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  1. Welcome to Miir, a planet of magic and sorcery, as well as many species of beings. You were born in the nation of Firnin (Fear-nin), the largest nation on the planet and home to at least some of every sentient species. The many peoples of this land have lived in peace for centuries, but now a shadow is cast across the country, from the highest peaks of the High Mountains to the coastal cities. Monsters, hostile and sadistic, have inhabited the ruins of Firnin and spread out across the land, endangering cities and the way of life held so long by the citizens of this great land. In response, the Guild Counsel, a parliament formed to govern the land, has gathered the guilds together to defend against the rising threat, and have even convinced solitary heroes like myself, known for their independence, to form parties and teams to work together against this common threat.

    My name is Tazmael, and i am a Dragon as well as a red mage, fighting with both magic and blade. In recent years i have also taken up the responsibility of documenting these dangerous times along with thinning the tide of monsters that have invaded our land.
    who are you, and where will your story lead?


    Every being can use magic, though most choose not to inundate themselves with the years of study and practice necessary to achieve mastery, relying on the most basic magic and wands already equipped permanently with one type of spell, though they have to be recharged after a few uses.


    Humans: Humans inhabit the lowlands, and are known for their warriors and merchants. Human characters get bonuses to weapons and armor skills. Humans also gain the Jack of All Trades perk, which allows them to gain knowledge of any skill.
    Humans worship the god Anturas, who has a domain over fire.

    Elves: Elves inhabit the Great Forest that covers the northern part of Firnin, known for their closeness to nature and their alliance with humans. Elvish characters get bonuses to magic, enchantment, intelligence, speed, woodcraft, agility, evasion, and archery skills. Elvish characters gain the Eagle Eye perk, which allows them to fire superaccurate shots every time.
    Elves worship the goddess Yiiran, who has domain over nature.

    Dwarves: the Dwarves live in a huge underground city around and beneath the mostly extinct volcano known as the Cauldron to other races, and are known for their stonework and metalwork. Dwarvish characters get bonuses with smithing and smashing weapon skills, as well as heavy armor. Dwarvish characters gain the Examine perk, which allows them to locate weak points in their enemy's armor.
    Dwarves worship the god Crowkarz, who has domain over smithing and metal.

    Giant Spiders: the Spiders are a mostly peaceful race of weavers and artisans that share the Great Forest with the Elves, and the two have co-existed for millenia. Spider characters get bonuses to agility, speed, evasion and weaving, as well as the Poison Fang ability, which causes damage for a varying period of time.
    Spiders worship the god Garonti, who has domain over artisan crafts and darkness.

    Anthropomorphics: there are a variety of anthro species scattered throughout the land.
    1. Equinus: Horse anthros, known for speed and strength, as well as endurance. Equinus characters get bonuses to speed, strength, agility and smashing weapons. Equinus characters gain the Runner perk, which allows them to increase their Speed and agility stats by 15%. Equinus worship the god Evnus, who had domain over speed.
    2. Vulpinus: Fox anthros, known for their trickery and mischievous natures. Vulpinus characters get bonuses to agility, evasion, intelligence, illusion magics and assassin weapons. Vulpinus characters gain the Kitsune perk, which allows them to raise all of their stats by 15%. Vulpinus worship the goddess Santi, who has domain over trickery and intelligence.
    3. Lupinus: Wolf anthros, known for their tactics and ferocity, as well as endurance. Lupinus characters get bonuses to endurance, intelligence, and sword skills. Lupinus also gain the Pack Tactics perk, which raises all stats by 15% in battle. Lupinus worship the god Varnis, who has domain over the hunt.
    Dragons: Dragons are a proud people that inhabit the High Mountains, and have little to no contact with other races. they are divided into Humanoid Dragons, small anthro dragons with incredible magical skill, and Bestial Dragons, classic dragons with incredible strength and size. Dragons almost never come down from the mountains; as such, there are only seven dragon slots available. Humanoid Dragons get bonuses to evasion, magic, intelligence, enchantment, and bladed weapons, though they typically use swords. Bestial Dragons get huge bonuses to strength and evasion and are arguably the most formidable race in Firnin, but cannot use weapons and must use custom-made armor. Dragons also get the Fly perk, which can get them from place to place in very short times and make them untouchable in battle.
    Dragons worship no god in particular.

