The Magnolia Hidden Among Wolves [IC]

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  1. The Magnolia Hidden Among Wolves


    Golden leaves danced in the Autumn breeze, cooling the air surrounding Belford Academy. Not a sound could be heard, except the faint rustle of when two leave gently pushed against one another. The aroma of maple trees consumed the air, spreading it's sweetness everywhere. All was calm... inside, however, was a completely different story. Golden decorations adorned the grand hall, showing off the Splendor of Belford academy. Every noise could be heard, including the thumps of boys jostling among one another in order to get their ideal seat. The scent of warm sweat filled the hall, radiating from the boys everything. All was chaos, as usual on the first day of term.
    The headmaster of the school watched the scene below him in mild amusement. These boys were supposed to be the most elite in the world, yet it would be impossible to tell. Pupil attending Belford Academy were the richest, the strongest, the cleverest- The Best. Unbeatable boys, to be the leaders of tommorow. Except if you threw them all into a hall together, and left them to their own devices, they quickly turned to primeval apes. There was probably a philosophical meaning in that observation- the headmaster didn't know, or care, about it though. No, all that mattered to him was how humorous the scene was.

    Alas, he couldn't let the rabble continue forever, despite the fact that a new dispute came up every few seconds to bring yet another smirk to his face. There was an assembly to hold, one which contained information which would provide a thousand times more entertainment. Before he held it though, the headmaster did a final survey of the hall. Roughly one thousand chairs stood in distorted rows across the hall, with a narrow parting down the middle of them. On either side of the chairs was a gap, separating the chairs from the luxurious walls, covered in the finest paintings. Behind the chairs was a fairly large congregation space, which led to two double doors, one on each side of the hall. Across the hall, a plush carpet with intricate patterns dressed the floor, still immaculate after many years of muddy shoes (thank the cleaners for that). However, the most impressive thing about hall was what resided at the very front of it. A raised mahogany stage lay inside a wide indent in the wall, with a pair of subtle staircases running down to the main hall on both open corners of it. Currently a lectern was erected in the center of it, with a microphone on it, ready for the headmaster to make his speech. Just behind the lectern were a few seats in a semi-circle, each with a teacher sat upon it. Not that you'd be able to tell from the main hall. Most of the stage, except for the very edge, was hidden behind royal maroon curtains, complete with fancy folds.

    Finished with spying on the mob of boys below the stage, the headmaster walked away from the gap in the curtains which he'd been peeking through. Ready, he took his place behind the lectern. At the simple signal of him lifting his hand, the curtains dropped away in an instant, revealing the stage and its contents to the horde of students. The headmaster loudly, purposefully, cleared his throat, gaining the attention of about the half the hall. Then he waited. Even among the most elite teens in the world, the headmaster's presence was a powerful one, one they couldn't ignore. This was the man who had controlled most of today's world leaders. This was the man who had dominated several generations of major CEOs. This was the man who had ruled nearly every man or woman these teens admired. And now this man was to reign over them. So when he waited for silence in the hall, he got it faster than you could say 'unsurpassable'. Thus the assembly began.

    "Welcome to the Belford Boarding Academy for Opulent Youth."

    Not that anybody calls it by that mouthful of a name.
    "My name is Mr. Haroun, and I shall be your headmaster for the next year."
    I shall also become one of your greatest fears.

    "Some of you may recognize me from spending previous years at the school."
    But I doubt you recognize one another as your heads were too far stuck up your own arses.
    "There are various rules and things I should tell you, but I'm going to leave that to your form tutors."
    No that you were going to listen to that s*** anyway.
    "Instead, I have some intriguing news to give you all."
    Which might actually make you interested in somebody other than yourselves for once.
    "As you all know this is an all-boys school, and it has been for many years."
    A fact I have used to fuel my secret porn company, by blocking all other porn on school computers except my own company's.
    "But this year I have decided to favour a more modern idea over tradition."
    To put it ostentatiously.
    "There shall be one girl attending the school this year."
    Pause for effect while the glance around.
    "That girl is the daughter of the Farrell family."
    Let that just sink in...
    "And she is here to find a suitable suitor."
    Glare at them intimidatingly so that total frenzy doesn't break out.
    "The catch is you won't know who she is. You have to figure out who she is yourselves."
    If you can.
    "Basically, this is a competition to find who out who the girl is, and make her fall in love with you."
    A competition all of you stuck-up children think you will win.
    "I only have three rules: No violence, no stripping, no coercing."
    I'm sure those rules won't be followed. Thankfully, I find joy in punishing you all.
    "Good luck to you all, and may the best man win."
    You'll need it with my plans.
    Though I'll still be watching you all from my office after you leave, laughing.

