The one choice that would decide it all.

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  1. If you had a chance to rewind, and change a pivotal moment in your life, would you? Maybe change what you said, or a choice, maybe standing up to someone this time?

    For me? I'd say not. There's too many points where I wish I could go back and change something at first glance. But after thinking about it, I wouldn't be able to be the same person if I changed those things. If I changed the shit that happened to me, I would be unable to understand many things. If I changed what happened to me four or five years ago, maybe edited in a happier ending, or maybe, stopping it from starting in the first place, I possibly would have never felt the need to look into Iwaku, or to help people in later years.
  2. Lucnoir's Natural 20 gift

    Eh? You are quite lucky my friend. Here, have this amulet from a golden king. I think his name was Midas or something. Anyway, use it well. I have made it such that it's effects stack, but you can only not use it for so long before it starves and dies. Just bring it to me, ah? Yes, I will bring it back to life for you, but for a price.

    The Midas amulet is a brilliantly adorned golden amulet with an orange gem scarab in it's center. It has jade symbols around the outline making it something that any person would be excited to have, or steal. It's ability is greedy alchemy in that it can turn anything into something else of equal or greater value. However that only lasts for five minutes upon each stack. During that time it should be sold such that the amulet gains another stack. Once it reaches a healthy ten stacks, the bug will feast off the greed it has collected, devouring the holder's currency and permanently gaining an upgrade based on how quickly it was fed. As with all Avarice it will always be hungry for more.
  3. I definitely would have told my family that I would have liked to stay in Sacramento rather than move to the country. Not really out of regret, because frankly, regrets are a waste of time (even if you can't help but feel that way sometimes). But I think it would really be interesting to see how I would have turned out had I stayed.

    In all likelihood I probably would have been shot dead. But it would have been one hell of a ride up to that point.
  4. I wouldn't. What's done is done already and there's nothing I can do to fix it.

    If I had to pick a time, it would be where I lost a very close friend of mine. If I could, I would try to find the missing links that caused our friendship to die. But in the end, it just happened and there's nothing I can do to possibly fix it. I like where I am, I've learned and grew from this past experience. So I don't want to take that away by going back in time and changing it.
  5. Life is but a collection of Regrets. its whether or not we acknowledge them that defines us.

    That said, other than trivialities such as having the balls to tell chicks i fancied them and not ignore the voice of reason in my mind telling me to avoid failing, i have nothing.
  6. "So let's take a step."
  7. No regrets or promises. c__c I am what I am because of the events in my life. Changing any of them would change who I am now. I like who I am and where I'm at!
  8. Lucius kissed her forehead. "Let's find the clinic."
  9. Anya nods, "Yeah.."
  10. Fight hard, move forward! Kick reason to the curb and live without regrets! That's my way!

    I'd change nothing. I did pretty well the first time around.
  11. "How far along is she?"
  12. Oh, God, where do I start?

    I want to go back to the time when I had my Gameboy Color cheated away by my Primary School classmates - along with lots of cartridges. I want to stop myself from being so lazy from young, keeping up a habit of working hard from childhood. I want to have my old self not be such a brat and build up a healthy relationship with his folks. I want to have myself not to be such an egomaniac, not be so sensitive about things, and have lots of childhood friends build up from Primary School. I want to have my childhood bestfriend not leave me, going back in time to tell my old self not to step out of that house because of my ego that day (or, heck, not fight with him the day when I stepped out of his life). And one of the most significant change I want is me not stealing that $10 000 from my parents. It probably was the biggest factor that caused my bad relationship with my parents today.

    But hey, all that's only fantasy. I don't like myself today, and, no matter how I improve, things only get worse. So, if I have a choice, would I do it?

    You bet damn Hell I will.