The One Wish That Changed It All

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    June 23, 2102
    Today mommy fell in the kitchen when she was making me and Zubat some lunch. She told us to go outside and play while she relaxes on the floor. We know mommy was in pain though and we are scared. When she called us back in for lunch, she had black marks on her arm, Zubat told me they were called bruises.

    June 26, 2102
    Mommy is getting sicker, she can't stand up without holding onto something. It took mommy a long time to get down the stairs. Zubat stayed by mommy's side all day today so we could not play.

    July 13, 2102
    Mommy won't get out of bed. She says she is really tired but I don't believe her. She does not want us to worry, Me and Zubat been going to the store for food and we make it together as well! Zubat is really good at finding good stuff.

    July 20, 2102
    She won't move at all. I am scared and I don't know what to do. It's just me and Zubat but....

    "Dear Pokemon God, I wish Pokemon were human because my mommy is really
    ill and I don't know what to do. I am all alone. I need help but my Zubat
    can't help with too much. But I know it's ok because he does his best by
    staying by her side on the ceiling when I need to go get food. I just wish he was human for one day,
    I need help...I can't take care of mommy by myself... I don't Know how... then if
    Zubat was human, we can help a lot of people. We will make mommy proud."

    July 20, 2102 Yunti City 11:43 PM

    Yunit City's beautiful colored lights lit up the night with it's array of blues, purples, greens and the average yellow. There were a few civilians walking making their way home for the night before curfew started at midnight. There was a strange mysterious gust blowing around that night, some of the stronger winds carried a scent of lavender. It was extremely relaxing in some ways it could put people in a daze or even to sleep. The night was far from any ordinary night thought but no one seemed to notice nor care.
    Not far South of Yunti City stood a mansion that was known for it's lively garden filled with visiting Pokémon. This mansion was known as Yunti's Institute of Habitat Relations owned by Igba Yuiko who excelled in the science fields. Since Igba lived alone with her partner Pokémon Sylveon, she has converted their home into a place where people can come learn about Pokémon, Sight-See the gardens and bring their own Pokémon for physicals along as with some training. Early in the morning Igba has left the Institute to go to some studying in her gardens but shortly realized there were no visiting Pokémon.

    "That is strange... There is usually a Butterfree or two enjoying the roses. But not a one, or anything. "

    Igba walked back into the mansion and called for Sylveon to wake up, but like usual she moaned while she looked for the determination to get up. Sylveon usually slept on a pillow made of pink fur, when she stretched she swung her legs around off the pillow and got up. At first Sylveon yawned and continued like nothing was out of the ordinary, then she realized she stood taller. Sylveon screamed at the top of her lungs.

    "Silesia what is wrong!?"

    Igba ran up to the room and before the could say anymore the both of them stood face to face in silence. Sylveon was no longer Sylveon. She grew legs of a human, had hair, arms... Then and there the both of them shouted; "I'm/Your Human!" Igba was stunned and couldn't believe it but Sylveon was excited and admiring her new body. While Igba tried to figure out how this was possible in every scientific law possible, Sylveon walked past her with a twirl. It was to be a long, long day for them both....
  2. The night was cold, giving the forest a spin crawling chill. Tall thick tress blocked the sky, blacking the forests floor. The Le'rocket twins ran with fear, fleeing farther into the forest. "Brother, What happen? That gust, it changed us!" Loki came to a blunt stop behind Roki, his yellow eyes scanning the darken area. Roki lips landed a grin, "Step out side the shadow's, or prepare for my wrath Gengar." With a smile and a laugh, Gengar arose, stepping closer to the Le'rocket twins. "You both are going to die tonight." His hands rose, sitting side by side as a shadow ball formed between them.
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  3. Finally! She made it. Sirena is close to Yunti City. She traveled across the land on foot. She is exhausted. Sirena sauntered down a dirt road leading towards the docks. She is currently in middle of the forest, close to the city. Unfortunately, Sirena didn't know where she could stay. She didn't originate from Yunti City. Is there a Pokemon center nearby? A sigh escaped her lips. She ran a hand through her dark hair, brushing her bangs out of her eyes. She observed her surroundings. Her heart filled with unease. The forest isn't safe during the night. She didn't possess any Pokemon in her party at the moment. What was she thinking? She should of listened to that kind old woman she encountered a few hours ago. She is a complete fool. Sirena shook her head. Now isn't the time. She is almost there.


