The Land of Kalicia


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Hello! I am a random roleplayer that goes by the name Salagord.
I'm looking for someone to RP my fantasy Conworld (including my Conlang) with me.

Here is some things you should know (more may be added)
• I don't want to RP anything 18+
• I prefer little to no romance

About Kalicia
The Kalicien's are a race of people who live on the remote island of Kalicia, which is a society of scarce resources and recycling, mostly due to a horrible line of emperors—or 'ėn' if you prefer the Kalicien word for it. The main way they get food is hunting, though that is made even harder due to the fact many dangerous creatures lurk in the woods.

(A different description)
Kalicia is an island separated from the rest of the world.
Since the Kaliciens don't have many valuable resources to trade with foreigners (+they are much too busy with civil dispute among the territories) they barely ever come into contact with outsiders. The result of this is that Kalicien has little to no outside influence.
In Kalicia, the Kaliciens speak Kalicien (shocker, I know).

Cadfael Harlowe
Name: Cadfael Harlowe, IPA /kadvel hɑɹləʊ/
Nickname: Cad
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: American Human
Personality: He is often quite sarcastic. He is quite good at sneaking.
Physical Description: He has a strong jaw and hooked nose. His hair is black and curly, and his eyes are about the same color as his hair, albeit slightly more brown. He is muscular—and tall (6'2)—and usually wears leather clothes.

Fiyoi Baḱnuþ
Name: Fiyoi Baḱnuþ, IPA /fijoi baqnuθ/
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Kalicien Human
Personality: Since he was very little, he was easy to irritate. He is often described as stubborn. He dislikes most socialization with almost anyone. When he is calm, he can be quite smart. He feels he needs to prove himself to be strong enough.
Physical Description: Fiyoi has tan skin and a flat nose. His hair is long and dark. He stands rather tall for a Kalicien at 5'0, and he is thin with barely any muscle definition.
Weapon: It looks like a long hooked axe (a native Kalicien weapon).

Salaford Sharpsword
Name: Salagord Sharpsword IPA /saləgɔɹd ʃɑɹpsɔɹd/
Age: 130 (young adult for an Elf)
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Half-Elf
Personality: Elves' seem to humans rather emotionless. Salagord, like most elves, wants honour and survival.
Physical Description: Salagord has long, silky pale hair. He has a thin head and square jaw with friendly features (and pointy ears). He is 7'8 tall, an average height for an Elf. He is strong and muscular.
Weapon: A tungsten and ruby sword about 4'6 long.

The story is highly dependent on what I and you want to roleplay at the moment, though here's some scenarios you can choose from if you want.

Scenario #1
Your character awakes to find that they had somehow been transported to Kalicia.
Scenario #2
Two (or more) Kalicien territories enter a brutal war.
Scenario #3
Some people overthrow the horrible ėn, and elect a new ruler.