    As per usual, Mr. Haroun's speech was so blunt and to the the point (pardoning the pun) that it contained little helpful information to the pupils. Which it was likely they'd complain about. However, what they didn't realize was that Mr. Haroun was teaching them a life lesson: if you want to know something, find it out yourself. Great people aren't spoon fed, they consume everything they see forcefully. Or something like that at least. Although the fact that the headmaster got a buzz from watching his students confusion could also be a factor to why he gave such vague assemblies.

    The point was, when Mr. Haroun stepped away from the lectern, and began to stroll out of the hall, the deputy head had to step up to explain things after the headmaster's inadequate speech. "Good morning pupils, I'm Mr. Humfrey," the deputy introduced with a sigh, cleaning up after the headmaster's mess yet again, "While the headmaster has done a wonderful job at describing the...competition...he has failed to mention what you should all do next. Since this is the first day, instead of instantly attending normal lessons, you will have orientation in your form room this morning. This is so that you can learn the school rules, be assigned dorm rooms, given time tables, and all of that. There will also be some familiarization exercises, allowing you to get to know each other and your form tutor. As I mentioned, all of this will happen in your form room, which you should have already been told the location of. If you haven't, well, ask somebody. I don't care who. Any other questions you have should go to your form tutor. Um...that's it I guess. Try to leave in an orderly fashion." Try being the key word in that sentence. Mr. Humfrey had little belief in the pupils' ability to actual do so.

    With the assembly concluded, the teachers sat on the stage shot off, attempting to file out of the hall while the students were still dazed. Doing otherwise would leave them stuck in a mosh pit. A posh mosh pit, but a mosh pit nonetheless. Thankfully they all escaped- just in time. Because now all of the students were free to unleash all of their excitement and energy not only into normal school work, but also the contest that had been presented to them. It was time for the wolves to begin their hunt- let's just hope our magnolia doesn't get crushed too soon.

    ((That's the introduction guys! Sorry if it's bad, there was a fair bit I wanted to say. Anyway, you are all in the same form! Your form room is just down the corridor. Your form tutor is the oh-so-caring-not Mr. Humfrey. He'll let you get away with blue murder, so you can talk freely even in 'class' (form time to be technical). Use this time wisely to get into character and to familiarize yourselves with your surroundings. Remember to be sneaky, and get to know others while keeping your guard up. I hope you guys have fun!))​
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  2. [​IMG]

    Belford Academy Assebly Hall

    Hideaki Kurosawa- a young man of 16, recognizable for his short and usually messily styled blue hair and eyes which reminded of the never ending and deep ocean, was seated in the back of the assembly hall. Unlike most of the others, he had simply quietly taken a seat he believed no one would want, intending to keep as much of a low profile as he possibly could. He had an had a reputation to keep up, after all, and besides that he disliked the idea of acting like a wild barbarian, as he viewed some of the other boys. No, Hideaki had always been a calm and refined child... if not perhaps a little flamboyant in his way of dress and appearance (messy blue hair is bound to draw attention to it, wouldn't you agree?), and somewhat of a rebel considering his hobby.

    Wrinkling his nose slightly at the smell of sweat wafting through the air and the loud noise around him, he relaxed slightly as the headmaster stepped up and brought the chaos in the assembly hall to an end, beginning his yearly speech. Even if he was only half interested in the speech at first, once the head master presented the... challenge, the headmaster suddenly had Hideaki's full attention. If there was one thing young mr. Kurosawa loved, it had to be challenges. Especially mind games. This, in his opinion, seemed like a splendid mind game. It certainly hadn't been something he would have ever expected, but the thought of it brought a small smile to his lips. Even if dating a girl itself wasn't his foremost interest, and he in fact didn't truly care about whomever the lady was, the prospect of being challenged made his eyes sparkle with excitement.