    An eyebrow raised. What was that? She stopped. What is happening? She tilted her head back. Was that a voice she heard? A small frown marred her lips. Is it wise to approach? Sirena instinctively walked closer to the source. She peeked her head around a tree. Her eyes widened completely. What-are those Pokemon? It couldn't be. They looked human. Realization filled her amethyst gaze. The two Luxray are in trouble! She grasped a stone from the ground. She chucked it, hitting Gengar across the head. The force of the blow distracted him, causing him to alter his trajectory. The shadow ball slammed into a nearby tree, missing the twins completely.

    "Leave them alone!" Sirena demanded. She burst through the bushes, revealing herself.
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  4. "You foolish human!" Scratched Gengar, his hands again siting side by side, forming another shadow ball. "I have no problem with killing you as Well." Gengars violet eyes darted to hers. With a jump over Gengar, Loki landed only two feet away from the human, blocking the incoming shadow ball. Small stretchs coved Lokis body, his stance still unchanged. "We are stronger then you Gengar, and yet you still chase us?!" Screamed Loki, his gently boyish voice tearing through the silent night.
  5. Sirena stiffened. She stepped back, realizing her mistake. A stone? Really? She cursed herself silently. She is a fool. However, Sirena didn't regret her decision. Her eyes narrowed into a glare. "I'm not afraid of-" she cut herself by a Pokemon. One of the Luxray humanoids jumped in front of her, protecting her from a shadow ball. Her eyes widened slightly. Why did he save her? A sigh escaped her lips. She felt out of character. Normally, Sirena was rational. Her long journey took a toll on her body, forcing her to compose reckless decisions. "Why are you so angry Gengar? What did they ever do to you?" Sirena inquired bluntly. She took a step forward. "Is killing your target all you are capable of? Why do you need to use violence for every answer?" she added. Sirena executed her next plan; negotiation.
  6. "I am worthless..."
    "No Purpose...."

    The dark mind of Tivet's roamed like a lifeless body in space as it's eyes were closed. But it knew something different. It knew something. After a gust of strong winds swept by, Tivet waited awhile before it decided to open it's eyes. It took a deep breath before it took a stand on a branch from the tree it was in. Tivet knew he was finally given a gift, a gift from something grand and no one was going to take that away.

    "I am

    "No one will take my gift away."
    "I am powerful."

    It took Tivet awhile to get use to it's strange body, covered in only bandages made it feel fragile and bare. But it knew better, because it was ready for revenge. No one will ever look down on it again. No one will hurt it again. It will never have to harden it's shell again. After a while of using it's new body, Tivet began to walk but quickly fell to the ground. It had no feeling in it's legs, but Tivet was no where close to stupid. Tivet used it's bandages as legs and continued on an unknown personal mission.

    It felt like hours past before Tivet found some form of life, but not just one but four. This was it's chance to try it's new found power. Tivet remained very quiet since it could not speak to get their attention. Bandages covered hard to toe on it's body just giving one eye filled with hatred and hair that seemed to have it's own personal life as it looked like wind moved it all around.

    "Why are you so angry Gengar? What did they ever do to you?" said a female voice.

    "But I am angrier..."

    Tivet commanded it's bandages to rush out taking Gengar by it's arms pulling it down. Tivet floated out towards Gengar slowly staring down with it's red eye. It's eye was full of hatred, but nothing more nor less.

    "I am angrier..."
    Then and there Tivet began to pull it's arms out and strike down on Gengar with ever force possible repeatedly.

    (Reminder: Tivet can't talk. But he can communicate telepathically.)
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  7. A Pokemon jumped, landing on gengar, sending him flying few feet from the stranger. "I....will defeated." Gengar rose slowly from his back, his forehead bleeding furiously. Standing, Gengar grined, showing pointed teeth behind his chilling grin. With a jump behind Gengar, and a hard kick to Gengars side, Roki managed to knock the Pokemon back to the ground. "Weak, and filled with such greed and wrath." Roki turned to his Brother, "He will not survive the night, he is not the strongest Pokemon among this forest."

