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  1. ((OOC/Plot discussion))

    Change was coming to the kingdoms. It was felt in the air. It was in the hushed movements of servants preparing for the festival. Through the Arvien noble's houses as they laughed at petty intrigues. It was deep in the tunnels Hahdrim where heat of forges kept the cold from seeping in. Inside the many taverns of Incyriia where waitresses served ale to less reputable folk. Among the desert dwellers of Krosir where the sands shifted in menacing patterns. It lingered as the people of Yashin trained with wooden swords, swinging on command from their instructor. And where change pulsed the most was within the Kingdom of the Dead. Where the people's fear grew as something seemed to wake from a slumber from long ago.

    But deep in Arvien something else was stirring. The people were getting excited. The grand tournament was beginning. Warriors from all over the land would come and compete. Swordsmans, archers, hunters, and battle hardened veterans of all kinds were flocking towards the city of Tavin. The merchant guilds prepared their wares to the travelers. The High Lord of Arvien came personally days ahead to see the preparation. The nobles were betting on their own champions. Even the peasant folk were beginning to rile up in anticipation. The High Lord treated this event like a festival of sorts and was more charitable and lenient during it. Even the thieves and beggars appreciated the influx of new money.

    But dark forces also gathered. They wore cloaks of dark material. Beneath them held blades as black as night. They watched wearily at each new incoming traveler, seeking something within their possessions. They did this for hours until someone alerted the guards. The cloaked group walked into an alley and vanished from sight. The guards felt as if they were just standing near a ledge, death looming near. One of the cloaked men looked back. His eyes were as black as the blade he held. He grimaced with disgust as if he felt something was coming. He grinned as if he thought of a particularly terrible way to kill someone. He continued with the rest of his group as if he never paused at all.
  2. When Karena arrived in the city, the guards all gave her skeptical looks. She was wearing a cloak quite similar to the ones that the group of cloaked men wore. She kept her head down, not wanting trouble. Her hood was pulled to hide her face and the rest of the cloak was pulled to hide the rest of her. She watched the people all prepare happily, a strange feeling welling up in her chest. She looked away, a hand moving to grip the sword at her hip. Something about the sword made her feel as if she had someone who understood her, yet made her feel more alone. She sighed and continued on, looking at all of the progress made and trying to find a reasonably priced inn.
  3. With the blade strapped onto his back and his scruffy appearance, Zinn could easily have been mistaken for a mercenary - except for his stance. He walked straight and proud, like a merchant's son or knight. He seemed on guard, scanning the crowds with perceptive eyes... ever-looking for that nameless murderer. Old habits die hard, however, and the scan of the crowd picked up a few targets worth humbling. His fingers itched as he felt his stomach groan.

    His eyes narrowed, and he picked the one he disliked the most - a loud man, making a fuss in the market, waving his arms around and getting red in the face. From the conversation, it seems the man was not satisfied with the deal the merchant he was yelling at gave him. Behind this loud, angry man stood a woman - one of her eyes showed the yellow of a bruise, and she flinched every time the man turned to look at her.

    He strode over to the man and merchant, "Sir, I think I might be of assistance." The loud man turned on Zinn, starting to yell, "MIND YER O-" Zinn rose a finger to his mouth, silencing him with a smile of his own. He looked to the merchant. "What seems to be the issue here?" The merchant - clearly of Incyriia heritage, pointed down as a sword - "He does not like the sword we forged for him! He wants it cheaper!" Zinn nods, before reaching forward and picking up the sword himself. He smiled a bit, "How much as you asking for it?" The merchant states, "Ten sovereigns."

    "THERE'S NO-" Once more, the loud man is silenced by Zinn's finger "Hup-hup-hup." He looked to the sword, before stating, "I'll take it for ten sovereigns. It's worth triple that." The merchant's eyes widen as the loud man turns a deep shade of purple, "How DARE you! That's MY sword!" Zinn turns to him, cooly stating, "No, it's not. It's your sword if you buy it. You won't, so..."