    Once the headmasters and the deputy headmasters speech ended, the blue haired youth got on his feet, grabbing his bag and hanging it over his shoulder before striding outside in a calm pace, feeling no need to hurry before everyone else. All the while he was starting to think of ways he could possibly play this exciting game, and what methods of trickery would heed him best in this sort of situation...
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  3. Dallas Vern Martin was a calm guy by nature, slightly rebellious but nice at heart, he gave off a mildly aloof air and was always looking into a small notebook writing something or another. He didn't like the smell in the room, how could all these boys smell this bad, he didn't smell bad! He avoided the boys hiding out in a slightly darker corner of the extravagant hall where he wrote while listening to the headmaster's speech. The challenge though, that was different, this made Dallas look up with only slight interest. A girl in the school, my brother's would freak out...bunch of perverts. He thinks to himself before letting out a sigh and turning his back on the rest of the boys who were probably freaking out by now. Dallas wasn't in a real rush, he just wanted to get to thier form room and sit to write some more. This kind of competition didn't really interest him but he would participate, even if only to see how his special talent would work on her.

    Dallas' mind wanders to his poety and with a smile he walks and writes at the same time, keeping his eyes peeled for others so as not to bump into them, after all he didn't want the other boys to know of his rather girly habit of writing poems. He was good at it too, knew he was. Without looking directly up though Dallas walks down the corridor and turns into his form class, he looks up once inside the form room and blinks noticing that it's Mr. Humfrey and Dallas grinned chuckling a bit. He knew of Mr. Humfrey from his brothers, the best/worst teacher you could have, depending on what you liked to do. Neither of his brothers had ever had Mr. Humfrey though, Sweet, I guess the youngest is always the luckiest! The grin gets a bit bigger as he finds a place to sit in the back, staring down at his little notebook and resuming his writing.

    Dallas was really quiet, especially when he was focused on what he was doing, the only problem was he was also very unaware when he would put his whole heart into a poem, like he was doing now. Anyone could sneak up on him and see the words flowing out of his pen onto the paper and somewhere in the back of his head he wondered if anyone else would actually listen to the headmaster and come to the form room. Not that Dallas cared either way, he preferred the company of his thoughts, far more pleasant than all the boys in the hall, just remembering that stink made Dallas' nose scrunch up. " all boys really smell that bad...?" He asked himself more than anyone who happened to be in the room at the time.
  4. [​IMG]
    Welcome.. to the competition

    Brooding by nature, silent and observant; Sebastian Montgomery stood shadowless near the right corner of the large, decedent welcome space. He was the type of man to only ever listen in the shadows, but when brought into the light of conversation; he was more then happy to offer his opinion to the topic at hand. His ears subtly twitched once recalling the announcement given to the student body by Headmaster Haroun; a hidden female among the multitude of gentlemen. What an odd game, however anyone would be a fool if they chose not to participate. Not only would it gain them validity in the sphere of the affluent, but it would also score whoever seemed to find their way into this beauties heart; the ability to call the daughter of the Farrell family - girlfriend. Sebastians body quivered with anticipation, sizing up his competition.
    The man himself stood tall, with honey coloured eyes that seemed to mix perfectly with the appealing aesthetics of the room surrounding the rich. Not to be taken lightly, every man in the room with Sebastian himself, held influence, or more so, their families did as a whole. Sebastians; personally, held influence in the scientific community, being the offspring of two Nobel Prize winning astrophysicists. He started to reassess the idea of this game, finding it utterly insulting. He felt pity for the poor girl.
    Sebastian pushed himself from the way with a vigor to get far away from everyone in the room. Skirting past the reoccurring noise that picked up once again from the Headmasters leave, Sebastian found himself wandering down the corridor to a familiar room on campus; his form class. Entering the door in a quite fashion, he made his way to the far back of the class; left corner, taking a seat and loosing himself in thought.​
  5. Fernandez at the assembly hall, was sitting at one of the seats the furthest away at the front, one that was in an unoccupied corner listening to the speech with some interest,even if the headmaster seemed a little... Off his rocker, though hearing his announcement about the hidden girl amongst his school, he realized that, admittedly he had yet to find someone he had feeling for, however he wasn't so confident that he'd come out the winner in this little race. However, it would be worth it to at least try, after all, it would be nice to finally have someone to chase after. Perhaps she's that "special someone" in his life, the one he had always wanter, but only time will tell...


