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  1. The Infinity Aspiration begins.​

    So it was that on the winter solstice of Ehx that the Ydruz society began to cull its psions. Their society had grown icy as their homeworld in fear of their dangerous talents. It wasn't without due justice; many other planets had fallen victim to the whims of less restrained exemplars of such prowess. Ehx would not join them, for such an enlightened people would not allow it, nor would the very psions they deemed too dangerous to leave unattended. But not all were so content to remain isolated for their mere nature. She was to be a warrior-priestess, but little else could be done. Not like this.

    From Nexrith hailed a predator's son; his society's primal nature had alienated him so that he joined the others of his generation in exodus for thirst of enlightenment. But without a source of knowledge, he would be without satiation. Thus he learned of the plight of near Ehx. Many of his ilk consider the Ydruz to be enlightened already, a cooperative society built on trust and safe competition. Yet imprisonment persisted. How crude.

    Dark Veiter, whose black sky was without the light of the cosmos, spawned a Glaest whose actions would speak on his behalf. The alien's insular heart had turned outward in light of the infinite possibilities of the universe. He would one day set a pilgrimage for his people, precedenting a new era of thought in the minds of his kind. It began with a pointy creature he met on a barge, who told him of his sister-in-spirit trapped by her own birthright. This would not do.

    The World of Wires, a homeland built by the Valesier, grew a virus whose many faces made her nigh-immortal. It was no coincidence that she came by the same barge. Freed from her own shackles merely years ago, she could not stand to behold such a familiar race falling to the same errors as hers. The Dragx had not made the mistake of imprisoning its strongest warriors; the Glaest had embraced their wisdom; the Ydruz ought to learn from their neighbors. They will learn.

    The barge wasn't anything exotic. It was only a Terran vessel; unimpressive, but worthy of its trade. The few aliens aboard recognized the boldness of the welcome. Such a primitive race seldom interacted with their stratos. A crew like this may serve them well one day: simple and loyal. But the captain made clear their stay would end once Ehx had come near. It was a trip, not a party. But the service was cheap, and without the support of their communities, the aliens supposed the bargain was fair.

    This was to be the final day of the journey. Their contact could only remain linked to their minds for so long in an hour before being discovered. Time was short, but with all four together for the moment, there was much to discuss.
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  2. Variis sat on the floor with his legs curled up to his chest. Even after so long, this Dragx had not grown accustomed to many things, sitting on chairs was one of them. He looked over to his two physical companies.

    "Soooo...what was the plan again?"
  3. Life had took an unexpected turn for Carina, never would she have thought to one day be sitting with people just like her, planning what seemed to be the pick up (could she call it that?) of a fellow psion. And she wasn't alone, there were two more, three if you counted the non-physical one. One was called Variis, from Nexrith. Carina had always thought the Dragx to be crude creatures, savages who liked to walk around with no clothes on, but after having met Variis, she was willing to change her view on them. Also, she didn't want to be like those who despised the psions, that would only make her an hypocrite. The other one was Krell, from Veiter. The Glaest was an interesting character, to say the least, not like most of his race, this was a nice refresher. His intellectuality rubbed Carina in the good way, since she too was someone who enjoyed to learn. He didn't seem to be someone difficult to live with. Tevryn though, from Ehx, was more difficult to read. Especially because Carina didn't know the Ydruz personally, she seemed quiet, a cultured person. But she wouldn't truly know until she met her, face to face. For now, she, no, they had to focus on how to get to Ehx.

    Carina rolled her eyes to Variis' question, her patience already running thin with the Dragx.

    "Once we arrive, our first task is to meet Tevryn. It would be foolish to want to travel in a planet none of us know that well. The problem is how to do that without being caught." Carina passed a hand through her hair, sighing in frustration. "Our communication time is too short to do this with calmness, which would be the essential. There would be no way for Tevryn to explain to us the way through telepathy, the time is not enough. Unless..."

    The Valesier came to a halt as an idea popped in her mind, her grey eyes shining and moving around, as if reading something in the air. Calculations ran through her mind, weighting the pros and cons. "If Tevryn is able to send me an image of the place she is, I can teleport to her. And then, with her, we'll be able to meet you guys at some pre determined place. The question is: will I be capable of teleporting all the way there? You listening, Tevryn? Can you send me an image and the coordinates of your spot?"

