The Little Things

Bad - I am missing something from 12am till morning.

Good - THE WEATHER, omfg I love it. November is good.
Bad: I slept horribly last night and woke up and drank two glasses of wine then went back to sleep.

Good: My dad made sure I ate well this morning and now I'm talkin to my Octy
Bad thing:
I got blown into a fence by the windy storm. It was scary. :c

Good thing:
I'm safe at home with no intention of leaving again.
Bad: I am hungry, and there is not much to eat.

Good: I am watching classic disney animation tonight, awesome.
Bad thing:
Our finances are low...hoping that payroll happens before Thanksgiving so I can pay our power bill.

Good thing:
No homework tonight. :)
Bad: I've been suffering the coffee and bagels available at the campus cafeteria.

Good: I finally remembered to check to see if the coffee, tea & snacks kiosk was really located where the campus newspaper said it was-- delighted to find the bagels I missed and much better coffee and tea selections.
Bad thing:
My morning was full of unfortunate events, some of which led to me having a head cold.

Good thing:
I got all the classes I wanted for winter quarter.
Bad: I have no food

Good: Its pouring rain
Bad: IT's freezing cold

Good: Octy's making me laugh and smile.
Bad thing:
I still have a nasty sinus headache from yesterday.

Good thing:
My manfriend has bought me some more Coke so I don't die. :3
GOOD: Listening to the new November's Doom album

BAD: Need to do lots of stuff, but am slacking.
Bad: I have to try and get through this tutoring session for math, and I'm really anxious about fucking up.

Good: I'm about to make myself an awesome lunch to try and take my mind off of it.
BAD: Nothing


GOOD: Its Thanksgiving tomorrow!
Bad: Dreading to finish a project you've been putting off for months

Good: Putting it off for so long when you come back to it you realize there was only one more thing to finish.
Bad thing: My allergies are freaking annoying right now.



Yea, its kinda like that for me.