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  1. Welcome to The Insiders Inn, death and murder are an option.we welcome all to our calm inn in the middle of nowhere. Once you come in you you are not leaving.
    Once you see the inn
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    Once you come to visit for a little bit
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    I hope you enjoy your stay.
    While it lasts.
  2. Name:joy
    Image: Captive_Angel-wallpaper-10783352.jpg Personality:calm at times, deadly, daring, shy, friendly, brave, evil,kinky
    Species:part fallen angel half dark angel part demon
    Other:founder and owner of The Insider Inn,Has black hair, dark gold eyes, is the devil's angel,will kill with no mercy
    Is a slave of an angel hunter, always has her hands chained together.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Michael Lyvin

    Age: 18


    • Caring
    • Naive
    • Straightforward
    • Skittish
    • Crybaby
    • Unstable

    Species: Human (Possessed)

    Other: Michael's body is weak and fagile that could eventually kill him if his negative emotions run to high or pushed over its limits. Though the current state that he is in doesn't help with a spirit hitch haking his life.

  4. Walks up to the Insiders Inn. " when will people come to this beautiful inn of mine?" Opens my wings.
  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]His body was shaking from exhaustion when he entered the old Inn. The boy leaned the wooded ol’ fence to put his slowing limping weight to rest. His breathing was shaky as well from his burned out lungs. He was so happy to find an house nearby from his previous stay and travels. He glanced at the building with a smile and pushed himself up once more and jogged with little energy he had left. As he gotten near he seen a pale woman in front of the building and slowed to a halt and stared at her. He watched as he wings opened to show it’s true length. It wasn’t the first he seen something paranormal, but it didn’t also mean that he seen them every day from where he use to live. There was only a few that he knew was and wasn’t nice. He gulped, it was now or never, and spoke. “H-Hello?”[/BCOLOR]
  6. I look up and spots a fragile looking boy probably 17 at my best guess. ' h-hello' he says. I turn to look at him my chains jingle. " hi there. You look tired hun. What brings you to my inn?" I reveal my chained feet by mistake. " I haven't seen anyone pass by here in 6 months. You look hungry as well." I close my wings and smiles.
  7. He looked down at the sound of the chains that was tighten around the girl's wrists then nodded going back to her attention. "U-uh yes...I was wonderin - wait? Inn?" He asked shocked with a raised brow at the old building, but it made it all the better at his situation. It wouldn't be at all awkward now that he knew it was an Inn. His eyes blinked at her at words and clingy metal on the ground. More cuffs. The cuffs and chains was starting to make him have second thoughts of coming in this called Inn. "Oh 6-6" His cracked in nervousness as well as his chuckle that he was able to put out from his fatigue. He wanted to nod about the fact that he was hungry, but instead shook his head. " O-o-oh no I'm fine. " He added looking down at her.
  8. I look at my chains. " if you are wondering why I have chains its because I use to be an slave to an angel hunter but I escaped." I smile. " you look tired you should come stay for a lil bit it won't hurt and I can tell a hungry person when I see one." My chains jingle on my wrists.
    I go inside the inn. " follow me hun." Waves you to follow me.
  9. He nodded hearing this and looked down a bit feeling bad for staring at her chains. He glanced back at her at her next words and looked behind him before deciding to follow her. Chains or not staying here would be a lot better then where he was before, plus he was pretty hungry. His surprised that he lasted this long without food for some weeks. He entered the building and shut it behind him as he followed her along and glanced around looking at all the things that was within the Inn. It was pretty empty.. like a creepy silent. Guess it would feel this way since it havn't seen any living in months. "Excuse me, but why would the owner keep an ol' place like this at the middle of no where...t-though it's not my place, but.." He stopped for a second to think, he wasn't complaining or anything he was glad to see something here. Cause if he didn't he wouldn't be getting something eat and rest at this moment. Michael would be the woods dinner right now. "- n--nevermind. " He decided to close his mouth worried he might annoy her.
  10. I smile. " for a child like you be lucky I keep this inn in check. This inn Is for people who need a place to rest after there adventures." -i stop and turns to face you. " how rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Joy I'm 16, I'm part fallen angel, half dark angel, and part demon." I lead you to the dinning room. " I may speak like an old lady but as you can see people don't come around much." Snaps my fingers and food appears on the table.
    " I hope you enjoy ur stay." Whispers to myself out of earshot. " because once you enter there's no going back." I grin and slightly laughs as I go to the front of the inn.
    Waits for another passing people. Goes back inside and claps my hands making this place look like it just opened.
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  11. My chains jingle as I walk around. " non-removeable was never the smart idea Gregory....." I say to myself.
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Maiden
    Age: Unknown
    Personality: Cold, quiet
    Species: Kitsune mercenary
    Other: Nil.

