The Kingdom Of Waves

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  1. Too long ago, much too long to remember, there was a beginning. In that beginning Humans were created, but they fell away from the ways they were meant to have. They were made to worship the God of the sky, but instead they began to worship themselves and the things they could craft. The sky God was angry with them, almost angry enough to kill everyone he had made, but no. Instead he made a new world, upon the one which already existed. A world made secret from the corrupt humans, a world under the sea, where no human can reach.

    He created a city with plenty of room to grow. He made guards to protect their world from darkness and danger, but only the King of the city could control them. The king's name was King Dreader. He was crafted by the hands of the Sky God himself and placed at the head of the kingdom of waves. Soon after realizing he had such power of the underwater world, Dreader became ill with greed. He wanted to control the whole world instead of just the sea, so he left the ocean and stepped onto land. When he touched the dry land, he immediately became a human. He was distraught with shame and despair, a human could not rule land and sea alike. He ran back to the waves, but nothing happened, he did not transform back into the glorious sea creature he once was. Dreader cried out to the Sky God and said, "Please! Spare me this fate! I swear I will never doubt you or greed for your might again!" The Sky God looked down upon him and said. "This is your fate, the fate you have chosen for yourself. You wished to leave the sea I created for you and take to the world which I despise. Now you will be damned to this world forever." The sky God cursed King Dreader with humanity. King Dreader spent the rest of his days ranting and raving to the human world about how he was once the king of the ocean, but not a soul believed him. He died alone on the beach, and his body was taken out to sea and destroyed by the thing which he loved so much.

    Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Waves was taken over by King Dreader's son, Armayis. He was a good and faithful follower of the Sky God and was favored among the people. He has taken it upon himself to create the new army and help the continuation of peace throughout the Ocean.


    It has been 20 years since the time of King Dreader, and the curse still stands. Any creature who goes onto the land, must spend their life there as a human, never to return. Naturally, it had been named Dreaders Curse. In the twenty years of King Armayis's reign, there has been peace with the sea, and no mention of land creatures.... Until now. One group of fisherman have had enough of the stories of the crazy man who claimed to be the king of the sea. They are willing to do whatever it takes to put this rumor to rest about an undersea world. No man has every ventured into the deep, but these men are willing to go. They somehow get in league with the government investigation team, and suddenly make this "underworld" a much bigger deal. King Armayis doesn't seem worried when his city guards report the unusual surface activities around the city. He seems to think the humans are only after the fish, as they always are, but realizes almost too late that this is serious. In order to keep The Kingdom of Waves a secret from the corrupted human world, Armayis decides he must put together a team of the most skilled warriors and craftsman to hunt down the investigators and keep them at bay until they give up on their search.


    Creatures Of The Kingdom of Waves

    King Armayis and Queen Haidali

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    Sea Maids:

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    The Sea Maid is the most prominent resident of The Kingdom of Waves. They are extremely kind and intelligent creatures and closely resemble the personality of humans. They are all direct decedents of King Dreader's forty wives.

    Sea Witches:

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    Sea witches are also direct decedents of King Dreader's wives, but the only difference is that they practice the art of magic. Magic did not come from the Sky God, it was introduced to The Kingdom of Waves by a ship of sailors who were carrying a witch to be drowned at sea. When they threw her overboard to die, the Sea maids saved her in order to learn her ways. Many of the Sea maids did not agree with her powers of trickery and stayed away, but those that did follow her learned to read minds and bend manipulate the water around them.


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    Wylan are a mixture breed between Sea Maids and other sea life. They don not come in only one form, they may be seen as beautiful and horrific, it all depends on the matting pair that created the Wylan. Sea witch offspring tend to be more horrific and Sea maid offspring more beautiful. They can be male, but it is extremely rare. The male of the species tend to be more rugged looking and less beautiful, yet still strangely pretty.

    Male Wylan:
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    The oracle:

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    The oracle is a mystical being who has no know origin. She is the smartest entity in the ocean and is rarely seen. If you are to come upon her, you have one question you may ask, so ask wisely. She is mostly known to reside on the east side of the kingdom, but is rarely seen there. She is a JellySpirit, the only living left of her kind long extinct.


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    These are the only male Sea maids in the Kingdom of Waves and there are only about 75 of them. Whenever a male is born between a Warrior and a Sea Maid, they are automatically shoved into training. Because there are so few, they are considered the elite squad and are only called in serious emergencies. They usually can be found hanging around the Sea Maid's homes in hopes of getting lucky. They can often be described as lazy and extremely arrogant. Sea maids don't usually mate with them, hence the shortage of children in the kingdom.

    City guards:

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    The city guards are controlled by the king and only act upon his orders which are given through sound waves. They are made completely from coral and are practically indestructible. They are incredibly strong and they are placed at every perimeter around the city. Without them, the city would be overtaken by the Relixum.

    The Relixum:

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    These terrifying creatures of the deep are the on going fear of The kingdom of Waves. King Armayis doesn't seem bothered by them too much, but his army surrounding the city is constantly fighting them off. Every since the rumors of the investigation team searching above the water have come up, the Relixum have been relentlessly trying to break into the city. They are no match for the guards when they are alone, but when they come in numbers, the whole city shakes in fear.


