The magic academy over the clouds

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  1. Crystal Academy (open)

    Somewhere over the clouds there is a academy that is protected by a magic shield, it makes normal humans unable to see it. Only magical creatures such as werewolf's, vampire's, wizards and so on can see it, the majestic castle in the air, the Crystal academy.


    Aria watched at the clouds that started to get pink outside the window, the sun were on its way down and a new student were soon going to arrive. The principal had asked Aria just a couple of hours before if she could show the new student around the school before dinner would be served. That old hag always expected Aira to do whatever she told her to do, just because she were the worst mage the Crystal academy had ever had. Sure she were clumsy and always did the spells wrong but the principal didn't need to make her do a lot of stuff to make up for everything she did wrong.

    She sighted and started to walk down towards the entrance, there were a big garden around the school so that people could be outside to, it wasn't good to always be locked inside. But she didn't go out to the garden, instead she waited inside just at the entrance on the new students arrival. What would he or she be? A mage? Maybe a werewolf or a fairy. As long as it wasn't a vampire, they were always up all night and made noises, they didn't need one more of them.
  2. The boy looked around, doing his best to appear as sweet and nervous as possible as he made his way to the entrance. He had always found that people gravitated towards the weak, whether for good or bad, so he made it a point to look like a lost kitten at the best of times. He'd been looking around for the person that the Headmaster had said she would send, and found himself hoping that she would be a least slightly more interesting than the useless-looking souls that crowded around him, pushing and shoving, some stopping to look at him more closely. It didn't bother him, really- he knew he must be an odd sight. His light gold hair was pushed downward by a pair of large earphones, earphones that appeared to have some sort of energy contained in them, giving off a glow the color of quicksilver. He smiled in amusement as his future classmates looked at them, trying to figure them out and why he had them on. His eyes lit up a little when he spotted the girl at the entrance. "Maybe that's her...." he thought, aloud but almost silently. Smiling sheepishly and adjusting his fur-lined jacket, he walked over to the entrance. "P-pardon me, but are you Aira? I...I'm Cipher Setson, the new student..."
  3. Aira waited at the entrance, searching after someone that seemed unfamiliar, someone that seemed like a new student. If she had just learned those stupid spells and been able to do them then she wouldn't have to do shores all the time, like showing new people around. Suddenly a guy came up to her, he didn't seem familiar at all. He told her that he were the new student.

    "Yes I am Aira. Welcome to the Crystal academy Cipher." She said with a smile and reached out her hand so that he could shake it. He looked a bit odd with the large earphones, it seemed like it were some kind of energy in them but she couldn't say for sure. At least he seemed innocent, which meant he probably wouldn't make any trouble. It was kind of cute, she liked sweet guys like that, there wasn't many of them.

    "I will show you around the school, should we start to go to your room so that you can put all your things in to place first?" She asked him with a polite tone in her voice. She didn't like to show people around, she had gotten that duty so many times because she screwed up so much with the spells. By now she could every inch of the school even those parts she never walked to. A small piece of her brown hair got in to her face and she brushed it away.
  4. His smile widened. "Alright then...thank you very much, Aira." He bowed slightly and shook her outstretched hand. "I, uh...." He allowed a blush to cross his face. "I look forward to learning here with you." His large green eyes widened, as if he'd said those words accidentally. He hadn't, of course, but it was all part of his game. "I mean--! ...Well, you know. To learning here. I mean, we might not even be in the same classes..." His words were soft and kind and figdety, as if he were very unsure of himself, and he spoke looking down at his shoes. Taking a deep breath the way one would when gathering courage, he looked back up. "Will I have a roommate?"
  5. A blush spread on Aira's face, he were so cute. Why couldn't all guys be like that? Cute and innocent and just adorable, not as the jerks she knew that threw water balloons everywhere and were immature. "I..I have gotten your schedule from the principal and we have classes together, so I will probably be able to show you around while going to the next class if you would forget where the classrooms are." She started, she tried to act as professional as possible but it was hard with such a cute guy right in front of her.