    With the grinding of teeth, the loud man states, "Fine! I'll... buy it." Zinn continues, "Then I'll give you fifteen for it." Inwardly, Zinn smiled as the man almost bursts a vein on his forehead. Not to be outdone, the man screams "TWENTY SOVEREIGNS." The merchant smiles, "Done!" Money exchanged hands - and, in the distraction, Zinn reached forward and snipped off the loud man's money-pouch. He sighs, "Aww. Too rich for my tastes." The loud man turns with a smile, looking like he won. Zinn spares a glance at the woman - shackles on her arms made it clear that she was a slave. Zinn's eyes narrowed.

    "How much for her?" He points at the woman. The loud man chuckles, "More than you've got." Zinn thumbs the coin-pouch in his hands, estimating the amount inside. He smiles, "How about... one hundred sovereigns?" The loud man's eyes bulge. "You... you don't want her, she's worthless!" Zinn shakes his head, "Nonsense. She's very pretty." A battle goes on in the loud man's head, and he nods. "Done. She's yours." He glances at Zinn's sword: "I'll just buy her back after I beat you in the tournament."

    Bringing the money out of the man's own wallet, he hands it forward. The terrified-looking woman enters Zinn's custody, as the man and his sword walks away - feeling victorious and considerably poorer. The merchant offers Zinn an approving smile - he had made a good bit of money on that sword. Zinn turns his attention to the female. He smiles at her, leading her to an open alleyway. Just inside the alleyway, he takes out the key he just purchased - and unlocks her shackles. Her eyes widen at him. He chuckles, "You're free now. No tricks." He holds his hands up - before handing her the key. "Hey. To remember me by, yeah?" He winks at her... before realizing a few things. He takes out the loud man's money-pouch... there's enough pieces left in there... he hands her the entire pouch. "Here you go. Buy yourself some clothes. Maybe you can get a real job out there..."

    The stunned ex-slave nods at him, and he pats her on the head. He turns, leaving the alley... and his stomach growls again. He reaches a hand forward to rub at it... not regretting his actions one bit. He continues to walk through the marketplace, still hungry - but feeling pretty good anyway.
  4. "Well here we are, lads!" Arden exclaimed, taking in the full glory of the grand city, "We made it to the center of Arvien, the city of the grand tournament! I guess this is where our paths part..."
    "Oi, don't be sad cap'n," one of Arden's ship mates commented, "We'll miss ya and all, but our hearts will still be connected!"
    "Don't make me cry, you scallywag!" Arden ordered, looking back at his sip mates, "Now best of luck to ya in the future, and I hope to meet again!"
    With out further ado Arden and his crew parted ways, with just a wave- they weren't for soppy rubbish. Maybe if sea salt didn't run so thick in their bloods, a tear may have left on of their eyes. As it were though, they parted ways in high spirits, ready for a new adventure. Arden was particularly excited for the upcoming tournament, the whole reason he was here. His hand brushed against his new rapiers' sheath, checking the blade was still there. His fingers lingered on the hilt of the sword, only just resisting the temptation to draw the elegant sword that filled his blood with energy. Instead he set forth towards a more communal area of town- Arden loved living in noise and cheerfulness. Anyway, he needed to find an inn with a spare room to stay at, in this bustling city. Thus he strode forth with confidence, looking forward to whatever events may follow.
  5. The trek was long and arduous. The amount of greenery astounded Cahrin as he walked the roads carefully. Initially he had two hunter escorts, but once they reached the borders of Krosir the two men had to return. Each member of a tribe was valuable and even a loss of one would be detrimental to the entire tribes well being. Cahrins white robes seemed out of place within the traveling browns of most. He considered how the different cultures were defined by their land. Krosir was quite desolate with pockets of life around great wells. But in Arvien the entire world seems to be the opposite. He rarely saw any places where there wasn't any green. The pulsating life was exciting but entirely fearful. He was used to the long desert treks, carrying only enough to survive from place to place. In this land you can live anywhere be survive easily.

