The Man Who Was Never There

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  1. Username required … [0772-9427-311]
    Password required… [**********]
    Authenticating… [Granted]
    Accessing Database Files…

    Welcome Captain Blue {No. Si-8}
    Remember: Pertinacia Elegit Nos
    [Determination Chose Us]

    Captain's Log _ Date 2/21/2039 _ Mission V1889L

    The chancellor announced a meeting, a crowed of nameless men and women alike joining our great leader in the East rooms. It's been three months of standstill for me and finally I'll be able to do something with my life and not just sit around here doing nothing. You can only train so hard. We can only run so fast. What more is there to life besides another mission? Nothing. We crave the call and since Pertinacia Elgit Nos, we must answer the call.

    I got a letter today, an order from the Generals. They wish for me to infiltrate a time period of long ago. One… which I'll have to start doing some homework on. England. London. 1889. That is all I know. I must learn their ways and adapt or else I fear the timeline might crack underneath my stupidity. I haven't failed yet.

    All I know about this mission is that I will be guided underneath the name of Captain Matthew Ryder of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria. I do not know yet of my position but what I do know is that the chancellor shall take care of any business with my rank and my name. It will be as I have always existed, the entire world unquestioning my authority as a military Captain serving under the Queen.
    It's our job, after all, to be widely accepted to the places we travel. We are the whispers in great men's ears that make history possible. Their fame, is our doing. Their courage, is our push. We are the ones who are never there. Never remembered.
    I set out at dawn tomorrow.


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  2. It has been quite dreary in the city of London. The skies were filled with smoke as rain drops fell upon the busy streets, where many bought, traded or even begged. Yet the fear in each persons' eyes were apparent. The murders of young prostitutes were being told all around the city and no one felt safe being out at night alone. Strolling down the streets with a few of her officers, Amelia examined each and every person that passed her, who seemed odd from a distance. And from the side, she heard one of her men speak. "Duchess Cavendish, should we end the search for today? Queen Victoria has asked you to attend the winter festival to make sure nothing happens during these happy times."

    Sighing, Amelia knew that she had to obey the wishes of the Queen and she too had a feeling that something may happen at the festival. "We will attend it." Amelia dismissed her men before making her way back to the carriage, her driver opened the door and allowed her to settle in before moving towards the center of the city, where it would be held. 'I have to find the murderer before anyone else is killed. Scotland Yard hasn't found any thing important yet, so I may have to investigate the scenes myself.' She thought to herself, as she pulled photos and papers from a file that sat inside the carriage.

  3. "Captain Ryder?" There comes a knock at Matthew's door and the officer jerks up from the bed in shock. Captain who? is his initial reaction to such words. Never before had he been called then but when he tries to turn his head from left to right, there are wires, bright orange wires, attached. "Do not be afraid, Captain," the soothing voice of the hologram tells him, a golden shape floating over, much like a cloud, to where he is. "You are nearly complete in your download. Soon you will become Captain Matthew Ryder, Captain Blue." He feels the receiving end of a smile, which in turn makes him smile back at the floating dust cloud. "Close your eyes and let us finish our job. You are eager, I know, but you must be patient."

    "Pertinacia Elgit Nos" He whispers aloud and the figure swirls around his head for a long while until his eyes close and he is fast asleep again. When he wakes up, the wires are gone and so is the glowing cloud. This doesn't come to a surprise to the Captain for he scoots out of his bed and immediately moves towards the dresser where his red, gold, and black, commanding officer garb. The fabric is tight in all the right places and Captain finds himself smiling at the snug fit. Along with the stylish red, he has on blue pants with a stripe down the seam and glittering black boots. Now comes the moment he has been waiting for these long months. Time travel.

    "Good luck on your mission, 0772, keep in touch," rings the faceless voice from the whitewashed walls. Glancing up, Captain nods before closing his eyes and parting his legs just right. When he reaches the right environment, all the data that has been uploaded will download and the world will freeze. He, then, takes a moment to collect himself, looking upon the dirty streets of London after a long blue light fills him and causes him to crumble into time itself. Now he faces those same dark streets but he does not fear them as the commoners do. He is a time traveler. If anything they should fear him. His eyes open and he is below deck of a transport ship heading straight for London.

