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  1. The City of Yamasu

    There once was a city that was extremely wealthy and prosperous named Yamasu. It was ruled by the royal family of Aion. They ruled the lands fairly and everyone was happy. There wasn't a single person who was poor, and no mouths went unfed. It was the perfect society, technologically advanced. The only thing that hadn't been corrected in their lifetime? Disease and illness. However, there was legend of a jewel that belonged to the gods, that granted good health. One night, the youngest son of the royal family snuck into the land of the gods, and took this jewel. Of course this angered the gods, and punishment was in order.

    Yamasu was submerged into the ocean, never to be seen again. They were cursed to never see the sunlight, and their kingdom was erased from all maps. The only thing that kept the city alive was the stolen jewel. It kept the city safe, supplying it with air The gods allowed them to keep the treasure, but all the technology they once possessed was lost, and they were cursed to age slowly, but never die unless murdered. Their amazing city became overgrown by forests and fields, animals running free. The people were forced to hunt, and revert to what people now days refered to as amazons, or wild folk. The jewel even gave them extra abilities, such as talking to animals and plants, and some could even shapeshift. However, whatever gift they received, it was only to create and heal, rather than destroy.

    In present time, the city is still hidden, however there have been legends of the lost city, and the treasures it contains, particularly the jewel. The only time the city can be reached is during a full moon. A whirlpool opens in the middle of the ocean, and whatever is in the water gets sucked in to the city's outer edges in the forests. And somehow, travelers find themselvesthere, whether on purpose or by accident.

    Currently, the son that stole the jewel is in power of the throne, and outsiders are not welcome. Some of the residents of Yamasu are interested in newcomers, and some stick to the opinion of the king, and do not appreciate the modern society above the waters snooping in their territory. Some residents hope the city will return to the surface.


    >> We All Need Rules To Follow. Obviously, All Roleplayers Need To Follow The Rules of Iwaku

    >> This Is Not An 18+ Roleplay, So Please Be Aware That Some May Not Be Of Age For Sexual Posting.

    >> Please Post Your Profiles Here, But Do Not Post In The Roleplay Until You Have Been Approved.

    >> Please Be Fairly Literate. I Do Understand That People Get Writer's Block, So I Request A Minimum Of A Paragraph, But I Would Like To See Multiple Paragraphs. Proper Grammar And Spelling Is Expected, But Not Everyone Has A Built In Dictionary, So A Few Mistakes Are Acceptable.

    >> I Do No Put Up With Stupidity. If You Fail To Follow The Rules Of The Website, I Will Ask You To Leave.

    >> I Am Open To Suggestions Or Questions If You Have Them. I Am Brand New To The Site, So I Can Always Improve. Feel Free To Post These Here.

    >> Make Your Characters Unique! I Cannot Wait To See How Creative You Can Be!

    >> You Can Either Be From The City Or Someone Who Happens Upon It. Please State In Your Biography Which You Are

    Profile Format

    Take A Picture. It'll Last Longer
    {Picture Or Description Of Your Character}
    My Birth Name Is
    {Full Name}
    But You May Call Me
    Blowing Out The Candles
    {Age - Yamasu Citizens Can Be Very Old, But Look Young}
    I Am Full Blooded
    You Can Tell Just By Looking
    {Personality Description}
    I Love
    & I Hate
    I Am Above Average
    {Special Abilities For The Yamasu Citizens. Be Creative.}
    The Pages Are Torn And Frayed

    {Roleplay Forum: }
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  2. Take A Picture. It'll Last Longer
    My Birth Name Is
    Katyla Mariana Aion
    But You May Call Me
    Blowing Out The Candles
    Ninety-Seven, But Appears To Be Nineteen
    I Am Full Blooded
    You Can Tell Just By Looking
    Tyla is a very curious woman. She is very strong-willed, and will stand up for what she believes in. She is adventurous, and is the Aion family member that is always getting herself into trouble. She is extremely loyal to her people, and will do anything to make sure that they are taken care of. Tyla comes off as a rough woman, but has a tender and caring side to her that she shows to those in need.
    I Love
    ~ Animals
    ~ Flowers
    ~ Tending To Her People
    ~ Hunting
    ~ Protecting Those In Need

    & I Hate
    ~ Disloyalty
    ~ Those Who Would Harm Others

    I Am Above Average
    Katyla has the ability to heal others, but she takes on the wounds herself. She also can assist plants with growth.
    The Pages Are Torn And Frayed
    Katyla is one of the king's childen, and she grew up barely knowing what it was like above the surface of the water. The city went underwater when she was but four years old. She grew to love her city, and explored with a child's curiosity. As she aged, she assisted with hunting, and became the leader of the hunting group. She also helps protect the city, but she is not against outsiders. She loves to hear about the surface world, and what the sun is like.
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  3. I'm super excited to role-play with everyone. I hope that if you see some changes that you think need to be made, you will let me know!
  4. Take A Picture. It'll Last Longer
    My Birth Name Is
    Diana Larissa Hurain

    But You May Call Me

    Blowing Out The Candles
    Hundred and seven, appears to be twenty years old

    I Am Full Blooded

    You Can Tell Just By Looking
    Diana is a very gentle woman. She frowns upon the use of senseless violence, and always tries to help the people around her whenever they need it. She feels protective of those who are smaller, or younger, and would not hesitate to strike someone who may have tried to harm those who are defenseless or harmless. While Diana interacts like a overprotective mother or older sister with people, when she's alone, she is quite lazy. Slouching, and frowning, some may think that she's always angry, but don't be fooled! She's just too tired to work up a smile.

