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  1. Matsuri Hanamori

    It was another early morning, the sun still climbing into the sky as a young woman walked along the sidewalk. Her eyes were absently looking around, taking in her surroundings as her distracted mind ran over the tune in her head, which she was audibly humming to herself. School was a drag these days, but, she hoped this year would be different. A fresh start. After all, it's her first day of high-school.

    So, with an abnormal to her view of optimism, Matsuri walked with purpose towards her school, seeing the building from where she now was. Her mind wandered from the music to what the day had in store. She hoped that maybe today would actually be a good day. A slight smile crossed her lips as she crossed onto school property, a light breeze catching her slightly frizzy hair, while simultaneously swaying her skirt. Just what would today bring?
  2. [​IMG]
    Tsuki was on her way to school trying to put her hair in a ponytail. This was a normal routine after morning training where her uncle and a few masters worked her half to death first thing every day. While trying to style her hair she spotted something out of the corner of her eye that caught her interest. It was her good friend matsuri. She decided to surprise her friend by silently sneaking up behind her and tickling her sides. "Morning matsuri" tsuki yelled
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  3. Mitsuo was heading to school with his back pack over one arm as he yawned. He looked at his watch
    "Oh im gonna be late probably shouldn't have waited on line for breakfast, damn gotta cut through ... their territory" he said to himself.
    Mitsuo stood still for a moment before he decided to cut through a particular area which was a
    shortcut to make sure he made it to school on time.

    As he walked eventually some thugs approached him and it was about 4 of them with crowbars and some other makeshift
    weapons like chains and two by fours.
    Thug 1: "Hey do you know who's territory your passing through" he says
    Thug 2: "I don't think he does, so just pay the toll and you can be on your merry way" this one cackled
    Thug 3: "Yea and the toll is all your money kid, and whatever is valuable in that backpack of yours" he said

    Mitsuo sighed... "Well I do have some money in my bag and my wallet, so that's all you want" he said tossing the bag at the one in the middle
    The thugs looked at each other laughing that he really gave the bag to them as they went to open it.
    Mitsuo spoke "DON'T OPEN MY BAG, just hand it back and I will be on my way" he says getting in fighting stance

    Thug 3: "HA HA HA ... you gonna fight all of............GAAAHHHHH!!!" he began to say
    He was struck with an open palm strike sending him flying backwards, leaving the others in shock and the bag dropping to the ground.
    The others didn't move as Mitsuo went to grab the bag, "Damn a little too much the guys at the Dojo gonna let me have it" he said to himself


    Kagome was already at school at her desk looking over her notes to stay ahead of anyone in class. She was
    the unknown face of the Hell Hounds a ferocious gang led by her but in school she was an honor roll student
    with one of the highest GPA's. Although she was reading her notes she was thinking of new people she wanted
    to join the hell hounds. There were a few people she noticed that had the look that they were or could be
    talented enough to become a hell hound. One she had in mind was Tsuki Odamara although she kept a low
    profile Kagome could tell the body of a trained martial artist by looking at them.

    (Ironic she won't notice anything special about Mitsuo until she see's him in action HA)

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  4. "Go tell your boss I said no already! And quit waiting outside my house its creepy!" Tatsu dropped the now possibly unconscious thug alongside the other 4 who waited near his home. This had become a steady cycle as he was constantly being hounded by these different gangs to join up as his track record as a boxer and street fighter made him quite the asset. Slinging his bag back over his shoulder he comtemplated not going to school, but quickly decided better as Matsu would simply dog him about it later. Seeing this as his only course of action he gave one of the guys a swift kick to move him, and carried on towards school. "I swear those Ace bastards are getting so pushy lately. Guess they must be having some problems to be coming after me that aggressively." Shaking his head he cleared his mind of those thoughts and instead focused on getting to school, as he busted into a light sprint to hopefully not be too late this time.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Vance coolly strolled through the school grounds, kicking little pebbles out of his path as he walked. It was weird for him; being in high school at his age. Unfortunately due to him starting school extremely late, he didn't have a choice. The teachers had told him that because of his age he'd have to either go to night school, or attend high school for a year before transitioning into private classes following his birthday. High school had seemed a bit of a bother, but night school was completely out of the question because it meant he wouldn't be able to spy on the Keida Dojo's evening lessons, which he'd been doing for years. He'd tried to argue, but the staff had told him those were his only options, leading him to grudgingly agree to attend high school. He only wished he wasn't the only of his family that had to go. How had his little brother gotten out of it? The little twerp was only sixteen! Vance shrugged to himself in irritation and sighed, continuing down the outside halls. All around him, students were meeting up with their friends and socializing. Everyone seemed to be laughing or smiling. But for Vance, it was different. He didn't really have any friends, apart from his brothers. Everyone was years younger than he was, and he couldn't help but feel unable to relate to the other students.

