The Language Used in Silence

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  1. "Welcome ladies and gentleman to the 14th annual MMA 'ES' Edition where tough, vicious girls go against ruthless guys in a head to head match. Guys better watch out tonight though because these girls are scary. Must be that time of month fo..."

    The announcer began to drown out in my thoughts as a stood in front of a mirror watching my every breath in my bruised body. I was pumped and ready to go in my black sports top, black shorts and my white hand wraps. The mirror had a crack near where my head was so I positioned myself where the crack overlapped my face as I for into a fighting stance. For some reason seeing the crack in my face made me angry like I was broken inside or hidious. But I didn't get to think too long about it as my coach came up to me and placed their hand on my left shoulder. It was the last fight of the night and I was up against some new guy who was there first time being on MMA Everyone's Street Edition. Me and my coach joked earlier how it may be some 'twinkletoes' who couldn't hit a fly. As I took one good look at myself in the mirror my hair looked like I just woke up with its burgundy knots. Oh well, I never said I came to impress anyone. I came for the 10 grand that was waiting for me because I needed that money to pay bills and help my little sister get better. Me and my coach stood at the entry way waiting to get called out to the arena which seemed like forever. All I could hear was the mumble of the crowd and the announcer in slow motion, it was time.

    "In the blue corner we have a enchanting but dangerous woman, give it for.... Siiiiilent Raven!"

    I rushed out stretching my arms trying to ignore both the cheers and yells from the crowd. I heard coach saying something but I couldn't make it out over the noise, we both got into the arena as they got my mouth guard and gave me some tips. It was time to meet my new opponent and last of the night. I gave a few jabs while glaring at whoever dared to stop.
  2. And in the red corner we have the one...the only...he can't stop and won't stop...Heart Stopper...

    The announcer was loud as usual as I made my way into the ring. I was probably the only guy to ever walk into the ring and not assume because my opponent was a girl it was going to be an easy fight. I had heard many rumors about the one called Silent Raven, and I was looking forward to fighting her. As I stepped into the ring with my black shorts on, I looked her in the eye. I could see that she was a determined young girl, the win meant a lot to her.

    "May the best fighter win..." I said to her. I don't know if she ever heard of me, but if she hadn't then tonight she'll learn why I'm called Reemus "Heart Stopper" McGee.
  3. Heart Stopper, even the name made my heart drop as time slowed all around me. Nothing seemed right there on forth, like noise just completely went dead. Heart Stopper and I bumped fists as he said something to me but I couldn't make it out to what he was saying. Something about "Fighter" which I didn't want to try to figure out what he was saying. After me and Heart Stopped went back to our sides the referee rang the bell signifying it was time to fight. He did not seem scary other than his name, but he was no "twinkletoes" either.
    I debated on making the first move since it could be vital if I accidentally left a weak spot in view in the first few seconds of the match. I curled up my stomach and put my hands in front of my face taking defense. I hopped around a bit staying shy to the fight till I really knew what I was up against.
  4. Reemus could see what the girl was doing. He wasn't some rookie who just got into the ring. He's been fighting for years, on the streets and in the ring. Analyzing his surroundings and his opponent was second nature to him. She was waiting for him to make the first move and he had two options, stall out or come out powerful.

    "I see what you're doing girl...stall and see what I'm gonna do." Reemus moved back and with his hands and feet on his side of the ring. Not only was he called Heart Stopper, but Reemus was known by other names as well, but Heart Stopper was the best sounding for a fighter. It might make for a boring fight, but Reemus was going to out stall the girl. He knows eventually the crowd is going to get restless and she'll make the first move to because of that. She was an open and shut case for him.
  5. I watched him back up to the cage, he was aware of my plans and that was not good. I had to think of something but Coach kept screaming things that won't help my case. So I had no choice but to make the first move. I moved over their cautiously to where he was a good three feet from him, but instead of attacking with my hands and leaving my chest open I struck from below with a sweeping kick turning almost 180 degrees letting my back revealed. It may have been a mistake but depending on what his next move was I could get by.

    I will not fall easily!
  6. "Fool...You rookies are so predictable..." Reemus side stepped the kicked which left the girl open for an attack. Most people would have attacked her back side that was open, or moved away to think of a plan of attack. Reemus decided to not do either. He was going to make her learn why he's called Heart Stopper. With his left hand, he grabbed her shoulder and twisted her so she was facing him. With his prey in his grasp, Reemus reared his first back and slammed it right into the girls chest, where her heart was at. There was a reason he was called Heart Stopper...
  7. When I made my attack, Heart Stopper grabbed my shoulder forcing me to face him which made me furious. But before I could do anything, my bold brown eyes widened as great pained struck my chest like something was squeezing my heart with their bare hand. This couldn't be it though the fight just started. No. No...
    "No!" I shouted as my thoughts found their way to my mouth. I stumbled back almost to my knees in great pain. I can feel the room around me spinning and the only noise I heard was buzzing or ringing I couldn't tell. I felt my head sway back in forth with my burgundy hair following. I gave a dead beat look to him Heart Stopper.

    I'm not done... Not till she's better. I am fighting for her. You can kill me but you can't kill my little sister."

    I struggled to get on my feet keeping a stare to Heart Stopper.
  8. "Your sister...such a noble thing..." Reemus was in the ring for himself. Fighting was the way he made a living, but this girl was fighting for another. It was something honorable that he liked, but he also liked that she withstood his attack. The first blow tends to stop his opponents, but she was still able to fight.

