The largest street gang in America.

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  1. "He's taking care of that. He can't stand seeing his princesses sad."
  2. "Sounds just like you to be so greedy." Harmony giggles and kiss him softly.
  3. "In what way?" Harmony's hand slowly wander his body.
  4. "You're on top."
  5. "You're so lazy." Harmony took off her shirt.
  6. Feel better, Paladin. *hugs*
  7. Aeleosir was trying to keep from cumming again until she went, but her movements forced his member to burst in pleasure. He reeled back then kissed her breasts, "Your really good." he said before getting back to pleasuring her with his large member, tongue, and hands.
  8. Well, I think it WOULD be appropriate if it turned out the Archdemon didn't invent the overall concept, but merely decided to use a variant for his own purposes. It would basically be a revision of lore to reflect real-life (and be a 'take that' to Aki and his ego by acknowledging he didn't really create the MGs out of whole cloth. It'd also be a generally good idea to minimize the Archdemon's role and show that in the great scheme of things, he wasn't as important as he would have had you believe).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.