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  1. [​IMG]
    We try to survive but what's the point? We have to keep running for our life, but why? Why do we keep trying to
    survive if we have no where to go? We keep a gun next to us when we sleep, we can't have a normal life if we are getting chased all the time. We need somewhere to go, but we now have a reason to live, to reach Safe Haven.
    A group of survivors work together to reach a city known as Safe Haven. This will take place in the world of The Last of Us, But three years after Joel and Ellie reach the town, in this three year time period, most towns and cities are gone, the only safe one left is where Toronto Ontario use to be now called Safe Haven. They announced it all over the world, and now we need to find a way to get to Safe Haven. This will first take place in New York City, we must find a way to get to Safe Haven. (The exact time from New York City to Toronto Ontario is 8 hours and 21 minutes so it will take a while since were mostly on foot and taking brakes.)



    -Please respect others and their characters. - Don’t post a bajillion times and leave others behind. - Don’t God mod, you make yourself into an asshole. -Please post a paragraph when you reply, I understand writers block, just send me a private message and let me know. -Try to have correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I understand little mistakes here and there, after all we’re all human (except Infected of course) -Swearing is allowed, don’t abuse it though.P -please Don't be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. -Romance is allowed of course. Any sexual themes are allowed as well. -All Iwaku site rules apply. -If you for any reason need to drop out, lose interest, or need to take a break. -Please don't be afraid to contact me or post here about it. -Of course Have Fun!.

    Character Sheet

    Name: (anything)
    Age: (Any age is welcome!)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Sexuality: (Heterosexual,Homosexual,Bisexual,Asexual)
    Weapon: (Try not to go for machine guns and shot guns, too hard to find)
    Appearance: (Any kinds of pics)
    Personality: (Traits, interests)
    Strengths: (Most 5)
    Weaknesses: (Most 5)
    Family: (Deceased and alive)
    Bio: (at least a paragraph)
    Other: (anything i left out)
    Mine (open)

    Name: Honor Williams
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Weapon(s): Two tomahawks


    Personality: Honor is a good person, he tries to do whatever he could. He is a good survivor, he tries to avoid the risks, and knows what he has to do to survive. He is a responsible person, he will try to do the right thing. He is very protective so he will care about his group. He sometimes goes a little bit over the line sometimes. He isn't afraid to put people in his place.

    Strengths: Responsible,fast,caring,protective and smart

    Weaknesses: Claustrophobic, Friendly,sensitive, scared of heights,not careful

    Family: Mother (Deceased) James (Brother:Deceased) John (Father: heard to be in Safe Haven)

    Bio: Honor was born in a small apartment, with his mother Diane, His father John and his brother James. His Brother was 15 and his parents in there 40's. They had a group of seven with a young couple, his father said there names were Chris and Jenifer, A survivalist named Jax and two sisters named Becky and Jane. He was five when the bad happened, they were walking on a rooftop when Jane fell through the roof. They went down to see

    if she was okay but they were too late, a few of those monsters were gnawing on her. Her sister went for her but we couldn't stop her, she also was killed. They kept going. A month later, another person died. They going through the Holland tunnel when a herd of the monsters came after them from the jersey side, they ran but Chris's wife was pregnant, the monsters came close and he ran for his Girlfriend. They both died in the tunnel.

    They both ran away and the group was now five. Now his brother Jeremy was the next to go, with his mother. His brother was bit on a run in for food with his father and Jax. He never told anyone, so he turned into a monster and ripped apart his mother. His father shot them both the next day. They all kept travelling. When they were on the road, he was now twelve and his father was with him and Jax, they were split up when a herd came

    and they both went another way. They were now on there own, his father teaches him a lot till he was eighteen, showed him how to survive and get supplies from stores. Then they were going through a store and a truck came outside, his father told him to stay there and went outside, two men grabbed him and put him in the back of the truck. His father yelled to him and the men drove away. He now found a group of survivors and is on his way to Safe Haven.
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  2. Name: Murdoch Monroe
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Weapon: Monroe has aquired himself a hatchet with a handle as long as his arm, a 20cm screw driver, 90cm piece of sharpened rebar, Leatherman Multi tool and a Tactical .45 Glock 41 with 3 full clips. He also carries a round piece of wood, a self constructed shield similar to a viking one

    Personality: (Traits, interests)
    Monroe is a rather big handyman when it comes to the use of his fingers, able to sew together clothes and even leather as well as wood working and some metalcraft.
    He is very inventive, using some items to construct himself a handy tool or even protection such as using ductape on his coat sleeves to add more resistance to stalker and clicker bites.
    He has an eye to grab things he thinks might be of use from string to car parts.
    He knows how to use a shield very well as well as using a weapon such as an ax or a sword in a hacking and slashing sort of way, not fencing.
    Monroe is learned in basic first aid.