    "Everything alright there, Captain?" One of the crew asks, noting how their "captain" sways. It's as if he always existed, the frame of time being twisted to the futures will. What power they have in their fingertips that the world shall never know of. Time itself will chance and Matthew will be the one to do it.
  4. Arriving at the location of the festivities, the driver opened to the door of the carriage to reveal people enjoying themselves at the booths or admiring the ice sculptures being created for the contest later than evening. "Duchess, you should probably be on your way. I will wait for you here, when you are done." The driver spoke as she stepped out now dressed in a bright red pea coat that covered the new black dress that she had wore for today's events. "Thank you, please keep warm while you wait." Looking down at the snow and muddy covered cement, Amelia then stares ahead to see that Chief of Scotland Yard having a drink with his men.

    Shaking her head at the sight, she took this time to enjoy herself before she had to focus on those who were suspicious as darkness closed in on them. Walking on the docks, where some booths sat to entertain the guests, Amelia noticed a ship coming in from the sea. "I wonder who or what could be coming in this close to evening.." She whispered, waiting in the distance to see what would exit.
  5. Matthew looks up and over at the man who had spoken. He is a stout fellow, dressed in the same fiery red garments as he but unlike the Captain's, he does not have epaulets nor colored cords. It was known that he is a man of status, his head held high when surrounded by good company, a smile never too far away from is lips. But time travel takes its toll for the first twenty-four hours. Matthew rubs his green eyes before a yawn follows. He can hear the pitter patter of the crew pulling the sails down and bringing her into port.

    "Do not worry about me, Peter," he informs the man, standing as he does so, hearing the bells clanging for their timely docking, "It's just a sight to be home once more. We can drink, eat, and, of course," he winks, "meet all the fine ladies that London has to offer." His men chuckle as they imagine their own perfect girl, perhaps one of reality or fiction. But none-the-less, they all have a dreamy sort of smile on their faces. Three more bells ring and the men quickly grab their muskets and bags, clutching one and throwing the other one over their backs. They take the stairs to the deck and help the crew with what they can.

    The men unload from the ship, the soldiers marching off in neat lines with Captain Ryder at the front of the lines. He is not one to have other people carry his luggage for he gloats that he has the manpower to do so and it will keep him strong. The long line of redcoats move from the boat to shore, a mere glint in the rising moon. They're all exhausted but at least the other men have a bed to go to. Captain Ryder, on the other hand, needs to smile, drink, and tell war stories all night. Matthew, really wishing he could just fade into the background, perhaps even stop time again, thinks otherwise.

    He is a gentleman and therefore must act as such for society. One wrong move and it could mean a plummet downwards in both reputation and ability to keep his mission secure. So after he dismisses his men, Matthew waits by the base of the dock as if waiting for someone, perhaps his own coach, to arrive. With the festival going on, it's no wonder traffic is crawling slowly through the town. All the Captain can do is pull his collar up around his face, securing his hat on his head and wait. A shower and perhaps a shave will be necessary before greeting the Queen. It's only proper.
  6. To see men clad in red, Amelia was relieved to see that it was their soldiers returning home after being away for so long. Seeing the young men often reminded her why she loved her country so much. It wasn't long before a voice could be heard from behind her. The boasting voice belonged to the one person, she wasn't ready to talk to right now, the Chief. "Lady Cavendish, isn't it a bit late for a Duchess to be out, especially with a murderer on the loose?" Although she was chosen by the Queen herself to be a detective, many of the men on the force thought of her as a joke, not believing that she could be better than them.

    "Actually it's a perfect time to be out for investigating." She argued to the tall hefty male holding another jug of mead in his grip. His expression revealed that he wasn't delighted by her remark. Turning his back to her, he walked towards the ice sculpture contest to witness the judges decision for who created the most magnificent piece among them all. Unwillingly, Amelia followed behind hoping that the one person that she had been waiting for would appear soon, seeing as he was the one who taught her everything she knew. He was not only a mentor, but a friend who she could confine in when she was having a hard time. He spoke as if he knew what would exactly happen and he would never be questioned about it.

    Passing through the crowds surrounding the contest, the Chief and herself stood behind the judges noting each person who seemed to be eyeing women from afar with devious looks in their eyes. 'If he kills again, it may not be another prostitute this time and that is something I mustn't allow to happen either way.'
  7. Peter, with his dirty blonde hair cut short around his skull, joins his Captain. The dock is full of life, the sun already dunked underneath the horizon. Carts rattle by as well as joyous men and women reunited. The wives of the soldiers come running up to their men and before a blink could be given, they're embracing as tightly as ever, laughter being heard from some mouths. Matthew chuckles before adjusting his coat once more, the cold breeze from the water seeping right into his bones. "It's good to be home, Peter. Now all we need is a fine supper before we--"

