The Irrines Tavern--A Story of One Night



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The Irrines Tavern

On one side of the town, on a street just far enough from the marketplace to avoid most of its crowds, sits a fairly plain wooden building, rather like a cabin amid the brick of the other businesses on the street. The sign far above its door, clearly hand-painted, reads "Irrines Tavern", and below that, in smaller letters, "lodgings for the night".

It's sunset, and you've traveled far enough. Opening the door, the smell of alcohol and noise of revelry, the murmur of talk, assail your senses. The room covers most of the building's ground floor, and would be spacious were it not so full of people. The bartender, it seems, is the owner, and has no time now to discuss which rooms are available. So you take a seat.

Later, the crowds have died down. Most of the locals who frequent the place have cleared out, as well as the workers who don't live in the tavern. It's just you and a few others left.
Details & Character Sheet

This RP is intended to be relatively short-term. It takes place over the course of a single evening, and within the confines of a single tavern and the nearby grounds.

The tavern is in a larger, unnamed, midieval/fantasy world. The events that occur within this RP are only a piece of the stories of its characters: the piece in which they are all in the same place at the same time. If, and only if, everyone really wants to, another RP may be created to continue their stories—but for now, we focus on the one and only night.

I leave the big-picture setting quite vague, with the intent of allowing anyone to come up with anything for a character. I encourage you to take advantage of this. Each player is limited to two characters; I will be playing only one, as I will also be doing some narration and running some NPCs. Unlike any other RP I have ever made, this will have limited space*, and will accept few if any characters once it has begun. So, get started today!
*--Just how limited, you ask? The tavern isn't a huge building, so as many as it seems could reasonably fit inside—if it gets that far before we decide to start.

The Tavern:
The tavern has three floors:
-The basement, where the food and drink is kept
-The first floor, where the bar, the seating, and the guests are
-The second floor, where the owner and some of the workers live, with a few rooms that are rented out from time to time.

This RP will focus on the first floor; here's a rough floor plan:

(Yes, I know, I'm not very good with MSPaint)

Anyway, here's the character sheet. It's a bit unusual, just try your best with it.

Appearance:(should include gender, apparent age and at least approximate actual age. if it's a picture, use and still type out those things)
Kind:(race or species, in other words. Give a description of the kind's general traits if it's anything besides human)
Position:(about where your character is within the bar, based on their personality/present condition/history, relative to objects shown in the image above. You can't be in the exact same place as someone else.)
What are you doing here?(Have your character answer, in first person, with some account of what they are doing in the tavern or its vicinity. Try to clue us in to their personality with this.)[/noparse]
Guest List & Worker Roster

The character listing is divided into two sections, workers and guests. If a character is marked [NPC], it is claimable. You may write up a sheet for the character and make him or her your own. If [NPC] is in red, however, that means the character belongs to the plot and cannot be taken by players.

Guest List:


Worker Roster:

Jacob Irrines: [NPC] The owner and bartender of the tavern, a middle-aged human man. He has a somewhat intimidating appearance, but is quite friendly if you get to know him. The tavern's been in his family for generations.

Reserved post.

RP is now open for characters.
Name: Declan Kavarius

Appearance: 31, tall, lean and of fair complexion. He dressed in heavy patchwork robes and often wears a variety of masks. His face is kindly, smooth but with a few wrinkles to tell of intrepid days.

Kind: Human

Position: On the stage, preparing a performance

What are you doing here? Long have I travelled, from the ice plains of Vonheldus and through the Kalimane forests, daring death and damnation from the cursed races. With elves and nymphs I have dabbled, embroiled in ancient mysteries and secrets arcane. Now across the ocean I return to lands of man, with stories to tell and wonders to share. For a few pennies and goodly shelter I will share my tales, for there is none more ancient than fools and storytellers.
Declan's good, Asmodeus.