    "You are correct, he isn't, I am."
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  8. "I am angrier."

    A shiver ran down her spine. Sirena never received her answer. Before Gengar could react, a mysterious force attacked the humanoid Pokemon. Her eyes widened slightly. She stepped back instinctively. What happened? What type of Pokemon materialized in front of them? Unfortunately, the Gengar endured. He refused to give up. Her eyes shifted to one of the Luxray humanoids, Roki. He interrupted Gengar from his speech.

    "He will not surive the night..."

    A small frown marred her lips. Will she face the same fate? She is alone, unprotected. In her exhausted state, she wouldn't last all night. She needed to leave. Sirena didn't belong here. Her destination is a few miles away. She will make it. She has to.

    Sirena bit her lip. Should she thank the Pokemon for saving her? How will they react to her presence? Sirena contemplated silently.
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  9. Tivet approached slowly by it's bandages towards both Shinx and Luxray as well as looking deeply at Sirena. But leaving the other Pokemon in silence, there was a sparkle in it's eyes. A sign of communication. The body straightened out a bit.

    "Who are you?"

    "Why are you alone?"
    "Are they dangerous? I am."
    After sending Sirena the message, it's bandages slowly began to creep behind Shinx and Luxray like snakes of the shadow. Tivet curled into a ball as he kept his gaze straight ahead almost in a trance, but the emotions it sent out were scared and angry. There was an odd aura to it's body that gave a confused feel. It was sending messages of anger but there had to be something else to it. No Pokemon could ever be so angry. Could they? The sky got lighter as the sun drew near but has not peeked out yet, but it was still awhile before the sun actually rose.
  10. "Who are you?"

    "Why are you alone?"
    "Are they dangerous? I am."
    A shiver surged down her spine. Her mind is filled with whispers. She stepped back. Her amethyst eyes fixated on the floating creature. What happened to the Pokemon? Why do they look human? Is he a Pokemon? What is happening? "Why are you so angry?" she whispered. A dark aura surrounding the small Pokemon. She couldn't distinguish his type. What is he? Her eyes detected the bandages. She stiffened. Her mind recalled Gengar. "No!" She jumped forward, intercepting the potential attack. Her back faced the Shinx and Luxray. "If you want to take your anger out on someone, pick me instead. Leave them alone," she declared.
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  11. Xerneas walked slowly down a path she had never seen before. Her long, white hair whipped about in ghostly tendrils, occasionally catching on what remained of her antlers. Once filled with power and life giving light, her headpiece was now miniscual in size and absorbed very little sunlight in return. Without vast amounts of sunlight, she could not create life; she could hardly do anything with her powers, actually. This human form that had taken hold of her was limited beyond belief, and yet, the natural optimist inside her appreciated certain aspects of her bipedal image. Luckily, she had retained her eyes, one of her favourite features. Her hair was quite beautiful and surprisingly soft, despite what she had always assumed man's fur felt like. She was gifted with long, tone legs, much like she once had but half as many, and was given in place of the missing two, a pair of arms with interesting appendages. It had taken her most the night to get used to her new body, how it worked, how it moved, how to balance. Luckily she found herself in a forest grove near a lake, away from prying eyes that could gaze upon the embarrassing actions she endured to obtain control over her human form.

    As she walked down the dirt path, she could not help but think of her dear brother, Yveltal. Where could he have ended up? They were side by side in her last memory, then nothing. There was a void, though momentary, it lingered in her mind. After that she found herself by the lake. There was no legendary on this planet that had the power to transform another legendary. Not even Jirachi, the playful little wishmaker. No, there was no power so great it could tear apart the siblings of life and destruction in the middle of their workings.

    The breeze shifted and swirled up a miniature vortex of dust and organic bits. Xerneas walked more slowly as she passed through the swirling oddity and for a moment her eyes moistened as she recalled the devastating tornadoes Yveltal would conjure out to wipe clear a section of land, refreshing the space that she might bring about a new blanket of life to cover it up again.

    Renewal. Recycling. Birth. Life. Death.