    "Captain Ryder?" Sounds a masculine voice from behind them. Upon turning around, the flakes of snow falling from the sky in dotted lumps, Matthew comes face to face with a tall messenger. He has black hair, now peppered with chunks of snow, is well cut and his dress very respectable. The Captain nods his head downwards, indicating that it is he who the man is addressing. "I have a message from you from the Palace. Queen Victoria wishes for you to attend her ball later this evening." A small envelope is extended to the Captain between white gloved fingers and he takes it without hesitation. He has to keep himself from frowning. It's not that he doesn't want to see the King but travel, especially through time, is like running across the world ten times. All he wishes to do is sleep but that's not an option.

    "Inform her majesty," The Captain starts, a small wire in his brain igniting on what the proper accordance is, "That I shall wash up and be presentable for tonights festivities. I fear that months of travel in the same uniform," he watches with a small smirk, his history flashing like code before his eyes, as the older looking messenger sniffs the air and grimaces slightly, "Only then will I join her and the rest of the Lords and Ladies." With a nod, the Captain's carriage pulls up, the driver tipping his hat in greetings before jumping down and loading up the carriage. The messenger mumbles something in agreement to taking a shower before walking, with his back straight, arms behind his body, back to whence he came.

    It would take him an hour to shave, comb and have his maine of a hair cut, and his body washed. The clothes he had on are replaced and the inn that he is staying in promises to have his garments washed and ready as soon as they can. Before he knows it, Matthew nearly falls asleep in the coach, his eyes flashing awake when the driver knocks gently on his door. He announces that they've arrived and the Captain is slow to get out and takes his time getting to the door. "Thank you," he shakes the hand of his driver and then makes his way into the grand halls of Victoria's winter festival. He doesn't look much at the other people unless they make eye contact with him. Hands are shook and smiles exchanged. Now to find the Queen… He thinks, knowing that it shouldn't be too hard to do.
  8. Amelia and the Chief had been at the winter festival until the end, but nothing strange happened while they were there. Checking the time, she noticed that she should hurry back to the carriage to attend the Queens' ball with her fiancee. As she made it back to the carriage, something felt very off about it. Although her driver was waiting to open the door for her, he could see that she didn't want to go in. Knocking his fingers on the outside of the carriage to signal the person inside. Opening the door, a tall man with dark brown tresses and bright ember eyes stepped out of the carriage holding a single white rose in his hand. "Shall we make our way to ball soon?" He spoke, taking her hand into his own before pressing his lips gently against it.

    With a hand over her heart to calm herself, she let out a sigh of relief to see that it was her fiancee and childhood friend, Earl James Wilkinson. "James, you know you shouldn't surprise me like that. Especially with a murderer on the loose." James chuckled at her response, yet he knew that once she saw it was him, her worries would disappear. Leading her into the carriage, they rode to a nearby hotel where her dress for the night was ready for her to put on. It took them a few minutes to reach the hotel and when they arrived, James decided to wait out side for her while she got dressed for the ball.

    After being greeted by the works of the hotel, Amelia went up to her room and quickly changed into her knee length red dress laced with white details. Fixing up her hair and makeup, she slipped her boots on as she exited the room. Meeting up with James again, they rode to the palace to attend the ball as well as greet the Queen in time.
  9. After mingling aimlessly with a few of the guests outside of the palace walls, idle chit chat if he dares call it that, the doors are hastily opened. The crowed, full of corpulent souls and bored husbands, pour into the great hall. Most of the people who Matthew have talked to are people who have been downloaded into his database. Access scanner and main aristocratical database. File everyone and update. The Captain gently acknowledges the voice in his head and after he steps into the grand hall, the ceiling looming over them in its grandure. Holding out his arms, he closes his eyes and feels that familiar tingle travel up his spine. With a smile to his lips, he opens them and sees a frozen scene before him. Every snide grin or foolish smile is now instilled in time itself, frozen like a painting on a wall. Everyone and everything is encased in invisible ice except for Captain Blue.

    "I assure you," he speaks aloud to the connection in his brain, "that it will be done."

    Now he can freely walk among these frozen bodies and scan them properly. They downloaded all they could at the labs but such an opportunity such as this cannot be missed. A time-stop cannot happen too often for if it does, the consequences can be dire. Such a window, where the Captain can move freely for hours but the men and women around him only feel a second pass when time returns to its normal gallop. It's like another dimension where only time travelers can be sought out by other travelers. Those who control time are never unfriendly. There is a code, an unspoken law to all those who have this power. Assisting another traveler is above all else.

