The Mad King [Vivian x KatherinWinter]

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  1. SEN

    The blankets that weighed down Sen almost seemed to beg her to stay in bed, but the yelling superior at the foot of her bed begged to differ. "Sen, you urchin!" she yelled once more, ripping the blankets from her making the snow-haired girl curl into a small ball in hopes of retaining what little heat she could, but to her dismay the woman's bony cold fingers wrapped around her ankle jerking her out of bed with tremendous strength. Sen yelped in shock of the action, instinctively gripping her sheets and dragging them down with her.

    "Sen, you have a job!" Claudette reminded the girl who was still dizzy from her sleep, her crimson painted eyes lazily scanning the room as the much older woman buzzed around preparing her underlings uniform. In an automatic manner, she began to dress. The dress matched every other maid that bustled around the castle, hurriedly fulfilling the orders of their respective masters. A Black with a white trim one-piece dress with a full skirt above the knees and a white half apron with lace around its edges, some women with longer hair choose to wear the headpiece that matched their uniform, while some substituted it with a bow holding their hair back in a ponytail. Given Sen's hair being white, a black bow was best since the headpiece was invisible. With a light sigh, she once covered herself in the mirror smiling slightly happy to see she looked presentable, but it was gone as soon as she heard that banshee Claudette shriek her name once again, demanding her presence. Sen groaned, frantically looking over her dresser and grabbed a dagger in her rush, slipping it into the pocket of her apron as she ran out the door, her heels clicking against the marble floor of the castle halls.

    "Yes, Miss Claudette?" She breathed, winded by her sudden morning jog, but the old woman didn't let up and continued walking at a fast pace, barking orders at other servants that approached her for their reasons, Sen was growing restless as she continued to be ignored.


    "Yes, Ma'am?" Nearly tripping herself, startled by her name being called, Claudette turned around just as startled as Sen was and breathed a sigh of relief realizing it was just Sen who answered.

    "In the name of the Almighty, child! Speak up! At this rate, you actually will become the ghost of the castle,"

    "Yes, Ma'am" she replied nervously, bowing her head in apology, "But you requested my presence?"

    "Yes, yes, the king wants to see you in the study, do not keep him waiting," Claudette seemed almost apologetic but stern when she told her where she was to go, but it was nothing Sen dwelled on for too long. With a curt nod she began her walk to the study, a bit anxious to hear what she had been called for so early in the morning. Once in front of the study, she let out a nervous sigh, adjusting her already perfect uniform before knocking on the large oak doors. The voice that answered was coarse as if it hadn't been used in weeks.

    "Come in, child," the man replied and as instructed she did, tentatively opening the door and peeking inside to see the king resting in his chair, tinkering with two marbles in his hand, but before Sen could give her usual introduction he held his hand and began giving her the mission she was summoned for. "Within the square there is a rebellion forming," the man spoke a bit too quickly, taking abrupt pauses to scan the room for eavesdroppers despite there being none, almost frantically she shuffled the documents on his desk and removed a small folder with his seal keeping it closed, "I ask that you eliminate the leader before this rebellion becomes a revolt, I can trust you, right?"

    "Of course, My Lord, my life does belong to the royal family after all," she maintained a steady voice as she took the letter from, turning it over in her hands noting the weight. It was more than one life she was assigned to take, despite the King saying otherwise. Her answer had earned her a nod of approval and a hand of dismissal, as she left the room, she couldn't help but feel unnerved by the mumbling he did. She shut the door behind her, now noticing the pit in her stomach; she couldn't tell if it was from guilt or a lack of breakfast. Alexander, I'm so sorry. She had decided as soon as she heard murder she would test her luck against the crown and help the targets flee the city. Taking in a sharp breath she held the envelope close, slipping a hand into her apron pocket, her fingers wrapping around the dagger that was placed earlier and continued her walk around the castle carefully formulating a plan.
  2. Many people thought his life was perfect but they couldn't have been further from the truth. He had no control over his life. His father dictated everything about his life. Which might be ok in most instances, he had heard many royal families were that way. But there was something not quite right with his father. He couldn't put his finger on it but he knew it was there. Maybe it was just his father's way of dealing with his mother's death. Whatever it was he had pretty much adjusted to it. He accepted that he wouldn't have much say in his life.

    Every morning he was waking the same way. His maid, an old bat named Claudette, stormed into his room. She had been with his father forever. She ripped opened the curtians allowing the sun to shine in his eyes. He groaned as she pulled the blankets from him. He hated mornings. He climbed out of bed and went to the washing bowl. He washed up as Claudette watched. It was embarracing as hell to still be treated like he was six and needed supervision but he knew it wouldnt change anytime soon. His father didn't see him as a capable adult. He doubted that his father would ever see him any differently. He would just have to deal with it until his father died or became too old to rule.

    Once he was dressed in clothing that had been picked out by Claudette he was left to eat breakfast. He never eat it. He couldnt stand breakfast. It reminded too much of his mother. Every morning he gave the food away. His father would be pissed if he knew. Which was why he was careful not to let him find out. He spent most of his mornings looking out the window of his room wondering what the rest of the kingdom was doing. He knew very little about life outside the castle. He had never been out there.
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