    After a couple moments of watching them, he decided to head to class.
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  6. Matsuri Hanamori
    The music was still rolling through her head when her friend approached, preventing her from having even the slightest clue of her presence. Matsuri cried out and nearly jumped away when her friend began tickling her.

    "Whaaaaaaa?! Tsuki! Don't do that!"

    Matsuri yelled dramatically, her chest heaving as she was breathing heavily. The tickling was awful enough, but, she just didn't handle being surprised very well. Unfortunately, Matsuri always felt that she was a bit of a wuss. A coward. The thought calmed her down a little to much, and she frowned slightly while looking to her friend.

    "You know you shouldn't sneak up on me, Tsuki. But, hey, morning."

    Her reply was quiet, her voice soft as she turned and continued walking towards their school, which was less than a hundred yards away. Soon enough, another day like any other would begin. Boring school day, then she would fight with herself over signing up for a club, only to give up and go home to practice alone before eating and reading before bed.

    "Come on, tough girl. Let's go."

    Matsuri grabbed her friend's arm, and proceeded to jokingly drag her towards the school building. It was almost time for class. They'd be late soon. Still, she couldn't escape this strangely growing feeling of dread.

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  7. [​IMG]

    A couple minutes later, Vance got to class. There were a few students already present; some socializing, others studying. He silently made his way to the far right corner by the window and slid into his seat. After setting his belongings down beside him, he turned and looked outside, watching as remaining students entered the school's courtyard...
  8. Tsuki whined as her friend dragged her towards the school. "This place is so boring." She griped as she looked at her friend noticing something was bothering her. "Hey matsuri what's on your mind."
  9. "Why do I have to live so far from school!" Tastu mentally yelled as he had broken down into a light jog as right now he was only two minutes away from the campus. He does regret that his home is so far away, but seeing as its really all he could afford to buy and keep at the moment he couldn't complain. He began to round a little corner to take as a shortcut...but quickly shifted back onto the regular path as he saw the Tengu Riders camping out in the alleyway. "I swear its like these guys have all memorized my favorite routes. While incredibly flattering and dedicated that is; i'm just gonna call that shit creepy and leave it at that." Seeing that he didn't wanna waste any more time milling about on the streets where he'd get caught easily Tatsu picked up the pace and bolted straight to school which given him pace should only take him another mintue. "Wonder how Matsu is doing today? Hopefully she's not struggling with joining those clubs like usual." His heart did go out to the poor girl as the one thing she always lacked was a sense of self-confidence no matter his efforts to convince her otherwise.

    Panting a bit as he slowed to a stop Tatsu gave himself time to catch his breath before he wanted to continue on. Although looking down he did catch sight of his bandages slowly falling off which made him curse a bit. Usually he'd not wear these, but anywhere he was sure to meet Matsuri he'd keep these on to cover up the terrible scar upon his chest. Sighing as he knew nothing could be done he simply zipped up the hoodie, and carried on towards class which he prayed wouldn't be as boring as usual.
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  10. Matsuri Hanamori
    Matsuri was no stranger to the feeling of school being dull, but, she was also well aware of how important scholastic pursuits are to people. Besides, Tsuki at least had the nerve to do what she wanted and could take on the bullies that she herself didn't have the courage, that's not fair. Matsuri frowned again at the realization that for a moment she was not only envious of her friend, but downright jealous.

    When Tsuki asked what was wrong, Matsuri stopped and briefly glanced back at her before smiling politely and shaking her head.

    "N-nothing. I'm okay. Come on, we're gonna be late!"

    Matsuri's insecurities vanished in a moment from view as she put the mask back on. She hated letting other people know when things bothered her. After all, they were her problems for a reason, right? The young woman pulled her friend along, arriving in homeroom almost just in time to be seated. As she sat down, a short sigh escaped her lips before she glanced around the room at her fellow students.