    After an hour in this other dimension, Matthew returns to his starting position, the soft prickles coming back to his arms and legs. In the blink of an eye, the scene around him has been pumped with life. The small buzz of chatter comes back to plush and smiling faces. Matthew, finding the nearest chair and sitting down in it, places his head in his hands and closes his eyes. He had expected the download sequence to take less time than it is. The heart inside his chest is pounding and forcing his brain to throb. His eyes behind his lids zoom rapidly from side to side, reading all the information that is scrolling past his darkened eyelids. Now when he opens his eyes and looks around, he doesn't see strangers, but acquaintances and friends. The life the old Matthew Ryder lived. Confidently, he rises and moves to seek out the Queen.
  10. A couple of minutes late for the ball, Amelia knew that she had made it in time before the Queen would arrive. She and James walked into the palace along with others who were just entering inside themselves. It was always a stressful time when it came to seeing the Queen, although she is a very wonderful person, Amelia only felt calm when she was alone with the Queen. Going over to greet the guests, James spoke more than she. Her mind was on other things, such as seeing people that she wasn't very familiar with, especially one who she watched get up from his seat.

    Deciding to ignore it for the time, horns could be heard from the back of the room, bringing everyone's attention to where Queen Victoria herself would enter. Moving to where her throne sat, the aristocrats surrounded it leaving more than enough room for the Queen to move towards her seat. The doors in the back slowly opened to reveal a older woman dressed in the finest fabrics in England and embellished with all sorts of jewel, including the Royal Crown. Guards surrounded her as she walked towards the throne, not yet taking a seat, for she had a few words to say.

    "I thank you all for attending my wondrous ball I have invited you too. I am please to see all your smiling face and hope that you enjoy this evening to the fullest. Please continue on with what you were doing." The Queen had spoken before taking her seat. Smiling in the direction of her majesty, Amelia nodded her head towards her and went off to find herself something to fill her stomach.
  11. Offer services to the Queen. She will be happy to take the time to meet you once again.

    "Enjoy your evening, Lady Larkman," The Captain announces to the blonde haired woman with sweaty hands. An exchange of smiles are met and necessary handshakes given before Captain Ryder makes his way to the Queen herself. And there she is, dawned in the finest purples that he had ever laid his eyes on. With an adjusting of his patterned cuffs, he ascends the few steps to her, the guards nodding their heads. Everyone knows, or has at least heard of, him so he should be no imminent threat. At least, that's what he hopes. To his story, he has been away for five years without returning to England for a service break. But the days of war, he knows, are long over. She will grant him a position among her men now. It's written history after all.

    Immediately upon reaching her presence, he can feel the wealth and power nearly radiating from the aged Queen. "Your majesty," his head bows low, "I am Captain Matthew Ryder. It's an honor to be so close to you after all these years away. To see your face again is always a pleasure of mine, my Queen." There is a small pause where he stands up straight, his legs parted evenly and shoulders pinned back. "How do you and your children fare?" his sharp green eyes squint for a small, small moment, "I gather you've had enough time away from me so I thought I would make an appearance. Well, an invited one at that. But, my Queen, it's a pleasure as always to see you, especially on this fine evening."
  12. Queen Victoria watched as her guests enjoyed themselves at the party, knowing that they were relaxing and forgetting about the horrors going on outside the palace. Noticing a familiar young man coming up to her, she flashed him a smile upon realizing who it was. "Now Captain Ryder, how could I ever forget you? You have served your country well during the war, but I am sure you'd like to rest after tonight." Turning her gaze back to the follow, the Queen thought about where she'd like to put Ryder after being away for so long. He would make an amazing guard for herself, yet she felt he'd be bored having to watch over such an old woman like herself. "Actually Ryder, I have someone I want you to meet if you can find her. Her name is Duchess Amelia Cavendish, my top female detective and maybe something more soon with the way she works. Please speak to herself as soon as you can and tell her I want you two to work together on this dreadful case that is frightening the people of England." After speaking, she dismissed him, wanting him to have fun and find Amelia soon knowing that she'd probably wouldn't stay for very long.

