The Kingdoms of Travania (OOC/Signups)

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  1. Welcome young folk! I am Sir Varion, king of Blazeran. Please help us. The lands of Travania was once a peaceful continent where farmers tented to their crops, merchants sold their goods, soldiers fought in battle and kings ruled over their lands. There were sometimes the small territorial disputes between kings and allies between them. This all changed when all kingdoms decided to have a peace treaty to help one another build a temple for their goat headed god Hathial. They started to excavate when the miners dug up a forgotten portal leading to the depths of their underworld. (BTW in your character sheets type in Travania so i can see you have read the plot) Suddenly on that day an evil force emerged from the depths. An army of monsters from Hell emerged from the darkness. In a matter of months they almost took over 40% of the lands. Now it is not safe for travelers and merchants to roam around the kingdom alone. Only the bravest heroes, bandits and soldiers dare to walk the monster ridden lands. Only the kingdoms and villages are safe. But even some old towns had to move locations since the event we call the "awakening" happened. It now has been 25 years since this event occured. The treaty between the kingdoms have broken, only few alliances have been kept.

    You can either be a king of one of these many kingdoms of Travania, a soldier, merchant, wandering traveler, monster etc. Just please follow these rules and use this character sheet. Before going to play in this vast world i must approve character.


    Rank/Affiliations/Class (King, merchant,soldier, mercenary, etc.):




    Physical Apearance (You can put a photo but it's not required):

    Weapons (If any):



    Biography (A story of your characters life, you can leave some parts of their story for the RP or just leave the backstory for the RP, if so than please note)

    Other Details:

    Les Rules:

    Rule Un: All iwaku rules apply

    Rule Deux: No godmoding or OP characters

    Rule Trois: Please ask the permission of a fellow RPer if you wish to kill their character.

    Rule Quatre: Ask your fellow roleplayers if they could be in pairs, i.e become a couple

    Rule Cinq: Please use your best grammar. We won't nitpick but if we can't understand your post we will tell you. We all would like to respond correctly.

    Rule Optional: It is highly recommended to use a color code for your characters. If not it's no big deal but it is highly recommended so we can keep track of characters.

    (Note: This is my first thread like this)
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  2. Here is an example of Character

    Name: Silvannia Gramire

    Rank/Affiliations/Class (King, merchant,soldier, mercenary, etc.): Rogue Elven Princess become mercenary.

    Age: 210 in human years, but looks like 21.

    Gender: Female

    Physical Apearance (You can put a photo but it's not required): She is around 7"foot, short for an elf. She has long flowing silver hair, coming up to her lower side of her back. She has long arms and legs and always wears a grey elven robe with buttons. Her backpack is huge and contains a sleeping bag, a few sticks for fires, her quiver, some herbs and spices for potion making, and a few cloths. She also wears a veil on her head when in villages

    Weapons (If any): A magical elven sword which cuts through armor and a bow in which she almost has perfect accuracy.

    Personality: She is always on alert, kindhearted, will never steer away from a challenge or quest. She is stubborn and closeminded.

    Skills/Abilities: She is a master hunter, sword-fighter and marksman. She is also knowledgeable with Herbs and potion making. Letting her use nature to her advantage as medicine.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: She is stubborn and equally close minded. She will not put down an offer no matter how dangerous. She will always be over motivated whixh can sometimes lead to her downfall

    Biography (A story of your characters life, you can leave some parts of their story for the RP or just leave the backstory for the RP, if so than please note): Silvannia was once the most beautiful elven princess of the kingdom of Jalian. Jalian was the kingdom of the forest elves. This highly fortified area was guarded day and night by guards and many traps. Being the princcess she knew all of the locations and blindspots. One night she escaped from the kingdom of Jalian because her father killed the one she loved and wanted her to marry a noble with the reputation of abusing his many wives. With her hunting skills she quickly became a traveler, always trying to escape her fathers army which always tried to get her once again. She then met some other wandering warriors and started a mercenary group that would help villages fend off the incoming monster attacks.