    Trolls: Trolls inhabit in the highlands, and are known for their architectural mastery, which is largely marked with Scottish/Gaelic influences. ironically, troll warriors specialize in smashing weapons. Troll characters gain bonuses in strength, intelligence and intimidation. Trolls gain the Architect perk, which allows them to use weak points in structures to their advantage.
    Trolls worship no god in particular.

    Orcs: Orcs inhabit the plains, and closely resemble Native American cultures from the Great Plains. Orc characters gain bonuses to speed, strength and woodcraft skills. Orcs also gain the Natural perk, which allows them to summon animals to their side.
    Orcs worship the goddess Yiiran, who has domain over nature.

    Goblins: Goblins inhabit various underground cities scattered throughout the land, and are known for being capable alchemists. Goblin characters gain bonuses to alchemy, intelligence, evasion and assassin weapon skills. Goblins gain the Alchemetical perk, which allows them to brew higher quality potions as well as poison enemies in combat.
    Goblins worship the god Terrsmandie, who has domain over alchemy and creativeness.

    Gnomes: Gnomes once inhabited huge cities home to many mechanical marvels, but now exist in scattered villages. Gnome characters gain bonuses to mechanics, intelligence, evasion and mechanical weapon skills. Gnomes gain the Inventor perk, which allows them to construct traps and weapons even in combat.
    Gnomes worship the goddes Osmandie, who has domain over mechanics and inventiveness.

    All humanoid species are reproductively compatible save goblins and gnomes, who are only compatible with each other. any offspring produced through relationships can join their parents as companions, providing that they have matured, and will share abilities with them as well as proficiency for their parent's chosen skills.
    Dragon, Spider, Goblin and Gnome offspring mature in weeks, Anthros a year, and every other race takes 2 years, due to rapid aging caused by an unknown source.

    The nation is based around a guild-type system, with a ranking system like this:
    Guild Members
    High-Class Guild Members
    Master Guild Members
    Regional Guild Master's Forum
    Forum Representatives
    Guild Parliament

    submit character sheet like this:

    name: Tazmael
    species: Dragon (anthro)
    class: Red Mage (capable of using both weapons and magic
    Age: 26
    theme: Man's Road
    Tazmael was the first Dragon in two centuries to have wanderlust, and his father, one of the most prodigious mages in Dragon society, was dismayed over his obsession with wandering the world, and could only discourage him from leaving home until he was 26, leaving bitter and broken ties behind, knowing that his father would disown and banish him. he immediately went to the nearest troll village in the Highlands and registered himself with the Guild Parliament as a Solo Hero, after which he began wandering the world, searching out sights and knowledge to bring back to his people, if he could.
    Taz comes from a long line of powerful and skilled mages, and his wanderlust was actually encouraged by his grandparents and his mother.
    consequentially, he knows next to nothing about the developments in the outside world that happened in the last two centuries.

