The Little Things

Bad: I didn't sleep much last night, and when I finally did, I had a horrid nightmare.

Good: I woke up and I saw Octy is on. And Imma gonna contact him right NAO!
Bad: Little cuz is a sore loser. He can also punch hard for a kid.

Good: Kicked his ass in halo.
Bad: -inhale- Last night wasn't easyl. Today was shit. And worse of all I dont have a good Im going to have to think of something like you would when your at the table on thanksgiving and your asked to give what your thankful for and you dont really have something cause all your interseted in is the food and then getting back home and outa' dodge. -exhale- that was alot. O_e

Good: Alive.
Bad thing:
I feel like I wasted the day away.

Good thing:
There's still time to make it better.
Bad: Still having issues with sleep in one way or another.

Good: I have my best friend to talk to while I'm awake.
Bad little thing: I'm alone and got a lot on my mind.

Good little thing: I've come to terms with what I've been going through.
Bad thing:
I'm now short $400 no thanks to the bad economy and my neglectful step-father.

Good thing:
My white chocolate is helping make all the pain life's giving me go away. <3
Bad thing: It's cold, and my friend stole all the blankets away.

Good thing: I'm up before Octy, so I can say good morning to him!
Bad thing:
All I've done today is clean and sit around.

Good thing:
I'm well rested, so I'll feel up to gaming most of the night and grocery shopping tomorrow. XD
BAd: Still need to kick my caffeine addiction

Good: Been working out regularly
Bad thing:
My throat is almost entirely white.

Good thing:
My manfriend is taking good care of me.
Bad: acid reflux is a pain in the ass.

Good: Went out and had mexican with my gal-pal. It was nice to get out of the house for the first time in weeks.
BAd: I hurt my knee today.

Good: I've gone almost a full day without caffeine.
bad: game is addictive and has me spooked O_o

good: at a respectable level and im kicking ass? RAWR?
Bad: I need floss. Really not to much bad ATM

Good: I got a new phone and it kicks ass.
Bad: I haven't played guitar in a couple weeks, and I know when I finally practice again tonight, it's gonna hurt.

Good: I have a blister on my foot that somehow doesn't hurt at all.... so I'm having fun poking it.
BAd: Have to drive for 6 hours this evening, and won't get to the destination until almost 12 am

Good: We're eating at the black bear diner on the way up, F******* YES!
Bad: Octy's going away for a couple days.... and I will miss him.

Good: Shasta will keep me company, and also, I have a playlist of awesome songs to keep me entertained until he comes back!