--I'll be internetless from now till next Sunday. When I get back on I'll check on any other characters that are up and post up my own.
Such is my power...
I'm...gonna have to find some way to promote this, I guess.
Name: Frederick DeVil
Appearance: He wears a brown leather traveller's coat and a wide-brimmed hat to cover his face. He also has a faded blue scarf over his mouth and nose. He's 40, though he sports premature wrinkles. Beneath the scarf a few charms can be seen dangling from his neck. He has black leather gloves with polished metal knuckles. Charms seem to hang from his wrists, too. He has a dark purple tattoo over his right eye and a charm pierced in his ear.
Kind: Human
Position: A table in the right corner of the tavern, leaning against the entrance wall. His leather boots are up on top of the table and his arms are folded over his chest. No one is sitting by him, his presence forbidding it.
Why are you here?: "...I'm looking for someone. He'll be here soon and I'll take him off your hands. Do me a favor? Things get hecktic, stay out of my way."
I havent seen any women sign up. Should I try my hand at this one? I have an idea for a great character, but will wait to get approval first. Still working on her traits so I'll post her once she is done.
Sorry I took so long to respond to this again...
-Quiet one, Frederick is good.
-Inky, I eagerly await to see your character.

-I will try and get my character up quite soon.
Name: Inuseira (ee-noo-sey-(d)a)
Appearance: Inuseira can take two forms, as well as those between. She can take the form of a wolf with dark brown, white-spotted fur, or that of a young-adult woman evidently wearing the pelt of said wolf. Her most humanoid form still retains certain wolf-like qualities, such as sharp teeth and long ears, and is shorter than average--equal to the length of her wolf form. Her eyes are a deep yellow, which may be mistaken for brown from a distance. Though she is a few centuries old, Inuseira's human form appears to be in its mid-twenties. She is not particularly alluring, but nor is she ugly; she is strong, but retains a kind of elegance. Her hair, the same coloration as the fur, without spots, just barely reaches her shoulders.
Kind: Inuseira is of the Narteal, sometimes called wolf gods, though their power is roughly that of nymphs or dryads. They act as protectors of most kinds of canines, and are respected and obeyed by them as the 'high alphas' for it. Their natural form looks like any other wolf; they are capable of a more human guise, and are able to use a small amount of elemental magic, but this is the extent of their actual power.
Position: Curled up on the rug in wolf form, not far from the fire, eyes closed but not asleep.
What are you doing here? I need a break. I have been looking for the answer to an important question that has arisen among my kind...the Narteal specifically. This place stinks less than the others, I was not refused here as with some places, and there are a number of risks to resting outside. And there are rumors that a wizard who may hold my answer is coming to this town soon, so I cannot leave it yet.
I've been thinking about making another character for this. Someone for my first character to be after, since we don't yet know what else would happen that night.
If this thing gets enough people to get off the ground, I'll gladly fill any "holes" with plot-convenient NPCs...but you're allowed to make the other person if you want.
Name: Laurence Emerson
Appearance: He's 32 but looks to be in his mid-twenties. His hair is knotted up in itself and hasn't had a decent trim in months. His clothes look like they were once of a high nobility, but are now so filthy and disheveled that the fine satin can hardly be recognized. He has wide grey eyes and three different brown coin bags around his belt.
Kind: Human
Position: Sitting on the stool in the corner section of the bar, where it's two halves meet. He's slumped over his drink, trying to make himself as small and unnoticable as possible, but he can't help nervously darting his head around the room. Jumps at the slightest sound.
What are you doing here? "Wha-?! Uh, nothing, nothing! I'm j-just having a drink. Making f-full use of the b-bar. Hey, w-who's t-the guy in the corner? He's making me n-nervous."<!-- / message -->
Sorry for ignoring this one...for...quite awhile. I'd like to bring it to fruition soon.
Laurence Emerson is good.
Name: Arria Galbraith
Appearance: She's 28 with blonde hair about 3 inches past her shoulders, blue eyes and high cheekbones. Her siren attributes make her thin and fair skinned, and she wears a dark brown cloak over her clothes with the hood up if she's outside.
Kind: Part siren, part human.
Position: Sitting at the table directly left of the entry door with her back to the bar and shoulder to the stage.
What are you doing here? I just need a warm place to stay for the night, and then I'll be out of your hair. I'm busy looking for the one person who can answer my questions, but the nights are getting colder, and much more dangerous for someone like me to be out. Although my quest seems like a hopeless waste of time I'm determind, and who knows, I might even find a friend on the way.
Arria is good. Hope to hear from you soon, Grumpy.