    Good luck to all of you, and may the goddess Miir watch over you.
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  2. Name: Raezmir
    Species: Beastial dragon/human hybrid descendant
    Class: Swordsman
    Age: 24
    Story: Raezmir is one of the few descendants alive that know of their heritage. He has an ancestor who is from the beastial dragons, thus granting him some of their strength. But even though he sees it as a gift, others have seen it as a curse and shunned him from most of what they do, forcing him to earn their respect time and time again. This drove him to become a lone warrior who doesn't fully trust most creatures. He finally decided to join with guild and stayed there for a good while until he realized that they were simply using him for his strength. So he left and never looked back on that guild since.
    Weapons: hand and a half sword strapped to right side
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  3. Name: Elppin
    Species: half human half elf
    Class: mercenary/bounty hunter
    Age: 19
    Story: For as long as Elppin could remember he has had a sword in his hand. His father was was a well know human swordsman in the lands of Miir and trained his son until he died by another swordsmans poisoned blade, Elppin was 12. His mother, who was a famous sorcerous, died giving birth to Elppin leving a summon Familiar wand that had only 3 charges and was made from iron. After his father died Elppin moved around. Unable to make friends with humans nor elves not only because of of the fact most people saw him as a mistake. But also because he didn't age like his pears. He aged to quickly for elves and to slowly for humans. So he lived working odd jobs and honing his skills until he joined A enemy nation at age 15. He quickly moved up the ranks but decided to quit at age 17 when his whole unit was ordered to execute a group of innocent civilians because they wouldn't join the army. He didn't agree so he defected and left. Guilty because he believes his entire unit killed.
    Worships:Varnis god of the hunt
    Weapons: 1 hand and a half sword strapped to his left side, 1 iron wand loaded with a summon familiar spell with 3 charges.
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  4. Combat will be done via this system:

    Combat: turned based with two full actions, player attacks then opponent atacks, if combat is in between two or more players GMs will pick order. Hits and misses will be done on a honor based dice roll system

    Full actions: are combat or non combat actions during combat. All combat classes get 1 extra full action during combat.

    Rolling: one 6-sided dice, even numbers are hits odds are misses, same thing for blocking.

    Damage: will be consistent with combat dice roll, a 2 is a glancing hit, a 4 is a solid hit and a six is a fatal hit

    Hit Points: all players get 12 hit points plus racial bonuses

    Critical: if you roll a 6 then roll the 6-sided dice a second time for critical hit. If you roll a 1, 2, or a 3 then your appoint is stunned for one tur of its a 4, or 5 it is a wound(extra -1 to health every turn) 6 is insta kill.

    Magic: will be done on a mana bar system casting spells requires 2 full actions, one to prep the spell and another to cast. Quick cast spells and using wands use one full action, ask a GM for assistance.

    Mana bars: combat spells will cost 1 mana bar, non combat spells will use half of a mana bar to use. Non magic based classes have one mana bar, magic classes have two mana bars plus racial bonuses.

    Racal incombat bonuses:
    -humans have 1 extra mana bar
    -Elves have 2 extra mana bars(mana bar costs are haved)
    -Dwarves 0 extra mana bars but gets 5 exra hit points
    -Giant Spiders 0 extra mana bars but one extra full action
    -Equinus 0 extra mana bars
    -Vulipnus 2 extra mana bars
    -Lupinus 0 extra mana bars(exception gets 3 extra mana bars and 5 extra hit points with pack tactics activated)
    -Dragons get 3 extra mana bars(athro Dragons mana bars costs are halved), one extra full action and 5 extra hit points
    -Trolls get 1 extra mana bar and 3 extra hit points
    -Orcs get 1 extra mana bar and 3 extra hit points
    -Goblens gets -1 mana bar but two extra full action for combat(exception techno-mages)
    -Gnomes gets -1 mana bar but two extra full action for combat(exception techno-mages)
    -Mixed races only get 1 extra mana bar, and 2 extra hit points
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  5. Elppin stood at the big gates of the Guild Parliament. The council of the Guild Parliament had called anyone who claimed the title Hero to come to there headquarters, unlike most people Elppin didn't come for the glory, he came for one thing, the money.

    Elppin was a mercenary, he always saw a job though and he wasn't picky. He had done all sorts of jobs from a basic body guard to assassinations, all jobs pay.

    Elppin pushed on the doors of the Grand Gate and walked through. The gate lead into a courtyard. It was circular with a fountain in the middle and he was not alone.