    Another frown crossed her face when she noticed that her other friend, Tatsu, whom she'd known almost forever wasn't there. Either he was late or he'd gotten himself into trouble again.

    'I swear, I just don't know what to do with that boy. He's always being so reckless and irresponsible.'

    Matsuri thought inwardly, another sigh falling from her as her head dropped to her hands in an exasperated fashion.
  11. Mitsuo made it to class, and sat down at his seat, although he was a new student he made sure not to really stand out. He sat somewhat at an angle from Kagome all she had to do was turn her head to the left and there was Mitsuo.
    Mitsuo had heard about her the undefeated Captain of the Kendo club which was a great feat in its own right because kendo was not an easy skill to master and to be undefeated as well.
    Mitsuo just sat down looking at the notes his professor gave him in hopes to catch him up to where the rest of the class was up to, and honestly it was tough transferring in the middle of the semester but he had a lot to catch up on.

    Outside the classroom two delinquents were fighting and one was on the kendo team and had his kendo equipment as the brawl ended up in the classroom while security came and broke it up, but not before the one with the kendo stick took a swing and in a flash kagome intervened and blocked the strike with her forearm breaking the stick but a piece flew at Mitsuo's direction. Without looking up he just reacted and caught the projectile but subconsciously thought to himself "Damn it why'd I do that" he thought as he then purposely fell on the floor and bruised his hand to make it seem like the projectile hit him in the hand causing him to fall.

    Kagome turned her attention to her junior "RYAN THIS IS NOT WHAT KENDO IS MEANT TO BE USED FOR YOU ARE OUT OF THE KENDO CLUB" she says as security pulled the two students out of the classroom.
    She looked over and ran to Mitsuo... "My apologies transfer student are you ok?" she asked.
    Mitsuo nodded smiling getting back into his seat "Yea just lucky I had my hand up dodged a bullet but I am fine just a bruise on my hand" he replied

    Kagome looked at his hand, "Hmm I could of swear I saw him catch the kendo tip, must have been my mind playing tricks" she thought before going back to her seat​
  12. The minute Shinobu walked into the class the bell rung which means class was officially starting. The teacher looked towards the door and simply stared him down as he walked into class all smooth like. Clearing his throat to get Tatsu's attention he looked up from his book to focus directly upon him. "Tardy again Mr. Shinobu? That makes 4 weeks in a row." He said this with no small traces of annoyance as this clearly had become a standing trend between the two.
    He spun around and looked back at the teacher, Mr. Kazanaki, and looked relatively pleased with the statement. "Only 4 weeks! Damn I must be getting sloppy these days." With a heavy sigh Mr. Kazanaki simply told him to take his seat, and to not disrupt class any further today. Giving a bit of a mock salute Tatsu took his seat behind Matsuri. He played with her hair until she turned around to slap his hands away like usual. "So how's your day going so far little sis?" he asked while currently making a mock attempt of braiding one lock of her hair.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Tsuki took her seat behind kagome and turned her attention to the fight taking place in the hallway. She then noticed kagome block it with her forearm. "I'd have to assume she's done that too many times before." She then noticed they new guy catch the tip of the kendo stick. He then faked a fall. She chuckled slightly as she knew he had some skill. Once kagome returned to her seat, tsuki poked her in the back with her pencil. "Hey is your arm ok?"
  14. Kagome turned to Tsuki "I am fine as captain of the kendo club knowledge of how to disarm barehanded is common if you would join the kendo club you could learn to do the same Tsuki" she replied
  15. Matsuri Hanamori
    Matsuri shook her head indignantly as her friend Tatsu entered the room. He acted like such a delinquent who didn't care about anything, yet he was so nice to her. He had been a troublemaker since there were kids, yet, to her, he'd been like a older brother in ways. Including some more annoying ones.

    The familiar feeling of her hair being messed with was hard to ignore, but, she tried. Unfortunately, like most things Matsuri tried to do, she failed. With a quick turn she slapped his hand away, glaring at him.

    "Stop it, Tatsu!"

    Her voice was low but stern, making her attempt at remaining quiet and calm evident. It wasn't so much as she was angry, as it was just that he did it so often. Plus, she'd been kind of down today, and this just wasn't helping. Looking straight ahead, her eyes were narrowing and her face was reddening. It began to appear she could blow at any moment.