    The other travelers eyed suspiciously. Cahrin was completely out of place. His skin was much darker everyone and his red eyes seemed menacing. The white robes of the Tathi was completely strange around the brown and green scenery. The farming villages he past reminded him of his own tribe. He could still smell the burning and bodies. He must fulfill his mission. To exact judgement on the murderer and uncover the secret behind the dark blade.

    Finally he reached Tavin. It was a strange sight. The city was huge compared to anything hes ever seen in the desert. The structures of stone were magnificent. The castle of the local lord was awe inspiring. Certainly these men had rich lives. Two small children bumped into him and he felt a tug on his robe. His stick immediately went to the child's hand. "Have you no honor boy! If you were in my tribe, your hand would be cut and thrown to the dogs," his voice was filled with righteous anger. They scurried off, and he bent down to pick up his purse. Cahrin spoke in his Krosian tongue, "My Elders was right. This land was filled with barbarians with no respect." With a quick prayer to the gods, he continued into the city. "I must find somewhere to stay. One that hopefully isn't filled with more heathens."
  6. As Arden began bounding forwards into Tavin, he heard a little scuffle behind him. "Have you no honor boy! If you were in my tribe, your hand would be cut and thrown to the dogs," he heard an angry, male voice preach. A few moments later a strange man dressed in white robes, with dark skin, and bright red eyes, walked past Arden. Something told Arden that the voice belonged to this man, and he could lead to something quite interesting. Anyway, Arden could see one thing he may be good for. This man was obviously a traveler, one that would need a place to stay. He had quite an intimidating look, so he would scare off other travelers from whatever inn he chose, leaving Arden a space to stay at. So, attracted to trouble as usual, Arden decided to follow this man through the crowds.
  7. Ennis stumbled through the crowd, clutching her dagger close to her chest so as to not lose it. She pulled at her fur-lined cloak, wishing she hadn't brought it as the climate was so much warmer in Tavin than anything back home. She looked around for a place to stay, something with few people so she could avoid as much social interaction as possible. She walked in circles for a time, all the while muttering to herself. She got a few odd looks but payed no mind as she continued her search.
  8. Arden had made a little game out of following the strange guy with red eyes. It was kind of fun following him through the crowds, actually. Arden was planning on continuing with his totally un-stalkerish game through Tavin, until... "Shi~ny," Arden murmured, staring through the jewelry shop window. The window display was filled with gold bracelets, diamond necklaces, ruby rings, and many other types of glittering jewelry. As a pirate, Arden couldn't help but be attracted to such wonders. It was just part of his nature. Sure, he needed a place to stay, which Arden had a high chance of finding by following the freaky guy. But...maybe if he went in for just a few minutes, he could catch up with the weirdo later. And if not, well, it couldn't that hard for Arden to find a place to stay, even in with so many people flocking into Tavin for the tournament. So, Arden stepped inside, mesmerized. If he was still at sea, Arden might have tried to steal some of these treasures, but Arden wouldn't do so on land. No, he'd promised himself to fully embrace the role of Arden the merchant while he was involved with the tournament. He wouldn't even steal that beautiful, sparkly broach in the shape of a wave. However good it looked on him. Even is it was as easy as eating pie, because the attendant was busy.

