The Little Things Matter [Dia & Crono]

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  1. Reading a book on a summer's night. That was one of Jasper Crosby's favorite things to do. Glancing up from his book, the 17 year old gazed out to the wooded backyard--or what he could see of it with the aid of the yellow porch light. He could make out the tree line, and a few individual trees, but the rest was shadow.

    Jasper didn't mind the dark much though. As long as he had a light to read by, he was fine. Without even looking at the paper plate, he reaching out and picked up a chocolate chip cookie that his mother made. Then he bit into it as his green eyes went back down to the pale pages of his book. It was a fantasy, about a teenaged apprentice learning to become an archer, and of the adventures and difficulties that came his way.

    Man...Jasper would love to have an adventure like that. But he had to admit it: he wasn't the type of kid to dive headfirst into danger like that. Quite the opposite really. He was too cautious about practically everything. He sighed, glancing up again as a breeze ruffled through his long, almost emo styled black hair. Still, he could dream, couldn't he?
  2. "Back vile beast!" A tiny shout broke the silence as a little cut formed on Jasper's nose. A two inch girl hopped off the doomed cookie and landed gracefully on the book below. She pointed her one and a half inch sword threateningly at the boy's face. She looked like this minus the parrot: image.jpg
    "How dare you try to eat Tricnik The Mighty!"
  3. Jasper paused for a moment at the small, unfamiliar voice. Then the sudden sting of pain on his nose made him wince in surprise. A movement on the pages of his book finally brought his attention to the culprit. Jasper's eyes widened, and for awhile he could only stare, disbelief etched on his face, and his stinging nose forgotten.

    There was a girl on his book. A tiny girl pointing an equally tiny sword at him. He had to be imagining this, right? This fairy-sized creature would fit right in the fantasy books he enjoyed reading. There was no way in the world a girl could be so small.

    Despite all this, the girl didn't go away from her place on the book. And when Jasper put the partially eaten cookie down and touched his nose, he could see some evidence of blood on it. Maybe he wasn't imagining this after all. "What are you?" He finally asked in a hoarse whisper. As he spoke, Jasper slowly reached out to touch the girl with his free hand.
  4. Tricnik the Mighty was too focused on her sword pointing then to see the giant's finger. When he poked her she panicked and wildly swung her sword at his finger. She was trying to keep this conversation one sided with her threatening this monster but inside she was actually quite scared.

    Triknic knew that the village was against adventuring outside but her wanderlust got the better of her. Sneaking out was risky enough and traversing those green fields was dangerous. After finding a tall structure she scaled it to find a strange thingy. Whatever it was smelled heavenly and Triknic couldn't resist a small taste. When all of a sudden a humongous hand took her prize that she was standing on and now she was trying to threaten a giant. "I'm a Tink! The better question is what are you?!" She yelled, the steel in her voice returning.
  5. "Ow!" Jasper cried as Triknik cut him again, this time on the finger. Quickly he pulled his hand away, and stuck the hurt finger in his mouth. Despite the cut not being too deep, it hurt quite a bit more than the one on his nose.

    But Jasper was still too amazed to get mad at the tiny girl. As she answered him, Jasper's brow furrowed. Tink? He never heard of that. Then again, he never heard of tiny people who attacked normal sized people with swords. But wait...

    "You don't know what I am?" He asked, still in an awed whisper. Could it be that she had never seen anything like him, just like he had never seen anyone like her? He could hardly even believe that. "I'm a human."
  6. Triknic's eyes rose as she tryed to remember her uncle saying anything about humans. Her uncle traveled the world before he retired and was really the one to thank for her adventurous attitude. She remembered her asking him what a human was only to receive a cryptic answer. "Humans are a smart lot, but they only use their knowledge to make problems." Not exactly useful information, but she was not taking any chances. "Well human, I demand that you put this platform down so I can be on my way."
  7. "It's not a platform, it's a book." He was talking to a two inch girl. Jasper still felt like he was in some kind of dream.

    "Jasper? Who are you talking to out there?" A voice asked from inside. Ack! Jasper groped for a believable reply. "I'm reading out loud to myself!" He called , looking back at the screen door. "Oh, ok..."his mother replied, sounding a little surprised.

    With a quiet sigh of relief, Jasper turned back to Triknik. "Can't you stay a bit longer? I've never met someone like you before." He whispered in a slightly pleading tone.
  8. When the human said that his platform was a book Triknic couldn't help but look down. She loved books, expecally legends. Before now, books were the only thing that could bring her out of her boring village. When another voice sounded however, she flipped back to her sword pointing. Jasper... So that was the human's name.

    "Hmm..." Triknic thought about Jasper's request. She almost instantly wanted to say no but something stopped her. Why did she risk punishment leaving her village? To see the outside world. She didn't know why but she trusted that Jasper wouldn't hurt her and she nodded her head. "Fine, I'll stay for a bit."
  9. "Great!" Jasper replied happily. Then he glanced at the plate of cookies beside him. "Did you want anything to eat?" He asked her.

    As he spoke, he broke off a piece of cookie and slowly held it out to her. This time he made sure she could see what he was doing, so that she wouldn't panic and stab his fingers again.

