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  1. The Name Game

    Note: Before I go any further, I'd like to mention that there will be a possibility character death. This is a survival game roleplay, so if that isn't your cup of tea, please refrain from joining. If you're still interested, please read on.

    This roleplay revolves around eight people becoming involved in a survival game called, "The Name Game," which occurs once every one hundred years. The participants are called "players", and the game is played in the form of a three-level tournament (eight participants, then four, then the last two). Each player is matched to another one, whose initials are stamped upon their wrist. The goal is for each player is to kill the player whose initials are stamped upon their wrist. The prize for winning is one wish.

    1. You must kill the player whose initials are stamped upon your wrist in order to advance to the next round.
    2. Killing another player's target is prohibited, and will result in disqualification and death.
    3. Once you kill your target, you will be considered "idle" until the next round begins.
    4. How you kill your target is up to you. Anything goes, so long as the above rules are adhered to.
    5. While "idle", you cannot see the initials on the other players' wrists.
    6. Non-players cannot see the initials.
    7. Committing suicide will result in disqualification, and the player whose target committed suicide automatically advances to the next round. Likewise, if your target should die through any means other than you killing them (either directly or indirectly), you shall advance to the next round.
    8. If the wrist with the initials stamped onto it is somehow disconnected from the body (i.e. your arm gets cut off) it is cause for disqualification and death.
    9. Initials are based on birth names, so all currently legal names are not put into consideration, as well as legal name changes that may take place during the game.
    10. Breaking any of the above stated rules will be punished with disqualification and death.

    1. I can't stress this enough. Be a good sport. If your character dies, so be it. The warning was put in place, so please don't start an argument if your character is killed. Thank you.
    2. No godmodding or power playing. You can't control the other characters, and you aren't invincible.
    3. No auto-attacking and please use logic. If someone tries to shoot you at point blank range, you're probably going to get shot. Also, give the other character a chance to react. Don't say something like, "Hanzu shot Mary in the leg." Instead, say this, "Hanzu aimed for Maru's leg and fired."
    4. This roleplay will not have any time skips, to prevent anyone from coming out of nowhere and killing someone else. Please be as specific as about where your character is and what they're doing. Don't say they're in a building looking through some magazines. Tell us what the building is, and what they're specifically looking for in the magazines (if anything).
    5. Please try to be active at least once or twice a day. It's fine so long as your character isn't close to interacting with others, but give us a warning that you'll be away. Because the characters are matched, please try to keep absences reasonable, and for those waiting, please try to remain patient. At most, I'll allow for a three day absence before your spot becomes vacant (after your first post).
    6. Location is EXTREMELY important in this roleplay. If you change cities and/or states/provinces, you NEED to describe that you're doing so in your post. If you're on a plane, just listing what state you're currently over is fine.
    7. Because of the basis of this RP, there needs to be a medium for how much one can do in one post. Since I'm the first poster, I'll set the 'time limit'. In other words, if my character partakes in events that would take him about an hour to complete, all posts after that can only partake in actions that would be completed in about an hour. Granted, there will be times when a time skip may be used to speed things up, but they will be rare.
    8. Do NOT abuse OOC information. Just because you know it, it doesn't mean your character automatically does. I will be checking for realism and coherence in posts, and I will ask you to change it if it seems unrealistic or to be abusing OOC information. More than two warnings will result in getting kicked from the roleplay.
    9. Respect your fellow role players and all forum rules. Thank you.






    Appearance (description or image):

  2. Hiiii~!
    Quick question: Do I have to, you know, watch Future Diary/Mirai Nikki to join or not since the game is explained in excellent detail?
  3. No knowledge of Mirai Nikki is required. X3 This RP was inspired, but not influenced by it, if that makes sense.~
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  4. Well, with that settled, I think that I'll join. Sounds very interesting~! :3

    Question before I put my CS up: Anime pictures, yes? Or no?
  5. Preferably. XD
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  6. Oooone last question. X3

    Can they be any age? Or do they have to be in a certain range?
  7. Any age at all.~ :3
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  8. [Aah, I got caught up in other roleplays! I'm so sorry!]


    | Name |
    Mitsuki 'Suki' Nagamine
    "People usually call me Suki!"

    | Age |

    Ten years old
    "Just because I'm young, that doesn't mean I'm weak!"

    | Gender |

    "I don't look like a girl....right?"

    | Personality |

    Charming • Manipulative • Cocky (a bit) • Possessive • Cheery • Observant • Energetic • Forgiving (yet never forgetting) • Kind • Friendly • Stubborn • Strong
    "I'm a bundle of sunshine and joy!"

    | Other |
    Has an addiction to strawberries.
    "Strawberries are the best fruit~!"
  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Maria Mayleen

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Shy when she meets new people, but this changes quickly. She is also trustful, you can talk with her about everything you want, she will always listen and try to help.