    The city:

    City view

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    Warrior quarters (located outside the city)

    This is the team that King Armayis has called to help protect the city from the investigators.

    The Team Slots:

    Three Wylan
    `Dairan Mich (Played by Thomas McTavish)
    `Dark Rain (Played by DragonFist1988)
    `Zane (Played by Surpy Soup)

    One Warrior
    `Arthur "Art" Joseph (Played by Megaladon)

    One witch
    `Selene (Played by James Estacado)

    Four Sea Maids
    ` Dawn Night (Played by SamIAm)
    `Alexandra Valium (Played by me)


    Age: (14-28 is preferred)
    Gender: (Wylan can be male, although it is rare)
    Appearance: (Please try to post a picture close to the species type I've posted)

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  2. My character:

    Name: Alexandra Valuim
    Age: 19
    Species: Sea Maid
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is stunningly beautiful, but it is only skin deep. She has a tendency to get power hungry and wants to lead the group. She can be very nasty when she is upset or angry, but when she is not, she is extremely kind and comfortable to be around.
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    Bio: She was raised in the home of a Sea Maid who was not her mother. Her mother is rumored to have been a Sea witch, but she was long dead and she had no memory of a father. She was taught the ways of the Sea Maids and how to please her king, and the only way she could think of was to cater to his every need. when he mentioned the quest, her thirst for adventure arose and she took no hesitation in joining the team.
  3. Please post your CS's here for approval and once we have all the slots filled, we can begin the IC
  4. I call warrior, but I won't be able to make an OC tonight. I'll do it tomorrow. Just reserve that spot please :3
  5. Okie Dokie! :D
  6. Can Wylan be male? Or not? I don't mind playing a female, I just want to know my options.
  7. [MENTION=4534]Thomas McTavish[/MENTION] Yes Wylan can be male, but they look different. They are not as pretty, more rough looking but still beautiful. Check out the Wylan again at the to, I added the Male.
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  8. My Character:
    Name: Dawn Night
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Species: Sea Maid
    Personality: She has quit a personality. She is has a bubbly personality, is smart, down to earth and generally a happy person. However she does have quit a temper and stubborn. She is not afraid to stand up for herself. She can be quit the tomboy and is independent.
    Bio: She has been friends with Alexandera ever since they were kids. Her mother was assisinated when she was young. So know it is just her and her father. She has been taught the Sea Maid ways. The only voice she pretty much listens to is hers, her father and her best friend.

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  9. Accepted SamIam!
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  10. Alright, thanks. I'll have a CS for a Wylan up when I can. Schools' starting on Monday, so, yeah.
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  11. YEAH! :D :3
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  12. Name: Dark Rain
    Age: 21
    Species: Wylan
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He's sort of a quiet fellow, not really much of a fighter it seems. But when the time comes to fight, he shocks everyone he's with normally. He is extremely strong willed and doesn't take anything from anyone. Will not speak unless spoken to usually, but sometimes he can even surprise himself.
    Bio: Was born from a sea witch and a shark. He is not the most attractive fellow, but he is, (like most other male Wylan's) Strangely beautiful. He was raised by the wayward sea witches, but chose not to learn the ways of Magic. Instead he practices the Ways of Sea maids, the ways of pleasing his king. He chose to learn to hunt and be a skilled marksman instead of magic, and his opportunity to join this team is his pay-off for the years he spent on training.
  13. Ill choose the witch cs up in a bit everything's on iPhone so please excuse any mistakes :)
  14. [MENTION=4871]DragonFist1988[/MENTION] Accepted!

    [MENTION=3419]James Estacado[/MENTION] no problem love :D
  15. Name : Selene aka the fallen one
    Age unknown longevity due to magicks
    Gender female

    Personality: harsh and aggressive. She uses all around her to gain what she wants. She is not truly on anyone's side but her own . Sometimes mischief is her only goal.

    Bio she learned magic through her ancestors and perfected the known arts when she was young. However her parents went missing and were found dead by what seemed human means. After that Selene cast aside all loyalties after all the Kingdom did not save her family and she grew up an outcast, due to being a rare breed of mermaid. It was a defect that caused octopus tentacles instead of fish fins, but it allowed her to move faster and have more options. Eventually she crafted her own magics and extended her life with the ability to control water in any form. Now she dwells beneath the kingdom in her dark domain.
  16. [MENTION=3419]James Estacado[/MENTION] I like the character, just be careful to remember that she cannot and will not be perfect, there will be things she can't do. In other words, please no God Modding. Keep the CS the same, but just be careful okay?

  17. Well yeah she can take damage she's not immortal but I understand.
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  18. Can I reserve the last Wylan? If not, I'll pick a Sea Maid. xD *squiggly shrug*
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  19. Of course you can have it reserved, but only for the a few hours. I would really like to start the IC tonight so I need CS's for all the reserved up very soon if possible. [MENTION=4534]Thomas McTavish[/MENTION], [MENTION=3712]Megalodon[/MENTION]
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