    Once the assembly ended, he waited for the majority of the crowd to pass, watching, slightly amused as the crowd started to navigate the hall in a fashion resembling a large sponge being pushed through it. He spotted a few other stragglers such as himself, but that was expected, as he probably wasn't the only one who preferred not to be part of the "human sponge" expanding into the halls to get to their form classes. Once the crowd has dissipated to some extent, he stuck to the areas with the least amount of people rushing quickly to his form class, entering it quietly, taking a seat at the back of the class, scrutinizing at each of his classmates carefully, making sure not to be noticed, as he didn't want others to get the wrong idea.
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  6. Ryan Oliver Moore had taken off his headphones right before entering the so called "auditorium-like place" where this supposed amazing announcement would take place. He had heard that the Headmaster this year would make things interesting; honestly all he knew is that this guy was some big CEO and wasn't sure how some connection to that guy would be helpful yet, so he really didn't care.

    Until the announcement itself had been made.

    He smiled, getting very excited for this opportunity for something amazing to finally happen here. He hadn't really been expecting anything quite like this - and no one would have, I mean seriously? - and he thought he had this in the bag. He talked to women/females all the time for research for his family's cosmetic's company.

    And what better way to get started then to get where he was supposed to. He easily asked the guy next to him, who had scoffed and pointed him in the right direction. Ryan nodded thanks then walked to the room with his hands in his pockets. He had turned off the music, but kept the headphones around his neck. Just in case he needed to tune anyone out.

    As soon as he walked into the room, he heard someone mutter: " all boys really smell that bad...?"

    He couldn't help but chuckle. "Well, we are guys. We don't smell nearly as good as girls; not in our chemical balance." He nodded to the speaker. "But it is a good reminder of what to keep out for. The girl probably smells better. Thanks for some hint reminders." He couldn't help but scoff. He took an empty seat, not wanting to quite deal with anyone yet. But started to get ready to study the guys in his group. Maybe he'd be lucky and the girl would be in the same group.
  7. [​IMG]

    Julius' long purple-dyed locks blew in the breeze as he briskly walked towards the assembly hall. As he went, he eyed the other men around him. He wondered if they judged him for his looks, or if they didn't care. Julius wasn't insecure, but it had been a while since he'd walked among so many unfamiliar faces in his odd fashion sense. His red blazer over his ruffled white shirt wasn't too unheard of, but the skirt over his black leggings was something most men weren't used to seeing. Julius' Japanese fashion stylist had insisted he wear it. Since school wouldn't start today, Julius had time to get his stylist's opinion on how to make the school uniform more flashy before he wore it out.

    The assembly hall was close now, but Julius was still unable to enter due to the crowd of boys bunched up at the entrance. He began twirling his bangs in boredom. The red-eyed boy would rather be scoping out the recreational areas, not gathering in a room filled to the brim with snobby rich kids like him. The mass of boys thinned as they found seats, and Julius was finally able to enter the assembly hall. Spotting a seat in the middle row in the middle column, he moved quickly to nab the seat. Reaching it just before another boy could, Julius sat down, crossing his legs as the seat made contact with his rear and placing his hands lightly on his right knee. He tapped the foot that was suspended in the air, impatiently waiting for the worthless assembly to start. Julius was a lazy fellow, and other than sports, he didn't like to do much of anything else. Normally this waiting wouldn't have been much of a problem, if it weren't for the boys acting like zoo animals, not to mention the smell. Julius shook his head lightly, letting the cologne he'd drenched his neck with waft around him. Finally the headmaster appeared and began his speech. To Julius' surprise, it didn't mention anything about their school, but instead focused on a competition to find a girl hidden among them. His eyebrows rose with intrigue and a smile played on his lips. I guess this means I can flirt with whomever I wish without any consequences. Well...until they find the girl that is.

