The Island Virus

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  1. Heyo! Haven't been on Iwaku in a while. To commemorate my return, I decided to make a roleplay :D Anyway, this was/is a small idea I had for a story and I thought why not make it a roleplay?

    The Island Virus

    The year was 2010. On the brink of a great scientific discovery, Dr. D. Elens requested permission to use a small island off of the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula for a small experiment. He had several test subjects, including one human.

    Dr. D. Elens believed he had finally found the panacea for ALL diseases ever known to man. A single, potent liquid that could destroy all viruses and bacterias that could be harmful to someones health, while not killing any other cells.

    However, Dr. D. Elens knew something was rather... Queer about his cure-all. He had been testing it on samples of HeLa cells and had seen strange results. The only way to see if these results were hazardous, however, was to test it on full-size, living specimens.

    His specimens were taken to the island and given a syringe-full of the liquid.

    Weeks passed and nothing had happened. No positive nor negative results.

    And then it came to be that one of the specimens, the single human, began exhibiting strange behaviours. The man would sit on the same rock everyday for two or more hours, without moving a single muscle. The only sign that he was alive was the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed.

    Even stranger behaviour began exactly three weeks after having been given the panacea.

    The man began hurting the other animals on the island. Not in a preditory way, like if he was hungry, but in a sadistic manner, as if he was having fun.

    And then it happened. In one fell-swoop, Dr. D. Elens's work was ruined.

    The man began to eat every animal he saw. He would lay in hiding, then jump out and bite them like some sort of animal. As if that wasn't bad enough, when they sent in some men to control him he attacked them as well, biting one. He escaped and no one could locate him anymore.

    Then things got even worse. Half-eaten animals were seen wandering around.

    Managing to get a sample from one of the animals, Dr. D. Elens discovered that the animals' cells had been re-animated.

    "By God," he said on a video-blog (found a few months later). "I've created zombies."

    And that was the last anyone heard from Dr. D. Elens. Contact with the island was completely cut-off.

    The governments of both Mexico and the United States declared that the island was to remain off-limits to travellers and tourists. No one was to land on the island, not even go near the island.

    May, 2012. Summer holidays have finally started for six college-students.

    What do they do? They decide to rent a small yacht and go on a casual cruise, not too far from the main-land. Unfortunately, they get caught in a severe storm.

    They wake up the day after the storm on a strange island.

    There ya'll have it :) My first rp in a long-time. So, for those of you interested in joining:

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    Of course, only six college students. Also some Coast Guards and maybe other government officials.


    If you have any ideas for the story and characters, please feel free to write them :)

    Sorry if it's kind of crappy or boring, I need to get back into my RP-making groove :shroom:
  2. Name: Henry Daringo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Student, College. (Bachelor's in Tech)
    Skill Set







  3. Name: Blaire "Bonnie" Johnson
    Age: 19

    College student, studying zoology

    Tends to be an optimist, always trying to find the good things in life. While a good quality, sometimes it just doesn't work .


  4. Name: Luke 'Shade' Dorian
    Age: 20

    College Student (Minors in Anatomy)

    Likes dark clothes and the shade (has a "connection" with the shadows). A little mysterious but not in a negative way.

  5. You're both approved. Sorry for not writing in here. Anyway, as soon as we get one or two more people I'll make the IC :)
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  8. Name: Misuki but most can't say her name right so she goes by Iris.

    College student

    Age: 15 and half

    Gender: Female

    Extremely intelligent (Reason why she is in college so young) and opened minded trying to learn and master any or everything. Quiet, shy and appears to be a nice young girl. She tries to avoid everyone for two reasons one, almost are mean or looks down at her because of her age and two, she has a fear of people causes of it is unknown for now. But every time someone sees her she is mostly reading or drawing somewhere alone. Reason why she came was the professors told her to go not wanting her to say at the school alone again for the whole summer.

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  14. Name: Alexis (Alex) Odin
    Age: 18

    College Student Major in English

    Personality: Active and Sporty, mischievous, sticks to her friends and is cautious of others

  15. Name: Alicia “Aly” Kraus

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: College student (Major in Game Development. Minor in English and Art.)

    Personality: Tends to calm and level headed most of the time. Becomes both angry and violent if anyone hurts her friends in any way.

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