    It was perfection, it was her life, it was her brother's life. Or... at least it used to be. The white haired woman let out a sigh and took in a few deep breaths to clear her mind. [rainbow]"Ugh, where am I? Why haven't I come across any pokemon? Surely someone around here would be able to point me in the right direct-"[/rainbow] She stopped abruptly on the path, eyes narrowed, ears focused. There was nothing. An eerie chill slid down her now vertical spine.

    [rainbow]"There are no pokemon in these woods."[/rainbow] She said aloud to the empty air. She realized, in a stressful rush of thought, that it was a possibly that all the pokemon might have been transformed. Surely if the force that changed her had the power to do so, it would have the power to shift others as well. Was Yveltal a human? Had he too been shot off to a distant region? Her stomach floated up into her chest at the idea that her brother might be in a different area of the world.

    [rainbow]"I have to find someone. Anyone."[/rainbow] The slender woman took off at a brisk run, no clear destination in mind but one of meeting. She had to do something, and she could not do it alone.
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  12. "You..."
    Tivet watched the girl with a shocked gaze as she jumped in front of its attack. But it not only saw its attack, it realized she saw more to it. Its bandages waved in the air as it faced her quietly. Tivet then decided to move its bandages around her grasping the neck but quickly let go as the sun blinded its only eye. The light was too much for its dark aura and shortly fled into the forest looking for cover.
    "It hurts...."
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  13. Wind whipped past Daman's face, as he silently flew over a forest near Yenti. His mind was solely focused on the meeting ahead of him- tonight he was supposed to be reporting back to the head of Team Nebula. Daman had high hopes of making a great impression on the head, in order to win his favor. Secretly Daman despised the the team head, after having seen him strike an innocent eevee. However, Daman had come to accept the only way to get enough power to accomplish his dream was by pleasing the head, so he would do whatever necessary for the greater good.

    Daman could feel a gust wrapping it's tendrils around him and his staraptor. There was something eerie about the wind tonight that made Daman wrap his slender arms tighter around his staraptor, but for the most part Daman tried to ignore it. That was until the thudding sound of his staraptor's wings abruptly stopped, and Daman found himself plummeting towards the ground.

    Thankfully Daman and his staraptor had been flying close the treetops, meaning it wasn't long until his fall was broken by branches around him.

    Not so thankfully, Daman landed right on top of had been previously been his staraptor, with Daman's limbs still wrapped around the staraptor as they had been when Daman was in his 'flight position'. Which turned out to not be such an attractive position to fall on top somebody in. Especially not when there seemed to be other people nearby. Even more so when those people looked rather angry. Or extremely angry.
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  14. Rokis stance changed as a new voice exposed it's self, a tall figure arising from the forest. The figure had pure white skin with no hair, while two small horns sticking from it's upper forehead. It's eyes where small, only holding small purple pupils, While it's mouth was small. The figure looked to be skin and bone while a black cloak coverd it. Roki managed to take only one step before speaking.


    "I am Ken, watcher of the hidden text."

    Ken took another step before grabbing Roki, his long slender fingers tightly gripping Rokis shoulder. Then, with Ken using teleporth, then where gone.

    Loki gasped as the pokemon attacked, but with the sun exposing it's self, it fled.

    "Human, are you Okay?"
  15. Sirena prepared herself. She remained in her spot, arms outstretched. A pair of bandages wrapped around her neck tightly, cutting off her oxygen supply. She instinctively grasped her neck, struggling to breath. She gritted her teeth, forcing herself to endure. However, it stopped. A few seconds later, the bandages loosened, returning to the mysterious Pokemon. She hunched over, coughing. Her right hand massaged her throat. She turned around and faced the Luxray and Shinx. Before she could react, a ominous figure appeared and teleported the Luxray away. Her eyebrows furrowed in response. Where was Luxray taken?

    "Human, are you Okay?"

    Her attention averted to the Shinx. She mustered up a weak smile. "I-I'll be fine," she replied softly. Her voice is slightly hoarse from her earlier predicament.
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  16. Daman was vaguely aware of the action occurring nearby, but he was too busy untangling himself from what had previously been his staraptor pokemon. The being below him now seemed to be a human that had a suspicious similarity to his staraptor... However Daman failed to put two and two together, so he resorted to taking a better look at the scene around him for clues as to what could have happened.

