Elden Ring (AU/Fanfic - The Scarlet Blade).

Once she was a broken and hollow shell of her former self following her blooming and the subsequent blighting of Caelid, a sister forced to await her brother's rebirth from the fitful throes of sleep deep within the once pristine heart of the Haligtree (having slowly turned fetid thanks to her presence), and one who eventually lost him to treachery because of that. It wasn't until a certain Tarnished wandered into her life that Malenia the Severed was finally able to start healing both emotionally and–in the case of her affliction–physically as well. Over the course of her journey with Freomund, the new Elden Lord and her future consort-to-be, across the width and breadth of the Lands Between and beyond she has faced and overcome many adversities and challenges, all the while proving herself to be as caring as she is determined. This is, perhaps, seen most clearly in the devotion she showed to her brother (having stolen him back from the self-proclaimed Lord of Blood with Freomund by her side, the two of them putting an end to the Omen and his blasphemies once and for all), and the love she holds for her husband still, as well as her daughter and son. The only thing that rivals this is her love for the people over which she once ruled, and indeed strived for many years to save. A love which continues to drive her just as feverishly as the grief which wracks her soul in the wake of their loss, all in brazen defiance of the omniverse's total collapse. Towards what end, you may ask? Towards reaching the Tower's apex in the hopes of bringing back everything and everyone she–as well as those who now journey alongside her–has lost.

Come what may; be it god, man, or something altogether worse, the Blade of Miquella will not hesitate to cut down anything (or anyone) that dares to stand in her way.

Verily she cannot, lest she risk losing the only glimmer of hope she has at seeing those she loves ever again.

Besides the slew of physical enhancements bequeathed to her thanks to her status as an Empyrean and descendent of Queen Marika, Malenia has proven herself to be the best swordswoman in the Lands Between bar none save for her husband, having learned all that she knows from a blind swordsman whose skill was so great he was able to seal away an Outer God of rot. Presumably the god of the very same rot that has plagued her since birth. Additionally, she has shown to have little, if any, reaction to the cold so far as environmental conditions go – being able to walk through the majority of a raging blizzard as she and Freomund crossed the Consecrated Snowfield on their way to confront Mohg with little difficulty. She is, however, just as susceptible to the effects of frostbite inflicted by enchanted weaponry and frost-centric magics as any other being. In the years following the restoration of the Lands Between and the birth of her children she did learn a few ancient Erdtree incantations from the recently reinstated Crucible Knights, the primary one she makes use of allowing her to sprout ethereal wings and descend upon her enemies as they do, albeit to far deadlier effect given her inherent skill with the blade and usage of the Waterfowl Dance. She also makes use of the Erdtree Heal and Barrier of Gold incantations as well.

Beyond her standard dress, prosthetics, and helm, Malenia wields a sword whose hilt is designed in such a way as to slot into her arm. Other than that she does not field much in the way of equipment.

Malenia still plays with her wedding ring at times when she thinks no one is looking. Not only does it serve as an anchor emotionally, it also serves as a constant reminder of what she's fighting for, of what needs to be done. May God have mercy on whatever unfortunate soul decides to take it from her, for she most certainly will not.

Malenia's daughter was named in honor and remembrance of Millicent, and her son in honor and remembrance of Alexander the Ironfist. And also because he has a very strong grip. Millicent also takes more after her father, bearing clear signs of his Draconian heritage such as stony skin and golden eyes along with silver-white hair. Alexander, meanwhile, takes more after his mother; right down to the fiery red hair, fair skin, and mildly superhuman physical capabilities. Same as Millicent in regards to that last part really–although his sister prefers to focus on more arcane and artisanal pursuits overall, such as Stonesinging–while Alexander has taken a more martial path.

The ring Malenia wears is a band of black blended with silver crowned by a topaz that shines like fire in the sunlight.

She used to be a Shardbearer, but carries within herself a Great Rune no longer ever since she offered it to Freomund, not seeing any further use for the thing and not wishing to bear a literal representation of the curse that has tormented her since birth.

Thanks to the usage of Miquella's needle in the crumbling ruins of Farum Azula, Malenia has long since been cured of the Scarlet Rot, the ruined city's strange timeless nature having given it enough "time" as it were to pull the curse from her flesh completely.

