The Hunger Games. A book based RP

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  1. The Hunger Games.

    The Hunger Games takes place in an unidentified future time period after the destruction of North America, in a nation known as Panem. Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol and twelve surrounding, poorer districts, originally 13.
    As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol, every year one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected at random and forced to participate in the Hunger Games, a televised event where the participants, or "tributes", must fight to the death in a dangerous outdoor arena until only one remains.
    There is just one rule. Kill or be killed.

    The tributes can be either from the poor side of the district, or the wealthier side of the district.
    The Districts are as follows:
    District 1: Luxury items for the Capitol
    District 2: Medicine/ Mining/ Providing Peacekeepers
    District 3: Electronics/Techology
    District 4: Fishing
    District 5: Breeding/Splicing DNA
    District 6: Scientific Research.
    District 7: Lumber and paper products
    District 8: Factories
    District 9: Food Processing
    District 10: Livestock
    District 11: Agriculture
    District 12: Coal mining
    District 13: Graphite mining and nuclear power(Been destroyed)

    Main Information:

    It's now up to you to decide.
    Decide who your character shall be; their strengths, their weaknesses.
    How long will they last in this game of survival?
    Now, you need to sum things up.
    Let's use district 12 for example: if your character is from the seam, which means lower working class- coal miner ect... than they will be poor, and possibly quite malnourished, and have to sign up for the teserai, which means you get grains, and a small amount of food for your family but theres a catch each time you sign up your name gets added into the games once more for each family member, making you more prone to being chosen for the games.
    (Every time you sign up for the teserai your name gets entered once for each family member say you have 5 mouths to feed when your twelve your name will be entered 6 times, when your 13, 12 times, 15 its entered 24 times, by the time your 18 it's entered 42 times.)
    Or you could be from the wealthier part of the district, and have enough money to not sign up for the teserai, this causes quite a separation between the classes, thus making more interesting games.
    However you could imagine in district 1, where they are closer to being the Capitols pets, they are treated more fairly, and have more food, they could possibly train for the games, even though this is against the rules, and you could be punished severely by the peace keepers if caught, but for districts like these, this is not the case, and the games is a huge honor instead of a punishment.
    Okay, so hopefully now you get the gist of how fair these games are.

    Now the tributes are chosen they are taken to rooms for their family, friends ect.. to say their goodbyes.
    They then go onto a train, they have their own dorms, and can eat as much as they like of food from the capitol and other districts.
    On the train is where they meet their mentor, a previous victor from the games.
    If theres a male victor he mentors the male tribute, like wise for the female if theres a female victor, however if theres one victor they mentor both male and female victor, either privately or openly whichever the tributes choose.
    When they arrive at the Capitol, they get all dolled up by their styling team, and get driven around so they can wave and say hello and blow kisses and stuff, gaining *sponsors, fans ect..
    Then there is a week of training, where the tributes learn how to use weapons, camouflage, and learn what plants ect.. they can eat.(They may have a specific talent, but lets be realistic if you're poor that's not very likely)
    After that week you get scored on a specific talent of your choice 0 being the lowest 12 being the highest.
    If you get a high score you will most likely get good sponsors. (*Meaning they send you stuff in your hour of need- food medicine ect...)
    Once that's over with the tributes get interviewed individually by Caesar Flickerman, and the crowd gets to know the tribute a little more,, the tribute should have a specific kind of "style" like controlled, nice, bubbly, silent and strong, ect... whatever is going to get them sponsors.
    The very next day the tributes are sent int the fight to the death until one remains, they then win their district honor, luxuries and the victor gets a luxury house in the victors village and lots of money to keep them supplied for the rest of their lives, their family may live with them.
    The victor is also then immune from the games.
    Okay so I have that over with...(This has taken AGES believe it or not, considering I had to attempt to word it correctly...I still think it's rather confusing, any help just contact me.)

    There can only be ONE boy and ONE girl from each district.
    We need at least 3 characters to be sacrificed at the cornucopia .
    You do your own interviews, but I shall be the game keeper. (ie. control weather, keep the tributes together to fight or team up ect..)
    Some have to die, not quickly but some need to die in order for it to continue, I understand you get attached.
    There can be romance, the whole forbidden love thing can be rather intriguing to act out but I don't think anything to graphic please.
    Also, make sure you interact, please don't be a "Loner" in this as it'll die quite fast, and I want it to be ongoing.
    Okay so the character sheet.



    Talents:(Can they climb, run fast, use a bow and arrow, use a trident ect...)