    Weaknesses: Monroe can be a bit of a hoarder, carrying way too much than he needs and gets his inventory jumbled, making it sometimes hard to find something within the pouches and packs he carries. Not to mention weighing him down a bit.
    He is a hemophiliac.
    His left ear is half deaf
    His cooking skills are that of charring. You at least won't get salmonella from his meals.
    (Most 5)
    Family: Most of Monroe's family was away when the pandemic started. He doesn't know whether they are alive or not.
    Bio: (at least a paragraph)
    Other: (anything i left out)
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  3. alright you can :D
  4. though Last of us did not have zombies. All of them were very much alive which is the reason why you could choke them out. And shoot them down anywhere except the head. Resilient but not really zombies.
  5. oh true, never thought of that, thanks for the FB
  6. hey i think this would be great for the theme, i am opened to suggestions if you find some that are better or prefer the Last of Us game theme song.
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  7. I like this idea!

    Can I reserve this spot for a CS?
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  8. yeah sure!
  9. Name: (Alexander Winter Nick name :Puppy)
    Age: (18)
    Gender: (Male)
    Sexuality: (Bisexual)
    Weapon: (Shiv,pistol and one grenade )
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: (Loud,Calm ,Funny ,expressive , bipolar loves making friends.)
    Strengths: (Tactical,intelligent,can keep people together,can do good impressions, and disguises)
    Weaknesses: (Weak,small, low immune system, doesn't like to follow rules , emotional.)
    Family: (Deceased :Mother and Father.)
    Bio: (Being a well known actor especially for playing in many movies getting the name puppy for
    the executives always said he couldn't ever keep his nose out of a part he was a fairly wealthy young man with not manny motives in life but to keep his name a well known one.)
    Other: (no)
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  10. Nice, just make the bio whenever you can and your accepted
  11. This sounds really interesting and I'd like to join if possible :)
  12. yeah definitely go ahead
  13. hey just making sure if you guys are still interested
  14. I am. Just having a birthday.
  15. oh yeah just checking, take your time
  16. Name: Bruce Dracnitch
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Weapon: Weighted Axe and bowie knife
    (Couldn't find the one I know of but has metal body instead of wooden handle.)

    Personality: Main objective is to get to the Safe Haven without any problems. He is hard headed, stubborn. A serious state, not really one to make jokes over a crisis as such as this. But every now and then, depending on how touchedh e is by an event, he might open up for a few minutes, maybe an hour. Maybe a whole day, even. But he is usually just a hard-shelled, over protective person, especially towards more youthful people.

    Bruce is strong, as seen. His strength is as good as any a very, very impressive attribute. He is if anything overly muscular, able to lift a large amount of heaviness beforeh is body says no to him.

    A second strength of his, is his combat skills. He is trained in hand to hand combat, as well meelee. He'd been training with such skills for a few years, giving his swordsmanship as well hand-eye coordination a good advantage for when fighting is at hand.

    His third, and last, strength is his given ability. He has a high pain tolerance, but reasonable as it is. It's not like a knife to his stomach will be a simple stubbed toe and he can continue. It's only an endurance, with heavy impacts to his body as example. As long as nothing really enters his body he can shrug it off in a few seconds and continue on with the event.

    One weakness for sure is his speechcraft. His skills within negotiation as well other calming debates are poor, giving that a flaw within ahieving neccessities of that sort.

    A second is his poorly given abilities with using projectiles. For example, throwing a knife? It'd fly over the person's head or hit the ground too close to even scrape the target's feet.

    A third is his focus. If thinking he is loosing a battle, he would most likely grow to a more offensive state. This would be leaving many holes in his combat style, giving off many flaws in both defensive and offensive posture as he is easily heated.

