The Hunger Games. A book based RP



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Yes ok I'll post my charrie shortly. I'm considering whether to have another bot or girl. Maybe have twins although that mightn't work?

The Raven's Song

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Name: Salena

Gender: Female

Age: 17

District: 4


Personality: She may look like a perfect princess but she's tough, strong, and quick. She is also very resourceful and can make almost anything by hand, this is a huge advantage in the arena. She never wanted to be in the games, as she doesn't like to fight and finds the whole thing barbaric. Her plan is to stay safe until the very last moment when there are only one or two tributes left, then try and kill them.

Background: Salena has lead a simple but comfortable life, as such she has never had to sign up for Teserai. She was shocked when her 12 year old sister was chosen, and immediately stood up to take her place. She wouldn't let her die, she wouldn't have a chance in the arena. To be honest neither did Salena, but she put on a brave face for her father and sister and promised she would try her best.

Talent: She is excellent with a trident, and is likened to a mermaid with her swimming and fishing skills. She is also a good climber and good with a knife.

Other: She wears this necklace, it is the unofficial symbol of District four. It will be recognized by everyone in 4, but probably not anywhere else.