  13. [BCOLOR=transparent]He nodded as he listened to her and chuckled at her awkwardly then blinked a couple of times when she turned to him catching off guard making him squeak under his breathe. “Hm?! O-oh, jesus.., I’m Mic-” He just as he started he stopped hearing what this creature was and soon the food appearing upon the table with just a snap of a finger of her’s. He stared at the delicious food that was on the table making him walk over and sit, it almost made his mouth water. Now not even paying attention to her, he began eating the food and nodded at whatever she had said. His slow reaction of what he probably caught he looked up at her, though when she did the woman wa already gone his face was filled with confusion. “Hm?” He wasn’t sure if he heard her say something or not, he just shrugged it off for now and ask her later when he is finished. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Michael pulled off his torn jacket that he wore to give his body some air from the heat of his travels and placed down next to him on the sit. Gods it felt so good sit down again and actually eat food without having to be alert for once. Even if it's just little it felt good to him which made smile spread on his lips as he chewed. Once he was finished he patted his stomach in satisfaction and stood up with a stretch and glanced around the building once more. It was an interesting Inn indeed, Michael walk over to the door where he came from and open it. Hopefully she was still out there. “Ma’am, I wanna thank you for= oh she not here...hmm.” He closed the door and began scratching his head to think where she could’ve gone. When realization struck him his eyes blinked and seen that the place looked a lot different than before. It was bright a cheery like any ol’ inn in the city. Was it always like this? No, he remember it being down and creepy. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]So decided to go find her, it didn’t take long until he seen the woman large wings and rubbing chains and spoke. “Ah there you are!” He called out to her to get her attention. “I would like to thank you for your service and apologize again for my questions.” He said before coughing into his hands, he backed away from her a bit from coughing on her by mistake. “Sorry…” He said then glanced at her added remembering the new question now buzzed his mind. “You must be a fast cleaner or what?”[/BCOLOR]
  14. Maiden paused for a moment and started at the front door of the inn. She hadn't been there before, nor had she ever heard of it, so she guessed it may have been a good place to find a job. Sighing, she stepped inside and looked around. There didn't seem to be many people. As she stepped through the front room, she looked around studying the place. It was strange, definitely.
  15. I hear the teen and turns around as he coughs on me andi smile. "Its OK and no problem...." I take a step back. " I am a fast cleaner when it comes to using my powers. I haven't used them in years though not since then...." My voice trails off and I shiver remembering when I was a slave to the angel hunter Georgy.
  16. I notice a kitsune mercenary walking up to the inn. I see her go inside and I smile. "Its been a while...." I go inside and greets the lady. "Hello miss. Welcome to the Insiders Inn!" I say cheerful.
  17. Maiden flinched slightly and looked over her shoulder. With a frown, she nodded her reply, not particularly wanting to talk to someone who gave off such a vibe.
  18. Frowns " I am guessing you are not a cheerful person which I'm fine with." My chains around my hands and ankles jingle as I walk towards you. " I'm guessing you are looking for a job." Closes my black angel wings.
  19. Maiden narrowed her eyes and tilted her head. "How do you know that?" she asked. As far as she was concerned, she would only expect that she needed somewhere to stay. But then again, she could be a psychic.
  20. "I don't get many people here and I was only guessing." Rubs my wrists. " Plus I need some help around here anyway....." Looks down at my chains on my ankles.
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