1. Iwaku

    Fandom Group RP Signups: Rules and Info

    Welcome to the Fandom Group RP Signups forum! This is where you post your main signup/Out of Character threads for your fandom-related group roleplays. Only one Signup/OOC thread per roleplay is allowed, but you can post as many extra threads as you want in Roleplay Extras. If your roleplay...
  2. Iwaku

    INFO Off-Site Ads: Rules and Info

    Welcome to our Off-Site Ads forum! This is where you can advertise your roleplays from other sites, so long as they follow the rules down below. If they do not, your ad will be removed without warning. All threads in this forum are archived after 90 days. Threads by inactive, banned, or deleted...
  3. New to Iwaku

    Hi! I am new to, and would like to know some important community rules and stuff before I do anything.