    After Mr. Humfrey took the stage and informed the students about the plan for today, many, if not most of the boys began crowding for the door. Julius sat still in his chair, not making a single motion to rise. Better to let the rowdy bunch get out of the hall first. He took this time to scope out the competition, as well as to see if he could spot the girl. He scanned the faces, making mental notes about which ones he might try to seduce first. However, at the moment none of them really screamed 'I'm a girl'. Maybe I should have played more 'Where's Waldo' in my youth...

    After enough boys had left, Julius rose and began following the smaller throng. He spotted a small blue-haired boy who seemed to be lost in his thoughts. Julius smirked as he picked up his pace, lightly shouldering as he passed. Julius turned his head back and gave the boy a wink before continuing to his form room. As he entered, he noticed four students already there, three out of the four sitting in the back row. Julius flicked his bangs to the side as he walked down the middle of the room. "Come now dears. What's so scary about the front row?" He took a seat in the front row, in the middle column. "There, now you guys have something to stare at." Julius turned his head and gave the boys behind him a wink. He returned his attention to the front and placed his elbows on his desk while crossing his legs. His chin lowered into his palms as he awaited Mr. Humfrey's instructions.
  8. Mr. Humfrey strolled casually into the classroom, several boys scampering in after him to claim their seats for the year. Already the back row filling up with students, Mr. Humfrey observed from behind his oak desk, which would usually indicate to him where all the trouble-makers sat. However there was a more reserved character sitting at the back this year, and an extremely flamboyant boy sitting right at the front. "Why can't they just stick to the stereotypes?" Mr. Humfrey pondered, exhaling, "It makes my life so much easier." It was going to be a hard enough year as it was, considering that the girl was supposed to be in Mr. Humfrey's form- not that anybody else except Mr. Haroun knew that, of course. Still, it was going to be an... exciting year.

    Stragglers were still surging into the classroom, much to Mr. Humfrey's annoyance. "Hurry up and take a seat everybody," Mr. Humfrey ordered, without any enthusiasm, "It's not that hard to get here on time considering the hall is just down the corridor." It seemed to Mr. Humfrey that students had a magical power to make time go slower when travelling from place to place. A power which was an awful inconvience to him- Mr. Humfrey wanted to give them a task to do as quickly as possible, so that he could sit down with his coffee and get back to scrolling through tumblr. This laid back and lazy attitude of his often led people to question why Mr. Humfrey was a teacher at this school. The answer to that lay in his hidden power...
  9. Tyler Hayashi didn't want to waste anytime when he arrived at the academy. He was one of the few who arrived early and sat in the front of the auditorium. The time passed by slowly as he went over his mental checklist of things he needed to do or get done while at the school. All this was done in a vain attempt to block out the rowdy room of boys and the terrible smell that wafted through the room. When the Headmaster began to talk Tyler paid utmost attention. It was not that he cared for the school or wanted to appear as a good studious person he just didn't want to miss out on any information that could land him in a bad situation and bring shame to his family.

    Then it happened the headmaster drop the news that that presented Tyler with an opportunity that would cause i\him to accomplish what his life goal in a mater of a short school term if he won. The news fell on the crowd of boys and he noticed several boys looking from left to right trying to catch a hint of the girl hidden somewhere in the room. The head master concluded his speech and after Mr Humfrey told them were to go they were released. Instead of popping right up and getting caught in the thick of the crowd Tyler sat down and began planning his course of action and making mental notes on boys that could be the girl. His eyes followed several boys that he hoped he had Form room with so he wouldn't have to go through the trouble of seeking out anybody

    Tyler was so lost in his thoughts that when he barley noticed that the room was nearly empty. He looked at his watched and saw he was late. He calming got up from his seat and made a beeline to his form room while berating himself under his breath for his folly. He entered the class room and went up to the teacher did a low bow. " I Apologize for my tardiness sir. There is no excuse for such behavior and i shall not make this mistake again." Tyler said as he then promptly pivots and makes his way to a seat in the front rownnext to the window that had a good view of the school grounds.
  10. [​IMG]