    "Don't make me use my signature move twice...last time I did that, the man fell over and died on the spot..." Reemus said with a warning. He didn't want to accidentally kill the girl, so he hopes that she leaves him with another choice. He didn't attack right away, so instead Reemus just watched and waited for the girl to make her move.
  9. My hands dragged up from the ground as I made my final stand, all I needed was this last fight and the bills would be paid. Then I don't have to fight anymore. I made my way to Heart Stopped, but it was hard trying to figure out where he was since my eyesight was blurred. Pushing forward I put my hands up striking. My strike went downwards though as the bell rang signifying that the first round was over. I couldn't get up from knees after I attacked at Heart Stopper. There was something lunged in my throat that wouldn't come out. It was blood. Blood dripped out of my mouth from the side. I could hear coach coming after me telling me to get up.
    "Get up Heather, Get up! You're alright. Let's get you some water."
    My coach helped me up tooking us to our side of the cage as him and some other people began to bottle feed me and work on getting the blood cleaned up. I don't realize what was happening I just kept looking at him. I wasn't done.
  10. The bell had rung and the first round was over with. Reemus headed back to his side of the cage and met with his friend, who was his coach as well.

    "She's a tough one Reemus." He said as he gave Reemus some water.

    "Yeah I know. Surviving my signature move just shows how tough she is. She's fighting for her sister apparently."

    "Is that so. It's her drive Reemus and yours is to survive. Get her one more time and this fight is yours."

    "You're right." What Reemus said and meant were different. The girl, Heather, had a better reason for winning, but she couldn't win with the strength she had. Reemus looked at the girl from across the ring, and saw how she looked. From where he was standing, it looked as though she didn't even know where she was at. He was going to have to make the second round end fast so it could come to a close.

    The bell rung and round two started...
  11. I smacked the water bottle away from my face as the second bell rung, something gave me another chance as I regained focus. Maybe it was the bell, maybe it was because I know my family was watching. Whatever it was, it didn't matter because it was time to get my head back into the game. I walked back towards the center where the referee had us bump fists once more and back up to my side again. This time I didn't waste no time in attacking, no matter how bad my shape was. I rushed forward jabbing him in the face but they were easily dodge as I then kicked in the rib cage with my left then kicked again into his jaw with my right doing a spin. I landed them successfully but they took more energy than I had out of me.
  12. She was fast. A fire had sparked in her and it allowed her to get two kicks in on Reemus. Those were the only kicks he was going to allow though. Reemus could see that it was taking a lot of energy for Heather to attack him, and the pause she had from the second kick allowed him to attack. She was to close to dodge it, Reemus took both hands and slammed them into the girl's head. It was a heavy blow, and Reemus hoped she would stay down after it.
  13. All I could feel then and there was the burning rage as my body fell to the ground. I watched Heart Stopped as I reached out towards him falling. When my body hit the ground all there was to it was lights and blur. I couldn't tell if anyone was saying anything, just complete silence though I am sure coach was asking for my name. Managing to put my arm over my face I mumbled a "Sorry", to who, everyone.
    I could feel someone's hands around me dragging me out, everything else was a blur up to that point. Before I felt my body leave the cage I stopped them and looked somewhere, anywhere.
    "Hey....I... I'm not done!"
  14. Reemus saw that Heather was attempting to stay in the fight as she was being carried out of the cage. It was over, but she didn't want to admit it.

    And there you have it folks...the

    The announcer began to say, but Reemus put his hand up to silence him.

    "If the girl wants to fight, then let her." He said starring at Heather. The arena went quiet and all eyes fell on Heather. What was she going to do next.
  15. The Coach handed Heather off to another person and walked up to the cage. They looked around the arena as the referee brought up a microphone for them.
    "Heather is a determined young girl who has great will to fight, but she cannot continue tonight. But she will be back, she always has...."
    The Coach gave the microphone back and headed towards where Heather was.

    Tears ran down my face not only because of the pain but because it was over. My Coach didn't know that this was the last month for my little sister, I never thought it was a good idea to tell them since they would want me out of MMA to stay with her. For a moment a cried bastard but it was not their fault for ending the fight for the night. Some of the guys from our gym carried me out to the locker room to get me ready for the hospital. I had no motivation or strength to do anything, they put a shirt on me since it was a bit cold out as well as wiping remaining blood off. It was time to head to the hospital.
  16. "So it's over..." Reemus said. He understand how hurt Heather was and went to figure out which hospital she was at. Once he was dressed, Reemus took the prize money and made his way towards the hospital. There was something about Heather he liked. That fire and determination that was in her eyes. He needed to go speak with her as soon as he could.
  17. Me and Coach left for the hospital but I remained silent as I watched out the window. Things were settling down where I could hear and see better once again but I still felt the pain in my heart from the fight. Coach asked if I was going to be alright but was answered in silence. Upon making it the Saint Maglore's Hospital, there were already nurses waiting out for me ready to take me in. Coach always wanted me in as soon as possible so they would call before we got there. One lady opened the door for me and helped me out as I was put on a stretcher being taken into a reserved room that Coach knew I wanted to be.

    At the MMA Arena, a couple guys that helped brought Heather out stood by one of the doors talking about the fight getting ready to leave.
    "I am surprised with Heather tonight, though she did go through some tough matches before hand."
    "Yeah but a guy with a name like Heart Stopper? She was in for a treat."
    They got their jackets on and opened up the doors leading outside.
  18. Reemus had learned of which hospital Heather was being taken to, and found his way there. He wanted to talk to Heather and he knew this was going to be his only chance for a while. Once at the hospital, Reemus parked his car and entered. Inside, he saw the waiting room and headed for the nurse at the desk.

    "Excuse me..." He said to her. "I'm looking for an MMA fighter by the name of Heather..."
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