The last anime you watched

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  1. I've been rewatching Kuroshitsuji/Black butler, how bout you guys? WHERE MY WEEBS AT?
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  2. I honestly don't remember. I do know it was at the start of the year, though. Probably something that was Airing. Planning to watch Aldnoah.Zero in the near future. But to be fair I've been planning to watch it in the near future for several months now.
  3. Well, since I usually watch things as they're airing, I'm currently having over 20 series on my ongoing list, and the episode I watched last was Gintama 2015 episode 17. But the last anime I finished was Mirai Nikki. (Which I finished last week.)
  4. Angel Beats.

    Saw the first episode with a friend at college.
    I'll probably watch more of it next chance I get.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Currently watching, Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic, also known as KinMoza.


  7. Rose of Versailles

    Not even ashamed that I really liked it too.


    Berserk, the new fancy pants CGI one.
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  8. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

    I put off watching the first season so that I could just watch the whole series in relatively quick succession, but then I didn't realize the second season had finished airing until just a week ago so now I'm getting on with the watching it part of the plan.
  9. Currently watching Oreimo, but the last animé I've completed is Maoyuu.

    I sorta go between phases of long-shows and short-shows depending on how much free time I'm willing to devote to it. Lots of video game time this summer, so I've been sticking to shorter series—usually thirteen-ish episode ones, but I didn't realize Oreimo had two seasons.
  10. Ouran Host Club, I think. Haruhi's father is my favorite <3
  11. Knights of Cydonia.

    Because animation < space tentacle monsters, clone sisters, hermaphrodites, and fetish fuel.
  12. Well I just finished watching the anime version of DMMD (in which the art imo was terrible).

    This thread just reminded me that I need to finish watching the second season of Oregairu. Only another 5 eps I think iirc.

    Ugh I have this huge list of anime I need to watch on my computer. It's so long omfg.
  13. Most recent episode of Ushio and Tora.
  14. Last film: Akira

    Last show: Fairy Tail
  15. I rewatched Black Butler about 3 weeks ago :D

    Since then I've gotten quite far through Full Metal Alchemist.
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  16. Brotherhood or original series?
  17. Original series. I've been watching them on Netflix (thanks to I can access US Netflix as well as UK, which only has Brotherhood). I haven't watched any in about a week though as my brother has been borrowing my PS3, so I'll snatch that back from him and get back to watching it ^_^
  18. Netflixhas a phone app and can be used from PC, too!

    I'm spoilt a bit; Canadian Netflix has brotherhood and OS
  19. Sounds like a good idea, however I can't trust my phone or my PC/laptop to run it though :D

    Well, it's lucky that I can also access the Canadian Netflix too! You and the US get loads of anime we don't, we're very limited here in blighty, although we have Steins;Gate on ours which the US at least doesn't. I also forget whether it was UK or US that had both series of Black Butler, one of them only had series 2 (for some odd reason). I am somewhat annoyed that the Brazilian Netflix is the only region with the Black Butler live-action film, as it's in Japanese only and the only subtitles available are Spanish and Portuguese, which I cannot understand :D
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