    Right, that's the end of it.
    "May the odds be Ever in your favor."
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    Name: Valkyrie Salén
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Valkyrie has long dark hair that frames a small oval face with a heavy fringe slightly covering her eyes- her eyes are violet in color and quite large. She has pale skin and high cheekbones with slashes for brows and pale pink lips always set into a thin line. Her figure is reasonably tall and slim being neither skinny nor obese, however her usual outfit does not outline this; dark black jeans stained and ripped with years of dirt and use, homemade boots made from leather and formerly her brother's and a t-shirt faded grey from black from many washes. She also wears the battered black jacket of her father's that he gave to her before he died. One other thing that Valkyrie really owns is her grandmother's ring; two stones of sapphire and a diamond inset into a circle of pure silver, twinkling in the gentle sunshine and slightly cool to the touch.
    Personality: Although she is not absolutely unsociable and cruel Valkyrie is not known for her considerable kindness and charm either, more for her short sentences and short temper. She thoroughly loves her brothers who are nine and eighteen, her older brother being the provider and the carer of the family, as her mother is getting too old to be of much use except for looking after the sheep and helping to lay the lambs.
    Background: Valkyrie has lived in District 10 all of her life. never setting a foot out of it so it comes as a big shock for her when her name is chosen. her father died when she was seven years old and her brother, who was only 10, took it upon himself to care for his younger siblings and mother, maturing quickly for his age as most people his age in the districts generally do. She entered her name in the teserai as soon as she was able at the age of 12 but has been lucky for the last three years except for now.
    Talents:Valkyrie is not fantastic at any weapons really. only being able to handle a dagger. She is, though, a fantastic horse rider and has a rare talent with animals as she does come from a district of livestock.
    Other: Valkyrie is very loyal and likes to trust people but she doesn't trust people very much, after all, who can you trust?
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    Name: Eliot Danders
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Eliot has the average features of a male his age but considers himself more handsome then he really is; sun-browned hair, slightly tanned skin and quite a plump figure as he is from the wealthier part of the district. His eyes are blue in color but the blue is rather dull. The only expeditionary part of his appearance are his clothes which are made from fine rich materials of obvious wealth; a dark wine-red tunic with a long-sleeved cream-colored shirt and cream-colored trousers tucked into fine leather boots that are knee-high.
    Personality: Eliot is an arrogant vain jerk who thinks himself stationed above everyone due to his wealth and family upbringing. He enjoys making other people feel pain and is also malicious as well as spiteful- he does not let things go easily, for example, if someone says they do not like him then he will make sure that they are hurt in some way to make "amends".
    Talents: Eliot has few talents, his skill with the sword, "his skill with women" and his skill at making delicate pieces of metal and glass that can only be described as beautiful.
    Other: He is not one to trust.
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  6. Name: Margot Schacht
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    District: 2<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

    Appearance: Long black hair, bright blue eyes. More soon.

    Personality: Margot is a determined thing. Still too young to understand the way the world works, she’s a bit naïve, but it only makes her persistence even more noticeable. She’s not a quitter.

    Background: Margot has grown up in a family of doctors and researchers. In her twelve years, she has studied from every book her family had. She’d watch from outside surgical rooms and follow nurses around to pick up tid-bits of information. They encouraged her, forced her to study, knowing that if and when she was chosen for these games, it would be hard.

    Talents: Margot may look like an ordinary child on the outside, but she’s quite the contortionist. The way she bends her body can be useful for skills such as sneak and hide. She’s also quite the climber. Also, with her parents in medicine, Margot knows what to do in case of an emergency, whether it is to create a make-shift brace or tourniquet or what plants may be helpful in saving someone’s life.

    Other: Margot is a friendly. Sometime overly so.
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  8. Hunger Game's Bio.​


    Name: Avery Greene

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    District: 1

    Appearance: Avery is beautiful to say the least.
    Her light blonde hair flows elegantly down her back, her bangs just about cover half of her eyes; which are a bright amber, her iris contains golden flecks that are more noticeable in the sunlight.Avery is fairly short, but slim, strong and agile, her skin is a soft nude color, and her cheeks have a warm pink complexion.Avery usually wears black jeans, that have faded over the years and tough black foots she inherited off of her brother, and a dark blue riding jacket her mother had given her on her 12th birthday.

    Skills:Avery is a natural. When she has time she practices with whatever weapon she can get hold of, she is excellent at throwing knives and she can use a bow and arrow like it was the most simple of things, hitting her target 9/10 times. Avery has dabbled in fighting with swords, and was fairly good, not much to brag about though, from her brother also she had been given a book of medicinal herbs, and other plants you can eat.

