The Luck of the Dice (Rufiya&Tomoko)

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  1. The dusty dirt road didn't seem to end for Miranda, she was on her way to Las Vegas and she just barely got passed through the border between Nevada and California. But she knew that the end was coming, her beat up blue truck was on the verge of empty and if she wouldn't be able to hitch-hike she would be screwed.

    After about another mile or so, the sound of her engine popping and eventually dying signaled it was over for Ol' Betty. She used the last gust of life to drive it off and next to the road. She got out sighing, shielding her eyes from the sun as she popped open the hood, backing up with it spat a putrid cloud of black smoke.

    "Well Damn." Miranda muttered to herself, climbing to the back of her truck and onto the top to sit and wait for a ride. She extended her hand out, thumb up seeing another car on the horizon.

    "Please. Please. Please." Miranda whispered to herself.
  2. He was blazing along putting great miles between his failures and his destination. As he zoomed along he saw a pulled over truck he turned off his music and slowed getting a good look at the woman. What did he have to lose if it was some kind of trap he figured. He pulled over and got out.
    "Need a lift or help fixing that beast?" He said kindly. He lit a smoke and puffed on it leaning on his door.
  3. Miranda sighed with relief seeing the new arrival, she hopped off the top of her truck, laughing at his words. "Nah. I think she's expired her last life." Miranda told him nonchalantly. "So a lift would be nice. I'm Miranda, heading to Vegas." She continued extending her arm, offering a handshake. She didn't know what else to do aside from that, it was her first time hitchhiking with some completely random stranger. "And a smoke would be nice too." She added jokingly.
  4. He put his smoke to his lips and shook her hand. A firm handshake that of a man used to doing business. He let go and puffed on his smoke. "Clyde. Hop on in then cause were going the same place." He pushed off his car and walked over to her side opening the back door. "Throw whatever you need in the back seat." He walked over to her truck throw his smoke down his half done cig and crushing it with his heel. "Need any help with lifting anything?"
  5. "Nope. All I'm bringing is my bag and that's pretty much it." Miranda told him truthfully, turning back towards her truck with him opening the back-seat grabbing her small purse and rolling bag. She carried them throwing them like he instructed/offered. As he looked at Miranda's thrashed car she moved into the front-passenger seat, letting the air conditioning cool her from sitting out in the sun for a bit. She saw the pack of cigarettes on the dashboard, taking one out and lighting it with her lighter. It wasn't often she smoked only when she was stressed or something. When he came in she nodded.

    "Thanks. I'll pay you back the smoke when we get there." She assured him, breathing it out the newly rolled-down window.
  6. He sauntered back to his car and eased himself into the drivers seat. "No need I have several packs." It wasn't like he chain smoked it's just he was stressed and that made him smoke a little more He wasn't one to not be prepared. Seat belt on he started his car up. Easing onto the empty empty road he started to drive again lowering his speed so not to spook her. He liked to drive fast when the road was straight like this but he was a smart enough a driver not to endanger or startle his passengers. "I'm not great for conversation so I suggest you find a radio station you like." He lit another smoke with a zippo lighter that had piano keys on it. He puffed on his smoke.
  7. She kept her attention out towards the road, Miranda was a decent conversationalist but it'd be awkward to try and talk to this man out of the blue and after all he did say he wasn't the one to talk much. She kept the window down a bit, letting the wind course through her high-lighted hair, when he suggested she choose a station she couldn't stifle a laugh.

    "My truck's radio broke around two years ago. So I don't know any recent ones at least." Miranda told, him her voice feeling weird in her throat for not talking in such a long time, it won't be like that when she hits the strip she thought. She was gonna be partying and gambling until the morning and she couldn't wait.
  8. "I can try to make conversation. But I'll warn ya it won't be the best. All I wanna do is get there and gamble." He finished his smoke and put it out in the ash tray. "You heading there to be a show girl? Your darn pretty enough." He did not know why he was smooth talking her or if it'd even work. He flashed her a smile his golden eyes sparkled at her. His eyes went back to the road. "No offenses or anything." He shrugged. "You ever been to Vegas before?" And now he was trying hard to make for his mess up if it was one. How he hated unneeded conversation.
  9. "Seems like we have something in common. About the gambling part at least." Miranda admitted, chuckling afterwards on his remarks about her features, it actually wasn't that all bad of an idea after some thought though. She didn't take his compliment like a serious move or anything just a simple conversation starter.