Some details presented here might diverge slightly from the fic I wrote due to my desire to expand upon her character more for the roleplay.
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Lesser Lord Kusanli, or otherwise known as Nahida

500+ years old

Party Role:
Off-field Support

Genshin Impact



Neo Akasha Terminal, a floating weapon that gains power via elementals being used in combat- making it invaluable during larger boss fighters involving numerous PCs



She comes from right after negotiations with the #2 of the Fatui, II Dottore.
Note: This is a joke/meme character, he's not meant to be taken all that seriously and exists so I can have some silly fun with all you other goofy goobers because Saburo is an uptight little dingus who will not participate in shenanigans.


"v̴̛͕i̶͈̕e̶̳̪͍̎͆͝t̷̢̆̚n̴̞̔͛à̶͕̽͝m̵͙̳̺͌͝e̷̞͝ͅs̷̡̯̈͋̅e̶̜̜̯͐̔ ̵͔̚b̶̟̭͋e̵̥̹̾̊̈́a̷̬͆̂͗ͅů̶͍̭̂͑t̴̹̟͐͊i̶̼͇̪͛̚e̶̻͇͒͜s̸͓͓̔ ̷͓͠p̶̦͒o̵̪̔̋̚ͅp̶̢̗̦̌́p̴̜̐̚ḙ̶̞̖̽ḍ̴̄͑͂ ̸̯̻͍̓͠m̵̻̺̙͑y̴̲̙̦̑̽ ̶̗͐c̶̳̉̿o̸̭̐c̵̢̜̋̇"

Name: Augmented Reality Rog

Age: Appears to be mid-fourties but could be older/potentially timeless

Party Role: Eldritch Abomination Final Boss

Origin: YTP/OC (started off as ytp material but he's so different due to my alterations I'm not sure if he still counts)

Personality: To most who have the misfortune of encountering him, Augmented Reality Rog appears to be completely insane, often going off into odd non-sequitors about his computer being really slow and the A115 Film Club he's apparently a part of. Attempting to engage him in meaningful discussion will likely result in your mortal mind being spread across the higher dimensions like butter on hot toast. He has some personal vendetta against the Vietnamese Beauties of IsErael Eight, after they [CENSORED]. Those who are aware of the truth of him stay at least ten spatial dimensions way from him due to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Oh no, he's acessing my systems. Run. For God's sake, run.

H̷i̸,̸ ̶I̵'̴m̴ ̵A̷u̶g̴m̷e̷n̴t̶e̶d̴ ̴R̴e̴a̴l̷i̸t̶y̵ ̷R̶o̶g̸.̵ ̶T̵o̴ ̷t̶r̴y̶ ̵a̸n̶d̸ ̴q̷u̸a̸n̷t̴i̷f̴y̴ ̴m̴y̸ ̸p̶o̷w̷e̸r̷s̸ ̷t̸o̶ ̵a̸ ̴l̸e̶v̵e̴l̶ ̸y̴o̴u̵ ̴p̸r̷i̶m̸i̶t̸i̶v̷e̵ ̸b̶r̴a̶i̵n̴s̵ ̸c̸a̶n̶ ̵u̶n̶d̶e̸r̶s̷t̴a̵n̷d̸ ̶i̵s̵ ̷p̵o̷i̶n̷t̴l̶e̷s̶s̴.̵ ̵Y̸o̸u̶r̸ ̷f̷r̶a̷g̶i̸l̶e̴ ̶r̴e̸a̴l̷i̵t̷y̶ ̷i̷s̴ ̴c̴l̷a̸y̸ ̵i̵n̷ ̶m̵y̷ ̷h̶a̸n̶d̸s̵.̴ ̸I̷ ̷s̷e̶e̶ ̷b̶e̵y̸o̷n̵d̴ ̸t̵h̴e̸ ̵s̷c̶r̷e̶e̶n̴.̴ ̸I̴ ̸a̷m̴ ̸e̵v̷e̴r̴y̵w̴h̶e̵r̸e̴.̵ ̷I̵ ̵w̷i̸l̴l̴ ̴h̷a̷v̶e̷ ̴m̶y̵ ̸r̶e̶v̶e̷n̵g̸e̵ ̶o̵n̵ ̴I̸s̶E̸r̶a̷e̵l̷ ̸8̸ ̵f̵o̸r̴ ̴w̵h̷a̶t̴ ̷t̶h̴e̶y̶ ̶d̷i̵d̷ ̷t̸o̴ ̴m̵e̷.̵

Immortality - Due to his Lifetime Subscription to SoulGuard 247 Dot Cum which automatically restores him.
Code-Based Reality Warping - Able to interact with the real world like a computer program: I.e. Deleting Wolverine.Chr banishes Wolverine from the plane of existence Rog currently inhabits.
Teleportation - Is able to teleport from place to place due to apparently being a multiversal entity who exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Virus: Is able to infect anything with an ill-defined 90's cartoon computer virus that causes blue screens of death and glitching and just stuff a normal virus doesn't cause.

