the L E V I A T H A N strain [mxm libertine]

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  1. "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."
    -- Friedrich Nietzsche

    An audio log that was found in one of the many abandoned research facilities of "Judex Corporations” in the city of :

    It all went wrong. Everything went wrong. All that we hoped turned against us, we were all lost and everything came crashing back. Karma is always there to get you in the end, no matter how far or how long you run.

    Everything began a few years ago. We were trying to make humanity's biggest fear disappear from the face of the earth – The fear of dying - We wanted to make us immortal, to be able to make even stronger soldiers now that the world is going downhill and it's getting into a bloody hell quickly. We had been working with this for months for years now, and we thought we had everything under control. We were just going to do a couple of last tests, and then…

    Then we fucked up.

    Something happened. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but there was nothing we could do to stop it. The thing we had created… it got out, unleashed into the air of millions of innocent people.

    We fucked up bad.

    Everything happened so fast after that.

    Humans began to harbor inhuman characteristics and abilities. They began to look different. Those who just looked different were lucky. There were many there that reacted negatively upon what we had made. They couldn't even be classified as humans anymore. They became monsters, mutants… something beyond our comprehension.

    Something about this virus. . . it killed any females inflicted with it. Only the males survived the innoculation phase.

    But I almost wonder now if it was better that the virus killed them all.

    Quickly we gathered for a meeting to try and find out a solution, but it was all futile. It was literally decided that we were just going to go: "Fuck it” and let what had already happened, happen. We – those who were against it – had nothing to say in the matter. We were ignored and most of us silenced. We didn't know what to do, the only thing we knew was how we were running out of time, and that was fast too.

    A couple of months passed – unfortunately – and the government was throwing those freaks down with us so we could "test” them. It was more to check what we had made, what we had created and given – forcefully – to the world. I wasn't a part of any of those things, but those screams were enough to tell me that – whatever was going on – was better not asked.

    I and a few friends began forming a sort of resistance you could say. To let those we had captured out. Many had begun comparing them to the supernatural creature "vampires”, due to their sharp and long fangs that could be taken in and out at will; red scarlet eyes that bore into our souls and their craving for blood whenever they smelt it. Many of us died because of their hunger for our blood.

    We told them we wanted to help them, to return them to normal human beings once more. There was only a handful of us humans, most were too scared to go against the government, as many of us was executed because of just suspicion of us being "traitors” as they labeled us. Tonight we grabbed those "vampires” that we could and then we got out of those prison cells, and made them run. Run like fucking Hell if they wanted to live. Soldiers were after us the second they stepped out of the facility, and we were killed like flies buzzing around an electric light, zapped one after the other, falling like leaves that would be brushed away like nothing.

    If you hear this log then please help them, they need our help. Please. I – I didn't make it. I'm going to die soon. I'm hiding, but only because I need to buy them time.

    A few sobs and cries can be heard in the background, before a sudden loud bang that sounds a lot closer than those before, squeals being unleashed from a few other people surrounding the one speaking.

    Everyone I'm so sorry for what I've done. A few scientists still live. We will be able to find a cure, I promise. We will bring down the government and stop them from purging the world, stop them from spreading this "virus” we created.

    The sounds of quick steps being loud before becoming more and more quiet over time is heard, as a lonely sob is picked up by the microphone of the recorder.

    This has been Dr. Owen, 13th June 2016. Tell my ki-!

    The tape recorder managed to pick up a couple of shouts before a loud and heavy "bang” noise is heard, and then nothing. There is an ever-lasting silence before the tape eventually ran out and it stops.

    The current year is now 2018 and there is still no sign of a cure. Anyone showing signs of infection is taken by the security forces employed by Judex Corportation. Usually they are never seen again.

    There is a small group willing to make a stand, to find a cure and take down the twisted corporation that started this whole mess.

    This is their story.

    [reserved @CrystalTears ]
    [reserved @T E R R O R

    [reserved @Luxii ]
    [reserved @GALAXY ]
    [reserved @midnighter]
    [reserved @Vio ]

    [reserved @Shattered♦Secrets™ ]
    [reserved @DarkiusHeavenstein ]

    - MxM only <3
    - Libertine themes
    - One character per person.
    - Would prefer use of RL face claims ^^
    - Posting length at least one good paragraph.
    - Co-GMed with the help of the wonderful @CrystalTears <3

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  2. You sneaky sneaky kitty >:L

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  3. I am so down for this^^. Do you want me to invite like three people who might do this, since you already know them I think. Vio, Darkius and I think his name says Midnight I think lol.
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  4. Definitely put me down for a Human^^
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  5. Oh please do! :D Glad you like it! Worked all Math class on the plot :X xD Probably should have paid attention, but... meh xD
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  6. Of course especially since everyone in this I like. If it were I didn't like I would have been like this when I saw it xD:
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  7. OHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I AM SOOO IN FOR THIS!!!! Thank you @Shattered♦Secrets™ !

    DUUUDE. I have to choose between vamp and human now. ;-; ahhh
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  8. THANK YOU TO MY FAVORITE BRAT EVER @CrystalTears !! You are the best that has ever walked the Earth <3 :*

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  12. Oh yeah I feel a bit better because I took some meds so might be able to post for Kegin now^^. Unless Galaxy wants to do the timeskip either way cool with me lol.
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    It all depends on how long you want Kegin to have "idiot" and a couple of stickers on his face really xD
  14. I think it would be funny if he didn't realize until the next day or whatever and has been planning an ultimate prank revenge the whole time lol. So will wait for timeskip than lol
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