The Legend of Ryn

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  1. A long time ago, demons and angels were at war with each other to gain possession of the Jewel of Ryn, one of three artifacts that either can cause complete and total annihilation of the planet Drekri or it could bring peace and prosperity to its people. It all depends on who holds all three items.

    The demons were led by a superior man named Tandric who nearly destroyed Drekri in order to gain Ryn but Queen Arian, leader of the angels, brought an end to his reign very quickly by taking the life of the women he loved. Tandric and Arian would never admit their former love affair centuries prior to the beginning of the war but Arian had never liked Tandric's new bride, believing that she deserved the place by Tandric's side but Tandric had never liked the idea of an angel and demon having sexual relations, never mind marrying one.

    The point of mentioning Tandric's and Arian's affair? Arian had a daughter, the world's first nephilim and the key to saving the world.

    5 centuries later, there are five kingdoms left after the end of the war that ended in a truce. The Jewel of Ryn currently belongs to no one. But the angels currently hold the Sword of Ryn and the Helm of Ryn has been undiscovered.

    After the first nephilim's birth, the new found race quickly evolved into a powerful and dangerous species, having both demon and angel markings. they are considered a threat to angels, demons, and mortals.

    So to break it down:


    Demons: Creatures of darkness. They have specific markings that show of their race. They have black wings, two to six horns on their head, sometimes they have sharp claw like fingernails, most of the time they have a scorpion tail... despite these specific markings, you can choose what specific markings they have. They can even have cat like eyes if you choose. It is up to you.

    Angels: Creatures of light. They have angels. Your average angel. They sometimes will have similar markings to demons so their wings are really the only thing differing them from demons. They don't even act as pure as they should, being as their are creatures of light.

    Nephilim: More specific markings. They are creatures of light and darkness. They have one black wing and one white wing. They have a scorpion tail and

    Mortals: They don't have markings. They are a neutral species with no real special abilities. However, some mortals will practice magic. A lot of these magic using mortals are considered witches or warlocks and sometimes will even be executed.


    Empire of Kizax-

    Aelanix Islands: An archipelago of islands where the angels gather, spreading joy and happiness to those living there. The angels are not

    Rangnet Kingdom: A small kingdom surrounded by thick rain forests

    Sandrind Dynasty: A large stretch of desert where the demons tend to roam. They control every city to the point where they angels were forced to flee because of all the corruption. Each city is like a giant prison where the demons keep the nephilim and mortals in.

    Eror Empire: The largest out of all the kingdoms and has the angels, demons, nephilim and mortals living together in cities and towns but the angels think they are superior and are currently in power but the demons are quickly growing in numbers. There are some demons in power, helping the angels rule over the Eror Empire. The nephilim are completely outcasted by all species because they all believe if they help the nephilim, they could become an even bigger threat.


    Huv ora aeui sudoae? Mae moka ek Tomdrec, dakum dems uk Dradre

    Hiw auru wie sikauw? Mw naumu os Taunkroc, kumin ronj if Drurro


    Swords(Scimitar, Katana, templar long sword, claymore, rapier, great sword, etc)


    guns(rare but you will see people using handguns... even more rare for someone to be using a rifle)

    Will continue working on this. <33333

    1. When you jump in, put your character in a quoted text and then jump right in

    2. Dont be mean to each other out of character

    3. Don't have too many nephilims around. I would prefer more angels and demons since nephilim are way too powerful right now.

    4. Dont overpower yourself and others

    5. Dont God-mode- When a character has god like abilities and/or defies death

    6. Do Not metagame- when a player applies ooc-retrieved info to their IC character

    7. Do Not mix IC and OOC

    8. Do not auto (autohit, autowalk, etc)

    9. Do Not Lore Break

    10. Do not power play

    11. Do not play mary sues

    12. Have Fun
  2. What time period is this? It mentions guns so are we talking Muskets and whatnot or automatic weapons? Also, even though there's no bio accepting phase, you should still make a separate IC thread and have this an OOC thread for discussing OOC information. Putting OOC stuff in (( )) is just messy.
  3. I am still working on it and it takes place in another world.
  4. Right, but what kind of weapons are we looking at? Just saying 'another world' isn't very helpful.
  5. Guns are rare, swords and archery and martial arts are what used most of the time. Very rarely will you see a gunslinger but they exist.
  6. Gotcha. I'll see about coming up with a character.
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