    Upon this as well, he tends to be a more offensive person when it comes to combat. This could leave a trap capable of being sprung, as if a double team were to occur or a hidden rock crashing down upon his head.

    (Note: I know these are all poor examples, but I'm only trying to make it as simple and significant for others to read as well ^^)

    Mother: Annabeth (Deceased)
    Father: Nikolai (Deceased)
    Brother: Sergel (Unknown)
    Partner (Girlfriend): Emily (Unknown)

    His life before such a catastrophic event was hard. He ws raised within a village in Siberia. His everyday life was to learn english, as they were moving to America soon, and work hard with labor-tasked objectives. His father was a brutal trainer, disciplining him daily with hard punches and tormenting pain. All to toughen him up within future years. This, of course, was soon realized by Bruce, as they moved to America their bond became stronger. Then, just like that, it all changed. His American Girlfriend which he loved so much traveled away, a sudden apocalypse brought upon them as he would come home to a dead mother and father, not capable of bearing the sight. A whole day of crying was finally brought upon him, just like that within his childhood years. He grew cold to the world after, questioning God in his actions to let such things happen. He determines his strength outside of his religious beliefs from now on, choosing logic and realistic ideas to help him survive rather than a being who he believes punishes him for what other man has done.
  17. great accepted!
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  18. Speciba, comrade! ^^ I'm really excited on this :D
  19. Name: Mark Darl
    Age:17-19 lost track
    Gender: male
    Weapon: 9mm Side arm Pistol as shown and Hunting/Skinning all purpose knife.
    Appearance:minus the bonuclulars and the gas mask only for spores. Under neath it is a young typical male face with black hair and a fashionable stubble. post-apocalyptic-survivor-gas-mask-28931765.jpg
    Personality:quite nice but doesn't Like being around most for more than a few hours at one moment. Loves the cold.
    Strengths: (Most 5)Well trained with hand to hand and shooting.Loves to free run/parkour.Can think well under pressure (4 I counted hand to hand and shooting as separates.)
    Weaknesses: (Most 5)Weak lower torso(stomach) gets extremely paranoid and angry if its quiet.
    Family: (Deceased)Jackie senior :Father (Deceased)Jackie junior:younger brother (Unknown) Maddison:Sister (Unknown) Savannah:Mother (Should be safe)Jason:Slightly older brother.
    Bio: (at least a paragraph)was living with his family until one day monsters found their way into the building they lived. In a hasty escape after grabbing a gun,knife ,and some extra necessities he climbed 25ft to the roof and escaped running into this new group after splitting with his brother. He suspects his brother and mother to be fine same with his sister as he did not see them die. The only thing he knows is his older brother split up with him for a faster way to Safe Haven meaning he most likely made it.
    Other: (anything i left out)Loves nature and animals. Knows some batony.
  20. Here's my character. Sorry for the wait.​
    Catherine Jones (open)


    Catherine Jones





    Aloof and my pace. Cat can maintain a poker face 24/7, her chilled, rather mocking grin always in place. She might seem warm and kind but that's just her preferred way to keep everyone at an arm's length while still maintaining her many acquaintances. Don't misunderstand her attitude, she doesn't care enough to mock you and certainly not enough to care about you either.

    Cool headed, observant, athletic

    Either too fast or too slow, out of sync, terrible at fighting

    Father: Patrick Jones (Deceased)

    Born after the disease's spread, Cat grew up all alone with her dad. Together, they scavenged through the lands, never staying in one place longer than absolutely necessary. Patrick taught Cat about everything she needed to know in order to survive, failing only at getting his kid to put up a decent fight. But his own contempt and distrust towards people made it so the girl grew up without social skills or friends that would aid her in an emergency.
    Two years before the beginning of the story, Patrick was infected with the virus as the duo roamed a particularly nasty, old building filled to the brink with food...and clickers. Not sharing his new status with his daughter, Patrick simply made sure she got out of the building, blowing it up from the inside as soon as she was at a safe distance.
    Not knowing how to react, Catherine kept travelling by herself until she heard rumors about a supposed Safe Haven. She would never fool herself into thinking anyone's there, waiting for her. But she's tired of having to survive.

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