The Holy Ghost

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  1. The axis of Awesome attempt to define what the Holy Ghost is and what he/she/it does.

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  2. I.



    I don't know what to think. Been years since I've actually been to church and even longer since I was taught any of this.
    But this was funny.
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  3. God is the Wizard.

    Jesus is the Healer.

    The Holy Ghost is the Rogue.

    I don't see any complication here.
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  4. They don't have a Fighter...
  5. *kinda wants to send this to my new testament prof.*
  6. But they have a mounted Barbarian, Cavalier, Anti-Paladin and Necromancer. It's enough to fill the tank role.

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  7. They send angels RTS style. At the Second Coming, Jesus changes classes for a day or so.

    But on a serious note:

    The Holy Spirit is just the part of the Godhead that works unseen, which is where the "rogue" analogy comes in. The conscience; real faith; miracles; the supernatural ability to things outside of one's field of competence; "happy coincidences", etcetera.
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  8. I bet God cheats on dice rolls, the bastard.
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  9. I refuse to believe that God plays dice with the universe.

    I know that quote is often mis-attributed, so I'll just claim it as my own. :D

    Also, He's the Father and the Son. Get it right.
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  10. Psst; a religious parody song thread is probably not the ideal place to try and get people not to make jokes at/to be accurate about religion o.o
  11. Yeah, Coffee. Stop being butthurt, ya preachy fundamentalist.
  12. You have a point.

    To be blessed with my silence, send cash, check, or money-order.

    Edit:...or, barring those, any personal luxury aircraft you may have lying around
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  13. I'm feeling generous, so have another tip: don't feed the troll.
  14. Coffee's been feeding him for years, Mini. It's too late for him now.
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  15. I'm glad I looked at this thread ^^
    I am highly amused now
  16. If God does play with dice he must have some mad modifiers, man.
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