    Background: Avery grew up in a fairly wealthy family, her father and mother provided her with all they could, but were always worried about the games.
    Her parents had lost one child to the games, Avery's younger sister. She was 12 when she was entered and she was murdered at the cornucopia, her brother was taken to the games when he was 18 and came back victor, he had told his only living sister everything he could. including giving her his bots to help her get used to the feel, and attempt to train her in secret, including daily running exercises.

    Other: Her token is a golden pin with her family crest.
  9. The District spots.

    Spot's that are available for use, and who's playing them.

    Show Spoiler
    District 1:
    Male-Makene. (Eliot Danders)
    Female- Uniiquea. (Avery Greene)

    District 2:
    Male-- reserved Uniiquea
    Female- Katla. (Margot Schacht)

    District 3:
    Male--reserved Makene
    Female- Uniiquea (Lucinda Grace)

    District 4:
    Male-killed off at cornucopia
    Female--killed off at cornucopia

    District 5:
    Female-killed off at cornucopia

    District 6:
    Male-killed off at cornucopia
    Makene (Christine Goldeye)

    District 7:
    Female-killed off at cornucopia

    District 8:
    Male-killed off at cornucopia

    District 9:
    Female-killed off at cornucopia

    District 10:
    killed off at cornucopia
    Female- Makene (Valkyrie Salén)

    District 11:
    Female-killed off at cornucopia

    District 12:
    Male-killed off at cornucopia

    10 to be killed of.
    2 reserve
    6 charries
    6 charries to be made.
  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Lucinda Grace.
    District: 3
    Appearance: With a cascade of long, thick, curly brown-black hair, bright steel blue eyes, and a set of full lips gives Lucinda quite the advantage when it comes to looks. A striking woman through and through, she doesn’t look like much with her petite frame and willowy limbs, but rest assured that in spite of her appearance she is so very much more. With her high, round cheek bones, subtle angled nose, large eye set, and flawless skin Lucinda retains the youthful look that seems far too deceiving for her true age. All in all Lucinda is a beautiful girl, undoubtedly, though most find themselves repelled rather than drawn to her for that very reason.
    Personality: Lucinda is intelligent and fairly shy, not one to join large groups or start any kind of fight, this will be a disadvantage in the arena.
    Background:Lucinda grew up with her parents in the town, she had enough food, and enough love she never went without, and she never had to sign up for the teserai.
    Talents: None. None at all really, she is small, and quick but with any kind of weapon she'd be useless.
    Other: He district token is a necklace in the shape of a mocking jay.
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Christine Goldeye
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    District: 6
    Appearance: Her hair is a dirty faded blond, the limp strands are pulled back to make a tight bun that she nearly always wears. Her skin is also unremarkable; pasty with a spray of spots and flushed cheeks. Her eyebrows are a darker shade of blonde than her hair and her eyes are also unremarkable, green and average sized, thickly framed by her light lashes. She usually wears a buttoned-up white blouse tucked itno light blue jeans.

    Personality: Chrissie is very kind and generous. She detestes those people who live in District 1 and 2 as she loathes stuck up arrogant jerks, which she believes the people who live there to be. She likes to help people but rarely does so as she is quite shy but do not be fooled by this as her usual temperate nature can sometimes be replaced by a great whirlwind of rage.

    Background: Chrissie has lived in District 6 all of her life, never setting foot outside. Ever since she was able to tooter a few steps, Christine has always been around her parents when they were researching for scientific reasons and knows a great deal about nature and chemicals. She has led a normal average life for someone like her with a loving family of a mum, dad, four brothers and two sisters as well as the little old Gram. She was absolutley shocked and terrified when her name was called out.

    Talents: Although some may not include it as a talent her main talent is within scientific research; she can produce potions and poulitices from plants that hardly anyone else can do. This means she is an excellent Healer. She can also use darts shot from pipes.
    Other: Her token is a leaf in a small pouch around her neck. It is rare but will be of no use to her in the arena. it is just a reminder of home.
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  14. Name:Adam Harris
    Appearance:Tall, brunette, short hair, blue eyes with specs of violet, slim but strong.
    Personality: Harsh, vicious, violent, comical.
    Background:His mother is one of the woman from the town, and his father is a peacekeeper, he learnt a lot from him.

    Sorted :)...well this one.
    He is a career tribute (i,e in it to win it)
    Talent:He is handy with a sword, knives and hand to hand combat.
    Other:His token is a silver ring given to him from his father with the districts logo on it.
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