    As Amelia and James mingled and ate during their time at the party, she began to feel somewhat exhausted after running around so much that day. Being in the cold weather didn't help either, since she became cold easily. Ameila had seen the Queen speaking with the familiar male from earlier, wondering how close he was to her. He seemed to have been in the army from the way he stood. Excusing herself from the group that she and James were mingling with, Amelia went over to the table filled with food and drinks, grabbing a glass of champagne.
  13. "You grow more beautiful as the days pass, your Majesty. It gives me great pleasure to stand before you once more. In your note--" he starts but the Queen cuts him off, telling him that she has someone that he needs to find. Has she lost her mind? Finding one person in a party of well over one-hundrad is a nightmare. But no matter his quiet, internal thoughts, Captain Ryder dips his head low to the ground for the Queen. "As you wish it. I am sure I can scout her out using a few social qualities that my father gave me. I thank you for your time, my Queen." Ryder bows his head again and this time takes Victoria's hand in his so that he may kiss her knuckles gently. "I will not disappoint you, you can be certain of that."

    With a firm nod, he places his eyes to the audience before him and turns from his Queen. Many are standing and mingling and a few are sitting at tables or on chairs that had been brought out and placed around the dancing area. Now that he is no longer facing her, the smile on his face wipes itself away like dirt from a boot. "How on earth am I to find her here?" Matthew whispers quietly to himself, adjusting his white gloves before walking into the sea of bodies. Overall, the Queen, per usual, serves a fine party and her servants are sure to keep every detail in working order. He looks up to see the hanging chandelier and smiles to see it glinting against the pale yellow dome. Turning his focus back to the party, he speaks to nearly everyone near him and they all know that she is percent but her current whereabouts are a mystery.

    Walk three tiles to your right then straight on to the pillar in front. She will be wearing a red laced dress and drinking a glass of champagne.

    Following his instructions, Ryder pushes gently through the crowed of lobster reeking guests along with expensive wine and other treats. A few try and stop to speak with him but he acknowledges them and simply moves onwards. He stops at the edge of the mass of people, seeing her, the scanners confirming that indeed this is Duchess Cavendish. Confirmed. Initiate conversation but don't bring up anything too personal. Swallowing, he straightens his jacket before walking up to the seemingly beautiful looking woman, the roots of her hair shining as bright as the paint behind her on the wall.

    "Duchess Cavendish I presume?" He asks, his voice everything but melodic. He is, or should be according to his own files, a man of war and therefore his vocal chords are pretty shot. With a soft clearing of his throat, his voice still deep, he bows his head before her. "Captain Matthew Ryder, Infantry division of her Majesties forces. Might I say it is a pleasure to meet such a ravishing woman. What brings you here on this fine night? I'm sure it's more than the champagne by the look of weariness in your eyes." A small smirk comes across his lips before he takes a step closer so that they do not have to shout at one another. His hands immediately go behind his back and knot themselves there. They stand a tall length away but he shows no signs of making her uncomfortable.
  14. Taking a sip of the champagne, Amelia could hear a voice behind her asking if she was Cavendish. Turning her head to see who it was, she wasn't too surprised by who the voice was coming from. "Well Captain, you are correct on the fact that I am weary. I am here since the Queen invited myself and my fiancee to this grand event." She replied, placing the glass down on the table and looking him over a few times. "You're quite well known around here, Captain Ryder. Now that the war is over, what will you be doing with your spare time?"
  15. "If you weren't invited by her Majesty, you wouldn't be here at all." The captain confirms, feeling the invitation snuggling happily between his breast pocket and his chest. His gloved hands stay behind his back, his toned chest puffing out as any soldiers would. "I'm just pleased that after the years of war, I still have a careful eye. Most men can't even hold themselves up straight after a good fight but I can attend a festival such as this. Spectacular this place is, wouldn't you agree?"

    His gaze moves from the ceiling back to Amelia. "But, of course, you are used to this sort of grandure, aren't you?" The smirk lights up his face, his words simply attempting at being polite to the engaged woman. "Being a duchess gives you all sorts of beautiful things. Not to mention," he clears his throat and glances around with the utmost security, "you're working with the Queen on a very important matter. Her Majesty believes that I can make a mark on this case and wishes for me to join in the investigations." With his chin pointing upwards, he simply waits for a response, shifting his weight from left to right ever so gently.
  16. "Being a duchess doesn't have many perks, it's just a title given to me because of my fathers' status." Though he was trying to have a conversation with her, Amelia wasn't feeling up to the idea of him possibly being her partner in the case that she was working on. "I hope you're up to seeing gruesome scenes, because this is not a case for people with weak constitutions." As the two of them stood by the buffet, laid out for everyone to grab from, James noticed the uniformed man talking to Amelia. He wasn't worried, but he didn't know how he felt about the other guy.

