The Last Of The Rebellion (an OC Steven Universe R

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  1. Starlight City, one of the many beautiful places on Earth especially during the night time where it has been said that the city never sleeps.

    "Cmon Jake, where are you going?" Sarah said completely annoyed now, "we aren't suppose to be here...this place is creepy!"
    The teenage heart throb of a boy just stood there laughing as he propped his leg on a nearby rock, "Aww Sarah, I had no idea you were scared!"
    The 16 year old girl just looked around before following him.
    Rows and rows of holes drilled into a side of a mountain far away, and wedged danderously between two rocks was a beautiful blue gemstone.

    "Is that...a giant drill?" Sarah gasped backing away from the primitive gem technology, "what is this place?"

    "Don't know, but look at this!" Jake said running to the mountain next to the ones with drill holes, "this mountain has holes and the other one dosent...what do you think the construction workers were doing?"

    The blonde just stood there feeling her long straight hair flow behind her, this place felt...wrong, eerie.
    "Let's just go Jake," the girl said giving him a look when she noticed something behind him! A beautiful blue stone!

    "Mine! I called it you heard me!" Sarah bragged in a singsongy way before pulling the gem out making the crevisis between the giant rocks start to rumble.
    Suddenly the gem floated in the air and transformed into a tall curly haired goddess, she stood there with light brown skin and long dark brown curls.
    As the two stared at her in awe blushing, the gem noticed the rocks that once wedged her from forming were about to fall on those two humans!!
    Sand surrounded the beauty's gem that clung to her back forming wings! She flew in and grabbing the teens she stood on the other side with her wings still out as if she was getting ready to fly again...she was alert and focused on the rocks that just fell in the sand.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.