    There were 15 other "Heros" there what ever there reasons Elppin was neither curious nor cared. He found a small quiet area away from everyone else to sit and wait for the briefing.
  6. Raezmir sat in the corner of a tavern as he watched his current objective eat his meal. All he had to do was guard a man and his servant, and so far it was going pretty good.
    Razemir was only a simple swordsman who didn't really carry much but his sword, his small bag of supplies, and his wits. He sighed as the job got more boring but small way, he hoped it would stay that way. Until he noticed the flyer for all heroes posted on the wall.
  7. I sighed as i checked my money purse again, and saw that it was nearly empty. this had not been the best week, or month, for that matter. the last dungeon i raided was inhabited by imps operating under an insane goblin, and had very little in the way of treasure, probably due to the pathetic fighting prowess of that particular dungeon's minions, leaving me almost broke from the traveling costs, as well as preparation and my dungeon raider's license fee. then, on top of that, the Guild Parliament had issued a general order to all solo heroes to gather here in this city, the home of the Parliament, for an urgent briefing, which solo heroes were unfortunately required to attend at the threat of losing their Guild registration and therefore all of their licenses. the only remotely good thing about this particular trip was that the Parliament, in the same order bringing solo heroes here, had sworn to pay travel and lodging costs, as well as reimburse all those capable of attending for their time, which might otherwise be spent making money with odd jobs or raiding trips.
    i made my way through the busy streets, automatically scanning the various stalls that hawkers had set up on the crowded thoroughfares for books. surprisingly, my patches of scales and wings only prompted a few stares and whispers, which was, i admit, a marked improvement over the last town, whose inhabitants had gleefully dusted off their underused mob equipment at my arrival. i stopped suddenly at one particular stall, and rapped on the surface to get the proprietor's attention.
    "how may i help you tod-" he said as he turned and looked up, only to stop mid-sentence at the sight of me. for a moment, he went blank, but relaxed when his eyes wandered down to my chest and located the Solo Hero badge pinned to the front of my cloak. "ah.. i apologize. how may i help you?"
    wordlessly, i pointed at a white book leaning against a crate behind him. he turned momentarily, then grabbed the book and turned back. "ah, this. it has been collecting dust here; not many heroes passing through are interested in spell-books. two copper, if your willing." i handed him the coins, then took the book from his hands and walked into the crowd, heading in the vague direction of the Parliament hall entrance gate. i thumbed through the book; some of it was simply review, but the book was of a rather high quality and as i skimmed some of the pages, i noticed some very nice, detailed information on enchanting that seemed intriguing. i glanced up from the book and realized that i was just down the street from the Hall doors, and, slipping the book into the bag hanging at my side, hurried to the gates, stepping inside to the sight of fifteen Solo Heroes, some of whom i knew by reputation and one or two whom i had met professionally, but none i knew personally. i took a seat on a bench a little farther from the others, and prepared to wait for a few minutes while the Parliament guards debated whether or not there were enough of us gathered for them to give in and open the inner gates, signalling the start of the briefing.
  8. The chanting was starting to annoy Elppin. The priestess was chanting to her God. Elppin would have been fine if he didn't hear every word. Because he is a half elf his ears are more sensitive than any human.

    But even that wasn't the most annoying thing about her. She kept staring at him, like she's never seen a half elf before. He couldn't see her face or even tell what she was. Elppin was grateful when an Athro dragon walked though the gates. She shut up, and started staring at him. Even though they had never met he knew that Athro, his name was Tazmeral.

    He was known among most of the solo heros, the famous Red Mage, a Practitioner of magic and weaponry both, like Elppin however his reputation proceeds him.