    Now that he thoughts about it, Jasper realized he must look pretty scary to her. Being so much bigger than her, he could probably do anything he liked to her. That thought made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He didn't want to hurt her, and he didn't want to scare her either...
  10. Tricnik looked at the chunk Jasper was holding and back at Jasper. Good greif that smelled wonderful, she heard her stomach growl. "Er... Yes." She stammered out before sheathing her sword to grab the chunk. Tricnik took a bite and it was one of the best things she had ever eaten, sweet and just a bit salty. She sat down on Jasper's book cross legged and continued on the bit of cookie he had given her. "So you have never heard of a Tink, huh?"
  11. She accepted the piece of cookie! Jasper wasn't sure if she would. But the fact that she did made him feel good. She seemed to be trusting him more now. At Tricnik's question, Jasper shook his head. "No...I've heard stories of fairies and stuff like that, but never Tinks. I didn't know guys like you even existed."

    Jasper wanted to reach out and touch her again, but he held back. Partially because he wasn't sure of she'd like getting touched again, and partially because he didn't want to get his fingers stabbed. That first one had hurt.
  12. Triknic nodded at Jasper's words and took another bite out of the chunk of cookie. "We've been around for a long time, it's just we're too scared to journey out of our villages. If it wasn't for my uncle I probably wouldn't be here. He traveled the whole world before he retired, and would always tell me stories about the outside." It was about this time that Tricnik put her crumb down and pulled a little skull made of lapis lazuli held aloft by a string of black twine.

    When Tricnik turned 13 this was her uncle's gift to her. His final gift. Only a few weeks later her uncle died of a horrible disease and in his will, left his personal journal to her. However he demanded that she would open it only once she turned 17. Her birthday was coming up, it was only a matter of time before she could open that book...
  13. Jasper took this new information in with interest. That would explain why no one ever saw these Tinks. Jasper couldn't really blame them for not wanting to leave thier villages. They were so small, and there were a lot of dangers for them.

    When Triknik pulled out an object hung around her neck, Jasper bent down and squinted, trying to make it out. He could just barely make out the features of a skull carved out of a blue gemstone. Wow, that was so tiny...he would need a magnifying glass or something to see it clearly. "Wow, did your Uncle give you that? I wish I had a relative like him." He said, sitting back again. "Wish I could go on adventures too..." He murmured reflectively.
  14. "Yea..." Tricnik replied a bit less upbeat then normal. She returned the scull to under her shirt and tilted her head at Jasper's words. "That's why I snuck out of my village, to go on adventures like my uncle." Wait, did she just say that out loud? What was in this yummy thing she was eating?! "But enough about me. What's life like," she gestured to, well, him ",like that?"
  15. It took a moment for Jasper to realize that she meant what life was like for someone his size. "For me, it's pretty boring. It's always school, homework, watching videos, playing video games, and things like that." He rattled off, forgetting that Triknik probably didn't know what half of it was.

    As he gazed down at her on top of his book, Jasper once again marveled at how small Triknik was. Just looking at her, he could imagine himself to be a fantasy giant that she had come to challenge, but instead made friends with him.
  16. "Sounds like a drag." Triknic replied regardless of her knowing nothing about what Jasper said. She thoughtfully finished her chunk of cookie and could happily say she was stuffed. She looked back at the green feild she had came from and caught sight of a snake with her keen little eyes. She wasn't leaving so long as that thing was out. "Hey, sorry for slicing at you earlier."
  17. "Oh, you mean this?" Jasper asked, pointing to the cut on his nose. The bleeding had stopped quickly, and it looked like a scab was just starting to form. "That's ok. Sorry for--you know--almost eating you..." He added rather sheepishly. He hadn't seen her there at all, and probably would never have realized her presence if not for the cut, and her voice.

    "Jasper, it really sounds like you're talking to someone." His mother's voice came again. And this time, footsteps approached the porch, and the screen door began to open. Jasper quickly glanced back, then looked at Triknik with wide eyes. 'Hide!' He mouthed to her. He wasn't quite sure why this was his first thought, but he wasn't sure how his mother would react to Triknik either.
  18. "It's ok..." Tricnik lied, she was still a little shaken up from nearly being eaten. As soon as Jasper told her to hide she dived into the nearest hiding spot, his pocket. She tucked herself into the large pouch and found it very uncomfortable. She would have shifted around but the sound of a door opening stopped her cold.
  19. Jasper stiffened a little when Triknik dived into his pocket. He never had a living thing in his pocket before, and it felt very strange.

    He couldn't think about it for too much longer though, since his mother stepped out on the patio. Aside from grey eyes, she looked like an older, female version of himself.

    "I know you were talking to someone out here. Who--" she started, but trailed off when she saw the cut on his nose. "Where did that cut come from?"

    "Uh, it's a papercut."

    "How on earth did you get a papercut on your nose?"

    "I kinda started falling asleep earlier, and I guess I grazed it against the edge of a page..."

    "Oh, I see." His mother answered. "But who were you talking to out here?" Jasper shrugged, hoping his mother wouldn't see nervousness on his face. "I was still reading to myself. I guess I got a little too into it..." He couldn't say he called someone on his phone, since that was in his room.

    There was a short silence as his mother looked at him uncertainly. Then she finally seemed to accept his answer, though at the same time she seemed a bit worried. "Alright...but it's almost time to come back inside. It may be summer, but you still need sleep." She said, ruffling his hair before she went back inside.

    Once she was gone, Jasper breathed a sigh of relief, then slowly opened his pocket. "You can come out now." He whispered.
  20. Tricnik poked her head out and exhaled deeply. "Good grief man! Do you have any idea how musty your pockets are?!" She yelled up at him. She didn't move from where she was for a bit, the warmth Jasper's body radiated felt nice... Tricnik suddenly felt very tired, remembering that she had spent last night planning her route out of the village. "Your a good liar." She teased, attempting to mask her sleepiness.