    I Love
    + Reading
    + Talking to other people
    + Entertain 'children'
    + Taking walks in the rain

    & I Hate
    + Cowards
    +Violent people
    +Unreasonable demands/opinions

    I Am Above Average
    Diana has the ability to speak with animals/beasts, and when Diana and the particular animal/beast form a strong friendship, it may be able to send her thoughts, forming a one way semi-telepathic link. Later on in life, when Diana meet the 'perfect' beast/animal to partner up with, her spirit may draw upon her partner's feral tendencies.

    The Pages Are Torn And Frayed
    Diana grew up up in a family where most of them were hunters. Almost all of her family have the same 'Gift' or Special Ability, to bond with animals/beasts, or what some may call: Beast Taming. They do not go actively seeking for their partner, they all believe that time will tell all, that things happen for a reason. If fate sets things in motion, there's no need to rush it, everything will come eventually. Following that mindset, Diana cares very little about the world above, she may have questions, but she enjoys her life under the water and wouldn't trade it for anything.

    Spending most of her nights outside just walking around, many children - mostly Orphans - will know Diana quite well. She spends most of her nights playing and entertaining the children. She joined the hunting groups, not really for the family or herself, but so she could share a little extra with the children running lost and confused.

    * ~ * ~ * ~ *
    [[If Diana's too ... Mary Sue or something, please let me know, I had a few doubts running through my head while I was making this so just let me know. Also, for the RP, is it just one human who dropped into the City, or a group of humans?]]
  5. Your profile is just fine. ^.^ And there is not a set amount of humans who discover the city. It can be two different groups; such as someone who accidentally happens upon it, or a group who purposefully set out to find it.
  6. Right. Thanks for clearing that up! I'll wait till more people join before I start asking stuff, that way you won't have to answer repeatedly. ^ - ^
  7. I'm hoping that more people join. It has been a while since I've done any roleplaying, and I want to get back to it.
  8. I certainly hope that more people are going to join, the idea you set out is a seriously cool one and I can't wait to actually RP it out. I've been on a two year break from RPing myself, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who went on a mini-break and came back with rusty English skills.
  9. All we can do is keep our hopes up! I have been itching to start lol.
  10. Hello, I want to create a male character but there is something I'm confused about. Are we citizens of the lost city or did we stumble upon it from our world? Because in your first post it sounds like we were sucked into the lost city but you both made characters who are really old which wouldn't follow the 'being sucked into" plot.
  11. Thank you for asking. You can be either someone who comes across the city, or a resident of the city. I will go ahead and add that in to make it less confusing.
  12. It's been fixed!
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  13. Take A Picture. It'll Last Longer
    My Birth Name Is
    Axel Kurt Harlock

    But You May Call Me
    "X", "Ax".

    Blowing Out The Candles
    32 -looks 17ish

    I Am Full Blooded

    You Can Tell Just By Looking
    When Axel is at home with his grandmother or alone with his mother he is cheerful and a blabber mouth. With his mother he pours his feeling to her.

    Around other he is quiet and thinks before speaking. He tries to follow rules in order to not leave a more worse impression. Often if you do see him talking he looks like he's talking to himself. Also Axel doesn't understand fully the concept of death and may be rather rude or blunt with other on such topics.

    I Love
    Sweet things
    His weapon (make him feel safe)
    Purple colored objects (because of his mother)

    & I Hate
    Those who speak bad of his mother
    Secretly the current king
    Those who ignore people in need.

    I Am Above Average
    Psychic A.k.a The Cursed -Axel has the ability to see and talk to dead people/animals. Only if said spirit allows him to.
    The Pages Are Torn And Frayed
    Axel's mother was Yamasu, his Father an over-dweller. His father left the city a long time ago but the current King sentenced Axel's mother to death for fornicating with an outsider. He was forced to live towards the out skirts of the city, being taken care of by his grandmother.

    He received his nickname "X" from his impure blood and his 'failure' of an ability. Though many of the oldest people visit him for peace of mind for those who passed before the city was casted down. (Since not many die anymore)

    Axel talks to his mother all the time. He is very fascinated with the world his father came from. As a young child he was told stories of topside and secretly he wishes he could leave the city, but he knows leaving would possible make him lose his ability and his connection with his mother. So for now the city above is just a dream.
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  14. Okay, it looks good so far.
  15. I have a small suggestion for the RP ... you can decide whether or not you want to take it or not since it's a little ... extreme I guess. But maybe we should have a limit to how much we can post per like ... a few hours or minutes?

    The things is that in the beginning, there's all the hype and character establishment that we need to do, so literally the RP explodes with post after post and a lot of it gets messy and disorganized. If we set like ... a 1 per 6 hour post limit - unless everyone has posted once already then reset the time, or something. By having a limit, we also write a lot more, because ... it's gotta be in that one post or you need to wait another 6 hours to write another one liner.

    Maybe 6 hours is a little extreme, but I don't know ... I just don't want to see the RP explode and the posts and interactions get disorganized because of smaller/faster typers "spamming" and the ones writting longer or slower lag behind and post in between two people's posts kind of thing.
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  16. I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm not so sure. I know I am not always able to post every six hours. I work ten hour shifts sometimes. And I don't really like having a limit on the amount of posts you are allowed to do. I don't really think we have to worry about too many posts at this point.
  17. Alright that's fine! It was just a thing I thought, because of timezone difference and and > - <
  18. If it becomes a problem, we shall address it then. ^.^ We can go ahead and start whenever. I only have a few minutes before I leave for work, but I should be back on after about 7 hours or so.
  19. Looks good! You are officially accepted! ^.^
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  20. We can go ahead and begin, and hopefully others will join along the way. I am going to make another character so that we have an outsider.