The Last Wishes of a Lost Cause

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  1. In our universe there are many complexities and anomalies. Once we finally were able to make our way into this vast darkness we found hope. This hope was driven by the beauty and solemnity of our universe. Those who have sent out have come back as heroes and were put into the history books. Now a selected few are going beyond the barriers of our eyes and are traveling to the unknown. The Solar Sovereign has been made to be able to sustain a crew of this caliber. You have been assigned to the stasis crew along with a couple others. In this stasis crew you manage all the sleeping crew and record their habits within several logs. Your commanding officer is Doctor Ivan Surwood, a renown somnologist on Earth. Ivan is very stern and is always pushing to get work done. He is a hard ass and often yells at his colleagues if they get one thing wrong. It has only been a week or so since the launch of the ship and you have made it past Pluto and are almost to Herron 3, a small planet with spider like inhabitants.

    Admiral Isaac Cromwell is an engineer for the Solar Sovereign has helped engineer and make the ship. He is quiet and respectful among his peers and has insight about everything on the ship. When it comes to the ship he knows most of everything, unless it's codes to lockers or classified files. Isaac is a revolution in the engineering world. This ship is his pride and joy he is not letting it go easily.

    As the main shift crew went to sleep the night shift crew began to prepare for their duties. Many hours past and the main shift crew began to awaken. Sadly, instead of having a crew of forty people working, the only had two people left on the ship...

    Where did everyone go?

  2. Violet stretched and yawned, sitting up. She slipped her midnight blue jacket over her grey tank top and grey jeans, standard uniform for a stasis member. She pulled her hair back and slipped on her headset. "This is Violet. Copy?" There was no response. She paused before starting towards her door. The halls were empty. "Hello?" She stepped into the hall. She checked the nearby rooms, all of them were empty. "Hello? Okay, this isn't funny people. We have work to do.." She said nervously. There was still no answer. She walked towards the command bridge. Maybe everyone is there...hopefully..
  3. Isaac awoke with the sound of... nothing. This was odd for Isaac. Every morning there would always be someone milling about working on something, or giving him coffee. He wiped the sweat off of his head and folded up his sleeves. What was wrong today? Did he wake up late? Was someone having a birthday? Either way he had to work. This was his ship and he needed to take care of it. Once he made it out of the stasis section he made his way to engineering. Was everyone gone? This is when it dawned on him. Maybe there was an alien invasion and everyone died!!!!! No that was too idiotic, the defense systems would have picked them up a mile away. Then what does that make of the crew. "This is Violet. Copy?" Good, someone was on the line. Then that means someone was actually doing something. "Hey, this is Isaac are you working hard or hardly working?
  4. "I guess Hardly Working, more like searching for multiple missing persons." She joked, reaching the command bridge. "Wow...The entire command bridge is deserted." She was sure now, that the ship had been abandoned. It was completely empty, or someone would be on the command bridge. "Hey, Isaac, where's your position? I'm at the empty command bridge."
  5. "I'm in Stasis but I can make my way to the bridge." Isaac made his way to the bridge noticing the tell tale signs of the disappearance of his colleagues. This was incredibly irresponsible of the crew. What would be so important that they had to leave their stations? Was there some sort of discovery made? Why wouldn't they wake up Isaac? Isaac soon made his way past the med bay then noticed something odd. It was like a ghost went through? It was like a ghost town. Usually the med bay had fifteen people or so in it, but it was empty. Isaac kept walking until he got to the door of the command bridge. He put in his card and it opened. Isaac looked around to see where Violet was. "Hello?"
  6. Violet had been standing by the main monitor. She turned when she heard a door open. "Hi." She said in response to Isaac's hello, stepping into view. "Did you see anyone on the way up? I can't find anyone."
  7. "No I didn't, I have no clue what is going on. Is there any special event today Violet?" Isaac looked around the bridge to see if there was anything he could use to help make of what is happening. He moved to the seat of the captain, who he outranked only because he built this ship. "Status, normal, occupants...."Isaac took a long pause making sure that this was right. He flicked the screen making sure it would work but it was already working. Occupants are two." Isaac swallowed hard at the devastating fact. He looked up at Violet and then pressed a button to pull the shields away from the windows. "Where the hell are we."