    The last straw was his false attempt to start braiding her hair, something of an inside joke between them that she should braid her hair because it'd be more appealing to boys than the natural way her hair is. However, Matsuri truly could be stubborn about some things, and she simply didn't want to change something about herself to appease others. Finally, the bell rang and the teacher dismissed them. With heavy sigh of relief, Matsuri stood and left the room with her things, making her way into the hall with a seemingly calm demeanor.

    However, once Tatsu came out, she slapped him across the face, shouting at him sternly before almost comically stomping off down the hall.

    "Tatsu, I told you to stop, you jerk! Ugh! Why don't you ever listen to me?!"

    As she rounded the nearest corner on her way to her next class, the anger faded, and she held her books to her chest. The truth was, no matter how much he annoyed her, she still cared about him. Hell, she wasn't even sure she could be truly angry at him. Of course, she began to feel bad about hitting him and yelling at him, even though it didn't hurt him or bother him. At least she had managed not to make a scene in the class. Another sigh, before the remainder of the school day just slipped on by.
  16. going on, Vance thought to himself. Is this how high school was? It was nothing like he'd imagined. He gathered his things and stepped out of class in time to see a young girl burst into a fit of rage and slap another student. How childish, he thought to himself, forgetting that he was in a high school. As he turned to head to his next class, he couldn't help but feel that the whole thing was pointless. After all, he'd spent nineteen years without much an education, and he'd done pretty well for himself, hadn't he? Sure, he might not know how to read all that well, and his mathematical skills left something to be desired, but those weren't really skills he felt were all that beneficial in the streets. Glancing over at his next class, he turned around and headed out the door into the school's courtyard. Finding a shady spot underneath a tree, he sat down and began to doze off. All of this was so..pointless....
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  17. [​IMG]
    Tsuki chuckled at kagome comment about joining the kendo club. "I'll join the kendo club the same day you sign up for the mixed martial arts club." She stood up as the bell rang and walked out of the classroom to just see matsuri smack tatsuo. She heard a few people do the ooh but giggled knowing that even with their arguments they cared for each other she turned and began to walk towards the gym for her next class.
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  18. Tatsu had been having for the most part as he constantly got on the nerves of Mr. Kazanaki with him being the only person to raise his hand to answer questions that morning. He also enjoyed toying with Matsu's hair since he always said she should go with braids as a bit of a joke. The young woman did hold a special place within his heart as she was one of the few people who didn't automatically hate him after a conversation. He gave up on the last two minutes of class and gave the poor girl a break. After hearing the bell to let out Mr. Kazanaki wished everyone, baring Tatsu, a wonderful rest of the day.

    The moment he stepped outside of class he was assaulted by a swift hand across his face by Matsuri. He rubbed his cheek as he listened to her chew him out over messing with her hair again. He gave some of the students a death glare after she stormed off to silence their ooo's. Seeing that little moment had thrown him a bit out of his jovial mood Tatsu just said fuck it, and decided to just go to the gym to shoot around. Making his way towards the gym he watched as many students strayed away from him and gossiped to themselves while shooting tiny glances his way. "Guess my rep isn't as tanked as I thought it would be. Guess not showing up didn't make them forget me anytime soon." Sighing a bit he put them out of his mind and instead started to get himself hyped up to practice a few dunks he thought up.
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  19. Mitsuo left the classroom hoping no one saw him catch the kendo tip, the last thing he wanted was notoriety in school he would rather fly under the radar. This was gonna be hard because he hated bullies and this school its fair share but Mitsuo wouldn't interfere unless someone was gonna end up hospitalized.

    Leaving the classroom he saw as girl and he remembered her name was Matsuri slap Tatsu. Mitsuo looked on shocked as he did wonder why she'd hit him a small unassuming female but she must have had her reason as he seems to not have taken any offense to it.
    Mitsuo kept it moving and onward to his next class passing tsuki and kagome who glared at him but went about her business.
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  20. Tsuki stepped out of the girls locker room in her pe uniform which was a pair of black basketball shorts and a black t shirt. She looked around the gym and immediately noticed tatsuo shooting hoops. She waited for him to miss a shot and grabbed the ball. "I don't remember you being in this class." She said as she began to dribble the ball. "So what's your reason for ditching today?"
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