    Maybe it wasn't the best idea, to risk a teleportation like that, but she couldn't think of anything else. Unless Variis or Krell or Tevryn had some other better idea, she couldn't think in a better alternative. Also, they stil had to think in a way of not being caught. Teleportation was quick, but not easy to hide. One mistake and Carina could end up in front of a guard or any psion hater. Honestly, it could all go down in shit, which is why she was hoping the others had something else in mind.
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  4. They
    weren't sure quite what to do with the psions. The capitol city had never teemed with so much life, peoples across the planet Ehx coming to voice their opinions and thoughts at the summit. Little had been actually decided upon in the votes that took place over the past few weeks, the tallies so close in number that it was impossible to draw a fair conclusion. For the first time in their history, the Ydruz were torn.

    It was mutually agreed that the psions posed a danger to the planet and it's people. Others in Tevehx may let these threatening, gifted individuals run free, but Ehx would not be one of them. There was talk of closing entry to the planet to all foreigners arriving from land where psions walked free; some wanted to close their planet off forever, to all. A few called for war, others for pure, simple denial. Would it be best to be isolated? Would isolation harm the Ydruz? They had never been reliant on outsiders, after all. But what if their own psions became too much of a threat, a danger to Ehx, and no one was there to help the Ydruz people? The collapse of their world simply would not do. This was the tipping factor for the masses.

    So, it was decided; no psions in, no psions out. The male and female Ydruz alike who expressed these extraordinary powers were to be accounted for and isolated, away from the public, away from those they could hurt with their uncontrollable skills. The common people would not longer have to live with such felons in their midst. As for foreigners, the same rule applied. The Ydruz were ruthless in their conviction to this decision.

    Zuyttyn. Tevrah-Tevryn, who worked fervently and publicly to investigate the origins of her new abilities, was taken suddenly, from her very dwelling and home. Her mothers hardly had a chance to say their goodbyes and whisper prayers of good will before their doted daughter was whisked away. Her youngest sister wept over Tevryn's absence; a foreign display of emotion from an individual so newborn. There was little the Ydruz female could do but whisper her song in her sister's mind in moments she felt strength.

    Where she was now, she knew not. Her location had not been disclosed to her, though she knew it was monitored--a rare use of technology on Ehx, an invisible-electric barrier around the edges of her new dwelling kept her locked inside, a prisoner, and she could see without the help of her new-found skills the tiny sheen of small camera lens'. Were they watching her now? Perhaps they only activated as she neared the barrier. She had discovered it in the worst way possible, and still bore the scars from the burning of pulsating electricity.

    However, she did know of the three who came to recover her. She'd dreamed of them, fuzzy figures that seemed to understand her plight, and empathize. If she had not come to learn of the three, she would have resigned herself to her fate, but their will drew her in. They could help. She was not meant to be caged; no bird was. She and these strangers seemed to share that ideal.

    Now, as she sat, her legs folded neatly into a prayer pose and her hands against the ground, she communed with them. "They are close," she whispered to herself before focusing to the tune of her psion, easing into the minds of her saviors.

    Yes, Carina. I am listening, though I am unsure if I am able to offer coordinates; I know not where I am. I can send you images. I believe your mind will be receptive enough to perceive them. Let me try.

    She dug through her memories, of which she found were stunningly clear since discovering her power. She dredged through past thoughts of the journey here, through the snippets of the world she had caught, of the things she had seen since arriving. She was south of Zuyttyn, most definitely near the central strip of Ehx. Even in the deep of the winter season she could feel the warmth that stained the air here, making her skin sting. The snow outside seemed warmer still, and in the growth exploded with animal life she'd only seen in books.

    That was what she sent to Carina; the image of where she sat then, and what she new of the south. It only slightly narrowed down their options, but it was something at least. Perhaps the Valesier would be able to deduce her location simply from that. Tevryn hardly knew the extent of her skill.