    Elppin noticed he chose a place that was secluded and well defenceable. But that is the story of solo heros, always on the run, ready to fight the monster they just can't beat. The priestess stopped watching the Athro and started looking at Elppin.
    "See anything you like princess" Elppin asked in a rude manor.
  9. "Alright, pay up." Raezmir told his employer. They had made to where they needed to, a castle which just so happened to be where the flyer he saw was located. "Alright, here's your payment, and thank you for a safe journey." Said the employer as he handed him a small sack filled with coins. Before Raezmir could open it, he walked over to where the meeting was being held and saw two people that he recognized by their reputations, ellipin, the mercenary and Tazmael, the Mage. At this point he knew that if they were here, then something was bound to go down soon.
  10. my eye twitched and i began to tap the heel of my boot against the base of the stone bench i was sitting on; every moment i spent here was a moment that i could be spending dungeon raiding, a thought that the crowd of Solo Heroes seemed to agree with as their restlessness grew. finally, one final hero walked through the gates and the guards relented, having decided that this group would have to do for the first briefing, and late heroes could be brought up to speed as they arrived. one of the guards signaled to his brethren at the top of the wall and they nodded, then sounded trumpets as the gates opened to reveal the courtyard, overflowing with magical beauty. the other heroes grumbled; those sitting stood up, and all of them made their way towards the gates.
    i sighed and stood, finally examining the crowd for the people, not just for their number like i did before. most of them i only vaguely knew from rumors and reputation, but two i recognized by name: Elppin and Raezmir. i had heard of their exploits on occasion, and knew these were two to watch; if not for the fact that they were dangerous to some degree, then the fact that interesting things always seemed to happen around Heroes like that, as i knew from personal experience.
  11. The final hour or so was heavenly to Elppin. The priestess finally stopped staring at him after he called her out. She didn't say anything as she movied seats. The courtyard was beautiful, it was circular and had two sets of gates the first to enter the courtyard and the second to enter the council chambers. In the middle there was a huge fountain.

    Planted outside in stone planters were sunglow, and nightbrights. They were flowers that glow. The sunglows lit up in the day with a yellow light, even though it was day time the nightbrights glowed with a white light. There were no trees just the flowers.

    The gates opened, his name was Raezmir. Even though they had never met Elppin knew his reputation. Raezmir, from what Elppin knew, was a traveling swordsman.

    Elppin knew his reputation, in his job he needed too. The guards decided to get the show on the road. They told everyone to come to them we did and the opened the gates to the council chamber.
  12. The guards finally opened the gates to the council chamber and let everyone in for the meeting. The chamber was a giant circular room with giant podiums that officials would sit in to look down at you. After a few minutes, the princess came in and began a huge lecture that Raezmir barely caught the jest of. After the princess finished her rehearsed speech, Raezmir looked around and saw Elppin and Tazmael staring at him and at each other and found himself doing the same.
  13. As soon as we were all settled into the chamber, the princess arrived and gave a speech about the duty of the Solo Heroes to their country and to the Guild Parliament, and about the honor and glory that our actions would bring us. All of it was obviously for show, as the princess actually looked a little bored under a thin veneer of sincerity and the council seemed eager to get this formality over and done with. Really, everyone knew it was just a show, but the illusion was kept that the royal family actually did important things for other countries so they would choose the unimportant royals as targets of attack rather than the council, who actually held power. In reality, the monarchy hadn’t made any really important decisions in about a hundred and fifty years, and even then that was a particularly brilliant and take-charge prince.

    Eventually, the princes left the central elevated podium, her required speech finished, though I suspect that it was cut shorter than it was meant to due to the fact that a few members of the audience were actually sleeping in their chairs, and being quite obvious about it. One of the members of the Council took the podium and the heroes sat up, waking the few that had fallen asleep; the important and relevant part of this briefing was about to begin.

    “Heroes, you are all aware of the recent surge of monsters.” Several nodded their heads; dungeons had been unusually packed with enemies recently, though this typically meant more loot, which is probably what actually made them sit up and pay attention. “through various means, the Council has determined that the surge is due to increased monster breeding and increased aging of the young, facilitated by unknown parties. This is a threat not just to those who raid the dungeons that these monsters inhabit, but the overflow has gone far enough that the monsters are spilling out from the dungeons and spreading out into the countryside, threatening towns and even cities.” There was some murmuring from the crowd of Heroes. “the situation has deteriorated enough for the Council to gather you here for this briefing.” The speaker quickly glanced up, checking if the door was closed, and I shifted slightly in my seat as I detected a different tone that nearly lowered the temperature of the room. “last week, a human city went dark; no messages or traffic has been seen on the roads to the city, and no expeditions sent in return.” The audience went dead silent. Communications black-outs had occurred before, but it was always isolated villages. An entire city going dark was unheard of, even impossible. “this means that it was one of two occurrences.” The speaker held up one finger. “first, it could be a magical accident of some sort, in which case it should be fixed soon enough without our interference.” He held up a second finger. “or two…” he grimaced under his hooded cloak. “the city went dark for far worse reasons.”