    Assembly Hall>Form Room

    The very moment Julius caught Hideaki's attention, the blue haired youth decided he liked the guy immensely. Sure, his appearance screamed flamboyant and eccentric, and if Hideaki's initial impression of the diva was right- he was most likely somewhat irritating. Nevertheless his sense of fashion was absolutely heart warming in Hideaki's opinion- probably because he had in the past worn clothes not too different from this himself. In fact, as cosplaying and sewing were two of Hideaki's favorite hobbies, he had worn all sorts of absurd clothes in the past, without feeling even slightly embarrassed over it. To put it brief, Julius screamed individuality... and it sparked Hideaki's interest. Now he almost regretted not having worn that one outfit he initially had asked to wear, but his uncle had fiercely turned down. Then again, considering the contest recently presented to them... perhaps it was just as well that Hideaki had been told off.

    Based on the person he found most interesting in the room, Hideaki chose his seat as he entered the form room. Naturally, it was the seat right next to Julius. Like this, he would perhaps be given a chance to talk to him... and take a better look at him as well. All the others seemed boring in his opinion.

    "If I may comment, your sense of style is absolutely lovely," he said softly with a smile as he pulled out the chair and sat down. His words were genuine and far from an insult.
  11. Ross sat in the second row closest to the front, in the seat next to the wall. Why the wall you ask? Because every class was bound to be boring as hell and he needed something to lean against when he started falling asleep. Plus he was in just the right position to get an eyeful of a couple of choice people's smoking hot bodies. And man did they look delicious. Long hair wasn't really his thing, but purple haired beauty was rocking the look. The skirt was a little...odd, but he could look past that aspect. Unless he was the girl. But Ross doubted that the girl would be so stupid as to wear her hair long. Then again, in his opinion females weren't exactly the brightest creatures.

    Slouching down in his seat, Ross began to work out how he was going to find out who the girl was. It definitely wouldn't be easy. There were so many other guys who probably had their eye on her, and she was probably trying her damnedest to look like one of the guys. He would have to make friends with them...All of them, and that would take a very very long time.

    Well, might as well start after Humfrey starts the class. He thought.
  12. Dallas raised his head to look at the person who had made a comment on what he had said about boys and smelling bad and gives a shrug. "I only say that because my entire family is weird about staying clean, they're doctors and what not though so who can blame us?" He tosses a glance at the boy with the headphones and sighs. "I'm Dallas Vern Martin, mind if I ask who you are?" While awaiting an answer his eyes fall back to his little notebook as he continues writing whatever it was that he was writing zoning out and totally focusing on that once more. Though focused he kept his ears open listening to people. He didn't give the oddball guy with violet hair and wearing a skirt a response, Dallas only shuddered. An idea occurs to him though suddenly and he writes something quickly in the notebook giving a little chuckle as he thought of this messing with the headphones that were sitting on top of his head, they weren't on his ears but literally on top of his head just above his ears, he looked a bit silly but didn't particularly care.

    If you listened close to Dallas' head though you could hear the trance type music coming from his headphones and he wold occasionally nod his head in time to a song. He was totally ignoring Mr. Humfrey by this point only really listening to the chatter of the other boys, looking for a hint of a girl's voice, or something feminine sounding that wasn't super flameboyant. Thinking of that kid made him shudder once more. Ugh why did I end up in a class with a bunch of weirdos!?
  13. If there was one thing Mr. Humfrey couldn't stand, it was tardiness. Talking in class he was fine with- it taught them vital social skills for jobs such as being a politician. Looking away from him, as if day dreaming, wasn't a problem either- he remembered as a child he'd been too nervous to look at his teachers, a problem not helped by being scolded. Even listening to music was allowed in Mr. Humfrey's class- a scientific study showed listening to music could actually help students learn, a study Mr. Humfrey trusted. However what Mr. Humfrey wouldn't stand for was being late. Not only was it rude, but it wasted everybody's time, with no educational benefits. Which explained why Mr. Humfrey picked on whoever so dared as to be a minute late for his classes.