    Other: She loves nekos and wolf-girls so she wears fake wolf ears
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  10. @Franco, go ahead and sign up.

    @Kitsune, can I get a link to a roleplay you're in? I need to check your level of writing.

    @Lady Sandra, only humans allowed. Also, can I see a link to a roleplay you're currently in? I want to make sure everyone meets the level of writing required.
  11. Can you handle combat?
  12. Yes I think so, did a few combats on an other RP site
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  13. Site*

    I'll have to think about it. This roleplay requires an above average writing capacity.
  14. Hm.. I'm interested in joining~

    Apple Matsuoka.

    13 ~


    Apple has trust problems, causing her to be quite ignorant and rude when it comes to talking to others. She, in reality, is sane. But just to scare others off, it's relevant for her to act quite the opposite; Insane. People aren't things to be trusted, their actions are ridiculous and unnecessary. If someone is floe to Apple, she'll slowly begin to thaw her frozen heart, but if that trust is broken.. She isn't one to talk to. Just because she's shy, and very un-trustworthy to others, she isn't afraid to speak her mind if someone is talking about her. The only thing that hasn't completely lost her trust, or hasn't lost it at all, is her Cat- Rosie. They've been together since they were both very young, Apple got Rosie at the age of eight, and they immediately connected after that. One reason she can't trust; Is because her parents left her alone at the age of five, so she's been fending for herself for the longest time. Apple isn't very strong, nor is she very fast. But due to being a bit on the shorter side, she is able to sneak around and hide in quite a small space. Her only fear though, is Claustrophobia.

    Appearance (description or image):

    Apple's facade has become more than her mind, it has become reality. She is able to hide it well though, since her pure essence is still there and very apparent. Insanity hasn't completely taken over.
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  15. I'm not in any Active Group Role-Plays, so these are just some old ones that I did a little while back.

    Samples From Old Rp's (open)
    Spirit looked at her team, not feeling as distressed as she had been. The rules were as simple as the last time, yet diving into a pool of blood was.. Quite strange, and she didn't think she could possibly do it. Her team seemed likely enough to do so though, which made her calm down. This may be the only time she was actually.. Calm, with a task around other people. She thought of it as if she was swimming in one of the Safari's largest lakes in the world, and she couldn't see a thing. But she had to find her freedom, her own safety or else she'll die. Dying wasn't an option that came up in her mind right now, because she had a mother to go back to when she finished. But the thought was torn, due to if she died, she could always see her father. Even though that's a strange possibility, she had thought that after someone died, their souls traveling the earth, looking for their loved ones. It was... Different, but even her mother thought that too, so she wasn't alone.

    As her Teammates went, she watched them all closely, as if she was analyzing them. She wanted to see what they felt, what they did, to get their gems. Finally her turn came, and she easily slid out of her skirt, setting it down somewhere in the back of the room. No, she wasn't naked, she was wearing something small under her skirt because she normally went swimming whenever she was outside. She kept her shirt on before stepping towards the edge of the blood-filled pool. Spirit took a deep breath before closing her eyes and diving in, not daring to open her eyes due to the blood. If it were any normal situation, then maybe she'd try to look, but right now wasn't the time. She swam at the bottom of the pool, trying to feel around for the much needed gems. Her team got all five of them, so she should be able to do that too.

    Her mind kept telling her to do it, don't chicken out. The sickly feeling of the blood rushing against her skin was disgusting and outrageous, and hell, she couldn't believe she was doing it. The thought of the Safari river fading away, which meant she had to hurry if she wanted to complete her task. After what seemed like forever, she was able to find five gems. Barely making it on time, she swam back up, gasping for air. Her almost quite hair was strained, now looking like a strawberry-blonde while her skin looked darker than it was whilst her shirt was stained red. She climbed out of the pool, walking slowly over to their bucket and dropping them in. Her bangs covered her eyes as her lips were in a tight straight line.

    After a minute, she walked back over to where she set her skirt and put it on. She had to be strong, or else she'll go insane if she'd allow this to corrupt her mind. Spirit sat down in the corner of the room, her knees pulled up to her chest as she tried wiping some of the blood off her skin. The reality of what she just did set in, causing her to close her eyes tightly and shake. She wasn't going to cry, no, but doing that.. So.. Calmly, was enough to cause her mind to think. It made her seem a bit crazy, since everyone else was nervous and scared. Yet here she was, all calm and completely unafraid. She, after a few minutes, opened her eyes again and looked at everyone as they all began to finish their tasks. Her gaze turning over to Ryan, he was a good guy. Not that anyone in this room was bad, he just tried to help her out during their first task.

    Black Manor <- That is the link, it's around the bottom of page Five.

    Nevermoore Court. <- My post is the second one.

    Now, neither of those posts are perfect, there are some Errors, and I know that. But I think they're alright~
  16. Should be good enough. Accepted.

    I'm still waiting for a reply from @Kitsune and @Franco.~
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  17. Alright, thank you.
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