The only things certain in this world are death an

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  1. Well met!
    If there's something that always gets me excited, it's horror. More specifically, the fear of the unknown. This does come into play in many different forms, and the form that you are all thinking about is probably some sort of eerie or haunted forest, said to be home of some deranged creature that could hunt down you and anyone you've ever loved in an instant.

    But there's so much more to it. Sides that I never see surface on this site, which is a real shame in my opinion. So, in this thread I'll aim to give you a taste of what I'm talking about, hopefully enough to convince you to play out a little something in the end.

    Ready? Let's begin.

    Moving Towards the Center:
    When you go to bed in the evening, you expect to wake up in the same place you fall asleep. Of course, that doesn't always happen. Maybe you passed out at a bar and a friend drove you home, or you sleepwalked your way over to the couch. Or maybe, just maybe, you wake up in an empty room with nothing besides you, your bed, a door and a ringing phone inside it. You also do not expect that the person calling you is the very same that disappeared from your life about two years ago.

    The person explains that they are down a path filled with trials. Will you confront said trials in order to see this person again?

    (I'd prefer to play the person who has already been gone for a few years. I can be anything, from a lost brother or sister to a former partner. Your call.)

    Hostile Work Environment:
    When you sign the papers to become a national spy, you mostly understand what you're getting yourself into. You're set for a life of mystery, covert ops and intrigue, and there's no easy way out. Nevertheless, that's the daily lives of everyone at a remote subdivision of the MI6, stationed in a base about an hour West of Moscow in order to pull out some information for the higher ups back in England.

    Everything was going smoothly, until suspicious actions began to take place in the base. Before long, the group realises that someone on the inside is working with a spy. They have to figure out who and stop said spy before it's too late.

    (We will have to double on this one.)

    Anyway, if you feel like any of the above ideas sound interesting, shoot me a PM. If you have your own idea, please fire away as well. Until then!
  2. Still hunting for unfortunate sou-- I mean people!
Thread Status:
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