His Macbook Prowo - It has a virus


I'm so sorry I made him may God forgive me-
This is the death I accepted when I took the vows of the Emperor's Ordos. We do not die young, or well. We die in the depths of a tyrant's fortress, stripped of our sanity, broken in body and mind but never in will. We take with us the satisfaction of never giving in to the interrogations of whatever imprisoned us. Everything else, we lose. And so I welcome this death, because it is the death of an Inquisitor. I will go to join the Emperor in his final battle, if He will have this old heretic.

And, of course, an Inquisitor does not die as a normal man does. His mark on the galaxy is never fully erased. He has left his signature on the universe, he has dealt it wounds whose scars will remain. I have left my own scars, and they will not heal before my purpose is done. I will die knowing my duty will still be done. That is why I will live forever"


Name: Inquisitor Korvin Vragam
Age: 112, physically 30 after Rejuvenant treatment

Party Role:
DPS /Support

Origin:Warhammer 40k


"His lord took him from a citadel built of the bones of his kin, and from that day onwards, he serves the Imperium forevermore.

Recruited to the ranks of the Inquisition as his home world ablaze in the madness of the Warp, Korvin Vragam has served the dreaded order for most of his life. Decades in service culminates in the inheritance of his Rosette , guarding the last breaths of his mentor amidst the flooded jungles of Halcyon V. Inquisitor Merovech may shape him as a weapon to unleash among the enemies of Mankind in its perpetual war, but he is the closest Vragam ever considered a father after the day his world burns. From then on, now carrying the near limitless authority of his position, Inquisitor Korvin Vragam continues his own perpetual war against the enemies of the Imperium . Under his watch, the Genestealer Cult of the Golden Claw perish in a hail of hellgun fires, him putting down its notorious Sanctii assassins and the Patriarch itself, foiled several conspiracies of the Divine Fratery to cause a series of catastrophes that would murder millions on Xerec Primus, even along with only his retinue destroys the Dark Eldar raid on Megarac IX

Beyond his aristocratic bearing, Inquisitor Korvin Vragam is a typical representative of the Holy Ordos. A rather melancholic man, defined by a conviction in Duty to his realm and to his God. A diligent investigator, and a sharp mind, he is as keen among the trenches of the perpetual warzones of the besieged Imperium or the suffocating hell of its Underhive as he is among the snakepits of Imperial high society , all requires a cold and ruthlessness that is not lacking for a member of the dreaded Inquisition . A ferocious willpower, he has seen the most maddening horrors of the galaxy has to offer, as entire planets burn in his quake , all in the name of his service to the Imperium of mankind and the God Emperor. Remarkably pragmatic , he can put aside the xenophobia of he Imperium of Man for greater priorities, but some prejudices would nonetheless remain.s

Athleticity: As mobile on the narrow pathways and treacherous corridors of the Hive City as a meticulously cared roads of a Reosrt World.
Instinct: Can sense his surrounding as if having an omniscient eye
Close Combat: He is an excellent duelists, adept with his chainswordand wielding them in a flourish but lethal manner.
Marksmanship: Deadly with firearms, he is excellent in utillize the guns he carries with him, specialzed in short to mid range firefight.

Psychic Power - As with alot of famed Inquisitors in the Ordos, from the renowned Hector Rex to the controversial Gregor Eisenhorn , Vragam is a decently powerful psyker. Rated as Gamma level in The Assignment, he is adept in the following talents:
Telekinesis: Enough strength to flung a grown man away from a distance with his mind, but more importantly can used to makes throwing daggers even more lethal
Scourging: splits the air apart as bright arcs of soul-lightning destroys anything in its path.
Divine Pronouncement: Invokes the Emperor's power to pronounce His judgment, prompting weaker willed enemies to flee
Banishment: Bends his will to dissolve the material bonds of his daemonic foe, forcing them back into the warp or exorcised a possessed victim.
Destroy Daemon: Chanting litanies of purity in time with his blows, the psyker causes damage to the daemon's warp-spawned substance.
Sanctuary: Creates a psychic shield around themselves and their companions that is proof against any daemon.​

Social animal: Can maneuver within the snakepits of high societies, commanding respect even among the arrogant lot of Imperial nobility


Rosette: The dreaded symbol of the Ordos, this small Gothic =][= represents the authority of the Inquisitor itself, but it also carry a shield generator that can briefly protects the wearer from threats.