    There was a collective breath; a monster attack on a city had never occurred before, due to the number of said monsters constantly being cut down by Solo Heroes and Registered Hero Teams. The speaker had mentioned expeditions disappearing, so it was possible that if the city had been overrun, whatever had overrun it was still there, preying on travelers and investigators attempting to find out what had happened to the city, or attempting to scavenge from a city gone dark.

    “we will be enacting your contracts; each of you is going to be assigned to a team of three members total and you will all be dispatched to investigate the disappearance. Any evidence you or your team discovers in the city or, gods forbid, ruins, will be returned to the convoy and sent back here for study.” The speaker cleared his throat, then continued. “each of you will be given a numbered patch to signify the team you are assigned to. Dismissed.” The speaker stepped down, and a guard in armor began handing out cloth patches. I received a patch numbered “1”, attached it to the shoulder of my cloak with a temporary sticking spell, then removed the book from my bag, prepared to read until the other two members of my team found me.
  14. Elppin walked into the large central chamber of the grand council. He had been inside once before, the day he left the military. The room was filled with chairs, no doubt for all of the heros who had come via order of the council.

    Elppin had never seen so meny solo heros in one place. Solo heros were stronger than most heros but were fewer in number. This is because most heros choose to join guilds. It was safer, but not as profitable as being a solo hero. Elppin walked and sat down in one of the seats.

    The princess walked up and be began a speech, her parents sat in thrones behind her. The princess was the spokes person, her brother was a general that lead his troops into battle. Thats how it always is, there children do the work while the parents sat on the side lines looking official, when in reality they did nothing.

    Elppin had met both of the royal twins before. He fought in the princes personal army before, and the princess he had saved a few years back. She got attacked by monsters when she snuck out of the castle and went on a horse back ride. Long story short they were friends.

    When the princess finished her speech she looked at Elppin and smiled a quick second, it was a small gesture most wouldnt notice if they were watching her, however nobody was. After she finished, the princess left the grand councilmen took the stand. He began to explain the situation. He also moved us in to groups of three. I got the #1 badge I saw someone else with the same badge on someones sholder. Elppin began to walk toward his temporary ally.
  15. "alright, here are the numbers for the teams you will be in. Do not try to kill any of them!" One of the guards warned. Raezmir walked up to them and received a patch with the number 1 on it and flicked it around in his hand for a few minutes while walking around the council chambers.

    While walking around, Raezmir saw the prince and princess walking around to a secret chamber inside of the council room and then disappear. He stood there looking at the wall they went through and wondered what was on the other side of that wall but thought against it and kept on moving.

    After he walked around for a bit more, I ran into Tazmael, who was just standing around and waiting for something. "So, your Tazmael right?" Raezmir asked him. He looked at him weirdly and nodded. shortly after the two were greeted by Elppin who also was holding a #1 patch. at that moment, Raezmir thought this was either going to be really good or really bad.
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  16. i looked the one who had spoken to me over, and gave him a curious look; i assumed that it wasn't coincidence that the three of us had been assigned to group one, and i could only assume that the Council had some sort of plan in mind. they always did.i sighed to myself, then called up what i knew about the two i was to work with.
    really, i knew very little, only hearsay and rumor, though i typically disregarded such unreliable cap-trap in favor of real, substantial facts, preferably from associates closely related to the person in particular. however, this case was different; Solo Heroes had a tendency not to form relationships or really ties of any kind, and the few that knew them were either dead or accompanied them almost all of the time, speaking from personal experience, of course. this was for a simple reason, the same reason Solo Heroes became Solo in the first place: other people slowed you down, especially when you were highly skilled. occasionally you would hire a mercenary to cover weaknesses or to add strengths, but most of the time other people were a drag on your time, your budget and your reward. because of this, rumor and hearsay were often the only things to rely upon for information about Solos, especially the antisocial ones.
    i knew that both of them were warriors, skilled with various blades, but not much beyond that, if anything. rumors and stories of the two's exploits were few and far between, and the closest that i could get to actual information about them was receipts from dungeon treasure taxes, standard from the Council, and even then those were difficult to acquire due to their marginally sensitive nature, especially since that was how the Council earned much of its money. finally, i admitted to myself that based on what little i knew going in and how much time we might spend together, i would have to use my last resort, something that i avoided at all costs but seemed to be necessary in this most desperate and potentially dangerous of situations.