    Ten minutes later Arden was back on the street, with the broach in his pocket. Nobody had noticed him steal it, and it was only a small broach, so it was fine really, Arden justified. But now really he had to get back to finding a place to stay... "Nice cloak," Arden commented, to a pretty girl nearby. She had adorable freckles, and such innocent, green eyes. He'd just talk to her for a few minutes, seriously. It was only polite, then he'd definitely find an inn to stay at.
  9. In the midst of her search for a place to stay, Ennis was startled by a sudden voice behind her. She jumped and clutched at her dagger. She wasn't really used to people talking to her, let alone complementing her. Ennis looked around to see a... man? Or maybe it was a women, or possibly neither. Ether way, she stopped walking and pulled down the hood of her cloak. Unsure of how to respond to such a complement she simply blushed a deep and blotchy shade of red and muttered "thank you" quietly.
  10. "Your welcomes, ma'am," Arden responded, giving her a smile, "No need to clutch your dagger so tightly, I won't hurt you. If it'll help you trust me, I'll give you this broach, although I'd like your name in return. Yay or nay?" Arden held out the azure broach he'd stolen from the jewelry shop earlier. Since he didn't really deserve it for stealing, why not give it to some random woman on the street? She seemed sweet enough to deserve it. And pretty enough, with her cute blushing and all.
  11. Cahrin wandered the streets for quite some time. The entire layout confounded him. His tribal villages were much simpler. He grinned remembering something. If one of these foreigners entered our great holy city they would perish in moments. Our city is a labyrinth of tunnels and streets with traps lining most of it. Only the Tathi and a few elder tribes men know the correct ways.

    There was a finally an inn that seemed to meet Cahrin's requirements. It was in the higher class part of the town with a sign saying, "The Silver Spoon." The innkeeper eyed Cahrin suspiciously. "Are you here for a room?" Travelers were a constant wave during the tournament's time. Inns of all kinds welcomed in the weary tourists and participants with careful considerations. Dangerous men sometimes caused trouble.

    Cahrin red eyes seem to distress the innkeeper. "Yes. I am here for the tournament." The innkeeper tried his best to keep his chipper manner, "Oh we've gotten lots of participants, but none are Krosians." Cahrin's mouth frowned with distaste. "Krosians would never fight for reputation or reward. Let alone leave our homeland," his accent thickened as he spoke, "I am however am an exception. All I need is a room and information about this town and this tournament." The innkeeper was becoming more afraid at each each bitter word. "Yes right away, sir..." He seem to scramble for a key and a ledger. "S-sign here please." Cahrin wrote his name in Krosian. The letters looked like a snake curling in strange patterns. "T-thank you for your patronage. Here is your... key." Cahrin took it without a word and placed couple golden coins on the table. They bore the mark of the scorpions. Krosians don't often use currency but when dealing with outsiders they keep some in reserve. "I'll be back down to ask a few questions, but I must rest. The journey has been long. Do not bother me. I will ask for what I need. Do not send any servants." "Y-yes sir," the innkeeper stammered, watching Cahrin go up the stairs. When the white robes faded from sight, the innkeeper breathed a sigh of relief. "That man was utterly frightful. If all Krosians are like that man, then I'm glad rarely any leave that blasted desert." The innkeeper began cleaning.