    Before him was a rattled looking girl, accompanied by a male shinx cosplayer.
    "I-I'll be fine," The girl said. She didn't look fine, in fact she had red marks around her neck. Daman's blood began to race at the idea of somebody strangling her, but he managed to contain his anger for now. Is she said she was fine, she was fine. Anyway, Daman had to ascertain what the situation was before jumping to conclusions. He was especially curious as to what had happened to his staraptor- worried even, but Daman didn't consciously know that.

    Daman strode up to the pair of people, then asked "Do you know what's happening?" It was a blunt way of saying it, and without dressing, but it would suffice. Daman didn't really see the point in saying anything else.
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  17. It was a odd night for Nova and his Blaziken pokemon Ace, Ace was now human and nothing really made since for the two but one thing was clear, It wouldn't stop them from being a pokemon and pokemon ranger. They both agrees upon that dispite what was happening Ace that it would not stop them. It was Mid-night by now and they were curenntly a few miles out of Yunti City deep within the thick forest though it was no challange seeing the city for it light up the dark night sky. "So what are we going to do once we get to Yunti City Nova?" question the towering pokemon as he looked at his short partner. "Im not really sre there should be a proffesseor around this area maybe they will have awnser. If they dont then we will continue to serve as the protectors of humans and pokemon." Ace nodded to the human as they started to come upon a group of pokemon and humans maybe they knew of a way to find the proffessor of Yunit City they could use a hand and possibly info on a place to stay for the rest of the night. " Exucss me? Could you help us?"
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  18. "Excuse me? Could you help us?" a new voice said. Daman turned to see a trainer and yet another cosplayer- however, this time it was a blaziken being cosplayed. "There's a lot of gijinka out tonight," Daman thought. A strange wind...his staraptor disappearing...the high number of gijinka... it had to mean something, but Daman still couldn't figure out what it was. Then the suspicious character who looked oddly like Daman's staraptor touched Daman's arm, making Daman flinch. "What should we do about the meeting, Daman?" the suspicious character spoke. And finally Daman realized what was going on.

    Most people would probably exclaim something along the lines of "They're human!" at this point. But Daman
    wasn't vocally expressive, so he just stood there shocked for a few moments "Does everybody else know that these 'cosplayers' are pokemon in human form?" Daman pondered, "Wait, they must do, those pokemon must belong to the two trainers!" Daman tried to push the thought of everybody else realizing this before him to the back of his mind. They must just be crazy to accept this so easily.

    "No, I need help myself," Daman finally replied to the new trainer. He hadn't meant it to sound so rude, but it was simply the truth.
  19. "Ah, You need help? With what? I'm sure me and Ace here can help out after all were Poke Rangers~" With that said Nova's Companion nodded as they finally made it to both trainers and there pokemon. " Nova.. It seems like everyone ele's pokemon is just like me..." "Yea it seems that way Ace, No worries now at least we know its not just you." Ace simply nodded as he stood loomed over eveyone as they both finally stopped and looked over everyting while Nova did all the talking. " So what's the problem? Well other then the fact that Pokemon are...well human?" While Nova waited for a reply he fixed his hat as he glanced around a moment at the situation, Seemed like nothing was really wrong unless he was missing something. If so Ace would pick it up really quick, after all they were synced.
  20. "Rangers, huh?" Daman thought, "They're usually nice enough. And this pair seems very lively..." He stood there for a moment looking at the two of them, with the Blaziken-human towering above everybody, and the actual-human fixing his hat. Daman presumed the actual-human never sat still, considering the eager way he was looking around for something to do. Daman decided to finally reply to the ranger's question about what he needed help with, "Well, apart from the fact one of the strangest things ever is happening, I've just crashed into this forest, so I'm not entirely sure where I am. And I have somewhere I need to be soon."

    Meanwhile, at the back of Daman's mind, cogs were turning. People must be frightened and confused about pokemon turning human, and the pokemon themselves wouldn't exactly be at an advantage. And if this was happening reigon-wide, as Daman expected...then it might be time for a revolution.
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