    "None at all, at the very least, I'm flattered. And no, I haven't been there just read about it on the internet and well I need something to help me relax." Miranda told him, this time actually talking to him instead of the window like earlier. Afterwards she puffed her last bit before leaving her used cigarette in the ash tray as well.
  10. "It's a fun place if you don't lose everything. Been there a handful of times myself." He chuckled at her saying she went there to relax. "It's as relaxing as a rave more of a distraction and a time sink. Hey do me a favor in the back seat is a cooler grab me a bottle of water please. If you need anything from it go ahead." It was both a hot day and the fact that tonight he was going to ruin his liver. That made him figure a drink of water would be a good choice. That was Clyde always prepared. Except when it came to backstabbing. He sighed not meaning to.
  11. "Well that's what I as hoping for actually. Guess I have a weird way of relaxing then." Miranda laughed, nodding at his request she twisted her body around to the back seat to grab the bottle of water, she found the blue cooler, sticking her hand inside the ice-cold water before pulling out two one for him one for her. She untwisted herself, opening his and placing it on the cupholder seeing as he was driving and then opened hers before talking a long gulp, the icy water chilling her body.

    "So how far are we from the strip, you think?" Miranda asked after drinking her water.
  12. He grabbed his water and drank a deep sip. "Not a clue never drove it before." He laughed. "You wouldn't happen to be able to just tell where we are and if we aren't lost right? Or try to read the map in the glove department." He smiled. "The one thing I didn't plan." He drank another sip of his water.
  13. Miranda couldn't help but laugh out loud. She looked at him not believing what he was saying, laughing again she opened up the glove department grabbing the map and trying to figure out just where they were.

    "Y'know what? If you'd haven't been making me laugh a lot, I'd start to think your one of those weirdos who prey on hitch-hikers." Miranda half-joked laughing again as she kept on searching for what road they were on.
  14. He got serious then. "I wouldn't be so scuzzy god damn bunch of creeps who do that. I'm just a guy fleeing his failures. Plane would have taken to much time with me stuck in that town looking like a fool. Had to leave had to get out." He finished his water and lit a smoke. He blew perfect practiced smoke rings a weird habit when he was stressed. "I am sorry if we are lost though."
  15. Miranda listened intently to Clyde's words exposing a little bit of his backstory, and although he gave small, Miranda knew that it was probably still a sensitive topic and she best not delve into it much. She thought for a moment before replying.

    "Well its okay I guess. I mean its not like we can be that lost right? It's generally linear, I think?" Ayra said glancing back at the map really quick. Seeing that he had lit up a little about himself Miranda thought she ought to do the same just to be fair. "So I'm assuming that's why your going to Vegas right? To forget? That's another we have in common then. My husband was a piece of shit." Miranda admitted afterwards, laughing it off before gulping her water to half-full.
  16. "Vegas sin city. I figure I'll blend right in. Plus I am quiet done with feeling like dirt. Nothing says cheer up like the motto of the town 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' to me that screams come unload your problems here and make a few new ones." He chuckled. He pulled over and looked at the map. He pointed to a spot. "We should be roughly here so we aren't lost. Yet." He laughed and winked at her. "You just keep an eye on that map and we'll be safe."
  17. "Wouldn't we all.." Miranda replied, towards his first words listening afterwards to him basically telling the both of them to cheer up. Which she kinda did. She knew that the divorce was finally over, and like before this is her time to have fun and relax. When they pulled-over she helped him figure out where they were agreeing with the plan that she would be the one to direct when the time comes.

    "Well..we should be really close by now, after one right it should be..there!" Miranda exclaimed after giving directions, she pointed happily at the city on the skyline. "That's Vegas~" She cheered. The sun was setting but they would arrive just when stuff would get exciting, around the evening.
  18. He put out his cig in the ashtray and smiled. "You excited? It's like Christmas for adults. Anything you could want is here. Except unlike Christmas this is a place for only the ones that were naughty." He laughed at his own joke. The lights drew nearer and he felt excited. "Any hotel plans? Any where you want dropped off?" Though he had only met her she was pleasant and he'd almost miss her. But attachments was his thing. Friendships relationships all one sided never get attached. No house of his own no pets. He lived unencumbered ready to leave at any time as demonstrated by his current place and choices. He smiled to himself. Giddy like a kid in a candy store. What to do first where to go.
  19. "God, this place is going to look crazy at night-time!" Miranda cheered, looking out the window at the vibrant lights that coated the top of the city, she was getting pretty excited, a kind of excitement that she hasn't felt in years. She laughed at her new friend's analogy of the this crazy city, before turning towards the back grabbing at her purse. "Oh yeah, I'm staying at this one hotel at.." Miranda informed him, saying the address from her paper.

    Afterwards, she took out her phone, rolling down her window to take photos of casinos, restaurants, strip-clubs that they passed by. This place would be her reality soon, seeing as her father had booked the hotel room for a complete month at her request.
  20. He remembered that hotel so it was easy to find. He pulled up got out and opened her door for her then grabbed out her luggage. He held out a strip of paper. "If you get in any trouble call me. Have tons of fun." He tipped an invisible hat and sauntered to the drivers side and eased back in and drove away. He found a hotel booked a room not even bothering to take his bag up to his suit he ditched his car in it's parking place and went to find a drink. The night was young but he was going to not a waste a minute.
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