    Cahrin looked out from the window to see people scrambling from place to place. These people of Arvien. They move without purpose, living lives of pleasures and sin. He shook his head. I must accomplish my mission. The elders have warned me of the darkness that comes. Where are these black blades coming from. He took out a cloth bundle from his robe. He slowly unfolded it and a black surface shined from the light of the window. It was a metal shard from a blade. "I can feel the evil within this." It was almost imperceptible but Cahrin saw his stick from his childhood shiver in revulsion. He had that stick ever since he finished his hazzak. It was his traveling companion in the desert. Cahrin picked up the stick. It was warm in his hand. He felt the desire to break the shadowy piece of metal into pieces. He restrained himself. He needed it to find more information. There was a certain contact in this town. But Cahrin had no idea how to reach him. He was told by his elders it was a Yashin man in Tavin. Cahrin sighed. It was going to be a longer journey from here.
  12. Ennis loosened her grip on the dagger, stuffing it away in her pocket. She looked at the broach in awe. It was lovely. She smiled, how bad could this man be if he was offering such a beautiful trinket to her. "Alright, my name is Ennis, Ennis Andrews." she said, taking the broach. She admired it for a time, taking in the great detail. "Thank you very much, it's beautiful." she said, grinning broadly. She felt she could learn to like this person.
  13. Arden watched Ennis smile at the broach he'd given her. It made Arden happy as well, happy that objects that meant very little to him could make others so happy. He decided that he'd try to be as honest as possible with Ennis, as to not ruin either of their joy. However, he couldn't tell her that he was a pirate, but that would be the only lie he planned on telling. "Hello Ennis, my name is Arden, Arden Murray the merchant," Arden asserted, returning the smile, "I may be a merchant, but I'm actually in town for the tournament. Well, what about you? Your obviously not a local, so why has a fine lady like you come to Tavin at the busiest time of year?"
  14. Ennis looked up at Arden. "I'm here for the tournament as well. Though, it's warmer than I expected." She said, laughing. Ennis relaxed a little bit. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she felt comfortable talking to Arden. "In fact, I was looking for a place to stay, somewhere quiet. Do you by any chance know where a place like that is?"
  15. Now that Arden was talking to Ennis, there seemed something strangely familiar about her. Of course that was impossible, sine he'd never Hahdrim, but Arden still felt he recognized her. Maybe he could discover it later, if they became friends, Arden thought. So to stay with her, Arden bluffed, "Yeah, I know a quiet place, just down the street actually." He didn't know where anything in this city was, but something inside Arden saif there'd be a fairly quiet inn down the street. He hoped. So much for the no/little lying policy.
  16. Ennis smiled, finally she could stop wandering aimlessly and finally get away from the crowd. She tucked away her dagger and the broach in her pocket, next to some money and a few homemade cookies. "That's great, could you show me the way? I've never been to Tavin so I don't know my way around." she said. In fact, Ennis had never left Hahdrim, preferring to stay in her home, away from other people and away from the heat of other lands.
  17. A man shrouded in a large cloak watched the two people. His eyes burned with a strange kind of hunger. The blade in his hand was so cold. He didn't feel it. Only the festering gnawing feeling of his soul. He grinned. There was certainly a time for it. The action that he must take. The orders he was given. This man knew blood. He sought after it. But there was too much people. Too much noise. He had to wait. But the feeling grew and grew. Wait until they moved. Perhaps to an alley. Even an inn would be good enough. Then he would strike. Would rend their flesh from their bone. He dreamed of it. Longed for it. The black in his hand told him. The voice was so cold. So very cold, yet he was burning. Burning with so much hunger. The cloaked man waited in the shadows.
  18. Arden felt weird chills down the back of his neck, the same as he had before one of his crew members tried to kill Arden to become captain. It was a horrible feeling, like he was being watched by a demon. But that was stupid, especially in such a busy city, so Arden shrugged it off for now. "Or course, Id love to show you the way!" Arden said, not showing his paranoia to Ennis, "Just follow me-and if your worried of being seperated by the crowds, you can take my hand." With that Arden started walking towards a hopefully calmer area, hand behind him if Ennis wanted it. He took a moment to look over his shoulder- half to check on Ennis, half to check for...nothing. There's nothing, he repeated to himself. Couldn't hurt to be cautious though.
  19. Ennis glanced behind her shoulder. Was someone watching them? No, that was absurd, why would anyone be watching them? They weren't doing anything out of the ordinary. But she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was glaring at them. Ennis shook her head and ran to catch up to Arden, taking his hand and putting up her hood just in case someone was looking at them. She tucked her hand in her pocket, holding on to her dagger very tightly as it made her feel safer, like an old blanket or a friend you hadn't seen for years.
  20. After leading Ennis along the streets for about ten minute, they stumbled across a quieter area. Picking the first inn he saw- The Silver Spoon- Arden stopped in front of the inn. "Here we are!" Arden declared, "The Silver Spoon. If you don't like the prices, I'll pay for you." The last comment was because Arden had just realized the area was quieter because it was higher class. Thankfully money didn't worry Arden- he had a heavy purse, and could always steal some more if need be.
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