Chainsword: Symbolic among humanity of this era, this is essentially a sword with powered teeth that run along a single-edged blade like that of a chainsaw. Most versions of the weapon make use of monomolecularly-edged or otherwise razor-sharp teeth. Chainswords are not subtle weapons, and wielding one is a statement in its own right: they are horrific tools of war, designed to bite, tear and eviscerate where more primitive blades merely cut and slice.

The weapon makes an angry buzzing sound as the teeth spin around, intensifying into a high pitched scream

Throwing Knives: These set of blades were made even more lethal as the Inquisitor control them through Telekinesis, give them the ability to kill with unerring accuracy.

Bolter: The bolter, also called a boltgun, and its variants are some of the most powerful, hand-held, ballistic anti-personnel weaponry in use by the military forces of the Imperium of Man. A mid-range, anti-personnel ballistic weapon, it fires explosive kinetic rounds with colloquially referred to as bolts. Select-fire

Autogun: For a need of a more versatility than the Bolter this weapon fires .30 caliber rounds with a high rate of fire. Loud , lethal and uncomplicated.

Carnodon Pattern Precision Hand Cannon: An intimiddating heavy handgun, these weapons are issued to the armories of the Adeptus Arbites and fires massive high caliber slug with semi-auto fire rate in exchange for its equally intimidating recoils

Grenades: Frag, Anti-armor Krak Grenade,
Holy Ash of Saint Gehemina: Powdered Bone of an Imperial Saint, the vials when uses causes searing pain and damages to Daemons. He only has 5 vials left.
Flock of Cherubs: A flock of creepy-looking cherub-drone that carries his ammos and spare weapons , allow him to not encumbered down . This however makes any subtleties out of the windows
Packet of Lho-sticks

Is a smoker
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Will deploy if a character of mine dies or an additional character slot opens!

Name: Portia Maxima
Age: 30
Party Role: Support (Buff/Anti-Magic)
Origin: Warhammer 40,000 (OC)

Portia exhibits all the personality traits typical of an excellent Sister Superior. She is zealous and dedicated in her faith, wholly unafraid to die in battle, and a solid leader. The God-Emperor is the only man to whom she will bow, and she is skeptical of anyone who claims to be His prophet. Like her fellow Sisters, she holds an unshakable belief in her holy trinity: bolter, flamer, and melta.

Portia is known to be rather loud—be it when speaking, singing, or instilling fear in heretics with her war-cry. Some may find it uplifting, others grating. She believes there is no reason to hide, and that all heretics and xenos should fear the Adepta Sororitas.

  • Acts of Faith - the Sisters of Battle have a way of making miracles in combat. Through intense prayer, singing battle hymns, and brutal acts in the name of the God-Emperor, they can manifest minor effects that would give them an edge in combat. At the start of each floor and when her team eliminates an enemy unit, Portia rolls a Miracle Die. These dice can be used to steer her allies' attacks true, or to ensure her Shield of Faith ability works. She must use them or lose them; they expire at the end of each floor!
  • Shield of Faith - Adepta Sororitas warriors are known for having faith so powerful and unrelenting, it can be disruptive to a heretic's actions. Portia can contest psychic or magical abilities, nullifying or lessening the effects. (Requires a roll of 6).
  • Sororitas Power Armor - Black power armor granted to Battle-Sisters from the Order of Our Martyred Lady, dressed in red vestments and featuring purity seals on the pauldrons. In addition to being extremely durable and protective, it boosts the wearer's physical strength, allowing them to fight as equals with or against formidable Space Marines.
  • Bolter - A rapid-fire Godwyn-De'az pattern boltgun, made exclusively for Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas. Normal humans would be unable to control the recoil, but a Battle Sister's power armor makes this feat simple.
  • Power Sword - An adamantium sword that emits a disruptive field capable of slicing through flesh, bone, and armor. Common among unit leaders in all armies of the Imperium.
  • Miracle Dice - Metaphysical dice of which Portia is unaware, bearing a powerful portent she can use with her Acts of Faith ability. Portia begins play on each floor with one die.
  • As the only sanctioned armed forces of the Adeptus Ministorum, some Battle Sister Squads find themselves serving as foot soldiers for the Inquisition. Portia's squad has previously served an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor.
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