    "Do you plan to start with soon?" She asked curious about him.
  17. Matthew smirks just a little bit, chuckling lightly. "Are you…" he starts to speak but cuts himself off with another short laugh. Turning his attention to the others in the room, he finds that they're all socializing and having a good time. "Are you really asking me such a thing, Duchess?" he questions, looking down to his uniform and then back up to her. "You said it yourself, I have been in war. I am sure that the sights you have seen are mere infancies to what I have. I think I can stomach it," he pats his abdomen as he continues to shake his head. Moving back on track, he licks his lips and moves a mere three feet to grab a glass for himself. Taking a sip of the bubbly liquid, he keeps his gaze sharply on her.

    "For now I only have a small room in an inn and it's there I fear I will be staying until I can find some respectable family to take me in. I'll have to get around to mingling with the other guests but my attention, Duchess, is on you tonight." Another sip is taken from the glass, "Queen's orders," he reminds her. After a quick lick of his lips, he narrows his gaze gently, his mind working its gears. "I plan to start whenever you accept me, Duchess. I am, after all, under your command now and shall do as you wish. You'll learn that I have more skills than just a soldier. Everything I know and do can be, and will be, used for the greater good of this… investigation."
  18. Sure the man had been in war, but there was nothing like this gruesome case in war zones. Amelia didn't know what to really think of him, but as far as she knew they were partners in this case now, and there was nothing she could say about it since it was the Queen's orders. "I can't have you being out reach for me when I would most likely need you most, so I will with my fiancee if it is alright to have you stay with us until the investigation is closed." She replied, not knowing if James would approve of another man that he didn't know well at all to stay with them in their new home.

    Feeling someone touch her shoulder, she looked to the side of her to see James standing there with a new glass of wine in his hand. "And who might this handsome gentleman be?" He asked already observing that he had fought for their country in the war, noting his posture and gestures. "He is my new partner for the case, Captain William Ryder. He has quite an uncommon name, don't you think?" She said taking a sip of her drink, placing it down on the table behind them. "Captain Ryder, my fiancee Earl James Wilkinson." James held his hand out to shake his, tightening his grip a bit when their hands met and shook before breaking loose. "I was just wondering what was going on over here, so I came to see who you were talking too."
  19. "Matthew Ryder," he corrects as gently as he can after he is introduced by the Duchess, "And might I say it's an honor to meet you, Earl Wilkinson," he takes the man's hand, squeezing down with the same amount of force that any respectable gentleman would before letting go, "Do not worry, I can assure you that your fiancé here," he motions to her with a smile on his face, "is in capable hands." But before he can breathe another word about it, Matthew focuses on the issue at hand, "Her Majesty has ordered me to second head this mission that your fiancé has been tackling with. As long as you have no issues with the arrangement, something you can take up with the Queen herself," a small smirk plays on his lips as he waits patiently for James' response.

    "The Duchess has just offered me shelter at your country home, isn't that correct?" He turns to smile at Amelia, "Since, according to what I have heard from the other guests here, you do not reside in London but near it in an estate." Matthew closes his eyes for a second, his mind flipping through pages and pages of history in order to find her address and any pictures they might have of her abode before she can even speak about it herself. "It's a beautiful property I am sure and I am honored to be asked to stay outside of this city. It's haze can really clog the lungs if not careful. I thank you, m'lady, for offering and I accept," he bows his head towards Amelia and then runs his fingers through his hair, making sure it stays aligned. His eyes then move to James, "As long as you have no objections."
  20. James wasn't too keen on the idea of him being there, but he knew that it would be beneficial for Amelia to have her partner close in case they needed to speak immediately. "We would love to have you stay with us." He replied as he patted the man on the back, excusing himself to speak with other guests attending the party. Amelia watched as James went off before making eye contact with Matthew. "I'm surprised that went so well, but since you have James approval, there's no reason for you not to stay with us." Although Amelia did want to leave, so she may get some rest after a long day, she'd have to greet the Queen first and say her goodbyes.

    "I will have my driver pick you up tomorrow afternoon, since I am off, to get you situated into your new room." She said. Looking at a nearby clock, it was starting to get very late. Saying goodbye to the Ryder, she made her way over to the Queen to speak with her. The words exchanged between the two, after the guards let her by, were about how their lives have been and some about the case at hand. The Queen always wanted new details on what was going on during the investigation or if they had anyone as suspects. All Amelia could really say about the person who had committed all these crimes was that they were a doctor of some sort by the way they would remove insides of the body.
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