    I suggest you attempt to find my location before traveling to me. My people will not take kindly to your arrival here on Ehx, or in my prison. Should your presence be found out, I may be able to hide your tracks, but my strength won't last. I cannot maintain a telepathic link both to you and to others simultaneously.
  5. "What if," Variis said. "I pretended to be a guard. Would I be able to get to Tevryn?" Variis' hand morphed to match that of a typical Ydruz's hand. "I'd still need a location and maybe a uniform, though. Actually, I think I could take care of the uniform part."
  6. Krell looked at the others. Ideas sprung from his mind as he heard plans being thrown around as to how to save their new comrade. Carina gave a good suggestion of teleportation, a capability that Krell also had, while Variis suggested use of biomorphosis to hide among the enemy ranks. Krell saw flaws in both plans, weighing the pros and the cons of both seemed to result in some unknown variables. And Krell did not like to gamble with "Maybe"s.

    Krell spoke up.
    "If I may. I see issues with both plans. Due to a lack of information, we cannot guarantee that you, Carina, can teleport to her exact location for extraction. For all we know, you may accidentally teleport directly into a nearby barracks, after all, they would not have a prison without at least a good multitude of guards. Which brings up your plan Variis. In hindsight, it is a good plan, but we cannot account for anything such as a password needed to enter the facility, nor how to respond to other guards if they were to question what you were doing. Such a plan is reminiscent of a movie, and sadly, will not likely function in a real situation."

    Krell then made a flourish of his right hand
    "But I would like to present another plan. I am gifted enough to hold the ability of Polypresence. Along with my ability of Telepathy, I believe that we can bridge both plans, and using our combined efforts, free our dear Tevryn. What I propose is that Variis and I are taken to the ground. Using my Polypresence, I would take control of a guard and have us "Arrested". I would then feed information I take from the guard to you, Carina. Via our Telepathy. Once me and Variis are inside, we will cause a distraction while you, Carina, use the information I give you to locate Tevryn, and using your, digital inclination, free her from whatever cell she is locked in. Once you both are out of the facility, me and Variis can use our abilities to safely escape as well...."

    The Glaest paused
    "Any other suggestions?"

    He seemed rather nonchalant about his plan.
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  7. "I like that idea," said the Dragx as he got to his feet. "However, I need to head to the restroom. I'll be right back."

    Variis left the group in a hurry, quickly muttering an apology as he bumped passed another passenger. He was gone for a while, perhaps gone so long that the other two might have started to worry. Variis eventually rushed back to his companies.

    "Hey, guys," he hesitantly started. "Did you know that in a room at the back of the ship, there's a hole that you should never, ever, ever relieve yourself in?" The entire ship shuddered and and a siren, accompanied with shouting, began wailing as Variis' red eyes blinked twice. "Well, it exists."
  8. Whatever tragedy had occurred, it did so in a spectacularly catastrophous manner. Whether Variis had inadvertently caused it himself or if an obnoxious sequence of coincidences had aligned, the freighter indeed found itself in quite a pickle.

    The shudder was, in fact, a great heaving of the engines as they buckled under the stress of their own power source. Terrans still relied on dangerously volatile matter/antimatter fusion cores, and as potent as they were, any amount of abuse resulted in a prolonged feedback loop punctuated by a very bright light show. Which is what all the yelling was about. Apparently the crew was abandoning ship, and the nearest safe haven was, indeed, Ehx.

    And Ehx had no qualms housing harmless Terrans escaping certain death. The three psions aboard, on the other hand...
  9. As the ship rocked around, Variis did his best to keep his balance. The Dragx, peeking out, got a good view of what a long drop it would be to Ehx. The ship, without its engines, was slowly being pulled into Ehx's atmosphere. Free fall was imminent.

    He turned to his companies as he quickly made a plan on the go.
    "Carina, do you think you can teleport yourself out to the ground before we crash? I think I can survive via my biomorphosis if I stay in the ship. Krell...well, I don't know what you want to do. You can go with Carina and come find me later or you can strap down with me. I'm pretty sure a crash landing will draw the attention of the Ydruz authority so we don't need to worry about being arrested."
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