    "The most rooms are for two people, but some rooms are just one person rooms. You were placed in to a one person room, at least for the moment. If you don't want to be alone in a room then you have the chance to change it. It's just to talk to the principal within the end of the week and you will get moved in to another room." She explained, finally getting control over her facial expression and her voice tone.
  6. Cipher was quite pleased at this point. He could tell he'd managed to charm her to some extent. He loved watching her behavior towards him change ever so slightly, the color that had risen to her cheeks for a while before she stowed it away again. So she had a little more self-control than most people. Usually at this point, girls would already be getting on his nerves, telling him how "cute" he was. It was what he aimed for, but still, after a while it got annoying. He made hus face brighten again. "Oh? Yes, I think I'd like to be shown around." He adjusted a little knob on his earphones. "I'm terrible with directions, haha." His laugh was clear and light, like bells ringing from far away. "And I don't mind a single room...but what about you? Do you have your own room as well?"
  7. She giggled as he told her how bad he were at directions, even his laugh were as cute as his looks and attitude. Then he asked a somewhat weird question, why did he care if she were in a single room or a double room? Maybe he were just curious. "I have my own room, I like privacy when I do homework and other things so I requested it when I got to the school." She told him while leading him threw the corridors towards his room. "This school can be a bit confusing and sometimes seem like a labyrinth, just be patient and take your time in finding your way around." She said and gave him a warm smile.
  8. The boy smiled brightly at her. "Okay! I'll do my best!" As he perked up, his earphones gleamed a little brighter-- it seemed that not only was there indeed energy within them, but it was controlled by his wavering emotions. He stepped a little closer and thin, golden rings could be seen around his pupils. Just what was this boy, anyway? "" A note of hope appeared in his soft voice. "Will you continue to guide me today?" The news that she was in a single room was good. It woukd make things a great deal easier if he ever had to visit her for something. And of course he woukd never choose to have a roommate. He was a solitary type, always. Unless he was using them as pawns, people didn't suit him. Only one person had ever broken this rule, and he wasn't about to let that happen again. He pushed these thoughts aside and rocked on his heels like a nervous child.
  9. He looked so innocent and cute, he looked like a nervous child when he rocked on his heels, it only made him look more cute. A small blush once again entered on her cheeks, what could he be for kind of magic creature? A dragoon that took a human appearance? But those had often a short temperament and were pretty ill-natured. Maybe he were a wizard, what kind of magic could he use in that case?

    "Of course I will keep guiding you." She told him with a bright smile, it was mostly because the principal had given her that order but it were also because he were cute and she wanted to know him a bit more. "Well, this is your room." She said as they came to his room. "Maybe you want to change clothes or unpack your things before I show you around. I will wait out here until you finish." She told him.
  10. He allowed a bright shade of pink to cross his face. "Okay...I'll change first. I suppose I should put on my uniform, shoukdn't I?" He chuckled lightly. "I woke up late, so I had to rush here without putting it on this morning..." He opened the door and walked in, looking around before poking his head out. "I won't be long, okay?" With that, he shut the door and began to change. Pulling off his jacket and pulling his black shirt up over his slender frame, he replaced his old clothes with the Crystal Academy uniform, a black button-down shirt and a blue, striped necktie. He was already in the trousers, so his task was done. It was much too hot here for him to wear the blazer that went with it-- this place was nothing like his home by the river. He opened the door and walked out, pulling his headphones off and fluffing his soft, blond hair. "Alright! Ready! do I look?" He laughed nervously.
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    Aira nodded "I'll wait right here" She told him and saw him closing the door to his room. Now were her chance to calm down her heart, he had been so cute so she could barely stop herself from hugging him. He looked like a sweet little brother when he smiled like that towards her. But he probably heard that he were cute all the time, so maybe it would irritate him if she told him that all of a sudden, he would probably not show it, he were way to cute to tell people that he were angry or irritated. He could just not be that kind of person that dared to say how he felt. That was at least the feeling Aira got from him.

    As he came out again Aira had gotten control of her heart, the heart beat were on a steady pace and she had gotten that polite smile back on her face. Cipher looked even cuter with his uniform on, and with that thought her heart beat started to run a hundred kilometers an hour again. This guy would probably give her a heart attack if he kept being so cute. She couldn't help but think of how much like a girl he seemed to be at some points, as when he asked her how he looked, it sounded like something a girl would ask and not a guy. But it was probably best not to tell him that. He would probably take offence if he heard that he looked like a girl.

    "You look great, like a prince." She complimented him. He looked really nice in the school uniform, she couldn't deny that. "Are you ready for the tour?"
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    Cipher was actually very pleased at being called a prince. After all, he was a prince. Maybe not by title, but certainly by stature. For now, he had focused enough on being sweet and weak to where he probably wouldn't need to lay it on so thickly anymore. Too much might begin to look like an act. "Prince..? Ahahah. Thank you. I was worried I might look ridiculous with these on--" he slipped his earphones back on-- "so I thought perhaps I shoukd ask you. And yes, I'm quite ready to look around this place." He looked around in false wonder. "It's really beautiful, isn't it?" His eyes focused back on Aira with a childlike look in them. "I might not be showing it very well, Aira, but I'm really excited to be here!"
  13. He still seemed like a girl when he told her that he thought he looked ridiculous with those clothes on. But it was still cute in some way, he weren't like the other crazy perverted men at the school, he seemed sweet and lovable, but more in a little brother way than a dating way. "Haha, I believe you. There are quite few that don't get excited or overwhelmed when they get here for the first time. It's almost like a fairy tale castle." She said with a warm smile. He really gave of the aura of a little brother, she couldn't help but wanting to look after him.

    Aira started to walk with Cipher beside her. "In this corridor it's just guy rooms, on the right side there is the single rooms and on the left are the double rooms. When the corridor turns over there then we will get to the rooms for those who are awake at night and sleeps at day, there are mostly vampires there." She explained. She looked a bit at him as they walked still trying to figuring out what he were.

