The Mutant Factor

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  1. Mutant children are always labeled. Always have, always will. This causes them to slowly grow in their powers, until they finally become half-animal. This means, once two decide to leave, they will be hutned...

    My character:
    Name- Chris Gregor
    Mutation- Hawk wings and beak
    Age- 17
  2. Daniel:
    mutation - monkey tail, hands, feet and climbing/swinging abilities
    age: 18
  3. (I'll start. At least five sentence posts please more if you want)
    Chris shot up over the building, looking down at the ground. Days like this, she loved to be alive. Her body was filled with joy as air ruffled her wings. Her falcon wings began at her wrists, arched out, and then connected at her hips. The feathers ruffled in the slight breeze. Her break, yes, she had a tiny beak, was also clacking in joy. She opened her arms, letting air flow over her. Sometimes, even when you are mutated, life is great.
  4. Daniel was going through the drawer of jewelry and stuffing it into his bag. He silently closed it and walked into a room of sleeping children and took their iPods. The light in the room flickered on, "Who are you!" yelled an older man, Daniel jumped up and stuck his hands to the ceiling and stuck his tounge out at the man, "Bye-bye." he said as he jumped out the window. "Wha- hey get back here!" but by the time the man got to the window, he was gone. Daniel's mutated life, was going swell, over $2000 a week in stolen goods at the pawn shop.
  5. Raising her arms over her head, Chris took two steps forward. The wind pushed against her wings and she laughed in joy. She ran forward, her arms behind her so not to catch the wind. Without pausing, she jumped off the edge and then spread out her wings. The membranes tugged, and she was now soaring a good two hundred feet above the ground. Just like a bird, she flapped them and gained altitude. She cawed in joy, rising to where she no longer even looked human. Life was great to her.
  6. Daniel ran, jumped, and flipped over the rooftopsand landed on his hands, then flipped back to his feet and landed into the next apartment complex. He heard the police sirens, "suckers heh." He went to the lady's bedroom first, he found a jewelry boxand opened a closed it real fast to see if it was one of the noise boxes. No noise, he opened it up to diamonds everywhere, he fille dhis bag with all of it and left the room, this load was too valueable to lose, so he jumped out the window and back into the alley.
  7. Turning her wings to the side, Chris flew herself towards the center of town. she was high on the wind, not able to stop cawing in joy. Her beak was opened in a howl and her arms flapped. when they grew tired, she let them sag and dropped down to the ground. As she was not watching where she was going, she ended up colliding into Daniel as he scrambled up the next building, "CAW!" She cried as they collided.
  8. "woah!" Daniel hit the ground when a bird hit him and the merchendise went all over, "no, no no no." he quickly picked up all the electronics and jewels. When he collected it all he got into another building, why do people leave their windows unlocked? Oh yah, becaus ethere arent many monkey-people out there. He went to the bathroom of the residence and turned on the light to see if he was hurt. "ow." he looked at a scratch on his arm, and opened up the cabinet and a bag of drugs came out. "uuh, no thank you?" he flushed the drugs down the toilet and turned to leave. But someone had a gun to his head,"I can get it back."
  9. Stunned, Chris had to sit against the wall until her head stopped spinning. The angle was perfect and she was going to have skimmed the wall if that boy hadn't hurt her. She sat up and made sure her wings worked, then she turned and walked down the alleyway. She was graceful, and walking was agony for her. She hated having her feet on earth.
  10. Daniel grabbed the gun and kicked the dude in the gut. The gun fell to the ground, the man tried to go for it but Daniel grabbed his wrist with his tail and kicked him in the face with his heel. The man had a bloody nose, Daniel picked the gun up and aimed it at him. "Wha- what are you?!" Daniel smiled and said "a badass." and disappeared through the bathroom door and back down into the alley. He stood up straight and looked at Chris.
  11. Chris heard a gun cock and stopped. Slowly turning, she saw the boy, about her own age, with a monkey tail holding the gun. She turned and then she smiled, "Oh, another mutant!" She said, raising her wings and clacking her beak, "So nice to meet you! How are you this fine night for flying?"
  12. "Im good." he held up the bag with his tail and dropped the gun inside. "I go into other peoples' apartments and take their stuff, then I pawn it for some good cash." A police car with its lights off slowly went by, Daniel went back to human form. "Have you two seen a man with a tail tonight? We've had two reports of a tailed man stealing stuff." Daniel looked at Chris, "actually yes we have, he went that way." He sent the cop in a completely different direction. "Thank you." and the cop drove off.
  13. Chris didn't bother to even change to human form, just stayed the way she was, "Sorry, I like me the way I am." She smiled and strode up to him, "That is an inte-" She saw the jewels. Two and two came together and she then turned on her phone, "Police!"
  14. "what, wait dont do that." he tried to get the phone from her but couldn't. He climbed to the top of the apartment building with the bag in his tail and started jumping from rooftop to rooftop to get back to his house. When he got to his building he frontflipped into his window on the top floor. "Why would she do that? we're on the same team." he put the stuff in a chest under his bead and closed hus window and curtains.
  15. Chris was a falcon, and those birds could be called 'silent death' if they so pleased. She glided after him, skimming along the buildings until she came to his appartment. She entered and then slid along the side. When he turned, she screamed, "CAWCAW!"
  16. "what are you doing! be quiet!" he pushed her closer to the window, "get ouuut!" police sirens were alll over the place now, "you can join me if that's what you want!" The police was entering all buoildings, sooner or later they woul dbe on his floor, the 25th. "they'll find us stooop!"
  17. Chris stopped, "Get out the window!" She hissed, shoving him out. When the cops came in, she flashed her wings in a circle. The effect blurred her face and intimidated the guards. She rushed forward and jabbed the gun out of one's hand, then wheeled and kicked the other. Her wings still blurring her face, she knocked them out of the room and gripped the windowsill. She flipped out and landed on the rooftop, eying him, "Just a demonstration of my skills."
  18. Daniel went back to get his bag. Another cop stormed in, "get him!" Then the cop stopped,"what the heck? Its just a monkey!" Daniel jumped up and knocked him out, then out out the window. "let's go" he said to Chris. The jumped on top of the roof and started jumping from building to building until they came to the subways. They went underground and waited for a subway to pick them up and take them to the other side of town. "Ya know, if you wanted to join me you could've just said so.

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  19. Chris nodded, "Yea, but you'd have asked me to prove myself instead of just accepting me!" She giggled, then she ran around the side of a building and held onto him. She glided them over to the next room and covered them with her wings.
  20. "Prove what? you're a mutant, why would you need to prove yourself?" he just hung there as she flew him around, he held tightly to the bag. "So you're supposed to be like, a falcon?" he looked at her, careful not to say anything that would make her drop him.
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