    "No, you won't," Mr. Humfrey replied sharply to Hideaki, "And to make sure you remember that you can hand everything out this lesson, starting with these planners. Hurry up with it too, there's lots we need to get through." Feeling peeved, Mr. Humfrey sat down in his chair, not bothering with a formal introduction. They wouldn't appreciate it even if he did one. After taking a sip from his mug of coffee, Mr. Humfrey began tapping at the computer keyboard on his desk, trying to find the register.
  14. Fuck, I'm so close!

    The door flew open so hard, so fast , and so suddenly that the copper knob was sent rocketing to the opposite wall. After that came the frenzied voice, spilling from who knows where even faster than the doorknob - heavily accented if anyone cared to notice, though difficult to categorize. Australian? British? Lunatic?


    Only afterwards did the young man himself surge in, like a hurricane whose destruction had been a step ahead instead of following. Ryan collapsed against the nearest desk in a sweaty heap of both outward and inward groaning, knowing all too well that he looked nothing less than a pile of how-did-this-guy-even-get-accepted-here. He’d seen his reflection in the window while galloping down the corridor. His hair was dripping water in so many directions it could’ve been a storm cloud, his neck was glistening wet. After leaping out of the shower earlier he'd tossed on a random tshirt and practically soared through the front doors of Belford. Orientation had finished without him.

    Only later - too late - had he realized which tshirt it was.

    His sister's.
    And it was pale yellow. And curved. And it said "I HOPE YOUR DAY IS AS NICE AS MY BUTT" on the front in huge black letters.
    Now, though, the words should at least be hard to read. Ryan could feel the shirt twisted in an awkward way, could feel the air against a small section of his shiny wet tummy. The cloth was almost completely plastered to his back, hugged his shoulder blades - seemed unable to decide whether it wanted to stick to his front or hang off.

    But wait!
    Ryan winced inwardly, half from the stinging pain in his heaving chest and half from embarassment.
    There was more!
    His sweatpants.
    He'd forgotten to take them off in the shower. They were fuzzy and soaked and batman and hanging, he could guess, just enough to show a pair of bright blue boxers. The ones with "multiple forces of geek!" printed around and around and around.
    Why?! Why now?
    Why the StarWars underwear today, of all days?
    And...from what he could tell they were also sticking to him, though...thankfully not enough for anybody to tell whether or not his butt actually was as nice as their day.

    Ryan glanced over his shoulder at the familiar trail of water tinged with crimson, hoped briefly that his knee would stop bleeding soon, and then locked sheepish eyes with the form teacher. Whoever he was.

    This was probably not a very good impression.


    He straightened himself with a wet, sloshy sucking noise - leaning on one leg more than the other - and attempted a formal bow.
    Almost all of his hair rained down across his eyes.

    "I'm....I'm Ryan".
  15. At the sounds of Mr. Humfrey's voice Tyler turns back around to see a ticked off teacher. Great first day and u am already screwing up he thought to himself as grabbed the planners from the teacher and started making his way down the rows of boys. He quickly and quietly handed out the planners while not making any kind of conversation with the boys. He finishes handing out the papers and waits off to the side of Mr Humfrey's desk for the next task that the teacher would ask of him doing his best to hide his embarrassment behind a dignified front. Tyler eyes goes wide as Ryan makes his big entrance and at his awkward garb. Well at least I was fully dressed and late he thought to himself.
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  16. Ryan didn't even have a chance to think let alone respond to all that was happening. Before he could process Mr. What's-his-face's little speech, it seemed like everyone was rushing in. One very... outrageous guy? sat in the front of the room. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the guy's choice in fashion. Then right after, it seemed like other people were rushing in. Including another guy dressed in a very feminine shirt and see through sweat pants...

    He wouldn't be able to erase that from his mind.

    He did turn to the one who had actually spoken to him. "Dallas? I'm Ryan." he managed to say. "And I have to say, this is going to be one very interesting year," he said with a chuckle. He turned to the teacher. "We are going to get this madness started, right? I am guessing you're looking for roll call?"
  17. If Mr. Humfrey had been irritated at Tyler before he couldn't remember it, because Ryan stole the stage for all of Mr. Humfrey's fury. Tyler was totally forgotten by Mr. Humfrey, his existence squashed by Ryan's. Not only had Ryan managed to be incredibly late, but he'd also been disruptive to the class. A crime Mr. Humfrey wouldn't let him get away with. "You are also doing two hundred press-ups. Now." Mr. Humfrey commanded coldly, "Oh, and if you manage to get blood on the carpet while doing it, then clean it up." Pitying the cleaners' demanding job, Mr. Humfrey did his best to make sure his class room stayed clean. Which included making students clean up after any blood, puke, excrement, or any other distasteful substances they produced.