    "Excuse me for asking but what are you? A werewolf, wizard?" She asked him trying to sound as polite as possible so he wouldn't get offended.
  14. At that question, his entire appearance changed a little. He suddenly drew himself upward, eyes gleaming brightly, and his nervousness seemed to evaporate, replaced by a glowing, radiating sense of pride. His earphones glowed more brightly than they had before. "Neither. Neither in the least." His tone wasn't annoyed, he was clearly pleased that she'd asked him and was drawing things out to increase her curiosity. Just playing with her a little, nothing more than that. "The story of what I am is a little different than most." He leaned a little closer to her and his grin widened. "My mother was one of the fae, and my father was a wizard. Which of course makes me a sylph." He pushed an earphone and some hair back from his ear to reveal its slightly pointed shape. "It's an advantage, really, having the natural talent of a fairy and the capabiltities of a human...but it has its disadvantages as well..." He put his earphone back on. "And you?"
  15. He suddenly seemed to change, that embarrassed little cute guy seemed to be totally gone and he spoke as any other teenage guy. It scared her a bit how he suddenly changed like that, and his grin didn't make her feel any better. He were a Sylph? She had only heard about those in the stories, she had never met anyone in real life. "A mage" She said with a low voice at his question, wizards were one of the most normal beings in the magical world, even though they were in many different categories and levels. For example, a summoner and a nature user didn't count as the same sort of wizard but still they both were wizards. "I'm a nature user." She continued, a very bad one but she wouldn't confess that to him. He would probably notice that in class at some point, or hear rumors about it, everyone knew about her being clumsy and do the wrong spells all the time. She couldn't even get in contact with the earth element and still that were her strongest element. Every time she were able to do it she screwed up the magic and the spell.
  16. He seemed to percive that he had worried her somehow. He had probably dropped too much of his ruse at once. He wondered for a moment whether to try putting it up again. He mustn't do that too quickly either, though, or he would worry her even more. He cursed inwardly at his mistake and blinked innocently at her for a moment, taking care not to look unconvincing. "H-hey....I didn't scare you, did I? The way I kinda....changed?" Looking at her, she didn't seem quite convinced just yet. It was time to play his trump card. "Sorry about that...Sylphs aren't very good at containing their emotions, and I...get really proud when I talk about my dad, you see." He lowered his head a little, as if recalling painful memories. "He made me proud to be what I am...before he was killed..." He shook his head, as if trying to forget what he'd just brought back up. "I'm...sorry." His voice brightened a little as he changed the subject. " Earth user? That's really wonderful. You'll have to show me sometime." But his voice remained just a little distant.
  17. Suddenly he were back to the way he were before again, she looked confused at him and a bit skeptic. Why had he changed like that? The explanation soon came it seemed like he started to talk about something painful. She swallowed as she thought he were going to start crying over his dead father but in the end he changed the subject.

    "Yeah.. Sometime" She said a bit nervously. Or never she thought right after. Failing in front of him would be to embarrassing. "Maybe we should continue the tour around the school, you need to know your way around a bit before tomorrow." She told him, also in a try to change the subject. Talking about her powers were probably almost as bad as it were for him to talk about his dead father, except for the fact that she hadn't a dead person on her mind.
  18. He smiled at her, a little wearily, but he'd gone back to his old self. He seemed to have calmed down around her, though, for the most part. "Yes, you're right. I'll try and save any questions for later." He began to walk beside her, pretending to be trying to hide the saddened look he'd arranged his face into while making sure she'd see it if she so much as glanced at him. He hadn't lied to her-- his father was dead, and he had been killed. In fact, he had been there when it happened. But his days of crying over that were long past. Now he only used the story when it suited him, as well as his tears. As he walked silently beside the girl, Cipher tried to remember the last time he'd truly cried.

    He found that the memory was too far away to recall, and that didn't surprise him in the least.
  19. Aira glanced at him many times and every time he looked so sad, poor thing, he must have been heart broken when his father died. "Over there is the cafeteria." She said, trying to keep smiling even though she felt so sorry for him. "Breakfast are served at five in the morning for the early birds until eight in the morning for the ones that sleeps until as late as possible. Lunch are served between ten and one, dinner between five and eight in the evening. This is the day cafeteria, those who are awake in the night have their own cafeteria with other times so it won't be a collision between our breakfast and their dinner." She told him, then she kept walking. "In the end of that corridor are the library, there you can find almost anything, all from human books to rare wizard books to books about vampire and so on." She continued.

    "I can show you all the classrooms tomorrow, we can eat breakfast together and then you can just follow me tomorrow towards the different classes. That way we don't need to take the whole tour today, after all you must be tired after such a long trip here." She then said.
  20. He nodded his head agreeably. That seemed best, he needed time to regroup and plan for tomorrow. "Alright then." He wondered for a moment about the vampires, if any of them could be useful to him. He could easily change his appearance to that of a vampire and infiltrate their lunch, where he could-- Hmm, no. Give it some time. He'd be here for quite a while, and right now it would be sensible to take it slow. Capture one pawn at a time, he thought to himself. He looked back at Aira. In truth, would this girl be of any use to me? He coukdn't help feeling that the answer was no, but he rather enjoyed playing with her nonetheless. "Guess I'll go, then..." He walked a little way away before remembering that he was supposed to be bad with directions. "Uh, hey, Aira...? Which way was my room again?"