  8. Violet stared out the windows for a long time. "Something went had too..why else would everyone leave?" She looked back at Isaac. "How did they all disappear?"
  9. Isaac was rather shocked by what he had seen, this wasn't Herron 3. "I-I'm not sure, this isn't where we were. He looked at her the back at the computer. One key after another he typed several codes into the computer to help him understand where they were. "We are by Herron 5, but there is something off. The computer says that we are right where we were when we switched shifts. "Then what does this make of this new planet?"
  10. Violet shrugged. "I have no idea." She stepped towards one of the windows, putting her hand gently against the glass. "I really don't know."
  11. "Let me look around for something." Isaac opened a drawer and it had a gun, a note, and a key. "To who this may concern. I Michael Arnold Salvus have been taken under the Gallorien empire. They are like creatures from the fantasy books I ready as a child. Their appearance may fool you but they are truly the most devious and disgusting creatures. Take this gun and kill yourselves, there is no escape." Isaac read it aloud to Violet, making no sense of what it meant. Were these dragons, or dwarves? "I think this planet has intelligent life on it, and they came on the ship. That means they must have killed them. Wait a minute, where are the bodies?"
  12. Violet listened carefully. "Bodies..maybe they took them? Maybe they're toying with our minds..the unknown creatures, I mean." She stepped away from the window and looked around. "We should be really careful."
  13. "Maybe there is no bodies. What if they ate them, or made them evaporate?" Isaac was dreaming and he knew it. There was no way some weird race made it onto the ship, and then everyone died? It took him a second then he realized, the crew must have made contact first. "We need to head to the observation deck, they could have recorded something." Isaac turned then walked toward the observation deck.

    (Note, feel free to add stuff to this as you want. Your character does know things abut the ship, so feel free to make up stuff. :)
  14. ((okie dokes.))

    Violet shrugged. "I don't know. They might have." She glanced back at the planet through the window before starting towards the observation deck. On the wall by the door was an emergency kit. Violet took it off, clipping it to her belt. "Always be prepared." She muttered to herself. "If we can't find anything, we might want to stop by the weaponry. We might need something to protect ourselves if we do run into anything." She said this aloud to Isaac.
  15. "Alright, let's head there." Isaac moved down the hallway, the silence almost deafened him. The observation deck was the back part of the ship, he knew the combination because he had been in there a couple of times. He would have to get in look at the tapes then get out. Then what, what would he do just abandon his crew? That thought was depressing, and he felt it overwhelm him as he walked. Could he take on whatever was ahead of him. This time he really had his doubts.
  16. Violet followed behind Isaac, glancing at every door and window they passed. It's so's too empty.. She thought, feeling slightly fearful of the silence. She snapped back to reality as she thought of Isaac. I've got to help him, not panic. Focus.. She took a deep breath and focused more on the path ahead.
  17. Issac had finally made it to the observation deck, the door was already open and there was no one inside. It looked like someone had tried taking all the of the information and destroy it. He started rummaging through the tapes of today and accessed it through the computer. As he typed in the codes to be able to use it the system shut down and then the room was dark. "What should we do now?"
  18. Violet shrugged. "I really don't know." She said. "Wait..did you hear that?" She shook her head. "Nevermind. I'm imagining things."
  19. Isaac was afraid, he didn't know what to do. How would they be able to defend themselves against these monsters. It was over, it was all over. "We need to get to the armory, then we need to go to the escape pods." Isaac started moving toward the armory fast, forgetting about Violet and thinking more about himself. He kept thinking over and over about how he was going to escape. Then once he reached the armory he stopped, dead in his track. There was only two blasters on the table. All of the other weapons had been taken, and now they only had two blasters. Isaac picked up one of the blasters and looked at how many blasts it had left. In shock he laid the blaster on the table and sat on the floor. "Why is there only one blast left?"
  20. Violet paused, but nodded. She glanced around the room one more time before following a few paces behind Isaac. She couldn't answer his question. "Did we miss an all out battle?" She asked quietly, mostly to herself. "It doesn't make sense." She leaned against the wall, staring at the floor and thinking at top speeds trying to figure this out.
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