    Other Details:
  3. This will be my character

    Name: Fredrick Huttsman

    Rank/Affiliations/Class (King, merchant,soldier, mercenary, etc.): Ex-Merchant/Scam-Artist that is now an Outlaw.

    Age: unknown, but looks somewhere around mid 20s.

    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance (You can put a photo but it's not required): He is around 5"11 and has somewhat-long brown hair. He always wears a dark green cloak with something that is sort of is like something that will be often referred to as a "hoodie" in the future. He has a bronze scabbard (with a sword in it, duh) and a small pouch he has tied around the left side of his belt that he refuses to open (at least in public)

    Weapons (If any): A sword in his scabbard and a hidden dagger in his back pocket

    Personality: Acts like a douche bag to most people, but is really a kind person and cares for others. He is actually a really funny guy if you really get to know him.

    Skills/Abilities: He is very good at finding who he wants, and he also is a good scammer. There is no known abilities that he has ATM.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: Doesn't know magic, doesn't know how to make potions, and he has a drinking problem.

    Biography (A story of your characters life, you can leave some parts of their story for the RP or just leave the backstory for the RP, if so than please note): He doesn't remember anything about his past, his first memory was him stranded in a forest. Luckily, there was an old man that was wandering in the forest gathering berries that spotted him. When the old man spotted him, he took him inside his hut to help him. When Fredrick told him he didn't remember anything, the old man was kind enough to give him hospitality, a new name, and he also taught him everything about the awakening and about all the different kingdoms, lands, and races in Travania. The old man gave him some money and valuable stuff so he can make a lot of money as a merchant. He was doing great and making a lot of money, until he started scamming and ripping-off people, including some Kings themselves! Some of the kings were outraged by this, so they put a big bounty on his head. He now runs away from the law with hopes of killing all of these monsters that took over the land so he can erase his regrettable crime!

    Other Details: TRAVANIA
  4. Accepted, we'll just need about 7 other ppl for the RP and i'll get IC up.
  5. Ok then. *patiently waits*
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  9. Can i sign up as a non humanoid monster?
  10. Yes, you can be anything that aint to OP
  11. Name: Ballon 'Grey Wolf' Keln

    Rank/Affiliations/Class (King, merchant,soldier, mercenary, etc.): Mercenary Rogue.

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Physical Apearance: [​IMG]

    Weapons (If any):
    Weaponry (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality: He is a very solid individual and will make light of many situations. He has no problem killing but has issues when it comes to the murder of innocents, while he would prefer to stay out of the issues of others he will jump in if he needs to. He serves whoever has the most gold lining their pockets and is extremely loyal to the contract he signs.

    Flaws/Weaknesses: Heavy drinker, very little respect for his own life.

    Biography: Becoming a practiced swordsmen and archer by the age of 18. After several public displays of his skills he became noticed by a company of sellswords and they took him under their protection provided that he worked alongside them. They roamed the edges of their lands, fighting for whatever cause they saw the most gold in. After 2 years they disbanded having lost several of their founding members and Loque went on his way fighting on his own. However within these 2 years he had earned his name after surviving a night lost in the woods, emerging with a set of wolf pelts and several scars, since he had been called the Grey Wolf by those who knew of his tale.

    Other Details: I recently broke my back so I may take more time to post.
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  16. Jack Keaton

    Son of a merchant. He became a mercenary.

    16 years old.

    6 feet tall, Looks like the picture above.

    Has a regular sword, that looks like the one in the picture.

    Skills/ abilities: knows how to make a good deal, good with a sword

    Weaknesses: fairly lazy unless money is involved, or lives are at risk.

    Personality:Calm, Kind, likes money

    Biography: his father is a merchant, but he decided to not follow in the family business for something more exciting. He comes from the West.
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