    Next Mr. Humfrey decided to deal with the cheeky Dallas. "No, no rollcall," he informed Dallas and the class, "I'll mark you all in, even if you're not here. If you fail a class because your playing hooky, then it's not me you have to answer to. Instead you have joy of facing Mr. Haroun, who you may or may not have heard heard rumours about yet. For those of you who haven't, all you need to know is that he's a very dangerous man. So I'll trust you to attend my classes, despite the fact I won't be checking you're here."

    Speech finished, Mr. Humfrey finally noticed Tyler idly waiting by his desk. Surely there was a reason why he was there, but the action of the past few minutes had stolen Mr. Humfrey's memory from him. Staring intensely at the boy, Mr. Humfrey pondered what he was supposed to be doing.
  18. When Tyler saw Humfrey dish out that harsh command to the new boy who just entered the room in such a crazy manner He made a mental not to never cross this man again. He felt that he was only witnessing the tip of the iceberg of what Mr Humfrey would do if angered. When he looked back at Tyler saw a that he had completley forgot why he was up there. The thought crossed his mind to just bow and take his seat,but he choose to do what he believed to be right. " Sir i await here to hand out the everything to the class that u need to give them as you saw fit to make me do for mt tardiness." Tyler said feeling that he upheld his honor by not giving into the temptation of taking advantage of the misfortune of another.
  19. Ryan balked, standing there wide eyed and dripping. He couldn't do 100 pushups. He...physically couldn't do 100 pushups. The young man felt his cheeks begin to burn and tried his best to casually sweep his gaze across the room. How embarrassing...

    "Excuse me, Mr. Humphrey-"
    He sidled over to the desk and stood behind the boy already in line, formally, hands behind his back, back straight. The effect probably wasn't as finesse suggesting as he'd hoped, seeing as he was dripping and sopping and bleeding down his calf, but...
    The day had been bad enough to start and he certainly wasn't planning on choking to death in front of the classroom. He felt his sweatpants start to slip down and pulled them back up to his waist.
    Surely there was a note of some sort, an email, something the school had to exclude him from...more physical activites.
    His chest already hurt from running here so quickly. Not to mention his knee, though he wasn't particularly worried about it. Surely the bandage would start absorbing the blood any minute now.
  20. Studying Tyler for a few more moments, Mr. Humfrey concluded, "Oh, yes. Um, you can hand out that pile of sheets with school layout on. Then you may sit down- in your chair I may add." Countless times before Mr. Humfrey's pupils had made the joke of sitting down in rather inappropriate places at that command. Not that Mr. Humfrey expected this boy to do so- Tyler seemed to have some actual manners, a rare quality amongst teenagers these days. Which was probably why Mr. Humfrey was allowing Tyler to sit down earlier than intended, alongside forgetting the original punishment.

    Before getting onto dealing with Ryan, Mr. Humfrey wanted to give the class something to do. "Right, start looking through your planners everybody. They contain all of the school rules, space for writing down homework, and various other information," Mr. Humfrey announced to the class, "I'm going to pretend that normally I'd go through them with you, and the only reason I'm not doing so today is because I have to deal with...whoever this soaking wet boy is, not just because I'm not bothered. Meanwhile you can all pretend you're reading through your planner's, and actually care about what they say, not making friends." At least nobody could accuse Mr. Humfrey of being a liar, even if he was brutally honest.

    Getting back to Ryan, Mr. Humfrey turned his head back to the boy, and barked "Well? Why aren't you doing the press-ups? The blood doesn't excuse you, so what else is there that does?" There had actual been a notice given to Mr. Humfrey, informing him of Ryan's injury. Being Mr. Humfrey though, he'd simply thrown the notice away, dismissing it as a load of medical rubbish.
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