The Long Dark

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  1. How Things Work

    • [tab=Basic Stats]

    • Condition is basically somethings Durability. Somethings condition lowers depending on the weather outside, and other variables (like accidentally stepping on it/ect)

      A Character starts at 100% condition, but when a character reaches 10% condition or lower than they can't do anything except tend to their needs. If a character remains at 10% or lower for 4 days then that character dies. A Character can regain condition by relaxing for a whole day and just taking care of their needs.

      When a food or drinks condition is at 40% or lower there is a chance that they can get food/drink poisoning from said food/drink.

      The less endurance clothing or tools have the less useful they are. Once they reach 0% that clothing/tool breaks and gets destroyed. Clothing loses condition due to weather and the cold while tools lose condition due to being used.

    • Whenever your searching/scavenging something i'll tell you what you get and how much condition it has. This is just so things become more manageable.

      After 2 days of your character not being near it that building/thing respawns with different things to loot/scavenge so keep that in mind.


    Your small group had just woken up and looking around it appears that it's around 12-1 PM, ample enough time to start gathering things to survive. The weather looks sunny and around you birds and trees can be seen.

    Current Surroundings (open)


  2. Alex awoke with a massive headache. It took a second for his vision to clear. As soon as it did he realized he was hanging upside down, hense the headache. He was still strapped into his seat which was suspended by fraying and tangled wires from a tree. He was a good 8 feet off the ground. Luckily it wasn't very windy. He reached up and clicked the belt buckle and fell into the snow. The blood in his head began to redistribute through out his body. He looked around at his surroundings from a sitting position, he didn't feel well enough to go walking about. He was between the two halves of the airplane that split in the crash. He mustered the strength to shout. "ANYONE STILL ALIVE?"
  3. The first thing Trisha noticed was the fact that her head felt like someone had taken a tire iron and smashed against her skull and that they also happened to throw sand in her eyes. She took a few moments to regain her bearings, her eyes and head feeling better as she did, before she heard someone shout out loud and that jolted her awake. They had just survived a plain crash with a few of the last humans on earth due to the eternal winter, and she was alive. Better yet, someone else was alive! She quickly stood up, though regretted it even quicker as her legs gave out. Apparently her body still hadn't sent blood their as she couldn't feel. After another few seconds she decided to answer as loudly as she could. "YEA, OVER HERE! I'M ALIVE!" She shouted as she steadily stood up again. She looked around and noted the planes parts and everywhere alongside it was almost destroyed and that she was near what looked like a Cabin with a flag pole displaying the Canadian flag proudly as the building was miraculously left alone from the carnage.
  4. Kastia looked around, and saw a girl fall as she screamed out she was alive.

    "Yeah me too, this is interesting" Kastia spoke between shivers

    She picked up her bookbag and walked over to the girl.

    "What's your name, I'm Kastia, do you need help I can carry you. Laying in snow isn't the greatest"

    Kastia looked around and saw a cabin

    "Hey! Dude over here let's go into the Cabin it should be warmer in there"​
  5. Alex slowly got to his feet, A little shaky. He tried going in the direction of the voice that called back. A scared look grew on his face as he walked past wreckage. He wanted to call out and see if his parents were out there but a lump formed in his throat. He came across the two girls. "Thank God. I'm not the only one."
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