    Actually having a conversation with them. under no other circumstances would i sink to this level.
    "yes. and you, i presume, are the swordsman Raezmir and the mercenary Elppin." i crossed my arms. "your reputation, or at least what little of it there is, precedes you."
  17. Elppin hated socializing. It wasn't that he was at it, it was the fact that he believed it was pointless. Elppin hadn't been on a team for years. Elppin was called by some people as a one man army.

    He didn't like it, but he deals with it.
    " I take out one cave of 57 bandits without a scratch and people just assume that you can do it again. Well I could but that's not the point. Besides one got away, he cursed my name and swore to get revenge, but..." Elppin said, just realizing that he had thought aloud. "Anyway so does your reputation Tazmael, and you too Raezmir.

    The three of us were put on a team for a reason, probably because anyone else would have slowed us down." Although Elppin had not met or talked to these people before, he knew they were powerful. Not only from what little he knew from there reputation, but also what he could sense.
    Elppin said "let's get this raid party on the road shall we."
  18. Not even five minutes among each other and Raezmir could tell that they would most likely do very little talking unless they absolutely had to. Raezmir could do with either but didn't fully know them enough to do anything, when Elppin said to hit the road, Raezmir and Tazmael agreed. They knew what to do and where to go so they set out on their quest. Shortly after they left the castle, Raezmir began to wonder about his new teammates which seemed a bit too late at the time to do.
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  19. Raezmir was quick to leave the building and get on with the assignment from the Council, but i lingered for the moment, glancing around the courtyard as the other Solos left to an encouraging speech from the princess, who was no doubt eager to return to the palace and kill a few practice dummies in revenge for the wispy attitude and VERY pink dress she had to wear to fill her role.
    during the briefing, while we had been listening to the current sort-of secret affairs of our country, a table had been set up in the corner of the courtyard by the guards, who were handing out specially made packs filled with the equipment, supplies, maps, tools and money that would fund the trip, three per team. i glanced at the quickly disappearing form of Raezmir, who i doubted very much had even noticed the packs of equipment in his hurry to get to the journey ahead, and shook my head slightly. i procured two packs, one for myself and one for my over-eager teammate.
    no, teammate sounded... wrong.
    not coworker, not acquiantance; i barely knew the man. associate! yes, associate was appropriate for this situation.
    i trusted that Elppin would have the presence to notice the equipment being handed out, so i did not take his pack before i went to catch up with Raezmir, who was already on the street and turned right, the general direction of our goal. i caught up before too long, then matched my steps with his and addressed him.
    "seems you forgot something." i tossed his pack of equipment to him. "left a little quickly, didn't you? eager to spit some monsters on your sword?"
  20. Elppin stayed behind to listen to the princesses farewell speech. She cut it short because she noticed that nobody was listening. She noticed Elppin and waved, he nodded. Elppin then walked to the table with the bags.

    Elppin opened the bag. There was a smaller bag filled with 300 gold coins, a magic book, 12 mana potions and a magic wand of Fire ball with 20 charges. Elppin frowned and read the bag again, it still said his name. Elppin caught up with his comrades.
    "Hey Tazmael, your a Mage right? Do you need any potions I have some I don't need."